College girls open snack shop earn 750 thousand a week

inspirational entrepreneurial story, always happen. I did not expect to do a good job paving the way for the good. Two college students because usually eat snacks, think if a snack shop in the Internet, or perhaps a good profitable business. However, did not think of is, this business has become the first step in their business, a week fetched 750 thousand.

At the time of the

they have no source of funds, have set their sights on parents. Yuan Lan’s home in the Daba Mountains, parents are farmers, and do not have much money to them, " each borrowed 5000 yuan ".

have money, they buy a web site. Everything is ready, the two began to shop location Chengdu office workers, " have time and money to eat snacks, afraid of wind and rain the sun. " Yuan LAN and Wang Juyuan thought hard earn money, " out of rural areas, not afraid of hardship; ".

For a snack shop promotion


two will advertising printed flyers, originally wanted to enter the office building, but security politely asked them not to pollute the environment. No way, only the thick skinned, every day at 8 in the morning waiting at the entrance to the office, with a smile will be issued to the floor of the white collar workers. Those who have been turned and thrown on the ground

Song yoyo met Cai – all money to join

song yoyo met Cai? Has the strength to join the project selection, quality projects, worry free business is also very worthy of our trust brand choice. Join the song yoyo met Cai project, opened a song of their own brand yoyo met Cai franchise, rich business opportunities are unlimited!

if there is a friend to join the investment plan, will have a strong interest in food and beverage projects. The success rate of the highest in the market to join the Korean variety, it is food and beverage to join, this is why? The development of food and beverage project is so optimistic, can not be separated from the two key elements of the profit and market advantages of food and beverage projects. The cost of food and beverage items is relatively fixed, resulting in a relatively simple cost, so after the rise in popularity, profits will be greatly improved.

dining space for the development of more franchisees feel the stability of development is very important, but also to extend its development. For the hope that there is a stable franchise to join the project, the food and beverage project can play a relatively large advantage, is currently one of the very promising prospects.

successful venture, is also very attractive choice. Song yoyo met Cai? The best choice for small business. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Come and join us!

Do you know anything about the most lucrative car service

with the development of society, the car has begun to enter thousands of households, accompanied by the car service projects are gradually increasing, the most potential automotive service projects which do you know?

mobile community car wash


gas station service

in the impression of people, is the gas station to refuel the car wash, or sell some simple car supplies. But in fact, in foreign countries or Hongkong, gas stations have added new features such as refueling, shopping, leisure and so on. Owners can wait for refueling, enjoy shopping, drinking coffee, dining, Internet and other leisure activities, and even some gas stations can also provide fast food and even hair, bath and simple rest services.

Guangdong men’s half ton of money to buy a car 80 thousand yuan in cash the highest denomination of

Guangdong, Zhanjiang, a man drove a car loaded with half a ton of money to buy a car in the 4S shop, so that employees in the store was scared silly. The largest denomination of these notes is only one yuan, with a total value of about 80 thousand yuan.

11 PM, Zhanjiang citizen Mr. Cai drove a truck full of cash to the 4S shop, on the spot for the purchase of a van, the store sales are instantly collective dumbfounded. "I’ve never seen so much money in my life." Sales Manager Gu Liyuan laments. With the help of several assistants, Mr. Cai moved the more than and 10 boxes of money to the store one by one. The "money" with a rope tied to the batch, there are 1 angles and 2 angles and 5 angle, the largest denomination is 1 yuan, in addition to batch of big and small coins, a total of about 80 thousand yuan, the entire store exudes the smell of money".

when Mr. Cai carrying these "unpopular" change came to the 4S shop to ask after buying the car, the shop in shock, or bite the bullet and accept this huge sum of money". Subsequently, 4S shop put a number of tables and chairs, mobilize 13 employees into battle, the number of money". To complete the whole number of money, it is estimated to take more than 10 hours. "Mr. Cai is an old customer, he has bought 4 cars in us, at this time we have to help him solve the problem." 4S store general manager Yang Huai said, after receiving the money, we intend to communicate with the bank in the name of the company to negotiate, as far as possible to save money. If it doesn’t work, we have to digest it internally."

with change, they after years of washing, today finally came back, play more than light heat!

according to the "People’s Republic of China yuan management regulations", the RMB is China’s currency, the RMB payment in all public and private debt, any unit can not be rejected. The Ordinance also provides zero deposit business belongs to the Commercial Bank of the statutory services, shall not be rejected for any reason. There are bank insiders suggested that commercial banks in the handling of a large number of small deposits or cash

What conditions need to open the pet shop – the whole

pet supplies store is a lot of pet needs of the store, where you can provide a lot of pet products and services, if you want to open a pet shop, then you need to pay attention to what conditions? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

pet shop needs a certain amount of money, about one hundred thousand of the investment. Including about ten thousand Pet Beauty learning and pet beauty tools to buy. What do you need to take care of? Learning to send pet dog business school set pet beauty training and management training as one of the pet shop. The pet shop equipment investment, such as pet grooming equipment, air conditioning, supplies, shelves and other gestures. Pet shop also need to open the rent, decoration investment, some of the investment, but also need to have a certain amount of operating funds.

want to open a pet shop, external conditions are not restricting our success factors. Constraints are internal, pet pet shop needs to pay attention to what? There is no perseverance to pet shop management, and constantly strive to learn from other people’s pet store business, improve the quality of the source and the professional level of pet shop staff, from the details of the pet shop began to do a good job.

pet shop needs to pay attention to what? If the pet shop to carry out pet beauty and pet supplies just need the trade and Industry Bureau of the individual business license, and the tax registration certificate on it. At present, there are no relevant standards for pet beauty industry and Commerce departments.

in the scope of business to write pet supplies retail and pet beauty, and some places require the creation of pet shop pet service. What do you need to take care of? This is a different place. Generally very easy to handle 10 days or so will be able to do. If you want to go to a clinic or a pet hospital, you should go to the animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau or the local agricultural bureau to apply for.

also have a certain amount of money called pet shop, operating capacity, store and so on, do a good job in the preparatory work, pet shop needs to pay attention to what? At the same time the store decoration, the purchase of equipment, operators should move around, and familiar with the local market and customer demand, consumption level, the development of potential customers.

