What is the location of the dessert store

is a delicious dessert we a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, not only children, adults also love the taste of the dessert, open the dessert shop a lot, want to make our shop better, more consumers, so shop location will be better able to put on the agenda, to join us in operation dessert shop, shop location is a key problem very well, because we are in the shop when you want to choose more shops of their own to do a proper address is really key. So when we open dessert chain stores, how to better shop location?.

1, the site should be forward-looking

a lot of people like to choose the location of the shop to choose the golden section, but China’s network of food and beverage experts say not all of the prime locations are suitable for shop. With the changes in municipal planning, some popular places will become unpopular places, some of the development is also a lot of the possibility of flourishing. Instead of being chosen by the business is now optimistic about the location of the store business, it is better to choose the near future by the cold hot streets or urban.

2, the location of the passenger flow to focus

do catering business, especially the snack bar, the successful experience is: choose the potential of the lot. The snack shop can be considered in three aspects, one is the real street, at least I should be the alley; two is the office centralized place; three is a more concentrated residential areas. Of course, the three are concentrated in a better place.

3, store rent price to be appropriate

different locations, different structures of the store, the monthly rent will be very different, investors can not just look at the store’s absolute price, but also should consider the rent price.

4, to choose the advertising space store

some stores do not have an independent facade, the front door of the natural loss of independent advertising space, but also makes you lose the space in front of the shop to carry out marketing activities. So, the snack bar to try to choose a store advertising space in the site after the day, in order to better carry out the marketing work, attract more tourists.

The first step is to choose the

venture project, the second is to choose a good location, location looks simple, is also very troublesome, it is necessary to do a lot of attention, shop location is the key problem is, we in the daily operation dessert to join, also can better shop location work and because we want more customers to shop, shop, shop location is so very important. So we must choose the address.

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What do you do in 2016

New Year Spring Festival just yet, now is the time for each unit year-end summary and new year planning. Those who are willing to start thinking about the future. So what do you do in 2016?

2016 venture to do what good? Selling time (running company)

2016 venture to do what good? Send food door

Two years ago,

, "home delivery" hot, you still remember it,   send food home is still a new line of business, this attractive business opportunities, there are always people to fill the gaps. Don’t think it sounds like LOW. We have to admit that fresh vegetables is a rigid demand for everyone, the modern people have this mentality: feel that they do not eat more safe and nutritious food, but it is very troublesome to buy food.   if you can provide a full range of fresh vegetables and on-site service, it will be favored by consumers and praise.

2016 venture to do what good?

toy shop

stage are in the physical development of children, with a strong thirst for knowledge and hands-on desire. The technical process of materials such as model, small machinery, electric toys, veins bookmarks and insect specimens, which can meet their needs in this area. In the developed western countries, as long as there are middle and primary school places, there will be a shop selling technical materials.

opened this shop, the best place is in the vicinity of large and medium-sized stationery shopping malls and campus, followed by students frequented by children’s palace, cultural center and youth activity center. Students go to school, the school must pass through the streets, roads and other places can also be opened process materials store. Another way is to compare insurance with toy vendors, stationery vendors to share the store, so you can receive complementary effects, mutual complementarity of goods, but also easier to attract students.

2016 venture to do what good? Handicraft flower shop

What are the pricing strategies

now open shop, has become the common choice of countless people, walked on the road more and more people, but in the product pricing problem, but not a good way, do not know how to, not only to attract customers, and to maximize the profit, in this small series to introduce you online pricing strategy!

1, fast skimming strategy: that is, relative to the cost, to determine a higher price, and then to a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to quickly obtain higher sales profit. General C2C platform promotion methods are: Subscription window display, a variety of recommendation, participate in the classification activities; "yiyuanqipai no reserve" can also be regarded as a method of promotion; and put a small ad posted in the forum, posting to the old customers, mail and so on, is the individual’s energy input.

2, slow skimming strategy: that is to determine a relatively high price, lower promotional investment, easy access to sales profits. If you have the advantage of resources, the East is more unique, less competitive…… This strategy may be considered. For example: you in the emerald distribution center, has its own design and processing team, jade jewelry popular.

3, rapid penetration strategy: that is to determine a lower price, and then a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to compete for buyers, access to the leading position in the classification. If you have a lot of similar sellers, fierce competition, buyers are sensitive to the price of this kind of stuff, then consider using this strategy. For example: many big sellers with silver purchase price sales, to occupy the market share and compete for the agency, while the formation of other sellers into the threshold.

4, slow penetration strategy: that is to determine the lower price, lower promotional investment, and gradually win the buyers group, squeeze competitors living space. If your stuff belongs to the daily consumer, there is a great demand, and price sensitive buyers (for example, you can consider postal cartons) using this strategy, you competing sellers, may withdraw due to failure or lack of patience.

of course, these are just written words, perhaps the specific situation and specific treatment, but can be used as a reference to many shop operators, they hope to be able to open a shop to help, to help them achieve the maximization of profit!

