Love is a key index to identify Shanghai mining website traffic

Love is love Shanghai Shanghai

in accordance with the heat partition, love Shanghai index into a popular word and new words, popular word is deeply ingrained and net heart words, and words that are emerging with the social progress by the rise of the word, such as previous Fengjie, now the mistress and so on words, a word classification can well distinguish what words can bring traffic to your website, here we talk about:

The first point to identify

love Shanghai index: see the selected word index is stable when we use love Shanghai index of this tool, if there is a word index displays a drop-down box on the page, and the drop-down box can see whether the stability index of Shanghai love. We will put the mouse in the box, through the movement of the mouse to observe the wavy route love Shanghai word index, if a keyword line down, the gap is particularly large, so this word is very likely to be some software tools out of the brush, do not have the mining value flow. There are some words today have index index, and the interval of one day and no index, this word can also be said that the user is not stable or brush out, this word also does not have the mining value flow.

index third points: love Shanghai region, a good love Shanghai index word should have multiple regional sources of support, such as "make money online" this word, we can see the love of Shanghai index search words staff across all provinces, it can be seen that the word has a good user search. Some words are software brush, we can see through the index of regional search terms are concentrated in one to two provinces, most of the words do not have the mining value.

index name search engine search index products, many webmaster in the choice of website title and keywords are decided to choose the word love Shanghai reference index website title and keywords. Can say Shanghai is closely related to the development index and the website, many traffic sources of Web site have love Shanghai index, with the software and tools developed, there are many studios and find a way to brush love Shanghai index words, following several methods of identification can explain the webmaster Shanghai index is true love, hope that the webmaster can be used in the future on the road of the site.

love Shanghai index second points: Related search terms related to the search term represents a word by the attention, the more relevant search words that the long tail flow, this word can bring to the site even more. When many webmaster site keywords in the title and decided to only pay attention to the highest degree of concern these words but ignore the relevance of the search term, in fact the correlation search word is the key to attract traffic, a good index of the word should have at least three relevant related words, so that it can explain this word has a certain value of mining, and a lot of the time index words some software brush brush only a subject, an association of words are not, such words can be said also do not have the value of.

Precise positioning of group of visitors can let visitors come again

ranked third and fourth respectively for the forum site, we still to discuss these forum portal visitor groups. These visitors may be Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, practitioners, or just want to use the forum to release the chain of visitors etc.. So, we can see the Shanghai dragon forum visitors certainly not less than the webmaster tools and love Shanghai encyclopedia. So why do these platforms will place behind them? The author may have the following reasons:

we take this keyword as an example of Shanghai dragon. As shown below, we can see the love in Shanghai search results in the top few were webmaster tools, search forum, love Shanghai encyclopedia, there is a Zac blog. Here we have visitors groups accurately according to the several web site map in the site to talk about.

the first is love Shanghai Wikipedia content, it comes to love Shanghai encyclopedia, a lot of people are very familiar with, most do not understand Shanghai dragon or some beginners will enter into this page, at the same time, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love brand authority advantage, will make many search first choose him. Furthermore it is love related products in Shanghai, to top in the first place there is a certain relationship.

The precise localization of We can see from the

Forum 1, lost the original purpose of communication, a lot of garbage outside.

webmaster tools how to locate the group of visitors, and to keep visitors according to location. This forum friends should be a lot of analysis, how to keep the visitor strategy for your visitors. We can release a micro-blog for the visitors, or regularly organize activities and so on, the more different strategy to visitors to share.

for the love of this product or the Shanghai encyclopedia person admire his optimization method, can accurately locate their own group of visitors, visitors to fully tap the power, allowing visitors to continuously improve its content, the most important point is that the spam filtering is very strict, so that his visitors experience quality upgrade.

in search results second is the webmaster tools, we know the use of webmaster tools must be the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng employees, these employees every day by the data analysis tools, such as webmaster tools with a high rate of return visitors, at the same time, we can see the webmaster tools a more complete species rich, it also greatly increases the viscosity of visitors. At the same time, we can see that with the continuous expansion of the number of relevant website, webmaster tools usage will undoubtedly improve.

group of visitors, visitors to the definitive answer, so that visitors will come again. We all know that the search engine for the visitors, and we are through the search engine this platform will show visitors to our website. And this is precisely to our website construction. We do not only want to make us more popular search engine visitors favorite groups.

