Shanghai Longfeng experts how to treat in 2013

Shanghai dragon should do, because in the end will follow up and search has become part of the Shanghai dragon do, this has been the case from the vision become normal, so the company is no longer just Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon company.

2013 Shanghai dragon didn’t like, for example, Shanghai dragon direction from pure technical level to pay more attention to human factors, and semantic strategies, social strategies and action strategy, diversification strategy has been more important than last year, let us look at the Shanghai dragon expert opinion

(2) changes in Shanghai Longfeng nature of the company will begin to ferment, about the situation as we say ~ Shanghai Longfeng direction from pure technology level to pay more attention to human factors, is the technical operation of Shanghai dragon already is the most basic project, your website can not expect these basic operations can bring search ranking and search traffic. So the term Shanghai dragon will be unlimited expansion, or simply give up, that is after 2013 Shanghai dragon has not be the previous Shanghai dragon, he might have been site optimization, plus ZMOT, plus any kind of inbound marketing strategy.


(1) noble baby will launch more vertical type (noble baby Vertical) services, such as a particular type of service Flights, aristocratic nobility baby baby Shopping and so on, this kind of service not only affects the user’s habits, will also impact the ecological industry. This kind of change for Shanghai dragon is your enterprise to participate in the vertical search? Your business may profit in this kind of service? The most obvious is the enterprise website for semantic web site programming and local Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

In fact, this is not the original

(3) website for users is not just the site, due to the social networking site, began to pay attention to the site of the brand and the real sound, is "human" users more accustomed to the website, the people behind the website must to stand out, the website brand story must face the readers. This is a challenge for many enterprises website, how to make the enterprise website is no longer the product catalog, how to make the brand behind the embodiment of brand spokesperson, allowing users to face the real people.

and FTC recently released the results of the investigation for the noble baby, the baby is not considered aristocracy for content vertical search services in favour of their own, but also makes the baby more noble in a place where there is no one in the promotion of vertical type service.

but we must emphasize that it is not a technical Shanghai dragon useless, but the technique is not the key to win the Shanghai dragon, because everyone will, no one would be. For example, if you are using Authorship Markup in your noble baby, is more than other conditions.

How to write the Apache Rewrite rules

RewriteEngine on

RewriteEngine on is the representative of open rewrite and RewriteBase / said all the rules before "/", written after the beginning, behind you all the rules, just write "^" after, but it is important to note that this rule is only supported in the.Htacess file, if the server is the configuration file, this rule will be ignored, do not have to write. It is written in the rule, first as special characters talk about the meaning of the design to override.

* represents in front of 0 or more characters

RewriteRule ^b/ ([0-9]+) / $/b.php id=$1 [L]

: so if we want to "贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/b.php? Id=1" URL "贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/b/1 this kind of pseudo static" form, while the rules are as follows:

. As the representative of any wildcard character

first, first rewrite rules URL how to write. This is mainly used for pseudo static. Rewrite rules is placed in.Htaccess file or Apache configuration file (httpd.conf or sites_conf directory of some specific sites, configuration files) this paper mainly discuss the.Htacess file (in fact almost).

The start position

often see a lot of people for help, said his IDC does not support the control panel 301 how to do, or ask pseudo static rules how to write, so write this blog, this paper mainly discussed in Apache, prepared by Rewrite rules.

open your.Htacess file, beginning as follows:

on behalf of the end of the string.

? Represents in front of 0 or 1 characters

in the above example, ^ represents the beginning of domain later URL, denotes the end of the string, domain name is behind the end of URL. [0-9] said a number, because if URL exists, it exists a digital ID. Subsequent + indicates the occurrence of 1 or more numbers. [0-9]+>

will follow the character, to restore the character itself, such as " + acts" representative is "+", rather than the other.

+ representative in front of 1 or more characters

^ represents a stringThe position of

RewriteBase /

^ expressed in square brackets – meaning. For example [^.] represents non wildcard.


