Six investment direction for women to try to make a small woman also easy to make money

Most of the modern women in

have received higher education, they can not only do a good job of housework, but also in the workplace like a duck to water. In particular, many women are very aware of the investment, then what kind of investment for women?

now in the concept of "Internet plus", a lot of small capital investors also have more opportunities, especially Taobao through this platform, making the growth significantly lower the threshold. However, the homogeneity of products will be relatively high, so that the success rate of business decline. So many financial planner suggested that investors still need to increase personalization and differentiation.


, women’s fashion industry to maternal and child class at any time is a great social consumption. These industries, women are much more familiar than men, so if you want to start, you may wish to avoid weaknesses, open some of these aspects of the shop. In fact, this view of Ren Zhiqiang is right, is the physical structure of women and men are different, but we stress tolerance, live longer than men, more understanding, understand the people, these rare male advantage. So we can avoid weaknesses. There are small food industry, textile industry is a good choice.

actually suitable for women’s investment target is the best threshold of peace of mind, not too high, moreover not jet lag. This view, as the monthly fixed investment financial products is consistent with these standards. Because it also has a certain mandatory, more able to cultivate women perseverance, perseverance in the end. Especially suitable for office workers often moonlight.

stock after all is a big risk, so Reed, Jiafeng financial planners believe that the quality of credit is very suitable for the type of financial investment in the female configuration menu.

there are a lot of financial planner will offer some suggestions, they are often in their own personal blog or analysis of the classroom. Women as long as they can make full use of their own recommendations

What are the marketing methods of nail shop

bright fingernails, always able to quickly catch people’s eyes, but also in everyday life, many friends are very much more interested in the dress themselves. When most of the stores are still Manicure in workshop management, the report showed that truly more than 3 years, and there is a certain scale in the local brand, well-known Manicure stores, are doing a lot of marketing lessons, the store will have a very systematic marketing management measures.

1, learning from the experience of others in the era of knowledge economy, in order to develop the business, the most important thing is to attract more foreign things, learn from the experience of their own nail shop franchise. Not Moshouchengui, not do frogs.

2, consider the high efficiency of the operation, more than 80% of the nail shop there is such a problem, that turnover increased, but the number of customers has decreased. Due to the reduction in the number of customers, so nail shop dead, not a little angry. Because of rising prices, the staff want to raise wages, and operators in order to improve the enthusiasm of employees, just think of ways to meet the requirements of staff pay, it will be difficult to operate. If the social situation is not stable, resulting in price increases, customers will reduce the number of nail shops. For now, the customer’s consumption frequency and consumption will be reduced.

3, benefit to serve as the premise to attract customers, in addition to the low price strategy, the most important thing is to pay attention to quality of service and health, so that customers feel that Manicure stores consumption is a kind of enjoyment. Service quality is the basic skill to attract customers.

4, confidence in the future with the opportunity to come to the force, is success. To break through the bottleneck of the nail shop franchise, you must have confidence in their past technology, and future technology, and encourage all staff to work together.

we take the entrepreneurial path, select the beauty market, of course, hope to get more consumer support. Consumers praise, in order to bring a good reputation in the market, in order to make business easier, more simple operation. Therefore, we attach importance to the publicity for nail stores is not enough, depending on whether it is an effective marketing, only by their own subjective judgment is not good.

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Living Buddha inquiry system online can be found in the future living Buddha

China’s latest Tibetan living Buddha inquiry system recently launched the first batch of 870 living Buddha information, the future can be found in the online living Buddha true and false identity, to avoid someone posing as living Buddha to deceive the masses.

18, the Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha query system formally launched. This set of online query system, the first batch of 870 published in the territory of the living Buddha information, is the first time the identity of the domestic religious staff to achieve Internet information inquiry. At present, the system has been in the Chinese Buddhist Association website, the State Bureau of religious affairs website and China Tibet network synchronization.

