Personal experience analysis of large websites, how to do 301 redirect

recently in SEO group director to see a friend’s website encountered such a problem: the replacement of the new domain name website and do a 301 redirect, but after a period of time the old domain ranking was transferred to the new domain name, and the new domain name ranking decreased gradually (more serious) after half a year, ranking did not recover.

, 301

I’ve been throughThis reminds me of

had 301, I served as figure SEO responsible person, in order to upgrade the brand need to switch to the new old domain name Larry domain. For this reason, I have done a lot of preparation. Unexpectedly, the structure is still very tragic, 301 redirect, Chinaz forecast traffic from the previous 150 thousand down to less than 50 thousand, can be described as disastrous.

analyze and solve problems


analysis, found that keywords ranking is not immediately dropped after 301, but first almost all transferred to the new domain name, and then one or two months later began to decline, and began to become more and more serious. Looking back on the process, it was discovered that there were several problems with the site:

1, there is an absolute number of old domain names on the template, resulting in a large number of export links after the new domain name is switched.

2, a lot of dead links on older, older pages.

In the months following

3 and 301, the links were removed (because the weight of the old domain name was missing).

then did the following solutions, starting with the rescue:

1, modify the template, replace the old address to the new address, and regenerate all pages.

2, change the old column template to the new template, and regenerate all the pages.

3, arrange the chain Commissioner contact each link, modify to new domain name

4, in addition, continue to strengthen the new exchange chain.

today, the webmaster tools of the website predict the traffic has been restored to about 150 thousand of the original, which shows that the above method is effective.

‘s rethinking of 301 redirects

today, when I meet other friends who have similar problems, I reflect on the whole process: what is the reason for the drop in ranking after 301 redirection?. I found that the first and second problems mentioned earlier appeared, not 301 of the time, so I think that after 301, a large number of links dropped.

so, what is the reason for the large number of Links 301 redirect after the decline? The reason is very simple: because after 301, many Links links on the site is our old domain name, and the weight of old domain name changed to 0 (the webmaster tools), so this time a lot of friendship chain.

Video site the end of the burn era

in the financial crisis, both the enterprise and the individual will feel a sense of loneliness, no one can help you, except yourself.

China has been affected by the shock of the western financial crisis and may have just begun.

since last year, the deteriorating international economic environment in the short term can not be improved, resulting in exports, investment, consumption and other 3 kinds of armed forces to promote national economic growth, are one by one "virus" attack.

ensures cash flow is top priority and cutting operating costs has become an important means of implementation. After more financing, SMEs who have expanded to recruit and relocate to the new office begin to plan to move their offices to the ground and reduce operating costs in the most direct and rapid way. For example, TCL computers, layoffs, but also the national headquarters moved from Shenzhen to TCL group headquarters in Huizhou, in order to save operating costs.

a letter circulated on the Internet to CEO Sequoia Capital letter, wrote: "we like Sequoia did not completely to YouTube such a profitable company with more than $1 billion 600 million sold to Google has been completely impossible, this era has ended……"

was once capital sought after video sites, burn money and lack of profit model, became the first wave of affected Internet Co. Such as Yue net, PPLive, six rooms have announced the decision to layoffs.

expands in contraction

video site, six rooms, decided to cut 2/3 of employees to cut costs. Six rooms in the heyday of the 120 team size, may be reduced to 10 people. It is understood that at present, six rooms were cut out of staff throughout the R & D, marketing, sales and many other departments, new businesses have been canceled, the remaining staff of the next goal is to maintain the main station.

six rooms had tried all sorts of expenditure, such as the wedding video for users to get cash, now has entered a stage stage.

, who had previously expected too much of this industry, now wants to lower its expectations." Liu Yan, President of the six rooms, believes that through layoffs and adjustments, from June next year, six rooms can receive a steady positive cash flow.

in fact, the situation may not be optimistic. As the video site access threshold is not high, in the past year, there have been more than 300 video sites influx. Insiders said: "the industry competition is on the one hand, the portal from the start of the Olympic Games will expand the field of video input, and get a good flow performance, this is another aspect of the video industry affected by the impact of large." At the same time, the entry of major portals also exacerbated the competition in the video field.

has just financing the company, perhaps more fortunate that they have the "expansion in the contraction" opportunities. Such as Youku, cool 6, or tudou.