The website structure for the influence of weight transfer

before we start, we need to first come to understand the link weights, the link weight may be a lot of people are not unfamiliar. We can simply link to your site on the site, they will assign the weight of your site to your site. We can make an analogy, if we see this as a vote, then the link to your site site is like a vote for your vote, it will increase the site search engine for your trust. We call this process as the link weight transfer. For this process we can put our site to be a tree, while the link weight is to nourish the tree water, as seedlings from boiling water, your site also cannot do without the link weight, a plant if lack of moisture will wither, even death, a site if the lack of link weight it will affect its organic rankings in search engines and may even affect the index of the website.


site affects the weight distribution site, but also affect the organic ranking, a web site traffic and so on, before we begin our optimization work, we should first work on the structure of our website, in order to optimize the day after the half.

when there is water, a problem of how to make them achieve the maximum value is placed in front of us, how to allocate the water like the gardener to plant in order to achieve the maximum effect. The site to achieve full link weight going through a reasonable structure of the site. The website structure the most common problems we can see as the link weight imaging dam, all on the website homepage, and other directories or the content page is not transmitted to the weight. As I recently met a customer, they are the chain of the site of both the rich and the quality, but the site is indexed, the author found that all web site outside of the chain to the site, a large number of weights are concentrated in the home, and the structure of the site did not pass the link to the category page. Or the content page, resulting in not indexed by search engines. So for us to optimize personnel not only to obtain a lot of high quality of the chain, to know more of the link weights through the website of the reasonable structure of the distribution to the website page, the website can achieve a good ranking.

plays an important role in the optimization of our work in. The construction site structure we can be said to have a lot of knowledge. So a good website structure what role? We can will be roughly divided into two points. First: the friendly experience of a good website structure can well improve the user, and the user friendly experience is our website of the. Second: a good website structure can make our site to the search engine more friendly, and can transfer weight good site. This is the author in this paper mainly expounds the problems, the structure of the site for the site link weight transfer.


The The structure of the website of

After 90 business group VC appreciation, family is the resistance, geeks and internationalizationAba


"after 90" entrepreneurial groups can rise rapidly in a short time, and closely related to changes in the ecology of education.

      generally speaking, a forum has at least 3 different theme forum, the forum with respect to shlf1314 ADsense are very different in volume and value, the poor performance of the theme forum for failing to give advertisers high returns, will lead to the loss of advertisers directly from the forum, and the Forum shlf1314 ADsense revenue is getting worse. According to the 81 shlf1314 ADsense to make money online research on forum experience, we think that shlf1314 ADsense in the forum revenue fell sharply due to some of the poor performance of the theme section reduces the overall performance of the forum, which leads to the loss of the advertisement host forum.

Education Ecology: commercialization, internationalization, teen geeks,

      TVB Forum is a large flow of integrated forum, the theme section more than 10. There are both vertically focused themes and a hodgepodge of content. After participating in the shlf1314 ADsense program, the webmaster put AdSense ads on all boards. Because of the strong aesthetic skills, shlf1314 ADsense advertising and forum content and layout of a very clever integration, coupled with the flow of powerful, revenue was high. But as time went on, GG earnings fell all the way. Stationmaster is very confused, write a letter to seek help 81 online to make money research, hope to give advice to shlf1314 ADsense in the throw in the forum. The AdSense specialist carries on the analysis to the forum and background data, that the stations are in place in the advertising format, color, position configuration, only misses the most important point, is that there is no different for their different value flow section of the forum theme in-depth analysis. Therefore, we suggest that the station to each of its forums, forums, respectively, channel tracking, analysis, to clarify the different themes of the plate relative to the value of shlf1314 ADsense different?.

"high school attached to the north and the middle school affiliated to the NPC" technical residence ", such as Ji Yichao and our previous CTO, is a classmate of Beijing University attached middle school. In contrast, our eleven schools will not be able to "technical residence" in this respect, but >

a few days ago, tiger sniffing published "the active on the Internet 90 entrepreneurs!" this has been part of 90 entrepreneurs listing, but for this group and their ecological mining is not enough to rely on.


Gao Yang, 1990 Shandong man in Shandong, the high school education of extreme terrorist places, and education for the college entrance examination disappointed he refused to repeat, despite family opposition, in the name of Science Blog a year later decided to Beijing, PE/VC has engaged in editorial and business work and found myself in another world. Currently, 3 partners in Hangzhou are making a tech geek question and answer community called Segmentfault.

today, let’s see.

online English teaching platform in chat founder Zhang Linxuan and co-founder Xu Dechen. Zhang is 20 years old, but Xu Dechen is only 18. Zhang Dexuan studied in China and graduated from primary school. He studied in Canada and the United States and graduated from high school. Zhang during the United States, that is, a simple entrepreneurial experience, parking spaces into advertising. And Xu Dechen, junior high school has done a "Byzantine" hip-hop dance club, in Beijing hip-hop circle of small fame, in the genetic parents of high intelligence quotient, he seems to need to test to solve the problem is a small problem. I started high school marketing business in high school. Not to read the domestic university is his firm choice, "failed and how" is his view of entrepreneurship, suffer a loss, is equivalent to walking hit a pole, continue to move forward, that’s it".