"as a living Buddha, I feel very happy." In the query system for on-line conference, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Tibet, China Xiao Deng si the seventh Zhukang Buddha Zhukang · Tu Deng said the on-line query system of diclazuril, is an important measure to promote the Buddhist Association of China religious educational public, to further standardize the reincarnation affairs. In recent years, some people in the mainland and the Tibetan living Buddha posing as a trickster, damage the interests of the masses of believers, destruction of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group’s reputation. Now the Buddha inquiry system, true Buddha out know, helps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Tibetan Buddhism, also helps to enhance the community understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group.

according to the Buddhist Association of China, Tibetan Buddhism Buddha query system can be used in computer and mobile phone system, announced the 8 information within the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government, are the photos, name, name and name, date of birth, Buddha sects, card number and location the photos are marked by the temple, the Buddhist Association of China watermark to prevent theft. At present, Sichuan Ganzi, ABA and Muli County Living Buddha information is checked, will also be released in the system in the near future. Reincarnation of living Buddha information will also be timely income database, to achieve every living Buddha can query.

the reincarnation of living Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism is a unique heritage system, produced in thirteenth Century, has formed a set of strict religious ritual and historical custom. In 2010, the Chinese Buddhist Association began to produce Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha card. At present, most of the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government have received certificates.

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What do you need to open a lottery ticket


said the profit of the lottery station, the market is also very popular in the current market, leading to a lot of entrepreneurs want to open a related lottery station. However, if you want to open a shop like this still need to meet the relevant conditions. So what does it take to open a lottery ticket?

first of all, you need to go to the city’s lottery center to consult whether there are any remaining machine outsourcing.

lottery betting station is the need to buy your own machine, that is to say you have to buy his machine to open, the price of 3000-5000 yuan / taiwan.

when you learn that the lottery center has the rest of the machine you can rent a house, and then take the house lease contract to do a license to buy lottery machines.

opening, the need to advance the deposit machine, generally at least about 10 thousand. This pre deposit, in fact, is your daily lottery cash income is not turned over, from your deposit in the mouth. For example, if you save 10 thousand dollars, you can sell 5000 tickets, and you can keep the money yourself.

each lottery about 10%-30% of profits, a 3, 5 cents it, not the same everywhere.

is different from the general store, if you want to win the lottery, it is also necessary to have a professional machine, which is the basis for the successful operation of the store. So, if you come to open a lottery station, above the conditions you need to meet?

How to operate and manage building materials store

now society, the real estate industry development, at the same time there are a lot of people pay attention to the decoration of the popular market, started in the building materials industry, building materials industry in the annual market demand is very large, so rich and good prospects.

the decoration budget is very important also, dealers in store decoration at the beginning should be carefully determined will store decoration budget. The decoration budget should be carefully analyzed to calculate the results, including the area, store decoration stores operated by the link by the application of the building materials product quantity, the use of the product in the market price.

to run a good building materials stores, in addition to have a certain financial strength and good sales skills, the key point is to grasp the purchase link, and be careful of the cards in the purchase link, so how to make the purchase link to become strong backing store sales


the first operation in the course of business stores, stores in to try selling this link, so the purchase in the store to purchase the number initially permitted to handle. How to open a building materials store? The first purchase best not too much, resulting in a backlog, when the first purchase can choose several products for their own products through the main stores operating summed up in the sales process in the subsequent.

To purchase and store

combined positioning

find the product source to reduce the purchase cost of

in the purchase process of building products, try to find the recommended

What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop How to operate

no matter what stores can not guarantee 100% of the money, invest in the dry cleaning industry is also so, many businesses in the shop before, will invest a relatively large energy brand in the choice of this link, this is a method to reduce the investment risk, to the dry cleaners to set up a competitive, businesses can do is the following aspects. What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop? How to operate?

first, strive to innovate

now this society pay attention to innovation, if you are a dry cleaning shop in accordance with previous methods or legalistic blindly imitate others, to the end that must fail, any shops, only show their own characteristics that will attract customers, and do business will encounter difficulties and setbacks, it depends on the dry cleaning shop operator to breakthrough and innovation, only in this way, you only have to dry cleaners to survive.

two, the pursuit of growth

a businessman if only stay in place to do it, that his business is certainly not long, now this society is developing very quickly, the information in the changing times, if not as a dry cleaning shop operator to a higher goal to challenge, or do not take into Chengdu no psychology that want to expand sales it is a very difficult thing, and even sometimes do not go.

three, customer first

how to successfully open the dry cleaners? Where open dry cleaners to profit, is the source, source surface is money, so when we do business must take the customer needs as the starting point, of course, sometimes customer values is not certain and we are the same, so we try to listen to the customer the demand, so our business will do better.

