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After the optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Keywords

determine the key words is how to optimize the key words, under what should be put in first place.

website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

1, "the article, the first key to bold, let search engines know this is keywords, later don’t need bold, repeated words in the article, but to control the keyword density, the best in the 5% left and right.

, 2 pictures on the page ALT tags into keywords, let search engines know this picture, know this picture to express what.

chain, each target keywords corresponding to a lot of long tail, in the optimization of long tail keywords, record the link to the corresponding page target keywords bearing.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

3, pay attention to the construction site in the

how to optimize target keywords: in the optimization of keywords before the first choice of keywords: keywords should follow some strategies: develop keywords strategy; through the tool to find keywords; to find out alternative keywords search volume; analyze the competition to determine the choice of keywords; keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

Website optimization for enterprises to optimize the details of the requirements

first look at some enterprise optimization:

?Answer: because

improve order conversion, is actually practicing internal strength, to make their own hard iron, steel and concrete have the following ideas:

the search volume keywords on the

on the basis of A, we should optimize the next step is as far as possible to select more can directly bring customers the key words, is we said the need for accurate flow, industry knowledge accumulated, customer inquiries, keywords bias in the application, special type or product etc..

second questions: what affect the

is in Shanghai Longfeng, so only the search over, keyword search traffic.

wrote a simple "for the enterprise website optimization, how to optimize what?" the article is about ideas, no specific details, many of my friends do not know specifically how to do, today we talk about with some specific details on the three plate. Today to introduce some ideas for enterprises to optimize the individual.

search keywords, the number of keywords, keywords ranking position, attractive web links in the search results (i.e. hits)

A, a flow quantity increase

first, we consider several problems:

you see "flow" in these three words may have nodded, and because I know how to do is actually the two concepts, we can segment, because any problems and more detailed, more easy to fix.


then, we’re going to fix two pieces:

as close as possible to the ranking, 1-3 best

to obtain accurate flow > 2, improve order conversion of

is the main direction we know, there are two aspects:


as much as possible



keyword search traffic?Answer:

the first question: where search traffic from

in the first step if well, basically has greatly improved the quality of the flow, which is helpful for improving order transformation, source control, can you.

is the title of the page and the content is to attract the search key click, to pay attention to

B, the station to guide the customer advisory

as far as possible to do more keywords to

A, the source control flow quality

for their own enterprises, enterprises need to enhance the passenger flow, to form more order conversion, then the optimization direction is to engage in traffic, improve order conversion.

Do stand 7 day IP1400 search engine included normal

wrote articles for the first time, just to share the experience. I am not good at writing, please forgive me. My domain name is registered last year, has been idle where, because the work is busy no time to do stand! Finally quit your job, rest for a period of time, begin to do, what didn’t the good project, very empty on the Internet every day, and finally the big hand registered corn meters. Still use the original corn /

well into the topic I do is a movie screen with maxcms all sources are used in Youku’s friends said is not clear enough, I have all replaced P2P Qvod. Third days landing site, a look at statistics, I was shocked to see a lot of IP1000, only 50 yesterday. Today, I’ll find the reason for jumping to 1000. This is the original, I told a < post on the Qvod Forum; part of the movie website holds the QVOD (user thread Collection) 123456. 23 a82071900 2007-7-1 440 / 477829 is the post, bring a lot of traffic to me, then the search engine also quickly collected my site


1 more in other forums to publish their own web site to lead spiders, preferably in Popular Posts published;

2 early, it is best not to add too much advertising on the site, plus a little public service ads, so that visitors and search engines are good;

3 every day in search engines search their domain name, let search engine notice their website;

4 website try not to change the layout of the page, update the content regularly;

5 gives web site production sitemap.. To GG submission


address is

GG will be included in the site than Baidu,

6 meta keywords description website keyword tag on header description, then to find some health content sites and their exchange connection. This is what I’ve learned. It’s ninth days to be a station.

below is the statistics for my website,


the same day PV6361

day independent visitor 1570

IP 1462

on the same day


yesterday, PV6401

yesterday, independent visitor 1495<>

Server intermittent disconnection fault resolution

server hosting more than 2 years ago, has been placed is an online bookstore, the operation has been quite normal, even if there is a problem, but also attacked, but managed to solve the problem of business fairly timely, timely solve the problem, the impact is not large.

since I launched a Links inspection tool (, and ( the web administrator will be my tool top, and will my tools revenue Webmaster Tools Directory, many webmaster by stationmaster net to know my tools, and use my tools, the reaction is very good, many webmaster and I as a friend, and I joined the QQ group, so all instant communication problems.

because some webmaster websites and links are more, so I use this tool frequency is relatively big. Probably from May 29th, often some webmaster friends told me that the server suddenly can not even go up, and there will be several times a day can not even connect with the situation. At the same time, I took a little bit of the other IP on the same LAN segment and found that other IP was through ping. So let IDC help restart the server, but restart or can not solve the problem, the day will still be one or two times off the network situation. I thought it was a ARP attack, but it used to have a ARP firewall with a genuine color shadow. After the remote login to the server, it was found that the ARP attack record was normal and there was no ARP attack at all. The webmaster friends said to me, probably because I am the Links check tool is practical, many webmaster in check Links immediately after removed some of the Baidu K out of the station, leading to the webmaster’s unhappy, so I attack the server. I thought it was a DDOS attack, so installed a Du Meter traffic monitor, found that traffic is also quite normal, there is no particularly large traffic.