The above is about

to introduce some conditions need to pay attention to open the pet shop, we hope to a lot of attention, only to do the preparatory work, in order to better shop business, realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

For college students entrepreneurship inventory without wealth

in today’s society, the employment pressure is relatively large, and there are a lot of students out of school after graduation, have embarked on the road of entrepreneurial wealth, want to start college, which is to understand the specific understanding of what the project can choose.

for undergraduate poineering project: open a car wash

for undergraduate poineering project characteristics: beauty

entrepreneurs to find gold in the beauty industry, we must rely on the win. For example, pet beauty is a new field of good; hairdressing is also popular in favor of white-collar services, in the ear candles, essential oil steam, this sounds fantastic, but there is a beauty Yee, eliminate fatigue, physical illnesses and other magical effects, due to the health, fashion has two big selling point it is Unlimited Business Opportunities fragrancesproduction andaromatherapybeauty. For the crowd: the threshold is low, laid-off workers, college graduates can get involved. Business advice: the key to beauty is to have a professional beautician, professional service in order to have credibility, hiring professionals or get professional certificate is the first choice for practitioners.

for undergraduate poineering project: personalized shop

How to choose a suitable project catering business

now, choose to engage in the business of food and beverage industry franchisee has been very much. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship we choose to enter the catering industry, is a very wise choice. So, how to find suitable for their own brand food and beverage to join the project?

how to choose a suitable catering venture

1, the industry is very deceptive

some catering business projects, huge crowds of people on the surface, high gross margin, generally 60-70%, because the rent, labor, utilities Bu, business tax, equipment depreciation decoration, in fact, pure interest rates so that good fortune 20%, generally about 15%.

2, taste very critical

choose catering business projects, the taste must be the first. There is no secret people don’t say a dumpling shop like dumplings, rice like Yoshinoya, steaming than real Kung Fu, such as delicious pizza hut. Yoshinoya in order to protect the secret, even the soup ladle is made of small package material transported from Japan, even do not know Chinese Yoshinoya composition and ratio.

3, don’t trust your eyes too much

sometimes you seem to be doing a good job in the restaurant business, and maybe in the off-season business will go down, unless you plan to work for 6 months in a year. Such as ice cream, drinks and so on. Zhiyingdian street in Beijing, in the winter time when the door is closed too, because not enough money wages and hydropower, rather than open rent loss.

In fact,

choose to start a business of their own brand of food and beverage stores, is the best choice for our business. As long as the above points, we have no choice!

Analysis of strategies to promote enterprise cooperation

how can we promote cooperation between enterprises? Cooperation between enterprises is often able to maximize the value of. There are a lot of internal and external factors to promote the cooperation of enterprises, maybe a smile, a nod, can play a great benefit. The potential of something is beyond measure!

The first kind of

. Gandhi once said: " if it is to punish to do one thing, rather than to improve it, do not do it. This is a good medicine, but not many people, I am afraid that some people rely too much on their own hatred to achieve the purpose of it, they have to alert, to stay a mind. " the need to participate in the cooperation of the parties involved in the good will, and actively create space for the benefit of all parties. For those who are only concerned about the " they win, regardless of others lose " it is difficult to establish long-term cooperative relationship with others.

Second, retribution. It is not enough to promote cooperation only good will, but also must have the inherent strength of support. No punishment for evil deeds, is difficult to reproduce; retribution existence, can make to covenant breaker did not dare to act rashly. More than 2400 years ago, the Greek historian Thucydides pointed out that " the standard of justice depends on power. Strong do whatever they want, the weak passive acceptance. " it is good for both the individual and the society if the strong can lead and promote the overall cooperation with good intentions.

Third, tolerance. In the promotion of cooperation in the process of cooperation, good to initiate action, can prevent the retribution of treachery, tolerance can be to let go, the original object of misunderstanding or non cooperative partners back into effect. In general, the retribution as to enhance their power, with the help of instinct can play and appear inadvertently, and good tolerance is benign and overcome by physical intelligence instinct is reached, it depends on the individual continue practicing perseverance. In February 11, 1990, the South African authorities under the pressure of public opinion at home and abroad, was forced to release Nelson.

Analysis of the selection of children’s paradise

a lot of businesses are investing in children’s paradise, in the face of this huge wealth market, people choose to invest in business methods are very different, but as long as it can help people make money quickly is good. If you want to tap more advantages, you can do a lot of trouble in the site selection, a look at how to choose the right location!


in the shop, you have to consider your business is to meet the needs of people in related areas. The investigation of the consumer group should be clear as the primary consideration, so as to make the correct location decision, and must grasp a set of scientific and practical analysis method. To rapidly expand the scale and improve competitiveness.

We must find people more open indoor children’s playground


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1000 yuan can do poineering work

a lot of young people want to shop business, but suffer from no money. A lot of people want to venture too complex, feeling at least a more than ten million to start a business, but here, Xiao Bian to tell you two only a good way to start a business on the 1000. Let you know, entrepreneurship, in fact, not so difficult as you think!

novel things in order to attract the attention of customers, 1000 dollars can open the shop if you how is the positioning of young people, can be considered a feature of DIY shop, because young people are the pursuit of fashion, personality, unique, romantic. Can come to shop to do a unique thing.

boutique recommended items: kailer coffee quality of life