four, the characteristics of

how to successfully open the dry cleaners? Now if your store does not feature it is difficult to attract customers, now outside every kind of eye-catching things too much, if you do not dry cleaners, what their own characteristics, the customer can completely dry cleaners to look elsewhere, you can in the decoration. Kung Fu or something special open washing method and so on, in order to attract customers.

five, the development of ancillary services

would like to open a good dry cleaning shop, if you only rely on the light wash clothes to make money, it is not earn much, you can use this as the main business, the development of a little other related ancillary services, such as leather maintenance.

open dry cleaning shop profit? How to operate? In order to improve the profit of the dry cleaners, businesses have to do is to continue to innovate in the service to be upgraded, recommended from a number of parties

How to open a small hotel can make money

a lot of people start their own business from the beginning of the small, the vast majority of people are from the food and beverage industry started, if the operation of a small restaurant how to operate it? If you decided to open a restaurant, immediately come up with new question: what kind of restaurant? What size and grade? How much investment? How to return? There will be much risk? Or to learn about the experience of success.

correct and visionary location

Zhu family lives in Xhenzhuang, there are 4 kilometers away from the subway station, had wanted to open a small restaurant, in the subway station and next to the location of the neighborhood hesitant. Ms. Zhu decided to check out the location, the number of hotels in different periods were to take their family to different places to eat on. The results show that: the small hotel next to the subway rents high customer stability, easy to make the characteristics. The most critical thing is that the majority of young people living in Xhenzhuang, often out of the subway is more than 7 in the evening, this time next to the characteristics of the small restaurant is the best choice of these people eat better.

district next to it, a large amount of cheap rent, but tourists in general, the most critical thing is only a few days before the weekend may be a little business. Miss Zhu can be put in place, to the rest of the day, he must be like to buy a little food on the market to eat to the family, rarely patronize the hotel. Look at the existing residential hotel, most of the business is not followed, the price is high, the vicious cycle of quality decline. Want to know after Ms. Zhu saw an opportunity in the subway set off a small restaurant features, less than a year, the business is on track, to recover the investment and start making money.

open a house to make money can really be a small restaurant is a real thing, not only in their own shop can not mind the food package, to go after the cost of the plane can also create a stable value. How to open a restaurant with financial resources, the success of the experience is: choose the potential of the lot.

realistic creative selling point

eyeball economy era, a good hotel to attract popularity is the key point is to have a good idea and selling points. It is said that one year Kissinger visited Saudi Arabia, went to a restaurant to eat, and later the restaurant hype, the restaurant had received U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kissinger, fame. Later, Kissinger once again came to Saudi Arabia, want to go to another restaurant, because it is the feast day, the restaurant refused Kissinger requirements. The restaurant is also hyped, "the restaurant refused Kissinger’s dining requirements". People think that the restaurant is really cattle, even the Americans dare to offend, the results are also famous.

Shanghai has a lot of theme restaurants make people cannot read: a dish of boiled Flammulina also sold 80 yuan, which is a person to eat, screaming at each other play features and selling points; on the contrary some high quality and inexpensive home cooking is also common. Now more and more people eat just to eat, but eat taste, eat the recommended grade

What equipment is needed to set up a photographic studio

photography is closely related to our lives, if you have the skills in this area, would like to start their own business, then you can choose to open a photography studio, which specific investment? If you are not sure you can look at the collation of the relevant information, hoping to help you.

need not storefront, four or five individuals can open up a photographic studio. Many interviewed boss said the initial start 100 thousand yuan can be.

Low cost, low risk

printers: EPSON or HP


three camera tripod

purikura camera: Pat music (I don’t quite understand this, you look at the

basic equipment: 3-4 lights, camera, LED flashing lights (as the camera and lighting and decide whether to), background cloth, props, the physical background, this is a basic equipment of


open a studio specific investment that you also recommend

Henan’s new economic development initiatives to integrate the development of the Internet and the de

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, all aspects of our lives have begun to change, but no matter how the development of the times, our manufacturing sector is still the foundation of our economy. China is now building the world’s largest database of roadheader, and built the service industry "TBM leasing network"; Chinese Yituo, large and medium-sized tractor leader, to create a "Internet plus agricultural + agricultural platform constitute the whole supply chain service model, through information technology to develop new industrial chain implantation and business model.

