There is no core keyword website should be how to do

              for new website webmaster, many concepts related to the orientation of the website, the website and the website of Shanghai Longfeng keyword can’t understand very well, leading to the site after the line is not considered a very comprehensive, wait while doing the station after daily exposure to these things later found their website there is no core keywords, or to optimize keyword or keyword, facing great pressure of competition, which in fact do stand is very hard. For these cases, the author thinks that can be resolved by the following aspects, in hopes of some thoughts and suggestions for new friends.

The user needs is what I want website page optimization tips

1, the weight of the

, a web page breadcrumb navigation optimization techniques

users need is that we should strive to do, this is the respect for the performance of the user experience. We know the source of web traffic portal large mostly through the inside pages of the website, shows the importance of the inside pages, have their own opinion for the author, in this article we will analyze website page optimization techniques.

users need is what I want, site optimization is always considering the user experience, only to provide users with thoughtful service to get love search engine and user. Production and website breadcrumb navigation within the page layout pattern, and the above optimization ideas, I >

large web layers generally even deeper in the five layer, so from our cognition on the search engine optimization is bad, but why these sites deep inside pages have good rankings? The reason is this website has a very high weight, high weight and this is where actually? From these high quality web pages, in fact this is echoed each other, weighted by the link transmission, this is the website voting mechanism. This is just from the level of importance in mechanical site optimization up about bread crumbs navigation. The main part of the page weight high from the content of the article, so as to show the optimization effect brought about by the breadcrumb navigation links.

Optimization analysis of

is mainly present in the left column article, is browsing the current selections, so put in a prominent position on the appreciation, user-friendly. The next step is to interact with the user, such as the top of the article. By reading this article, we should know the needs of users, so the following setting is relevant article recommended, can improve the site’s PV website to reduce the rate of jump out. This layout to achieve the optimization of the website page.

two, website page template optimization techniques

2, the two column type website page right column layout


in the right column we’d better provide users with more choices, with a variety of content, enrich the user’s reading needs, enhance the user time stay on the site, the article first provides a random site in the right column for the reference of the users, if you love your website or your membership, for the convenience of such user registration and login can be set membership entrance etc..

1, the two column type in the left column of the website page layout

when the user access to web browsing is likely not clear how to go back to the original page or even don’t know how to go back to the front page of the site, then the bread crumbs navigation is a good solution to the needs of users, to achieve the requirements of the user experience, this is a kind of optimization settings.

2, the user experience optimization decision set


Anyang Shanghai Longfeng Xiangjie website optimization workflow table sharing

three, the construction of the chain

1: every Links website address and friendship time.

7: whether the relevant industry (mainly clear chain with their own industry or not)

2: Contact: including QQ, mobile phone number, etc..


4, the small Zhai Jiulai to share, how to establish a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon.

2: what linkbait loved Shanghai included, which weight is higher.

1: the actual total number of every link bait, where all the hair, how much each place specific hair.

2:IIS log data: love the Shanghai times, Google spider crawling robot crawling and crawling times of charity.

The effectiveness of

1: included quantity update daily on the site and loved Shanghai and Google in the day, and fell in love with the reverse link closed domain, Google marine and so on, the specific data available tools to query, webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools commonly used.

4: the site was the parameters including the PR value, included, snapshots and so on.


a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon, will make your work more clear, make your work more targeted, in order to find their own deficiencies and improvement, this is also a Shanghai dragon er must.

as a novice when Shanghai dragon Er I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, such as a web site keywords ranking on the site is down right not to go, do not know what caused the Shanghai love, update your site included page is greatly reduced and so on. What should we do in order to such a problem when take time for? This is what we need to do a detailed flow chart of Shanghai dragon, let website no matter right down, or when the rank changes are dealt with.

2, the first, can clear their work plan and purpose, with

1, then Shanghai Longfeng flow chart of what are the benefits of


3, second, to make their own work auditable monitoring and analysis, to the.

6: whether the crossover (we have A and B two sites, we use the A chain to the other station C station, C station link to each other with our A station, this is the interchange)

3: which keyword anchor text (if I do today three friendship, with which the keywords anchor text links.)

