Zhang Shengrong website optimization ranking So that is what it is. simple

3, analyze whether his website structure is hundreds of years ago,

answer: This is a matter of personal Adsense or enterprise websites are common, unreasonable change.


2, his analysis included problems is reasonable?

answer: no snapshot, and not included, to find counterparts do friendship is not in the late time,

?Answer: Answer: This is

website optimization work

website optimization work medium

analysis of his server is stable?Answer: if the server is not

example: take the customer’s recent single, in fact, this single is March 16th list, because some factors drag N day, the genius. If you love Shanghai not included? In fact, Zhang Shengrong was also tangled, Google included an article, other search engines do not pull dead bird is also not included, also appeared a problem "visit this page, your browser to support JavaScript" Yu Menzhong thought of a good friend (wit wit at the various templates if you need art, can not find people like Zhang Shengrong Please add QQ80982470 to you to make some changes to the line), some views, Baidu slowly come back to the children, today write checked the website snapshot is the latest.

answer: if the website does not have content search engines what? The plane is copied less?.

, not just stuck in search engine.

is reasonable?

tonight mainly write about this time the enterprise to optimize the experience and some skills, very funny, as you take the enterprise to optimize the single, what are you to do? If you don’t know, Zhang Shengrong told you, please look at the following points may help to you. In short do optimization is tired, is the same as in real life. Do not say words, just do it.

1, the first analysis of his website snapshot died without

4, if the site friendship suck

, do not do, or is futile.

5, if not to the website ranking >

3, if the website keyword layout


in web crawling not, there is no snapshot, or is not retreated, what difference with the dead.


A: check out his website is repeated, you can see his title.

1, if the site external

enterprise will love some flash design program is very flash, the program is out of date.

2, if the website content is less

4, the analysis of his title, description, keywords

answer: the chain do not have a website to make less?.

Dalian Qingfeng Shanghai Longfeng share in Shanghai know to do some idea of the chain

now does have a lot of methods to increase the external links, which requires us to practice in the website optimization to discover and summarize, when the chain must first collect some websites, forums, blogs and other resources, which can send the chain, which can not be issued, so when the website promotion, some to summarize the current document, everyone should know that several methods are quite popular: knowledge quiz website, forum, classified information, write text, exchange Links, web site directory outside the chain, the chain network Abstract bookmark today I focus mainly in the knowledge quiz website to do some when the chain of small idea.

half a year ago when I do the chain in Shanghai love to know, very easy, look at now a no one, before reading an article how to link in Shanghai love know, is when answering questions such as their own. Hide baidu贵族宝贝/ www.***贵族宝贝.cn/ or hi.baidu/www.***贵族宝贝.cn/, so the method is very good, but sometimes good, sometimes bad, so I have every test, I use an account level three to answer the question, easy to use. But with the number five to answer, is not good. If I change the other three account and I was out over the wall, do not use when answering questions, maybe I am stupid, ha ha.

Hello, I am the light if the breeze. Thank you for your continued support of my writing, you wrote three articles, the content is about the construction of the chain of some small experience I have accumulated in the work, we want to see if you can go and see before I wrote: "how do the chain site optimization more perfect" "website of the rapid increase of the chain has the best effect of the five methods" "personal experience to share the love of Shanghai encyclopedia created". This article is in my work, they conclude, may say is not particularly deep, but I think if you do Shanghai dragon, then you see the article I wrote you should understand.

knowledge quiz website refers to: ask the Tencent (soso), Sina (Iask), know love love Shanghai (Zhidao), YAHOO knowledge hall (KS), Tianya quiz (Wenda) and Sogou answer (Wenda) so many webmasters with these knowledge to increase the chain the site, at present a lot of quiz websites do not let you leave the link, such as love in Shanghai know, as long as you answer questions. There are circumstances, under submission, instantly put you to write the answer to K off, why? We can’t say about love Shanghai, after all this is somebody else, so let’s say "detour". Here, we analyze a simple love, why Shanghai know instantly put you to write the answer to delete, is your advertising too obvious, and contain sensitive Keywords sense.

Judging from the current The so-called

Shanghai love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

love Shanghai webmasters college a few days ago published a case about some of the details, particularly worthy of attention webmaster.

website crawlers do optimization, then the length of the page to within 128K, not too long. Otherwise, the crawler content, page content has long truncated, grabbing part does not recognize the main content, resulting in page was identified as empty short and not included.

Shanghai: "love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

Original address: 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/blog/post/8966.html


love Shanghai engineers suggested:

page with a crawl optimization of the pictures directly binary content into HTML causes the page length is too long, the size of 164K, lead content is not included in Shanghai love.


source: Lou loose blog, welcome to share

If the

does not recommend the site using the JS generation of the main content, such as JS rendering error, is likely to lead to the page content read error page cannot capture

implies that it might be love Shanghai technical defect, if the web crawler can not crawl over 128K, not included. If you try to delete the content of the website is too long, a part of the information is not too important, to ensure that the content included.