emerging converged companies continue to emerge. In September 24th, Henan held a "double" fresh & easy controlling the outcome of the conference, this day last year, Premier Li Keqiang to visit the company, people praise fresh & easy "Internet plus" "hit" the four". One year old fresh easy energy transfer from a tall tree, a forest of wisdom, to create a fresh supply chain ecosystem, the integration of online and offline platform, fresh and easy daily fresh cold chain mall, vest, temperature control of supply chain, driven by more than 3200 employees to participate in Entrepreneurship and innovation, new more than and 800 Small and micro businesses to join the ecological circle. Transformation and upgrading of enterprises from processing and manufacturing to service industries, platform enterprises and ecological enterprises.

fresh achievements of the province is actively promoting the development of manufacturing and Internet integration microcosm. As an emerging industry in Henan Province, has on behalf of the provincial government to accelerate the introduction of Chinese manufacturing 2025 Henan platform for action information to promote the "four modernizations" synchronous development ideas, and implement special action plan, integration of informationization and industrialization depth (2014 – 2018), the use of special funds, special funds for the development of information technology, the development of advanced manufacturing, give support for the integration of the two key technology development and industrialization, public service platform, pilot demonstration projects, the cumulative support project 189, the total amount of more than 170 million yuan, has played an important role of guidance and support.

industry level of integration of two continue to improve. Focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, food, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection and other 14 key industries, with the integration of the two provincial demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing pilot for the lead, promote information technology in the application of traditional industrial enterprises, the province’s Industrial Enterprises above the scale of the enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution, product life cycle management, supply chain management and other key information system coverage reached 47%, 26%, 20%, 20%, CNC equipment production rate reached 42%. 2014 – 2016 a total of 52 companies were identified as the national integration management system of the two pilot enterprises.

regional integration of two deepening. Zhengzhou in April 2011 was included in the national two integration test area, high standards to complete the task of building a pilot. In the industrial agglomeration level identified 25 provinces of the integration of the two pilot areas, the focus of public information gathering area

What are the main forms of brand promotion

business is not a simple investment, need to have a lot of skills in the business, also need to learn how to do the promotion, as long as there is a business in the current market, it must be applied to a variety of promotional methods, different brands, different products, promotion way for naturally different, the brand promotion as a method of promotion market, has been widely used.

brand promotion is based on the original brand market, to further increase the consumer’s favor of the product itself, affinity, attention, with a strong emotional appeal and rendering to attract consumers. To do a good job of brand promotion innovation, mainly from the following aspects:

1, show more fully some

mainly refers to the combination of skills such as the brand image display showcase, backplane, prototype, demonstration platform, leaflets etc. display products, on the one hand to be more likely to complete, but also highlight the key, but also to show dynamic and static display to combine, on the other hand, but also with the consumer participation habits, more convenient consumer acceptance. Echoes of various aspects, the formation of strong visual stimulation of consumers.

2, some of the more popular activities

In order to improve the

brand exhibition activities and how the activities planned more popularity, on the one hand refers to the activities of the theme of planning more attractive, such as brand promotion, road show, exhibition or roadshow community to choose more favorable theme and form, on the other hand also will be a variety of different scale activities are combined to show more popular.

3, live more interactive

at the same time display and activities, the construction of a brand culture and product characteristics of the experience of the scene experience platform, fully mobilize the customer a variety of sensory stimulation, in order to promote sales warming and warm up.

4, spread more effective

in planning promotional activities at the same time, through the power of the media to promotion information to get a wide range of communication, you can make some news planning around this promotional activities, to render the promotion process; also can use a large social event or hot activities as a starting point, make more effective promotion in social communication activity driven.

The effect of different

different promotion mode, if you want to succeed in the promotion of entrepreneurship, hope you can consider a small series of suggestions, using promotion mode, this is to let the public better operation, make the sales of products can reach higher, let managers who earn more, but only choice on the promotion mode, can achieve this effect. Therefore, in the face of brand promotion

What are the commonly used Manicure franchise marketing strategy – the whole

small nails, also can become more beautiful, yes, Xiao Bian said that Manicure, now Manicure industry is very developed, now many women love to do Manicure, which drives the development of Manicure market, some entrepreneurs see Manicure good market prospects, choose to open Manicure stores, now Manicure shop to meet the eye everywhere. The competition is fierce, so everyone in the fight, to win by other means. So what are the commonly used marketing strategies nail? Today Xiaobian take you to understand some of the day-to-day business strategy!