Server intermittent disconnection fault resolution

server hosting more than 2 years ago, has been placed is an online bookstore, the operation has been quite normal, even if there is a problem, but also attacked, but managed to solve the problem of business fairly timely, timely solve the problem, the impact is not large.

since I launched a Links inspection tool (, and ( the web administrator will be my tool top, and will my tools revenue Webmaster Tools Directory, many webmaster by stationmaster net to know my tools, and use my tools, the reaction is very good, many webmaster and I as a friend, and I joined the QQ group, so all instant communication problems.

because some webmaster websites and links are more, so I use this tool frequency is relatively big. Probably from May 29th, often some webmaster friends told me that the server suddenly can not even go up, and there will be several times a day can not even connect with the situation. At the same time, I took a little bit of the other IP on the same LAN segment and found that other IP was through ping. So let IDC help restart the server, but restart or can not solve the problem, the day will still be one or two times off the network situation. I thought it was a ARP attack, but it used to have a ARP firewall with a genuine color shadow. After the remote login to the server, it was found that the ARP attack record was normal and there was no ARP attack at all. The webmaster friends said to me, probably because I am the Links check tool is practical, many webmaster in check Links immediately after removed some of the Baidu K out of the station, leading to the webmaster’s unhappy, so I attack the server. I thought it was a DDOS attack, so installed a Du Meter traffic monitor, found that traffic is also quite normal, there is no particularly large traffic.

At the same time I

on the server with a I have developed a server network monitoring software, this software is I used to use the dynamic domain name website when used to detect whether the network server, smooth, not smooth, the analysis is not the problem of the


logs through this software, found that my server will have 2-3 times a day off the network, and each time the network is broken just 10 minutes.

server network monitoring software analysis log as follows, because previously used dynamic domain name, this software shows the router, I will now set up router IP gateway IP:


2008-6-3 2:26:21 router cannot connect. Please check the connection between the server and the router. The router IP is


Webmaster do you need to learn about products accumulate steadily

now the Internet product dispute intensified, even the absolute king of an industry, the product development process must also not because the advantages of slack, because the Internet does not stagnate because of rut to your advantage, the user always selectively, if one day you are unable to meet you is to meet the demand, so the elimination becomes inevitable.


is a living example, the absolute advantage in the field of desktop search and can not represent the mobile port data receiving and guiding ability to praise, instead Baidu’s performance in this respect can only be used to describe the real good chen. But the wolf Baidu has not completely lost development opportunities, at least the thin dead camel than Ma, Baidu still has the advantages of capital and technology, channels, to dafanshenzhang is not impossible.

from the acquisition of PPS began, Baidu has begun to recover lost territory, this process is not for everyone to understand. Because on the surface, PPS and Iqiyi have overlap in the business place, Baidu and continue to spend heavily to set their own video industry, it is better to integrate the existing business, at least at the time of everyone’s opinion is the picture map more money but from R & D, is webmaster seems to do is actually not a product taste from the business coverage of their website is a type, and involves all IDC business, rather than only do online tutorials, several automatic recharge and virtual goods on behalf of other core business, saving resources and energy, and then Baidu’s situation is not much better than before, but also left Baidu’s time not much.

Baidu wants to find a new breakthrough in the desktop outside there must be a fist like products, as well as Youku day Philharmonic live can only be said to be failed attempts, while PPS and Iqiyi’s eyes can see success. From the point of view of Iqiyi registered users, complemented by the outstanding legal resource of PPS, whether it is mobile video or online video, Baidu will have enough advantage, and this is what Baidu needs to master the resources and funding channels, will not cast a wide net will have a good harvest, to seize a good opportunity to attack, not necessarily they will make their way narrow, not to mention this is Baidu.