3, when the crawler crawl do optimization, please put in front of the theme, avoid crawling cut off the content capture all

It is this

2, such as the site for crawler crawling do optimization, recommended page length within 128K, not too long

The baby fell in love with 14 noble let your website’s method

if you want their website to get bigger and broader business development, better Google ranking is the only way which must be passed. This infographic take you up to understand 14 ways to make your site Google deep love. There are ways to improve the content requirements of your site as much as possible the original; improved design on the way, try to have a clean and beautiful impression; if the expression site there will be more diversified, will be more convincing than the single text. Of course, seize the nobility baby heart, but also to seize the hearts of readers, so the interaction is necessary.


The actual effect of tracking at the robots.txt website optimization rules

survey found that Google on the robots.txt reaction relatively quickly, third days to find the signs in the web site administration tool. Love Shanghai performance is not satisfactory, that Shanghai does not recognize the robots.txt rule that is nonsense, but the reaction period is so long, will inevitably leave slow as suspicion.

in 20 days of adjustment, there are two rules I was done to delete. I open the blog robots.txt, adjust the contrast to write and 20 days, the change of the. Is that the reason for this adjustment, such as 20 days of writing, second days I found that webmaster tools in Sitemaps three was selected to address before the cross – robots.txt file rules to prevent the unnecessary. The screenshots can not find, the following three selected can look at:

20 on the robots.txt file rule, this is what

The Sitemap site map

searched every page, no problem, except some / found? P= short connection makes people feel bad, everything is perfect. Strictly speaking, robots.txt should be the rule does not exist, the implementation of the rules of robots.txt Google hundred-percent. Google search "site:***贵族宝贝 inurl:? P" found only incomplete 14 (no title or abstract). The future of these addresses will be cleared.

October 20th, I conducted a large-scale adjustment of the blog, just like to grow trees pruning shears, in order to have a good growth trend. My robots.txt is to fully utilize the. Now a week is over, the robots.txt file rule is correct, whether have effect? Love Shanghai Google search engine is in response to the robots.txt rules for indexing adjustment? As stationmaster I need further study to grasp the dynamics of a blog included state.


more than 2000 connection address is robots.txt rules limit

20 rules enacted on this map, is not through, or my eye? I checked the IIS log, love Shanghai 20 days after repeatedly download the robot.txt file, the server returns is 200 – > success


robots.txt rules, Google stopped more than 2000 connection address capture. The more than 500 can not find the address, because some time ago to delete the article tag tags sequelae. Here is a screenshot:

Google robots.txt

submissionThe response of

love response in Shanghai robots.txt rules

reaction rules

Avoid spiders crawling and indexing techniques avoid conflict error

robot (Meta  Robots  Tag label) for the establishment of page rank that search engine robots. Yuan robot tag should be placed in the HTML file header.

< link  rel=" canonical"   href=" 贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/quality-wrenches.htm" />  

today, I talk about the limitation of the use of robot control technology. In order to let spiders don’t grab a page, the webmaster will sometimes use multiple robot control technology,   to prohibit access to a web search engine. Unfortunately, these techniques can sometimes contradict each other: on the other hand, such restrictions will give out some hidden links.  


robot tag  


specification label (canonical  tag;  

specification (canonical  tag) tags are meta tags located in a page HTML page head level. It tells that a URL search engine which is standard. Its purpose is not to let the search engine grab the duplicate content, will also focus on the weight of the duplicate pages of a page on the specifications.  

X robot tag  


quick review

code is this:

since 2007, Google and other search engines have to tell the spider crawling and indexing priority > X-Robots-Tag as a way to

as you know, you can’t rely on the spider engine in access or index your site can be very effective operation always. Completely rely on their own ports, the spider will produce many duplicate content, put some important pages as garbage, the index should not be displayed to the user in the link to the entrance, there are other problems. There are some tools to allow us to fully control the spider on the site’s activities, such as meta  robots.txt, robots tags, canonical tags.  

before we enter into the subject, let us look at some of the limitations of those of mainstream robots techniques:  

so, when a page in the robots file are forbidden to visit, or by using noindex  and   tag  canonical  tag; what will happen?

How to improve the food and beverage industry takeaway business

catering business process is an integral part of the takeaway, along with the development of the Internet, what is a matter of convenience, eat is also. What do you want to open the phone to call out a majority of people have become accustomed to, how to seize the habit of people in this business? Catering enterprises need to take out the chain on the following five aspects.

1, customer centered

whether it is sales or marketing, not to the user as the center of the rogue. The takeaway food, takeaway businesses only pay attention to the results without realizing it should be a process to wait for the process to the final consumption distribution feedback from businesses to obtain information to the consumer, this is not a meal, send a bottle of cola can make up for the.