1, Manicure joined the shop to master the characteristics of consumer groups, such as a group of students of the Manicure consumption, although students can afford it is not very high, but as long as your price is moderate, there will still be a lot of students are willing to spend, after all, is now the trend is Manicure.

2, Manicure stores to master of propaganda, such as printed manuals, together with the enterprise publicity, sports marketing, marketing strategy, news opening ceremony etc.. Such as this year’s World Cup, may wish to choose some football patterns to meet the fans’ preferences.

3, nail shop to attract customers by means of gifts. This method is usually with the supermarket cooperation to complete the customer in the store to buy a commodity can send a nail patch, do not underestimate this nail patch, it will bring you Everfount customers, because users get the nail patch, most will choose to do a fashion design. Like Jiang Xi along the mall to send the customer get the pearls, pearl, naturally looking for people to help him bored, businesses that earn processing fees.


want to start a business, you can consider Manicure industry, this industry is a promising start, Manicure franchise management to succeed, entrepreneurs should have their own marketing strategy, so as to help you better success, small hope that through the introduction of this paper, can enlighten the business Manicure stores entrepreneurs, help them better management Manicure business!

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Auto supplies stores should pay attention to these matters

more and more private cars, a lot of friends are playing the idea of opening auto supplies stores, this entrepreneurial idea is also very good. Investment in the opening of a car supplies store, not only allows the huge car market to bring huge business opportunities for themselves, but also can not pay a huge investment costs.

surge in private car ownership leads to rising auto supplies. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. A considerable proportion of car owners want to have a beautiful, personalized car. There are a lot of business opportunities to be found in the auto shop. Like perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, cushions, etc. have a great market demand.

auto supplies market is very hot, invest in auto supplies stores are also very good. Master the basic skills, you can quickly get started. Auto supplies stores to pay attention to a lot of problems in the site and investment methods need to pay attention to. Otherwise, it is likely that the project will not get the proper return on investment.


Several tips for success in snack bars

a lot of people have a lot of skill, but not what money, want to start it can only start from the small business, small business and low cost, lower risk, snacks around the sales situation is very good, especially the rapid development of modern economy, tourism industry is booming, thus driving the market is a snack over the years of success, how to make a snack bar open? Read the following and you know!

how to make money to open a snack bar? Step 1: customer positioning snack shop consumption is generally not high, belonging to the public consumption, customer positioning is suitable for young and old.

how to make money to open a snack bar? Step 2: place as many people as possible. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. Passenger stations, terminals and restaurants near unfavorable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, no intention to patronize the snack bar.

how to make money to open a snack bar? Step 3: the basic layout of the store should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. It is absolutely not necessary to decorate the store with a large sum of money. When customers eat snacks, they seldom pay attention to the luxury of the facade. As long as the quality of snacks clearance, the store clean and beautiful, do not worry about no business. Snack bar than other stores should pay attention to hygiene and cleaning, so that customers have a sense of comfort to see the tableware, think this store is clean enough to be added again. The store should be able to accommodate people’s desks and chairs, with an area of about 30 square meters.

how to make money to open a snack bar? Step 4: the price of varieties of price, it is best to adapt to the popular price, price of about 2 ~ 5 yuan, do not engage matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, as long as the common varieties of Shaxian County snacks can, such as wonton, noodles, Steamed Jiaozi, stew pot, lo.

how to make money to open a snack bar? Step 5: business strategy is cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. All concerned with the food industry, pay attention to the customer’s taste, the best way to attract repeat customers is to have their own special flavor. How to make money to open a snack bar? If it is sold snacks (such as food) before cooking again, the owner must have lost their first taste the flavor, if poor taste, simply drained, so as not to sell bad signs, because the cost of food is limited, do not lose the greater. Cooking snacks should hold the principle of not too fine, after the sale of the right amount of cooking, in order to keep the product fresh, because the most popular snacks overnight.

if you are interested in lifting customer spending, can be several varieties form a package for sale, in addition, snacks also pay attention to seasonal, summer and winter species should be changed slightly, the discretion to change. People in the cold zone, generally afraid of sweet and greasy, obviously these places people need to recommend