Looking for a project to earn a start in the rural areas

many friends are optimistic about the rural market, indeed, there are many business opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurship is also very money. If you intend to start a business in the countryside, you must find the right project. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good projects.

has just appeared on the market of newspaper news and personality wedding wedding wedding magazine. To get married "as an example, this is a copy of their wedding by the editor of DIY newspaper: double-sided coated paper printing news headline is the news of their marriage, not only have the wedding, declaration of love, love story, there are parents, relatives and friends entrusted with blessing, wedding, life, really the bride or friends surprise.

printed in addition to a marriage ", has now become a fashion magazine hero is no longer a dream. See fashion magazines dressed in bright, very star style models, many people will envy, which also led the online fashion magazine DIY market.

according to operating experience of the person, the first is the location. Slippers stores, selected in the vicinity of the residential area is more appropriate, of course, in the flow of people crowded downtown better. Stores generally do not need a lot of about ten or twenty square meters can be, but in the decoration to have a certain personality and style, to the store customers a new sense of. Operating slippers, less investment, profitable, but to choose the goods. The purchase, various professional shoes near the city of Hangzhou, far outside the province shoe city, can become a Taohuo destination. For the first time, it is best to run a few places, touch the bottom, and then according to the needs of consumers, to determine the direction of purchase. Market vision slippers operators can engage in some of the characteristics of varieties, especially their own design slippers samples, and then contact processing production.

in rural entrepreneurship, the first step is to analyze the market, according to the market situation, to find a suitable for their own projects, so you can better manage. In rural entrepreneurship is very promising, looking for a project to earn a!


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Wuhu restaurant explosion 17 people were killed in Anhui

is now in some city in the community life can be seen everywhere some small restaurants, and many safety production in some densely populated small restaurant is also a cause for concern, recently, have exploded a snack street in Anhui, Wuhu.

it is reported that the 17 victims were mainly due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The identity of the deceased is confirmed.

is located in the restaurant opposite the explosion of a breakfast shop owner Lee told reporters, after the incident he received notice of the government departments to stop business. "I heard that we have to rectify this street, this can be understood, the occurrence of such things we are very sad."

shortly after the explosion, Wuhu City Bureau of education official micro-blog issued a safety warning requirements, the County Education Bureau (Social Development Bureau), directly under the school, school, school, school to carry out fire safety inspection, to strengthen the safety education of kindergarten, primary and secondary school students; to guide parents, education students not to exist security risks of restaurants, stalls dining, emphasize fire safety, food safety and traffic safety.

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Seven years to join the venture to do business on the one hundred day braised chicken rice hot

is now home of the fast food industry can be said to be a great market in the industry, at the same time in the market which have also appeared a lot of fast food brands, including braised chicken Steamed Rice is a good brand.

The person in charge shall be

through the field to understand, Mr. Qi of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice has a more profound understanding of, the original, this is a 68 year history of the traditional delicacy in Shandong, Mr. Ceng Qingxiang left the mainland to Taiwan, because miss home braised chicken flavor, a yellow chicken stew with Steamed Rice peculiar combination. This is Zeng braised chicken Steamed Rice. It is not only bright color, aroma overflowing, rich soup, but also has the effect of replenishing qi and harmonizing the five internal organs, set food and health functions as a whole, the market outlook is very impressive.


business within one hundred days, Mr. Qi not only to recover the entire investment.

What attract customers during the opening of the dumpling shop

New Year approaching, I believe that many families will be busy making dumplings during the Spring Festival, in fact people for liking dumplings general stores to open a dumpling business is actually very simple, the market profit space is also great, this is a good business projects. So how do you join your customers in the opening of the dumpling store?

. The attractive features of food

is featured on the basis of quality assurance. For example, Huimei dumplings dumplings are crescent shaped dumplings with exquisite appearance, and the market of ordinary dumplings are not the same, can be the first time to catch people’s attention, but left a deep impression. Dumplings and rich varieties, in addition to the common varieties of dumplings, corn and pork, pickled pork, Boiled dumplings cabbage in Boiled dumplings, Boiled dumplings boutique boutique fish Boiled dumplings and other characteristics of Boiled dumplings, can continue to attract customers into the store.

Quality of service

* positive publicity

on the market a variety of restaurants are too many to count, "wine is also afraid of deep alley, so you can publicize their store is an important step to attract customers in the opening period. Dumplings to join the owner, you can use a variety of promotional methods for publicity, rather than just limited to hair promotional materials.

* to attract customers preferential


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How to determine whether entrepreneurial projects in the early stages of entrepreneurship

now more and more entrepreneurial team, many people have chosen to be their own boss. In the early days, there is a very important issue, must not be ignored, that is whether the entrepreneurial project to make money. Money is the result of the majority of entrepreneurs want to get the results, otherwise the venture will lose its meaning, then you have not thought about how to determine whether the entrepreneurial project to make money in the early stages of entrepreneurship




A, will sell



two, the market big enough market is not big enough, no imagination, no toss for the beginning of the project did not emboldened! Not simply do not go.

three. To a large profit space.

four. The trend of obvious characteristics.


five. Revenue continued security.

Short frequency


six business model is better.

money depends on the system, make money to have to rely on personal routines! Toss brute force to work hard and random, is difficult to success! Business model is directly related to how much money can.