Shanghai Longfeng experience West YALIG’keyword selection strategy of Shanghai dragon whole cabinet

West YALIG’whole cabinet official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. This domain name is to do with their own brand of Chinese Pinyin, and their own business industry "the whole cabinet" not what relevance, how to let customers can remember their own name? All in the website keywords, need to do a department is similar to the "West YALIG’whole cabinet official net", "West" such as YALIG’ keyword. Direct entry into their own brand.

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the two words are very close, but from the data, the two extremes is. The new tenant ratio are the same, but the "join the cabinet" keywords bounce rate is obviously higher than the former, and the length of visit no data, that is the point of the go directly after the jump, the average page access only one page. The comparison is not difficult to see, the landing page for the use of "cabinets to join" the keywords.


or more edges of two words for example, "join the cabinet" although in our opinion is a post verb words, the common life is not. But whether it is from the data or the actual life, the post verb words is welcome for visitors. A group of keywords such as "is also the custom furniture" and "custom furniture" I did in the past. Whether from Shanghai or Shanghai love love index included page, the former is better than the latter. This tells us that in the choice of keywords, to consider the visitor access habits, understand how he is to find the content they want in the search engine, sometimes to convert the role, assuming that you are a visitor.

keyword selection strategy three: analysis of visitor habits to choose keywords

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy two: looking for "high efficiency" keywords by

Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy a: see the domain name and the industry related degree of search engine optimization keywords

here only the data obtained "high efficiency" keywords how to analyze, to introduce how to obtain these data. I have two sets of data:

There is no core keyword website should be how to do

              for new website webmaster, many concepts related to the orientation of the website, the website and the website of Shanghai Longfeng keyword can’t understand very well, leading to the site after the line is not considered a very comprehensive, wait while doing the station after daily exposure to these things later found their website there is no core keywords, or to optimize keyword or keyword, facing great pressure of competition, which in fact do stand is very hard. For these cases, the author thinks that can be resolved by the following aspects, in hopes of some thoughts and suggestions for new friends.

A5 marketing anchor text of webmaster how to make the enterprise website page

this time the author in communication group and part of the enterprise novice webmaster exchange, the exchange is the optimization of Enterprise Station anchor text, anchor text look in their eyes is very important, they think the content page if the keywords on the anchor text point to the home page will bring to the keywords ranking and weight, that is the home page, I see a content page from the enterprise station, found a page is not a keyword anchor text, 3-4 anchor text pointing to the home page, product page channel, it is good for them, but I took a look at the website almost nothing weight and ranking, the ranking is also partly hidden and partly visible. When ZAC in training once said that one belongs to the anchor text of the chain, either do or don’t do it, just do what you do best and delicate, and later appeared in common leads and co occurrences, Lou song song also said such a sentence, the text in the future has replaced the anchor text, anchor text effect more and more small. So, I want to exchange together with the majority of business owners, and to do according to your point of view in the group communication, I hope to help those who are worried about the anchor text optimization of corporate owners.

when released on master station, either the anchor text or just don’t, why? Because a lot of enterprise owners to mess with the anchor text, especially some Adsense in the content page to catch the key words do anchor text and then all point to the content of the page, there is the anchor text in irrelevant words, these is now the enterprise in the most often do, here believe there will be a lot of business owners resonate. The author suggests that when either the anchor text or just don’t add, finally the anchor text site because after being punished for ugly.


, or add anchor text or just don’t add anchor text

website anchor text is the most familiar business owners, a form of anchor text belongs to the inner chain, is one of many corporate owners love to do the most optimization in optimizing a website at present, many owners also pay attention to the optimization of the anchor text, but some webmaster if there is no good control of the anchor text may bring right down, K station etc.. From the current data, most of the enterprise webmaster in website optimization, that if the anchor text for keywords ranking optimization properly will bring more weight to the site, of course, in the form of the chain of the anchor text anchor text is better than the control in the form of the chain, and as long as the control station anchor text will give the site the benefits of. Therefore, more and more enterprises to let the station anchor text webmaster attention, especially some newly recruited novice webmaster.

usually in the publication time and anchor text, because an anchor text belongs to the chain, and I also very lazy, so don’t bother to add anchor text, the author generally are used inside the random reading, reading, reading, doing the recommended chain on the next page, the page, so the anchor text is omitted, the author of these practices, other owners can also webmaster do optimization, it is within the chain within the chain should choose better, and the effect of the anchor text.