Baidu acquisition of PPS is just a prelude, and later 1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless is the shock of the capital market. Some people say that this is one of the traditional giants in as a last resort, also said Baidu finally understand the mobile terminal for their impact, understand the desktop It is all up with reality. No matter how you say, my personal opinion is optimistic about the acquisition of Baidu, although not directly to Baidu and 91 wireless channel advantage nowadays popular applications, but Baidu is a long-term opportunity to know 91 wireless has multiple product chain, the user base is also considerable, more important the 91 is to have a good background for the wireless platform, download from the mobile application, perhaps Baidu can truly usher in the spring.

platform and >

Want to improve website income, AdSense or do not change frequently is better

do GG also some days, big money did not earn, small money or earn a little. Today talk about their own site on the road some of the relevant GG experience, for novices to make a reference. Of course, today is for those who rely on GG for the owners of health, those who play brands, sell monthly advertising, and commodity sites are not discussed here.

as a webmaster, always want to own site at a high back, the best point of a get a 10 dollar, oh, there is no such possibility, at least in the Chinese station should be rare, or not at all, but in the English station is possible, what is the so-called the CTR is of course better, the premise is will not be the case of K, but the two are not satisfactory, not the click rate is too low, the price is low when there are too many webmaster every day in search of their own methods of how to improve their own price, online about how to increase the unit price and the click rate is article but let one you meet the eye everywhere, open look at the time, the fact that you’re all that a few articles were reproduced in different versions of it, also for the sake of the hearts of two A purpose, most of the webmaster also began the GG advertising adjustment trip, heartbreaking in this remind, please be careful with.


this site ( at the beginning of the price can also, since online see the so-called price increase website post, began to stop the transformation of advertising position and color or even different advertising style and size, tries to find an increase the price the best advertising display mode. But every second days to replace GG, refresh, and did not see much change, from A to Z tried side, when he was found in the site become dejected and despondent, traffic is not the lower income gradually less, had to put advertising style into the memory of the touch, but not save income reduced day by day trend, toss in a circle not only improve the unit price of each but as before, has been wandering in a minute or so, so that you don’t understand is What has been transferred to the original model, but the unit price of the advertisement can not be returned to the original time? Let me ponder deeply.

in this matter, let me understand the offer price is not like the so-called Internet transform a so-called advertising position even the color style is so simple, the most important determinants of price is the type and content of your website, the website of different types of price is different, this is that is why there are too many stations in English site has been transferred to the goal, obviously English GG than Chinese on the GG website advertising price is much higher, GG is said to have some preferential period of the new station, that is to say the new beginning, GG can give you a good match to advertising. It is the high cost of advertising, theory is to take care of the new user station, if this statement is correct, then the site GG price decreased innocent is understandable, so when the site input and reduce the price Even though >

Some thoughts on website construction

I want to have people here have their own needs, many design and technical personnel to help customers build the mall site, there is some hope to establish their own store, through their own efforts to do it yourself, save the cost. I think there is no free lunch, the so-called free is a price to pay, it is time, but time is more important than money, especially now that the age of the Internet, if you spend a lot of time in order to build a website, but missed the best opportunity, it will be too late!

we see innumerable online shopping mall today, are free of charge. In the end, choose what kind of, you will hesitate to look at a long time, after all, each has some advantages. But many in fact for the real application of the mall, in my opinion is chicken ribs, these functions so that the operator itself does not have the thought and planning of their own, the operator moved to the system planning and good function to do marketing, this is not a good thing, each store are the same, we also how to innovate and breakthrough.

I want to be an independent mall myself, and here I am. But in the system installation, configuration space, etc. some chores spend too much time, I found a lot of friends to help customers will not use their website, to explore the long time to understand. In addition to the pursuit of the template is all not too persistent, personality is good, but not too, customers really care about is the property of the product itself, not your website is good, good again and no inner things are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. This is a problem many companies fan, are said to operate the site, but it has been in the web interface on revising, today think of a modified one, tomorrow to see which website beautiful and a change, no do practical things, abandoned the website promotion and product channels and marketing etc. in the course of time, the website will collapse.

for the mall system, I am still more optimistic about the ECSHOP, in addition, completely open source also gives developers benefit. For a mall system, the interface is based on enough, the back can do the details of the adjustment according to the actual situation in the operation, please put emphasis on how to promote the mall concerned, the promotion of effective there, why users do not buy, the price is high, or the relevant documents missing no, how to establish credibility, reputation and other issues. Don’t mess with the web site, it’s just a tool to help you achieve your ideal, and the rest is up to you.

you can find help to build the site services team, not recommended to build start complex, affecting the entire site on-line schedule is space, we need the domain name, website platform, basic interface. After you’ve prepared, you can start running and promoting your website in accordance with your plan. Remember, don’t dwell on the interface and waste your time. Recommend a quick opening site service: interested friends can go to see.