How to enhance the popularity of tea brand

for most consumers, the choice of tea products, the brand’s reputation is becoming more and more important. They want to buy well-known and cost-effective tea products. In China, many people love to drink tea very much, have the habit of drinking tea, so the development of tea industry is a market, a lot of people through the tea business franchise success, want to do a good job in the tea business to know the operation method of operation, what method can you join the brand tea shop to enhance the popularity of


How to achieve long run tea franchise

although tea has always been a very important kind of drink in China, however, with the development of the times, the traditional tea franchise business if you do not break, I am afraid it is difficult to get better development. So, if you want to open a tea shop, you also need to master more business strategy, so as to achieve long-term operation of the store. However, the tea shop how to achieve long-term operation?

tea industry known as Lvjinzi reputation, has also attracted many investors and entrepreneurs in the eyes. With the improvement of people’s economic level and the strengthening of health awareness, the choice of tea brand management has become a hot investment projects. Join the myth of mid stage, some ending, but most of it is a tragedy, tea franchisees also retreat. So, the operator in the choice of tea brand in the process should pay attention to what? How to ensure the successful operation of tea shops, lasting profit?

1, abandon a variety of business models

is perhaps the only selling tea has been difficult to make money, or to expand the facade, a lot of tea to join the store not only Hawking tea, put more tea, pearl and jade, alcohol and tobacco, which is a kind of consumption mode, but to give consumers a bad impression, not professional.

tea in the store, the specification of tea products directly affect the quality of the consumer’s perception of the tea store. Different types of tea and tea related products must be reasonable display. The first is to do a good job classification, such as tea, green tea, black tea, tea area. Followed by the grade, in order to allow consumers to see at a glance, it is best to put the tea in the various areas of the introduction, highlighting the main characteristics of tea.

if you can extend to the overall layout of the better. If you are allowed to join the tea area, the economic strength to keep up with the best tea, tea, tea as one. A few paintings hanging on the wall, indoor top Jipen bonsai, the original wooden table, wooden chair, table a elegant tea set. The timing of a few art performances, but also long-term performance, or the establishment of Zheng, guqin playing classical music. The tea, tea and so on with your shop outside the structure, so that the display of goods consistent. Constitute a pleasant, relaxed and three-dimensional picture, give the customer a kind of feeling, but at the same time reflect the order, and not chaos.

2, can not only sell tea does not sell services

hot summer, hot weather always makes people unable to lift the spirit of the crowd come and go, always make people feel tired. At this time some tea shop staff will inevitably be lazy phenomenon, to mention disinclination, leader of the manager or supervisor is a store manager, as a leader to lead to employees, establish the work model in the clerk, and positive publicity, let the staff together.

Cosmetics sales tips shop must see

to There are plenty of people who cosmetics store, but it can really put the cosmetics store is not much bigger and stronger. Cosmetics store in order to develop, sales of products is very critical. So for the cosmetics store owner, need to know what cosmetics sales skills? Let’s take a look.

often see such a scene in the chain of cosmetics stores, customers have darker skin spots, to Cleansing Cream. Shop assistants are often said to sell their own products whitening effect is very good. Obviously this Sales unreasonable, even if the customer is to buy a facial cleanser with a few days later will be far from their expectations and complaints, leaving the customer is the feeling of being cheated.

when purchase Cleansing Cream, will first determine the condition of the skin is oily, dry or mixed type, and for your skin Cleansing Cream you recommend, the focus will be introduced Cleansing Cream cleaning effect and feeling, but when you pay the bill after they will tell you the Cleansing Cream very suitable for your skin, but this series of water emulsion or collocation effect will be better. This will produce two results: you will then buy this bottle of water or lotion; you will not consume only buy facial cleanser;


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Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Youth Service Center in Beijing to start linkage three youth entrepreneur

young entrepreneurs want to go on a long and sustainable development, the need for continuous opening exchanges. Beijing, Tianjin and three have been in a common economic and political circles, the joint venture to promote youth exchanges in the three places, will contribute to the overall improvement of the quality of local entrepreneurs.

the Communist Youth League Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Zhang Qingwu fully affirmed the work of the Communist Youth League of Hebei in Beijing in recent years to carry out the work of the committee. He pointed out that the Youth Service Center of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is starting to implement the central Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy is to strengthen the planning requirements, three youth, three enterprises, an important measure for young entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs interact, hope the three can share resources, common policy, talent sharing, harmony development.

it is reported that the Youth Service Center of Beijing Tianjin Hebei to start in Beijing for the youth to participate fully in the success of innovation entrepreneurship employment guide and provide a full range of services, for three of Tianjin youth entrepreneurship enterprises to build a communication platform, docking channel resources, to jointly promote the innovation and entrepreneurship work together to achieve the integration and development.