, a detailed record of the Links

data update site every day

5: is the station link or link to the home page.

Comparative analysis between the difficulty of Shanghai Longfeng regional key

qq- I think to want to make good use of it is like Shanghai dragon blog, must raise! But QQ more than a blog to keep the data, get a woman! Space came a few photos of beautiful women (especially those little stars generally do not know) according to the goal of the website to the user some groups, first entered the group in the group few a few words, so you won’t think group management is to do advertising. Now is not the pure QQ group chat QQ group · · · every group will also have some junk information! To avoid being T, so the best in the group to say a few words, few a few words, a woman’s love, we will get the "greedy" dialect (especially when the main group or group management online).


plus end group after say, hang a few hours a day, with good news: Wow, that you do not have a few days will be able to add a bunch of friends! This promotion for the future lay a good foundation for


QQ I think everyone is the most widely used QQ space in addition to chat, share, log reprint, mood. This QQ can be comparable to micro-blog and mood, I seldom contact users ever play micro-blog. But micro-blog also can send


website promotion four words, that is "user experience" you have brought in some way by Internet users, Internet users are very picky, if one looked no people need, people will immediately turn off. This not only can not give users a good experience on the same site of the Shanghai Dragon ‘target=’_blank’> Shanghai dragon is very negative, so to speak in the promotion to the attention of the time you send something whether let users read on. Whether users are interested in.

I don’t think carefully you are like this? "User experience" I think it’s right to pursue every website. It is easy to say, it is not easy for · · · 555


said that for a long time and seemingly have nothing

QQ users can not be ignored, if you have 400 friends · · · usually online can reach about one hundred wow, then you have published a mood, published the value of reading the title of the article, and then take your article links. We usually nothing love shopping space, if the one hundred people have 50 people of interest will click in the title, so 50 IP, PV do not know this! The same method, the log space get good, with a link, the anchor text once this day! Will you be a friend to share the · · · it is a great good friends, friends friends friends push push · &mi>


On the user experience and website structure key


two, the user needs the product description and specifications

, a user needs

four, the performance of visual

The so-called

            user experience should have different answers in the hearts of everyone. After all, how consistent it is impossible to achieve any feeling. As we are, when hungry in the street just to find a small restaurant, can satisfy our hunger problem, experience in place. Some have to find a solution to your stomach Western-style food. Thus, each stand, and get, can satisfy yourself is not consistent.

site structure for a Shanghai Longfeng staff many stations are unable to reach a satisfactory level. Of course, if you want to modify a station architecture, it is a very troublesome thing. So in the website at the same time, we should take these factors into some of the strong website. Now the vast majority of the site is built in a tree. To facilitate users to browse, also easy to search engine spiders. At the beginning of the search engine spiders through the web site;

user experience is the main experience of what factors? The following made several hierarchical classification:

with the development of the network, each view of the web sites have changed significantly. The vast majority of users will be beautiful to evaluate a quality of the site. Increased demand, customers continue to amend the request, resulting in a large network company is now obvious inconvenience in the construction site. Is Shanghai dragon industry, constantly innovation, in order to gain a firm. At present, Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to what factors of the site itself? The most prominent is nothing more than two points: the structure of a web site; two, user experience. The user experience is the most important in these two points, the other is the website structure.

user experience is the user in the use of a product, can be in a variety of situations, can be convenient, fast, to achieve the goal. As you drive, the old navigation error, so what do you do? I think the answer is obvious, we use a product, the key is to provide them with convenient, improve efficiency, reduce all unnecessary errors.


three, the user needs to know the information architecture of

four points above I also stand in the user’s point of view to analyze and draw, but before that have everyone feel inconsistent. For reference only. The four point I use Taobao to do a simple explanation, such as you want to buy a Taobao iPhone4 shell, then you must be in the Taobao search " iPhone4 mobile phone shell; " or " Apple mobile phone ", is found; tens of thousands of information, what would you say to me next? I want to find the style is most probably it did not actually happen again, more of a family, see the introduction of products, specifications, professional shop of

Li Xianchang the Shanghai dragon in external links

where do external links do

what is the external links? How do external links, where do external links do? What are the ways and channels of external links? Should pay attention to what matters? Since the 6 month external links to the work of some experience, and here we are in a share, hope to help. Webmaster or Shanghai NEW dragon.