starts going on after 90.

      in the forum theme forum all channel tracking a few weeks later, we clearly found for four shlf1314 ADsense theme forum advertising revenue is far lower than the other theme plate, 81 research suggested that the station to make money online to AdSense advertising from the four theme forum all removed. Over the next few weeks, we found that the number of forums shlf1314 ADsense has declined considerably, but shlf1314 >

      to find out the quality of the forum traffic, maximize the value of these high-quality traffic, is in addition to choosing the right format and advertising position, optimize the forum shlf1314 ADsense put the most important point. The following example illustrates the problem:

Ji Yichao, Peak Ji, born in Beijing in 1992, was a mammoth browser when he was studying at Beijing high school. At an event in the University, he did not want to venture, could not resist the Sequoia Capital partner Kui Zhou "temptation", after Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Investment, the establishment of Peak Labs laboratory. There are parents Kochi he is a typical "90 technology home, began to learn programming from the primary school, and later launched the mammoth browser from design to art, development, testing, operation, all by himself alone, he has admitted his management and sales is not long, the Peak is not Labs all of the core members of the basic requirements of the office, through the mail exchange, the organizational structure of the company is quite loose.

sh419 League search box issue 4 new template stylesA difficult ring of O2O entrepreneurs who are str

three years ago, has just graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Xuhao did not want to start their career in what way, he graduated with several Jiaotong University classmates set up a restaurant for pizza delivery companies, "hungry" started up in position so vague under. But the takeaway business is not easy, after one and a half years of exploration, the entrepreneurial team will be "hungry re orientation" doing the catering industry taobao.

  League address: http://union.sh419/


  National Day sent gifts!

  sh419 alliance has always adhered to the application experience of League members as its mission, pay close attention to and understand the actual needs of the vast number of members. After the tireless efforts of the team, today launched 4 sets of Union search box, new template style. Size 960×60, 960×40 each 2 sets.

 : these 4 banner search boxes use a whole new design concept and incorporate new elements such as the TAB option, scrolling recommendation links, and large fonts.

  this 960 width template is a banner search box that can appear at the top and bottom of the entire web page.
  makes up for the lack of banner style in the traditional search box.

  is currently used especially in some portals and information websites. At the same time, we have achieved satisfactory results.

  you can get the latest code in the background – early adopters experience login alliance website search area.

  thank you for your support for the sh419 alliance!

  sh419 alliance development from

  more information as alliance in: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
  Admin5 to join the alliance channel, please contact
  Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance; ah, a lot of information to make money online.
 : if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

source of revenue to pay an annual fee in addition to the restaurant and PPC costs, and provide personalized solutions for some restaurant income and special needs, such as fifteen minutes must arrive at the custom service. In a small range of proven profit model, so that Zhang Xuhao more confidently staking to expand the scale, "liquidity" in a small range has been verified, and now as long as we reach a more large-scale, we will consider liquidation." Zhang Xuhao says.



looking for pain points,

helps the restaurant to complete the order digitally, becoming the current task of the hungry team. It is not difficult to set up an information platform, even at the date of loss of phase, has completed two rounds of financing "hungry" is more willing to spend energy will sign shop around the country to allow more access to the restaurant on the platform is "hungry" team work center. As an entrepreneurial team, despite the size of two people, but for Zhang Xuhao, "this is not enough."". Like many people in the industry, Zhang Xuhao is not worried about the loss of coverage "in the mature region is completely profitable, more losses mainly from us at the same time in the development of many new areas, equivalent to some profit in subsidies".


in the ideal layout of Zhang Xuhao, the country will have five million restaurant access "hungry" website, the user can see the line on the website all can choose home delivery delicacy, and can also choose a location to store consumer. The calculation of the current access every day more than 3000 restaurants have sixty thousand orders in the future should be the size of one million single day. This scale is far less impressive than Taobao’s current trading volume, but it is impressive enough. Provide for the customer and the restaurant a digital trading platform needs to be popular in order to "money" by Zhang Xuhao, the Commission did not expect such "business model" from the original single transaction, he wanted to expand the scale, "Taobao is the first free, then a lot of business model, now do not worry too much".

on the "hungry" expansion map, a city is divided into more than 100 plots, each of which is progressively covered. Zhang Xuhao said, Shanghai now has about a dozen plots, is very profitable, and in 2011 September entered the Beijing, there are about four or five plots, very profitable.