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During the world cup night economy hot

summer, barbecue shops, food stalls and other night economy has been very hot, these days the world cup is to increase the popularity of such shops. Over the past more than and 10 days, many businesses along the world cup schedule has been extended to the next morning business hours, the night economy is deeper and deeper.

however, reporter survey found that, like bar, KTV night economy leading performance in the world cup is not expected, but convenience stores, food stalls without a fire. Why? Brazil world cup is too late, many people still choose to go home to see the ball, that night economy "night economy" business ideas also changed.

"sorry rooms full, then look is not scattered taiwan." 23 evening, Xiao Li in Beijing street a barbecue shop workers on the phone reservation guests answer. Since the beginning of the world cup, more than 11 people every night to eat barbecue on the special, are waiting to see the ball, almost every day full." Li told reporters. In the vicinity of Taiyuan street, a lot of barbecue shop is so hot.

This grill

bar as expected is hot, a reporter visited the city a number of bars and lounges, generally reflect the business volume increased by about 20% than usual, popularity is just passable.

To make money – Top Kyrgyzstan pie

in the fast food market, the choice of delicious food to join the project, is a very wise choice. How about a top pie? Successful venture worthy of trust. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurial choice!

top Kyrgyzstan pie carey developed a special recipe with Chinese fast food, by first cooking, the nutrition reasonable collocation, raw material concentrate supply all kinds of food, to ensure food safety, the top Kyrgyzstan catering unique taste, rich species diversity, better reflect the Chinese eating habits. The overall design and decoration of the restaurant is different from the traditional Chinese fast food restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant is reasonable, the tableware of the table and chair has its own characteristics. The top of the pie Kyrgyzstan appearance, unique appearance, good to see an appetite. Products using traditional and modern combination of the production process, the outside crisp tender, delicious taste. Pie with high protein refined wheat flour and fresh mutton with pollution-free green vegetables, health and safety, nutrition.


top Kyrgyzstan Hotel Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a set of product processing, catering services, comprehensive catering chain management company, relying on the brand management team, services and other advantages, is committed to catering investment, catering management, catering, franchise business for the company’s development goals, to provide more professional brand operation catering partners, investment scheme of multiple services. The development and innovation of the top Kyrgyzstan is committed to catering to Chinese fast food, the company strictly in accordance with the China traditional eating habits, comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced management mode, and strive to create a high quality Chinese fast food services. The company advocates a green and healthy diet, nutrition and reasonable mix of food and beverage business standards, determined to flourish in the Chinese fast food industry.

top Kyrgyzstan pie restaurant in the food technology development and catering innovation have a proud achievement, organization of technology development, combined with the brand and market, can provide more professional catering investment project assured and reliable, but also better for the vast number of investors in the catering operations to provide more professional. Perfect service. Top Kat pie restaurant chain mainly engaged in Chinese fast food specialty dishes, traditional recipe pie, nutrition and health porridge category, Chinese and Western characteristics of snacks and other products, Chinese fast food distinctive characteristics of the independent meal mode. Top Kat pie Chinese fast food using a specially crafted secret recipe, through the first cooking, all aspects of reasonable nutrition.

has always been healthy and delicious food, is a very good market opportunities. Top Kat pie to join, open their own top pie pie shop, shop is earned! Hot joined the project, the hot market! What are you hesitating about?

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of college graduates founded initial science and technology, modern service Small and micro businesses, will give a one-time subsidy of $5000-10000.

the province will vigorously support the network business, network business personnel will also enjoy a variety of benefits".

"opinions", the network business personnel by the industrial and commercial registration, enjoy the equal employment support policies. No network business personnel of industrial and commercial registration, can be identified as flexible employment, enjoy flexible employment support policies, which in the network entrepreneurs network platform for real name registration, stable operation and a good reputation, can enjoy business loans and discount policy according to the provisions.

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