Reveal several ways to get traffic and make money

gets traffic:

how do you earn money for people without websites?. Some people have been coaxed, often send some, id=345 those offline, what can be profitable as long as the Internet can be a mess. That’s the money you can’t make. Let me point it out. You make a page and add a few League code.

league domestic many, hundreds of, apply for some advertising, placed on a page.

has done 1/10, and the rest is traffic.

How does

promote your page?.

1) hang 20 QQ, have signed passionate beauty type, requires on-line automatic reply state,

Tencent daily beauty search on-line search times, more than one million times, estimate your 20 QQ, will be added to 500 times, if every time your auto reply, let others to you, let others pull friends with you and your web site, your advertising. You just play video with him. In this way, a day to cheat thousands of IP, very relaxed, thousands of IP professional advertising page, the effect of how much, you do, you know.

2) publicize your story, you don’t have a story? You can’t write stories. There are so many stories on the Internet. You can find some touching ones. Sign your "beauty" QQ, it is best to match some photos, photos also bring qq. And then like one. There is a master disciple told me that one day he one day in the porn site and ChinaRen (stupid owner gave him a reason, because too wonderful to cheat more than 50 thousand IP). Slow pain in the pages.

3) SEO (SEO you don’t understand) cheating (cheating you don’t know), then I’ll teach you. (don’t say I’m killing you.) you pick the names of some popular porn websites. Erotic, June, what?. Dozens of words, then free to make a hundred links, free blog links easily don’t want me to teach you. Then make a keyword like this, make your page, or the title of the domain name. No domain name? I’ll give it to you. A lot of people are willing to give you a lot of domain names. Keep in mind the title for these pornographic websites. Content? Casually copy a pornographic BBS page, as long as a page, with static, especially highlight the number of posts, etc., on a page, can do realistic. Then go in and sign up. A great disciple told me that he earned nearly ten thousand dollars a day. When I saw his website myself, I realized that he was more brilliant than I thought.

4) just get a few free programs, and sell them everywhere, 10, 20, and a bunch of them a day.

5) daily attention down domain, especially the enterprise, out, then you can take it over, China channel 3 days removed, within 3 days, you desperately call to the enterprise, tell them how important how the domain name >

Talk about the feelings and experiences of your website for a few months

08 year old friends to see the site grew so I also had to do the idea because I want to, I was engaged in the network than they developed rapidly, so the 09 years just over the years on the purchase of good ideas for the construction of a good domain name server to select the planned site my site, so the first site I love show was born.

because I do the design of the industry, so I always like to make the page more refined, so the website layout changed and changed, I do not know how many times I changed. Finally, after two months, Baidu’s collection when high and low. It was depressing. I asked friends why I was making friends, and the answer they gave me was a blow. I summed up a few points, I hope to provide new sites for friends to help.

1. now has many CMS templates and different styles. Structure and style are different, if long-term changes to Baidu, it does not respect what it advocates, pay attention to user experience.

2. web site title, must not mess up, modify more will be down right oh.

3. don’t add garbage to the domain name, level three, level two subdomain. Increased so that the domain name is not easy for any personal webmaster can’t manage to come over, and I believe that many of the two level domain names such as "," because the management is not taken over to run the thief program, but if you want to take the development of a web site don’t do the thief program is not only a long run prevalent.

4. is a very important point. I believe that many new Adsense or open website owners are able to master the production site, you may think so: "I have mastered the production site construction technology, I can make a very good website, a website is not difficult." But, I want to say, ha ha, running a website is a few times harder than a website. There are too many people who can do it, but they can run a website and make it grow, but not many.

5. did you get up every day after immediately open the computer check today has been Baidu, Google included page? That included the crazy, immediately found no included mood, that included reducing sad. New webmaster friends, I suggest not to look at these included data. We do web site is to see, not to search engine spiders to see. Just be yourself every day. You’ll be crazy to see more people.

hope that these personal experience can bring new station owners convenience.

wants more friends to share their website. Interested friends can add my QQ:631059847 to explore the way forward.