The right to play the value of power to enhance the user experience of the site anchor text

we can see this article contains a total of six anchor text, the frequency has reached thirty percent, more than the anchor text, it is bold and the user see riotous with colour, will be upset, this will greatly reduce the user experience, increase the rate of jump out of the site. Therefore, the author’s suggestion is reasonable, good control of the number of anchor text is the first step to enhance the user experience, the best number is an article of not more than three anchor text, and not each, only when you need it to add, and point to the link should be reasonable, do not point to the home page, should be in accordance with the the anchor text content to add the appropriate link.


Although the

love Shanghai algorithm weakened the anchor text on the role of the website ranking, but the proper use of the anchor text or are good for ranking and user experience. However, excessive abuse of the anchor text, will be down the right site planted the seeds, as below:

second: create more "interpretation of the anchor text type

also said that many Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve the website of a keyword ranking, will often take the keyword and made anchor text point to the home page. This practice is the user experience of Shanghai. Because users don’t need you to explain this keyword, the user is not in this curious. What is the "explanation" of the anchor text? Please look at the love Shanghai Encyclopedia:




readers browse to "reverse link" and "external links", they may need further explanation, but the encyclopedia is good to the two words into the anchor text, pointing to the Wikipedia page, allowing users to get a deeper understanding, this approach not only to anchor text as a tool to enhance the user experience, let users more faithful to the website of the website stickiness is more intense.

: the first number of the reasonable control of the anchor text, no more and no less than

these lessons clearly tells us that the anchor text value is no longer used to enhance the website ranking, we should seek the true value of the anchor text and play. The author believes that the anchor text should enhance the user experience, is to enhance the user experience is now the real value of the anchor text. Well, do not talk nonsense, we have to discuss how to use the anchor text to enhance the user experience.

believe that Shanghai dragon Er will have a special liking to anchor text this term, because of the anchor text site keywords ranking is too useful, either inside or outside the station, Shanghai dragon Er are anxious to use a lot of anchor text, let website ranking accelerated. But love in Shanghai in recent years and gradually put the anchor text algorithm has been weakened, often excessive use of anchor text will cause website ranking drop, resulting in The loss outweighs the gain. situation.


Seven steps to a garbage station

1, select topics. The selection of the theme is half done, so this step must be carefully considered. The main factors are as follows: hot index, the number and development of such topics, the possible GGAD price of the topic and the content source of the website. If you find a popular search term, the entry site and rarely, and the GGAD price is relatively high, then quickly get started, do not hesitate, but Chinese to the development of the Internet now, such opportunities are rare.

2, selection procedure. Now the CMS program, blog program is more, the choice is great. PHP’s dedecms, Empire, ASP’s mobile, new cloud and so on are relatively good, easy to use and easy to optimize, and if you feel too cumbersome to use CMS, you can consider using the blog program, z_blog is a good choice. The selection process has two main factors: ease of use, ease of optimization, and web templates.

3, spatial choice. No good cheap goods, the website to choose a good reputation, stable and fast space for you is of great help, the best monthly payment.

4, website planning. Including the site of the title, keywords, description and classification of the column and the website directory structure, this step is time-consuming, when planning to take all the factors to consider, the station I spent a week to plan, title, keywords etc. I am sure good hadn’t changed. Mature considerations can save yourself a lot of trouble, Baidu is not love a website frequently changing. Of course, to be a perfectionist is not good. If you don’t know much about this kind of website, you can only make a preliminary plan and gradually perfect it in the process of building a website.

5, add content. Site planning is completed, you can add content, the best add, I have seen a lot of collection sites included is very good, but they are a feature of the chain is very powerful, it is difficult to do a new station. The first and ten or twenty articles, and then every update, as far as possible the original or false original, about half a month later, Baidu included, then continue to update, the website weight will gradually increase, the flow will slowly come, web content can go to some places like looking for the forum.