Car CEO was cleaning Wang Shi founder of the position on the verge of death or destruction how to ma

however, Wang Shi did not learn from it, thereby changing the shareholding structure with too much ownership. He was even complacent, saying in his personal autobiography that the degree of diversification of Vanke’s shares was rare in China’s securities market.

"XXX’s Uber"

, as Appster’s growth planner, my responsibilities and passions are: listening to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, or anyone who thinks their products or services can change the world. My role is to provide them with help and advice to determine if they have potential.

9:35, the call is over. George is a good idea, and he wants to create a yellow bird that will recognize the background. But the idea is not yet technically viable. In fact, I’ve heard this idea hundreds of times over the past three years, just a different version, such as plants, animals, insects, fish, and so on. The idea itself is good, not crazy at all. The problem is that technology hasn’t caught up yet.

for Vanke, in fact, this is not the first encounter "barbarians" invasion, but Wang Shi did not have a long memory. As early as 1994, Vanke is due to the outbreak of the "equity is too scattered and Jun Wan dispute – Junan Securities attempt to unite several major shareholders Vanke management for the emperor to abdicate, attempted to wrest control from the hands of Wang Shi.

I hear hundreds of ideas every month. Some are reasonable, some are good, some are good and exciting, and RealifeChange is one of them. About 30% of the idea is nonsense, impossible. But almost all ideas can be grouped into the following:

in the Internet industry, management holdings have been diluted to single digit enterprises, and no longer a minority. Once the barbarian enters, it is likely that the next car home or Vanke will be in danger of being kicked out of the company.


this concept, customer targeted very clear. From January to April this year, almost every B2C founder gave a financing speech for timely service products with the headline "call ‘Uber’ of XXX."." This logic is completely understandable to me. After all, the rhythm of modern life is more tense, and we can use it as less and less time to wait.

hunting cloud network micro signal: ilieyun June 13th report compiled: Loci

where to go, CEO Zhuang Chenchao micro-blog has also been embarrassed out,


it is reported that Ping An has a car home 47.4% stake is the largest single shareholder, Macao, continue to hold the car home 6.5% stake, while CEO Qin cause car home ownership is 2.9%, car home founder Li Xiang holdings to 2.6%. Since the voting rights and shareholding ratio is quite, and therefore relative security, Qin and Li Xiang’s voting rights is really not worth mentioning, which also explains why peace can easily be kicked out of qin.

now, Wang Shi and Vanke President Yu Liang’s chance is very slim, unless the second largest shareholder Huarun again stand on their side. But Wang Shi this morning in the WeChat circle of friends accused Huarun of fig leaf all torn out, and may support his Huarun

Qin and Wang Shi embarrassed behind, is the two companies management’s loss of control of the company gradually led to the present situation.

on the same day, Vanke internal outbreak of major shareholders and management of the family’s war, the largest shareholder of China Vanke treasure department proposed the removal of Vanke chairman Wang Shi. At present, Bao can hold 24%, the second largest shareholder of Huarun holding 15%, the two sides total holdings of nearly 40%, once combined, Wang Shi will become very easy to dismiss.


Wang Shi and Qin tragedy because of the loss of

on the other hand, service providers can earn extra money by express or room service, without a nine to five routine. Every time Uber expands into a new country or another milestone, I’m sure I’ll get a wave of calls like "XXX’s Uber".

it’s 8:58 in Melbourne in the morning. It’s very cold. I remembered that last week I was still in the warm sunshine of Dubai, and the cold wind became more and more bitter. Looking at the time on the computer, it was already nine in the morning, and I had another entrepreneur talking about it at this time.

caused by control of the company

June 26th morning, CEO Qin cause car home to employees in the company’s internal mail flow, message display, after Ping An shares car home and become the largest shareholder, the original car home management will be safe cleaning, Qin induced position of CEO and Zhong Yiqi’s CFO position has been replaced.

there are millions of people in the world who dream of being able to start a business, write a book, or become a F1 racer, but my career is something special. My job is to evaluate entrepreneurship ideas and product finance presentations, but I’m not VC.

then, Vanke emergency suspension 3 days, found Junan Securities open "rat" features, the burden of proof to the csrc. The Commission subsequently sent south to Shenzhen investigation, finally give up Junan Securities management reshuffle, led by Wang Shi to get rid of this crisis.