Year three drama group purchase ills businesses are holding cattle impact

2010, the "orphan", "If You Are The One II" and "let the bullets fly" three big drama is unusually hot. And in 2011, the group buying industry also staged the same name big drama. But the cinema film won a reputation, director of the three group purchase industry has ruined his act drama of the same name. Group purchase website, the next line of business, network scalpers become the three drama starring, let the group purchase "self overconsumption" year drama very hurt.

the first act of the "orphan"

businesses were blocked by websites to buy

this 2010 group purchase market in order to catch a ride, many businesses at all costs in cooperation with the network group purchase group purchase, as long as we can make money by small profits, however, group purchase is not imagination in so simple.

internal sources, group purchase process, group purchase website not only charge the goods Commission, but also to participate in the group of goods prices; but in most cases, businesses can’t determine the final group purchase price.

in other words, a commodity can become a group or a group of products, the price is determined by the group buying website. Unconsciously, the group buying website became the leader of the rules, and the merchants were in a passive situation.

group purchase websites in order to attract consumers at a low price, not only in price pressure businesses, often make unreasonable demands, many businesses also began to group purchase only.

veteran catering enterprises gold told reporters, in order to boost consumption, the city launched a multi million + suburban branch stores collocation to participate in group purchase activities, but in the negotiation process, a group purchase website by their position in the industry put forward very harsh conditions, that can only accept the city branch, suburban branch refused to participate in group purchase. Finally, part cooperation. However, the walk event is just the tip of the iceberg, with the business group purchase website will become increasingly prominent contradictions in the future, it will be a protracted war.

second act, "you’re the one",

group buying face scalpers impact reputation nuisance

in fact, not only businesses in the play group purchase idea, group purchase website in the business idea, even "scalpers" also took a fancy to this new business model, trying to take the goods.

it is understood that they registered vest, first online bulk purchase of goods, and then through the shop, offline transactions and other ways to sell, profit is very impressive. However, cattle wanton reselling profit group purchase coupons, caused many consumer dissatisfaction, even suspected that the network group purchase group covert operations, the purpose is to improve the degree of two group purchase another identity out of profits. From this point of view, cattle rampant, not only disrupted the normal trading order, but also a serious impact on the credibility of the purchase site.

in order to curb scalpers and meet the needs of more consumers to buy, buy site has to reduce restrictions

Web site sustainability

The popularity of

makes the rapid development of the Internet website, a batch of people such as bamboo shoots grow up. With the cruel and fierce competition, the sustainable development of websites has become more and more concerned by the webmaster friends.

throughout the Internet, the establishment of any web site has its own reasons, some to sell their products (such as companies), some personal hobbies, and some in order to earn income. The most should be for profit, even if a personal blog, a business site. Each year the domain name, space maintenance costs are also thousands of dollars. Site to develop, you must go to the operation, how to use this site profit to make up for the cost? How to make the site better development? This is what you consider most of the problem,


for now, the site’s operations can be broadly divided into two modes:

first: looking for users – offering services – user benefits – self profit.

this operation model is a long-term process, the typical representatives are NetEase, Tencent and other companies. NetEase’s 163 free email, Tencent’s QQ instant messenger. Early free to market, some curious people use their products, enjoy its services, and then this product is extended to the public users. Because the communication is convenient to let more people benefit and favor, then, a mass ten, ten hundred was extended. At this time, followed by the introduction of a number of charges service. Because of the popularity of users, free products can not meet the needs of some users because of the limitation of function. Some users try to use toll products. At this point the company began to make a profit. Because of the profits, so more investment in new products, such as snowball is becoming bigger and bigger.

second: brand building – looking for agents – offering products – win-win cooperation

this profit model to nets for example, nets is Chinese largest domain registrar and space service providers. But they do not have so much manpower to sell their products, so they think of the way to attract investment and seek agents. Sell products to agents for a relatively low price. Agents to advertise their own, to sell, earn difference, guardian, temporarily called "small profits and quick sales.".

wrote here, you may ask: This is not the full text of the title, which has nothing to do with the development of our website, we do not have their huge technical team as the backing. In fact, this is the guardian to explain the problem. A lot of friends base on the website that we build, how profit, how to earn the biggest benefit?. But there’s a problem with our direction. If you analyze the above two ways of operation, you will find one thing in common: Investment – user value – profit. Yes, what we need is investment. There is a saying in China: "can’t bear the child, cannot bear wolf.". So, we have to pay. Everyone will say: "I paid ah, updated every day, external links, publicity, promotion, that is, in order to more traffic.". It just doesn’t work. Let’s go and see what a large site does