What can I do to save you for the first time in my life

I am a genuine farmer, I can’t write any articles, so this sentence is difficult to understand. Please forgive me. In ADMIN5 this platform, I can only say is a newborn baby, and we simply a large distance. I write this article the goal lies in has the friend to guide us, lets our new stationmaster also walk together with you.

I contacted the computer or 2 years ago, when I was a friend told me how to access the Internet, how to chat, everything is under the guidance of others, and slowly understand the sad network.

half a year later, I learned the basic operation of computer and maintenance of the system, but also understand the other people’s Web site stroll, but also began to write personal blog. At the same time with a friend with a personal home page. So I walked up the road that made me sad,

in the first half of last year, my heart has to stand the idea, in the absence of specific site location, I made a classification of information website, can not be said to be doing, because I download other people’s code, then I change a small part of the original content, most are like. As for what optimization, domain name choice, I do not understand, but I think of a web site, I feel very great, try to say to my friends everywhere. Others are good, heart. Now I’m really ashamed of what I thought at the time.


website is out, but also add to the content, so every day is artificially added information, every day to send a 50, adhere to the more than 10 days, the content is almost the same, because of the promotion of promotion, I do not know, everywhere to other website information (advertising information with serious nature), so I sent to but one day there will be no information, so I always insist on doing 3 months, results can be obtained is the others are disgusted with me, sad ah! So my website or in others are not aware of the state of.

a month ago, accidentally entered the ADMIN5 platform, the information here let me look at the field of vision, the article inside is really good, it can be said that we are looking forward to the novice good thing. Hey, it seems that we can also learn the novice veteran experience, see half a month’s article, knowing that you know a little bit, but I write to thank ADMIN5 for this platform, also hope to find a new webmaster predecessors to bring us here, let us understand the basic contents of the station.

until now, although I understand a little bit, but my website now or in the garbage, this is the first time I do I stand, also do not know how long, but I will try his best to protect him, hope to have the master to guide me, guide me.

for the first time in my life, what can I do to save you?.

after the preface (this is my station, Jiangxi to catch the net, I hope a master to guide me, save my station, I will use the website for 3 months income to answer >!

Data analysis of micro media salon registration WeChat ranked first

July 19, 2014 Shenzhen innovation Valley Cafe micro media salon twelfth [WeChat promotion method] has ended, after checking in the group meeting we found a very interesting phenomenon, the West here to write out and share with you, do salon friends can learn.

salon sign up for platform data analysis:

micro media salon twelfth, valid registration 200 people whole. The data above are clear, and don’t repeat it here.

WeChat public account number ranked first, activities line second, circle of friends third, friends introduced fourth.

salon campaign, we did this:

salon pre promotional

activity line, this website registration is the best. Drawing activities, activities for the Internet, lazy, is the three Internet salon release site, from the data, for the best effect [activity]. In fact, not necessarily, because lazy Internet site registration is to jump to the information source to sign up. [we set up a jump to the micro media on the official website registration, so there is no data to


this event, micro-blog basically did not force. Because it is under the line Sharon, the region has a strong targeted, and micro-blog is mainly large-scale release, so there is no effort in this area.

WeChat group did not force, is a pity. Busy work, although the West plus hundreds of WeChat group, but this time forgot to do the promotion in the WeChat group, remember the eleventh Sharon, west one by one and all WeChat group flagship greeting in WeChat group released the salon information, WeChat Group signed up who is the most. Now is the thirteen salon, the Xixikede ready.