editor’s note: the author is Luke Naeem, Appster growth planner. Appster is a software development company in California, USA, which mainly develops websites or mobile applications for enterprises, start-ups.

in fact, the same situation is still going somewhere

All round the chain on behalf of services – the chain of services on behalf of – a group of networks

now in the Chinese society, people, dragons and fishes jumbled together, "Men at their birth good in nature" conclusion, is a question marks. When you are first in touch with your own interests, be sure to keep your mind in mind.

character is the first prerequisite for cooperation between the two sides. For the character of the judge, everyone has their own methods and standards, I am not in this Overgeneralization, only emphasize the 2 point many people ignore the details.


good character,

, author of the paper, Sha Zi pseudonym, iOS applied reverse engineering, author of the book. In January 2015, he technology partner business, do a Internet plus real estate projects, to the owners and intermediaries to provide a SaaS application that will help them part of their daily work with more scientific and technological means, improve work efficiency.

.The concept of

The example of

Selection of

in late June 2016, that is, 18 months later, because the core team in product development, corporate planning, partnership concept differences, the end of the end of this entrepreneurial spirit sand club. At the same time, he also from this experience, summed up the 10 articles, the author elaborated to find people, find the money, looking for direction, build the enterprise culture and other aspects. The following is a replay from someone and change the angle.

comes from an event held by a former company where everyone needs to talk about his "culture of engineers"

the introduction:

is a non internet industry predecessors told me so many words, like: "you are free thinking Internet innovation, open sharing is an absolute advantage in the professional field, and in the capital operation, the arena is perhaps the traditional code of conduct huge short board." As time went on, I became more and more aware of the profound insight in this sentence.

    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group is over and no longer enjoy the Group buy price concessions. You can choose:
    to a net mall low discount price to buy: etuan/deal/483

      more preferential products in the A5 group purchase Mall: etuan/goods     

, what kind of business partner is reliable? I think there are 4 main points that need to be investigated.

image is very simple, but too "zhe", the feeling is not down to earth. I use an example as negative examples, let you feel what is called three. Note: the following scenarios apply to all members of the early core team, not just the partners.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

          let the effect witness the miracle! Thanksgiving has you, so there is me! Do things according to your conscience, the effect is not good, you can apply for a refund at any time! Dear! Does the website drop power? Is the site hosted by K? Does the site want to boost the weight? Is the site in dire need of rank? All this, Teng water chain to help you complete! The original price of 399 yuan of all-round chain generation service, the current price is only 198 yuan! Video chain + BBS outside chain + blog links, Thanksgiving feedback period, plus 100 yuan, 298 yuan service doubled, to your web site to bring all aspects of strong outside chain support! guaranteed to delete more than 100 + per day

A5 Forum phase 553 is hot review this group buy, immediately participate in interactive: bbs.admin5/thread-6234494-1-1.html

———————- reminder developing

The three

there is a saying, called "small companies do things, big companies behave", entrepreneurship, of course, belongs to the former. Need to be reminded that, for those who come from big companies, the level of their own business, but did well, we must understand that their success is not because of too much "life" of the results. People’s energy is limited. If you put your time in "life", you will have no time to do anything. There is no right or wrong, but this kind of person is not suitable for participating in the enterprise.


if you have completed the group operation on this page, you can also post in the above post, we will give you A5 points.



Series four brand management of local websites

said the website brand management, this is not a problem unique to local website, but with the rapid development of local website, relative to the station, the local station more easily in a certain area to establish brand. Now I will talk about the experience of brand building on my personal experiences.

first of all, the first brand of the website is the name of the website. A local station name is to pay attention to, if you take the "Shijiazhuang XX station", is very easy to appear to rival a repeat of the situation in the local station of visitors, many of them are novice rookie, did not know which is which, even if the visit your website, he also recorded don’t know which website. In this case, we need to give the website a unique, easy to remember name. I like the Shijiazhuang forum named "popular riverside", the people around the artificial river is a river in Shijiazhuang, has an important position in the hearts of the people of Shijiazhuang, "popular riverside" is easy to remember, but also has a certain degree of poetry. Of course, in order to search optimization, at the site of the title or to appear site keywords, such as my title, "popular sur – the best forum in Shijiazhuang, second-hand housing / / talent / map / friends network", so it can not only to take care of the brand management, and care to the search.