At the same time I

on the server with a I have developed a server network monitoring software, this software is I used to use the dynamic domain name website when used to detect whether the network server, smooth, not smooth, the analysis is not the problem of the


logs through this software, found that my server will have 2-3 times a day off the network, and each time the network is broken just 10 minutes.

server network monitoring software analysis log as follows, because previously used dynamic domain name, this software shows the router, I will now set up router IP gateway IP:


2008-6-3 2:26:21 router cannot connect. Please check the connection between the server and the router. The router IP is


Web site sustainability

The popularity of

makes the rapid development of the Internet website, a batch of people such as bamboo shoots grow up. With the cruel and fierce competition, the sustainable development of websites has become more and more concerned by the webmaster friends.

throughout the Internet, the establishment of any web site has its own reasons, some to sell their products (such as companies), some personal hobbies, and some in order to earn income. The most should be for profit, even if a personal blog, a business site. Each year the domain name, space maintenance costs are also thousands of dollars. Site to develop, you must go to the operation, how to use this site profit to make up for the cost? How to make the site better development? This is what you consider most of the problem,


for now, the site’s operations can be broadly divided into two modes:

first: looking for users – offering services – user benefits – self profit.

this operation model is a long-term process, the typical representatives are NetEase, Tencent and other companies. NetEase’s 163 free email, Tencent’s QQ instant messenger. Early free to market, some curious people use their products, enjoy its services, and then this product is extended to the public users. Because the communication is convenient to let more people benefit and favor, then, a mass ten, ten hundred was extended. At this time, followed by the introduction of a number of charges service. Because of the popularity of users, free products can not meet the needs of some users because of the limitation of function. Some users try to use toll products. At this point the company began to make a profit. Because of the profits, so more investment in new products, such as snowball is becoming bigger and bigger.

second: brand building – looking for agents – offering products – win-win cooperation

this profit model to nets for example, nets is Chinese largest domain registrar and space service providers. But they do not have so much manpower to sell their products, so they think of the way to attract investment and seek agents. Sell products to agents for a relatively low price. Agents to advertise their own, to sell, earn difference, guardian, temporarily called "small profits and quick sales.".

wrote here, you may ask: This is not the full text of the title, which has nothing to do with the development of our website, we do not have their huge technical team as the backing. In fact, this is the guardian to explain the problem. A lot of friends base on the website that we build, how profit, how to earn the biggest benefit?. But there’s a problem with our direction. If you analyze the above two ways of operation, you will find one thing in common: Investment – user value – profit. Yes, what we need is investment. There is a saying in China: "can’t bear the child, cannot bear wolf.". So, we have to pay. Everyone will say: "I paid ah, updated every day, external links, publicity, promotion, that is, in order to more traffic.". It just doesn’t work. Let’s go and see what a large site does

2015 20 thousand yuan venture project Daquan

in a business dominated era like this, there are a lot of young people have started to get out of the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship at the beginning, some of the small million yuan investment projects are welcome, so that some million yuan investment project and what?

2 million venture: flowers made crafts

the so-called "process of flowers", is a change in the past sales of flowers, according to the special needs of various flowers, will get all dressed up, make it more personalized beauty. The process has a flavor for taste, color luster, also can be decorated with various kinds of silk ribbons, etc., and then to a special basket, gift box packaging. Japanese attach great importance to quality and personality, as long as the favorite flowers, even if the price is high also has a lot of people to buy, the flower and flower growers, processors in the harvest is not small.

2 million venture project: new toy

2 million venture project: recycling computer

2 million venture: simulation doll doll shop

simulation dolls is the copy of "little master" like production, has the following characteristics: one is the unique idea, can let the child and simulation doll together into the children’s paradise; two is vivid pleasant, because my children made in accordance with the specific appearance; three is to follow the trend, the annual international fashion trend launch clothing, toys, accessories, supplies and children sharing. Its main target is children aged 1 to 14.

to the image store and launch. Although it can only be sold once, but it will produce a series of consumption, such as a variety of popular clothing, supplies, small furniture, vehicles and so on, the accident occurred in the need to enter the "simulation doll hospital"

What do you want to do a good job

in the current market, if you want to open a good shop, you need to do a lot of work, but also need to have a more cautious managers. After all, the fierce competition in the industry, only to do the relevant work in place, can be a cause for greater success. So, what do you want to do a good job?

summer heat, the people of the body seems to have been pumping out the same. Before such a popular sentence: can not stand to sit, can not lie down to sit. Occasionally go out is in a hurry to depart, but some of the stores business is still very hot, long queues, this is why?