2, regional precise positioning

Most of the

restaurant workers will have this idea, which hopes to capture all consumers, but this is not possible, consumer groups are different, and the positioning will only increase the cost but also care for this and lose that, it is difficult to form a reputation. Accurate positioning of the region is the focus of the potential customer base positioning, and then according to the positioning of your product, price, packaging, etc..

3, dig customer pain points

food and beverage industry is just, but this does not mean that consumers do not have the pain, more + relationship is catering consumer pain points. Some people say you this is not nonsense? That is, fast, good, province the basic want to do can do it easily, then in addition to takeaway currently rely on subsidies to guide the consumer factors, determine the success of your relationship is fast +.

4, improve team quality

takeaway is different from traditional to store consumption, lack of real communication between businesses and users, but there is no service link. Once the problem occurs, it is difficult to control the two sides, the formation of the brand is likely to overturn. This requires us to improve the personal quality of employees, to ensure the ultimate product, especially quality, health, packaging, etc..

distribution personnel as a sense of the terminal responsible person, and direct contact with consumers, then the ability to use a short time to establish a good relationship, this is critical. A lot of detail is the key to the team, and you have to do is to make a difference in the details, so that consumers have fun, moved, surprise and so on, give them a reason to help you spread the publicity.

5, build brand culture

domestic food and beverage industry is actually not very focused on brand culture

Henan, a number of policies to return home to start a new impetus

Henan entrepreneurship support policies? Are there any benefits for the government to return to the entrepreneurial talent? It is reported that Henan City, Nanyang province for the return of entrepreneurial talent in attracting investment projects, service resources and approval are given preferential help.

in recent years, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Fangcheng County combined with the actual situation, many initiatives Zhaocaiyinzhi, a large number of foreign scholars have been in adults with capital and technology to entrepreneurship, promote economic development, promoting employment, making a positive contribution to the economic and social development.

improve the mechanism to strengthen security. The county held a meeting of several thematic studies back to work, listen to opinions and suggestions, coordinate and solve the problem, this year, to help create a coordinated enterprise funds 368 million yuan, crack the problem of the 15, the adoption of rationalization proposals of the 9. At the same time, the township (street) to establish a network of talent outside, set up a leading group, with special office space and full-time staff, to create a sound working mechanism and efficient operation.

nostalgia cohesion, promote regression. In the traditional festival and harvest season in their talent as an opportunity to focus on communication, strengthen family interaction, they held a tea party organization, the forum, and visit the county industrial area or the relevant items, and encouraged them to return to work. At the same time, the county four team leaders, went to Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi, Wenzhou and other places to carry out small unit resident investment activities. Has been carried out, the association, friendship exchange activities more than and 40 sessions in the county and outside the organization, and Fangcheng nationality in foreign talent reach home business intention of cooperation projects 58.

excellent environment, stimulate vitality. The county administrative service resource integration, set up a special window to provide network, joint trial of the batch, procedures, preferential policy interpretation, business support for efficient and meticulous service for the return of talent, and the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of the relevant functional departments of the tracking and supervision, and resolutely put an end to the administrative not as slow as as the chaos behavior. At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive management of social environment in key areas, strictly punish illegal interference of normal production and operation enterprises, encourage enterprises to consolidate the professional economic organization, the protection of the existing trademark, create a new brand, to support small and micro enterprise technology project.

as of now, the county has adult workers outside business invested more than 10 million yuan to + more than and 300 enterprises, more than and 60 super billion project, the annual output value of about 4000000000 yuan, 56 thousand to absorb surplus labor at home employment.

To implement policies to support entrepreneurship

students in Henan of Nanyang City, to absorb the rich labor at home business, promote local economic development and employment, has become a new force of economic and social development in Henan.

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Open shop to pay attention to what

many small entrepreneurs are prepared from the store began to step by step to achieve their business plans to open shop, actually there are many considerations, Xiaobian collected relevant information, the following four points all the shop owner will need to pay attention to.

1, interest is the pilot

2, the most important ability

3, information can not be less

4, shop as early as

A lot of small business



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Song yoyo met Cai – all money to join

song yoyo met Cai? Has the strength to join the project selection, quality projects, worry free business is also very worthy of our trust brand choice. Join the song yoyo met Cai project, opened a song of their own brand yoyo met Cai franchise, rich business opportunities are unlimited!

if there is a friend to join the investment plan, will have a strong interest in food and beverage projects. The success rate of the highest in the market to join the Korean variety, it is food and beverage to join, this is why? The development of food and beverage project is so optimistic, can not be separated from the two key elements of the profit and market advantages of food and beverage projects. The cost of food and beverage items is relatively fixed, resulting in a relatively simple cost, so after the rise in popularity, profits will be greatly improved.

dining space for the development of more franchisees feel the stability of development is very important, but also to extend its development. For the hope that there is a stable franchise to join the project, the food and beverage project can play a relatively large advantage, is currently one of the very promising prospects.

successful venture, is also very attractive choice. Song yoyo met Cai? The best choice for small business. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Come and join us!