6, the chain accumulation. Do Links and others, the best content, each website Baidu must collect good and often update, link name should be your keywords, only by Links nature is not enough, you can use your imagination, can link up all over the place, such as forums, blogs, message etc.. The chain is not perfection, should be gradual, step by step, if someone is using JS to call the chain, don’t waste time.

7, ad placement. A little traffic can put advertising code, garbage stations do more GGAD, for some of the theme of the site, Ali mother is also good, but also do a variety of other alliances, advertising is not the most

What is the name of the Western Restaurant

is now in the context of the service brand, if you can not have a good name, I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers, it is difficult to let the business to get a better business development. So, if you want to successfully open a restaurant, the primary work is a good natural. So, what are the names of the western restaurant?

first look at the location of the western restaurant, target customers are? If it is a male dominated and have to name a masculine atmosphere, whereas western restaurant if women as the main consumer groups, so a full of romantic sentiment name probably will be popular. In addition to gender factors, but also consider the age, target customer income, in order to determine their general preferences, love what keywords match up is the most convenient way.

second, you can start from the business of the restaurant, named after their own specialties, both simple and clear, and highlight the selling point, people know at a glance what the restaurant main dishes, easy to understand, without the customer for the brain, can quickly find suitable for their own taste of Western restaurant. The name of the restaurant in this way there are many, such as: Yonghe soybean milk, Macao hot pot, rice noodle.

third, in order to design, decoration to win the western restaurant may wish to highlight their own characteristics when the decoration. This feature has been formed in the design of western restaurant, which is characterized by regional characteristics, regional culture. For example: Chengde hall is in Chengde landscape architectural features, cultural and spiritual fusion Kangxi, landscape, humanities, Kangxi, full of the whole space, with guests, heritage of the oriental culture, let people enjoy the delicacy and also enjoy a cultural feast.

finally, some Western restaurants simply named after their own room for the western restaurant. For example, the "Dark Restaurant" crystal "restaurant", this restaurant although do not know what to sell, but the name still can stimulate the customers’ curiosity, walked into the restaurant is reasonable under the curiosity. So, this is also a good way to name the western restaurant.

if the services provided are almost the same, the price is not bad, you will not choose a better name, the impression will be more profound shop consumption? The same is true of the western restaurant industry. So, the restaurant name not only to listen, talk, a good restaurant name left a deep impression to customers.

Women’s attention to the decoration of the store

people used to look at the product only in the past, and now consumers in shopping, the environment, the brand are very particular about. So the women’s shop owner will do everything possible to do a good job in store design. Now the women’s market, as more and more women are very picky about their dress, which promote the development of women’s market, some entrepreneurs choose to open shop, although the market prospects, but the women’s clothing store decoration is very important, if the decoration is not good, the business will be affected.

women’s stores in the store is also a commodity, first of all to facilitate the customer to walk. Store to set aside where the customer to walk, to leave a specific walking channel. Among them, the store display hall is very important, customers make the purchase decision is mostly in the showroom. In this light, the light plays a key role in the women’s clothing store, also a cup of women’s Polish and no lights out display effect is completely different, especially by the single display, must use searchlights for foil, in order to better attract the attention of consumers, the desire to buy.

in the store image design, investors need to go to the field to investigate the shop itself and the surrounding situation, such as the flow of people, the design of the situation and the situation of the rival business store sales. And then according to these specific elements, according to the standard design of their own women’s shops. Now many of the women’s clothing store in the shop image design are very casual, but according to their own imagination or copy other shop decoration, no investigation shop in actual position at, let alone on the competition.

women’s image and style positioning from the customer base of the store classification. For women’s clothing store, to distinguish between different types of women to apply different ways of publicity. Store should give the casual, relaxed feeling, can put a strong sense of rhythm music, with strong color contrast and gorgeous lighting, folded, positive display, side show to be interspersed with each other, the shelves put and the overall feeling in at random.

design must be combined with the consumer’s mentality and their own brand positioning design, both outstanding brand characteristics and can attract customers. Difficulty is not small. Want to succeed in business, design work must do the store, the store only featured to attract consumers, many in store design decoration where investors need to learn, investors need through continuous practice to improve the theoretical knowledge, in order to avoid more trouble in the days after the operation and when women’s clothing store decoration should pay attention to.