[seize the customer psychology]

to provide the corresponding needs: to open a good diet, but also need to constantly explore customer needs, to meet customer demand for consumption. Customers frequently, sale, poster striking one snag after another the vast majority of people are going to look at; the customers’ curiosity, customers’ curiosity and herd mentality is very similar, in the street to see around a bunch of people could not help but look at the past, curiosity is the nature of human beings. The herd mentality of the customer, if no one to buy, who do not buy the business is not interested, if you see a buy everyone follow follow this is herd mentality.

[customers and friends]

is also very important to the customer. If the weight loss shop in the area, we are in the same area, the distance is very close, as long as a customer can do so naturally can leave a good reputation. Over time the customer will slowly up.

[to project and product features]

as a slimming industry with the pressure of competition in the industry, including product replacement fast, there must be a special project to retain customers, as the boss can use their own advertising and marketing method, to find a store hot item as the main push of the project, the project must have the characteristic, the only way to better attract customers, to seize the customer psychological needs, let the customer a weight-loss store consumer groups.

at the same time, if you want to make the store more attractive, the store’s business can be more popular, but also need to do a good job of the relevant publicity, so as to protect the store’s business success. In short, if you want to successfully open a slimming shop, a lot of details of the work can be done to do oh.

Representatives from all walks of life to participate in the new era of network economy entrepreneur

today, the network economy has become a new industrial model, creating a huge profit. In the new era of network economy, the traditional business model is no longer applicable.

2016 in January 13th, by the Peking University Institute of communication and culture, "Internet +" platform support, gold billion investment holdings group hosted the new network economy era of entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference "was held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House. Vice chairman of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee Bai Lichen, the famous economist Mao Yushi, former vice chairman of the National Federation Cheng Lu, deputy director of the Ministry of Electronic Science and Technology Commission Zhang Qi, National Defense University Professor Joe Liang general, central guard bureau deputy director general Zhou Dongsheng, former deputy editor in chief of CCTV Zhang Huashan, Peking University communication and Cultural Research Institute, Professor Gong Wenxiang, the gold billion investment holdings group Song Chengkun and other leaders attending the activities.

"innovation" for the new era of network economy topic, famous contemporary economist Mao Yushi expressed an opinion in the Congress scene. He said that China’s economy is the biggest problem is the GDP growth rate continues to decline, although the total amount of wealth is still growing, but the growth rate is getting slower and slower. Faced with such a severe form, the state has put forward a series of measures, but there must be a big shift in strategy, rather than a small change can be solved, the state must solve the problem of excess capacity. He also said: the enterprise is the enterprise, the enterprise is to make money, to allow enterprises to become a real enterprise, in the face of the current severe economic situation, there must be a big ideological emancipation."

2016 the development of the Internet economy, the development of Internet banking, we must first solve the problem of security, to achieve financial security. China’s economy has a downward trend, but China’s economy is still in the normal range of overall operation. But in this grim situation, "Internet plus" is the highlight of innovation and entrepreneurship is a bright spot in the Internet, we stand in the world the first square, we are not backward in any country, should be recommended through the Internet platform

Auto supplies stores should pay attention to these matters

more and more private cars, a lot of friends are playing the idea of opening auto supplies stores, this entrepreneurial idea is also very good. Investment in the opening of a car supplies store, not only allows the huge car market to bring huge business opportunities for themselves, but also can not pay a huge investment costs.

surge in private car ownership leads to rising auto supplies. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. A considerable proportion of car owners want to have a beautiful, personalized car. There are a lot of business opportunities to be found in the auto shop. Like perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, cushions, etc. have a great market demand.

auto supplies market is very hot, invest in auto supplies stores are also very good. Master the basic skills, you can quickly get started. Auto supplies stores to pay attention to a lot of problems in the site and investment methods need to pay attention to. Otherwise, it is likely that the project will not get the proper return on investment.


Xining city industrial injury insurance declaration has a specific time

April 7th, Ms. Li city people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 said want to claim medical expenses of inductrial injury insurance, but the Xining city industrial injury insurance benefits application for a limited time, to understand the specific issues for treatment of inductrial injury insurance declaration through the West Sea city newspaper.

it is understood that the declaration of Xining industrial injury insurance treatment, medical expenses and other non periodic treatment is a specific time to declare. The treatment of work-related injury insurance declaration monthly 1 day 10 day end, regular disability allowance, nursing fees and dependent relatives pension monthly 10 day signed the end of 19 days, medical expenses and other non regular monthly salary 15 day signed the end of 19 days. The insured shall declare inductrial injury medical time-consuming, work-related injury form, work-related injury confirmation notice, accident report, copy of ID card, proof of medical records, hospital or outpatient medical expenses, a copy of manual list or Chinese herbal medicine prescription, medical expenses standard invoice (outside medical approval form, train sleeper ticket and accommodation invoice system). (author: Mo Qing)