, a WeChat terminal advertising is to promote the effective, WeChat advertising side of the three block, the public account, the circle of friends, WeChat group. WeChat group and circle of friends is the most accurate, so the value of the media will continue to enlarge.

two, mobile Internet is the trend of the times, this irresistible.

good articles to share out is the conscience of the industry.

strange Muxixi, a strange boy, in the mobile Internet industry, often on the island ring today, exchange the wisdom of life, occasionally the occasional deep, external funny than heart wanted to be a thinking person. [micro signal: ppff007]

dear friends, please look forward to the thirteenth Salon of micro media salon [8/16, 3W cafe in Shenzhen]

Sue embarrassed to let you in the forum to promote the active user name

in the promotion of a project is the promotion of forum, what is the promotion of forum? BBS promotion forum is to promote the "forum for enterprises to use this kind of network communication platform, release enterprise products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers better understand the company’s products and services. Finally, to achieve enterprise propaganda enterprise brand, deepen the market awareness of network marketing activities, that is, BBS promotion. It is not difficult to find that in a good forum, only a few people will have a very hot post. Can be counted on one’s fingers。 So when you browse the posts without a certain amount, then we talk about the promotion effect! In a few days before the owners meeting, several well-known chiefs are said by micro-blog is an opportunity, so if you don’t have to use this opportunity to you


is in the phpwind competition, so I have to write about how to carry out effective promotion to promote efficiency in the phpwind forum! Let your username "active", the two words are not active! That is in vain. It’s easy to see that there are several famous user numbers here. List one or two: Management: (bone, Rick, millet residue (Mount Lu) moderator night guest funny Maple peach) membership (although not group, Admin5, GA, cat) when you have a certain visibility when what you do or what the project will have an inherent advantage in the Internet industry in the US! Can be cited: Master Guo Jijun, Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong famous blog promotion experts.

so how do you make your forum ID famous?.

first and ID features,

First we look at the three

ID, the head of the features, although not group, Admin5, GA, cat two Chinese, a English. When creating the ID number, I suggest creating Chinese, which has some advantages. When you create an English account, you need to keep it in mind for the first time.

from the image we can clearly see the three account picture has its own unique characteristics! In front of two at first glance can let everybody remember this picture, third picture is Admin5 recently made changes now changed to IDC advertising. That’s also good for his IDC promotion,


second, posting features

1, we can see, although not group of pre post, are saying some SEO posts. And many of them are original. According to their own experience to share with you, still in the foreign station to find some good resources, translation to share with you, in some well-known station reproduced some pictures and classical articles. And often assist management to do some SEO activities at that time almost every top posts.

2, you can see the cat in the post a lot of information, and the post section is very wide, there are many with the exchange, and often want to say some of my original words! My topic posts at that time almost every top.


Web Analytics e-commerce key digital optimization online part (middle)


]He is Edmond

· Dantes, is my father, my mother, my brother, my friend, is me, is you. – Evey


first thank you readers, now a month, an article has far less than the original promise of a Monday article, but there are still friends waiting, I live up to your expectations, I am really sorry. In the past, some articles were dedicated to some friends. Today, this article wants to give a friend today be strangers to each other, including each one, I don’t know if the world will have light, there will be honesty, but because of him, I believe everything will be, because if you really do not fear the world to this country, and the turbidity of the darkness a little bit of light, then behind you strides forward, will eventually be all bright. We are with you.

this article goes back to: e-commerce critical digital optimization (online part, top)


starts promoting basic driver

in the foregoing, we have driven the drivers of key e-commerce digital numbers (KBR numbers) into two categories: base drivers and non base drivers. We have also stressed the importance of the underlying drivers, and we must not neglect to lay a solid foundation when we are going all out.

based drivers may seem abstract, such as our last example in – "basic conversion drive" — how many sounds awkward, but the operation is real, concrete. In the last half, we attributed the basic drivers of the conversion rate to the following items, which are item, which we need to do individually and individually. The results of these projects are good or bad, of course, the conversion rate is good or bad play a crucial role.