College girls open snack shop earn 750 thousand a week

inspirational entrepreneurial story, always happen. I did not expect to do a good job paving the way for the good. Two college students because usually eat snacks, think if a snack shop in the Internet, or perhaps a good profitable business. However, did not think of is, this business has become the first step in their business, a week fetched 750 thousand.

At the time of the

they have no source of funds, have set their sights on parents. Yuan Lan’s home in the Daba Mountains, parents are farmers, and do not have much money to them, " each borrowed 5000 yuan ".

have money, they buy a web site. Everything is ready, the two began to shop location Chengdu office workers, " have time and money to eat snacks, afraid of wind and rain the sun. " Yuan LAN and Wang Juyuan thought hard earn money, " out of rural areas, not afraid of hardship; ".

For a snack shop promotion


two will advertising printed flyers, originally wanted to enter the office building, but security politely asked them not to pollute the environment. No way, only the thick skinned, every day at 8 in the morning waiting at the entrance to the office, with a smile will be issued to the floor of the white collar workers. Those who have been turned and thrown on the ground

Californium Gen 3D background wall equipment to join the necessities of life quality

the rise of the real estate business, small entrepreneurial choice to join the home market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. Gen 3D CF background wall equipment? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

Gen 3D

CF background wall is the leading brand in the peer, with multiple design style of artistic sense, not only solves the problem of wall cracks, the old wallpaper Alice, but also got rid of the high cost of pigment and not environmental protection health general decoration. A CF design techniques, to create a three-dimensional vivid, realistic texture smooth, color, bright patterns distinctive, edge material quality, mosaic flawless with charming personality perfect wall.

CF Gen 3D background wall equipment investment to make money?

CF background wall using a carey selected a good material, durable color, hardness, tenacity, no cracking will not be deformed, waterproof and moistureproof, perfect experience makes you worry free.


CF background wall now the National Recruitment partners, to join a CF can also enjoy free installation guidance, worker training, production process and provide technical information, to provide raw materials and raw materials channels, provide products test data, provide installation and construction materials, products for the production of documents, the background of the wall to provide equipment warranty and the background wall technology and other professional companies to support the follow-up results.

has the strength to start a good project, always very attractive. Join the CF Gen 3D background wall equipment? Good project, good choice. If you join in CF Gen 3D background wall project equipment, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

Food and beverage to join the winning skills

if you want to join this way by catering to obtain huge wealth, you in the actual business process, it is correct to grasp the success of the catering industry in the skills, then this project in the severe market is to have a good prospect of wealth. Also, this aspect of the problem is with the increase of the market catering franchise competition and got the attention of many investors. Next, we will for the catering franchise success made analysis skills.

catering to corporate image and reputation as the basis. The image of catering enterprises is the overall evaluation of the enterprise diners catering business, catering business is characteristic of enterprise reflects, in the minds of customers therefore, catering management of catering enterprises must attach great importance to the image and reputation, the market development and the tourist organization with the catering enterprise image and reputation together, on this basis, organize the tourists.

to the target market as the object, which is the marketing position of enterprises, enterprises in the choice of tourist market is the scope and areas, solve the orientation level guest needs, meet the group’s desire for consumption, catering to the needs of the whole organization management of tourist market, in fact it is unlikely, according to the enterprise own the condition, to the target market as the object, concentrate manpower, material and financial resources, to create a suitable target market needs of food and service.

West this year, 2 million 100 thousand tourists

The west area in accordance with the "three estate rich area", "tourism live zone" strategy, efforts to create a famous tourism brand, promote tourism reception capacity this year, the district received 2 million 109 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 18.8%. Tourism investment 60 million yuan to complete the annual target of 150%. Up to now, tourism revenue reached 2 billion 375 million yuan, an increase of 30%.