secondly, word of mouth management. In the management of local websites, because of the small audience, every visitor from the locality needs to be taken seriously. Three into a tiger, you give up a Public clamor can melt metals., once the user, it means that you give up the ten users behind even more people. Of course, the basic business is to establish a reputation in quality on the content, a local website must have their own characteristics, has its own unique culture, even if not, must also be extracted, who first extracted, who is the winner for this, I’ve written an article "series article one: webmaster should learn to refine the website culture" can be used as a reference.

finally, fully publicize the webmaster, as the website brand auxiliary. Many local websites are personal webmaster, or individual team is doing, at this time, the webmaster must not unknown, a personality of the webmaster, can certainly for the website to add much. In fact, many webmasters on the site to support a world, such as the owners of the network Wang, outdated refused to swim fish, are indispensable to the site’s wealth. In the actual operation, must be based on individual characteristics such as publicity, I am the master of Chongqing University (not to show off, brothers, don’t scold) often in the website "spread" on some of the information center, increase the authenticity of the site on the one hand, on the other hand can enhance the user’s participation.

impressions, write it, believe that Chongqing University graduated friends will care more about me some of you, this is the brand management. Friends, I hope this article will help you.

Author: Tianya stroll, 2007 founder of the people’s River (, based on

[network] Tuiyou essay subdivision directory sites a navigation and a push

remember when just started to contact the computer on the Internet, the first site of hao123, then it is your guide to the Internet, to click on the site, click on the page, most likely in 2003 just started to contact the network it is because it has occupied the Internet computer, the home page, but also for the vast number of navigation station predecessors until now, there are still many stations rely on hao123 program and data.

Hao123 at the time of the website or as now, but then it is not Baidu buy, this is a list of Web sites that do with that when Li Xingping hao123, the heart will definitely want to is on the front page of each recommendation information for users to delete, this is the directory significance but, now the site navigation still exists in the home page, to give us the best information, this is the best information.


directory site, recommend meaningful site for users, each link on the website of the audit, to meet the needs of the people on the Internet, is entirely in order to create the user experience, if you want to make a recommendation site, you must first make people trust you, is that you trust foundation always for them, know what he is thinking, in order to understand the demand more of the good directory based navigation.

remember last year’s time, there are a lot of navigation station program on the network, such as hao123 114, this website program, a lot of people are competing to imitate this way to promote, but it would be very difficult, in some of the giants occupy a huge traffic today, is entirely in imitation of others send traffic is not desirable things, see A5,, this kind of model, a new model, I believe we can learn, ttuu is more segments of the industry and market, the website features include recommended website site submission, articles, tools, and the positioning completely and gather every webmaster, site information, and then according to the distribution area of the display, can understand that this place has how many, how many of us together Friends; when you see Lu Songsong’s blog navigation, only blog, but the location of ttuu lies in all the webmaster website information, this, believe that the vision will be the majority, then add, use soft contribute and tools, and convenient services, but also on the inside, can contribute area with the chain, in the ttuu development today, you need to do is go to the above registered account, and then publish your own web site, one day in the future, become a high weight page, high weight transfer to your website, and contribute links, are located in the information station the set of major tools in the integrated navigation, there is No.

here, the point I mentioned above can mimic the way ttuu works, and ttuu is completely positioned

From the security Shijinbumei millions all over said information website traffic

7 pm, located in Nanjing Mochouhu road Vanke golden home district, a security guard found a blue bag on patrol, open and found one million yuan……

in the morning, saw a news, say is a security guard picked up a bag of money in the area, and immediately reported to the company, this spirit lets the modern people envy and awe.

as of now, this news immediately caused Tencent users 68000 replies, and then I in Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other large media to find, and did not find the existence of this news.

actually, what I’m trying to say is that this news is a potential stock, and if you fire, he can bring traffic to your website. Especially the information network or entertainment network. No matter how true the news is. Although the news he is not the major media in the. But he did attract 68000 of the netizens. 68000 clicks appear in the Tencent above. If your hands are fast enough. You can at least make 6800 traffic on your information network or forum,


of course, I’m not writing this article, I’m going to copy Tencent articles right now.

I think the first condition for a good stationmaster is a sharp eye and a good attitude to sum up. The first thing to do every day is not to see how much traffic the site has, or to update your website. You should watch the news more, pay more attention to what happens every day, then record, think well, and tap some potentially valuable news to drive the flow of the website. It’s not just a collection system that helps you find some old, smelly junk news. Collecting system systems, though, brings more information. But it’s also easy to train garbage stations. Be careful with the webmaster,


may be a bit confused, I hope useful to everyone.

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