case: how to optimize the conversion rate of KBR (3) – key transformation process optimization

now, let’s start with a promotion as a fundamental driver of KBR’s conversion rate. This is nothing mysterious, these are the basic skills of site analysis practitioners, but also the website analysis of this discipline will have to learn the necessary content. If you want to compile a web site analysis of the teaching materials, these are bound to occupy the main part of this textbook.


for example, for the critical transformation process, which we all are familiar with, we find out the poor part of the transformation process, and then look at what happened in this link, and then improve it.


is a transformation process that the sales process on the e-commerce website of a product is roughly this process. The product page may itself be the landing page, but more often the visitor sees the product

Five days of website promotion, let Google include your website

do people want their own websites quickly indexed by search engines. Let the search engine included as soon as possible by many webmaster as an important thing. Countless webmaster website promotion as soon as possible in order to make the search engine included way. It is SEO ah, is to exchange links with other sites but. What seems to have no effect, or search engine has not yet been included. When I wanted to do, but also saw a lot of website promotion articles, many of which are a generalization of Google. According to the way, my site is N for a long time is not included in Google, I believe that many people are like me and experience. Later I finally found a very effective way, now share with you.


method is to apply for Google: Google AdSense, two to three days will be received by the Google AdSense audit message, then put on your website using Google AdSense code. The general fifth days you can find your website by Google.Google in order to bring traffic, but also to the development of its Google AdSense so it will quickly included in your website. In fact, this method is very simple, it is difficult to think of.

well, the method is finished, I hope to give some webmaster bring a little help. Welcome to communicate with me.

Love love eight inch pizza to join the operation of flexible worry saving

now with a variety of Western restaurants in China better and better momentum of development, a variety of Western delicacy is also very good at love by many consumers, pizza is now catering market the most popular Western delicacy, as investors, investors choose the pizza business, is not only the market space development business, the risk is very low, love eight inch pizza chain as a powerful brand accumulated in the investment industry, with the headquarters of the strength of products launched, consistent love by consumers and entrepreneurs.

love eight inch pizza? Investors are very wise choice, with rich experience in the operation, for the needs of the market and consumer preferences are very understanding, so will regularly launch all kinds of new products, so love eight inch pizza in the market is very competitive, many different types of food and beverage brands can not be compared, investors choose to love eight inch pizza franchise business, it would be more easily.

love eight inch pizza franchise investment is an ideal choice for the best of the rich, love eight inch pizza franchise product type is varied, not only delicious, but also dessert, tea, milkshakes, staple food, snacks and other delicious, consumer demand for the delicacy can be met here, provides more profitable channels to the franchisee, investors have no worries.

love eight inch pizza? Over the years, always adhere to the steady development, insist on step by step, because of this, but also have its position in the market today, love the eight inch pizza franchise has a very broad space for development, launch products consumers love, as investment entrepreneurs, do not need to worry about tourists, not only that, the company will provide all of the core technology and equipment to the franchisee, let investors without chef restrictions in the shop in the process of cost saving, love eight inch pizza franchise business, simple and convenient.

How to operate and manage building materials store

now society, the real estate industry development, at the same time there are a lot of people pay attention to the decoration of the popular market, started in the building materials industry, building materials industry in the annual market demand is very large, so rich and good prospects.

the decoration budget is very important also, dealers in store decoration at the beginning should be carefully determined will store decoration budget. The decoration budget should be carefully analyzed to calculate the results, including the area, store decoration stores operated by the link by the application of the building materials product quantity, the use of the product in the market price.

to run a good building materials stores, in addition to have a certain financial strength and good sales skills, the key point is to grasp the purchase link, and be careful of the cards in the purchase link, so how to make the purchase link to become strong backing store sales


the first operation in the course of business stores, stores in to try selling this link, so the purchase in the store to purchase the number initially permitted to handle. How to open a building materials store? The first purchase best not too much, resulting in a backlog, when the first purchase can choose several products for their own products through the main stores operating summed up in the sales process in the subsequent.

To purchase and store

combined positioning

find the product source to reduce the purchase cost of

in the purchase process of building products, try to find the recommended