3, initiative to submit your site to link


website internal links and external link for a web site is very important, attaches great importance to all the webmaster. Especially the external links to attract search engine spiders, improve website PR value, bring traffic, enhance the popularity of the website has an important role for the web site. So do the external links is important. Today let me simply talk about how to make the external links.

1, Links


external links also called reverse links or hyperlinks, from external sites (other sites) by tracing text links to our website links. All come from outside the link to our website are external links. The search engine, the equivalent number of other sites to vote for you. If you give more website weight higher, vote to vote, then the weight of your site will be higher. So do the link for enhancing site PR has a very important role.

on the directory sites: refers to the classification by artificial methods, and these valuable resources were collected and organized according to the website of the theme, and then in the corresponding directory, thus forming a network.

and other sites to exchange Links, on how to find other network exchange links, and how to exchange links, please see the explanation behind.

channels or the way of external links

new words we can put our site voluntarily submitted to love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, we allow them to the spider crawling our website. We can also submit website links to some web site navigation, directory sites and bookmark sites, websites, and bookmarking sites, such as love Shanghai, bookmarking websites such as: digg贵族宝贝; reddit贵族宝贝; stumbleupon贵族宝贝; Web site navigation, directory websites have a lot we can look to. Your links submitted.

what is the external links

released their own links include: Forum, blog, space, B2B platform, inquiry platform, can be submitted to other websites, we can through the forum signature, to forum posting, blog post, publish articles, blog, blog, space Links published articles, comment, to the B2B platform release of information…… The way to increase their external links.

posted a link to

Analysis of Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight.

now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example, it gets the weight:


, I this article is Zone Indexes algorithm and non Boolean algorithm, but because the "algorithm" is a word with a search request, without affecting other weight factors, this article is related to the index terms, should appear in search results.

content: 0.6

Zone Indexes algorithm, is a regional division of the web page and were given the weight of the search engine algorithm. The search engine will combine this algorithm and other denoising techniques, such as VIPS algorithm, "noise" to a web site in the content, and each block weights are given to show the true value of the content page.

Title: Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight division "," algorithm "for the 1 time, 0.15

as in the previous article on the search engine algorithm article "derivative application" TF-IDF algorithm in Shanghai dragon in the. This blog is to Shanghai dragon as the theme, is related to the IR field just to give you a better understanding of the search engine, so as to improve the website optimization effect. So this paper is in simple language to introduce Zone in Indexes derived from the application of search engine optimization field.

: now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example…… "Boolean AND algorithm" 0.6 points

Zone Indexes, is a regional division of the web page and were given weights of the search engine algorithm…… "Algorithm", appeared 1 times, 0.01

Zone Indexes algorithm

, however, is far from the application of the search engine on the Zone Indexes algorithm is so simple – it is distinguished by a web page as a unit. I am in the "standardization" of the site as a whole Shanghai dragon "

total: 0.76

definition of Shanghai Dragon


Title: 0.3

Zone Indexes algorithm, we can translate it into "partition index" (Daniel IR algorithm in the field of translation errors, please correct me) is a website in the standardization website or web page structure to partition, then each region weighted algorithm. We understand this algorithm with a simple example, only three block contains a web page title, description, hypothesis, namely the content of the text; at the same time that search engine to give the weights of three regions were 0.3, 0.1 and 0.6 points:


Analytical matters need to pay attention to the construction site within the chain

content and the chain as a key site for the construction, and put a lot of effort on it. In fact, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience today, the chain construction site also can not be ignored. Do the station anchor text, and add some small buttons can greatly enhance the user experience degree, strengthen the construction of websites from the side years. However, the construction of the chain and the chain, there are steps and matters needing attention, the author will own experience for the construction in the chain that needs the attention of.

3 secondary page chain set

2 home chain set


Now many webmaster to

1 site navigation

should say is "back to the top" and "subscribe button". Many readers when reading the page, often have to drag the mouse to the top, then "embedded" back on top "is a very human setting, can improve the user experience of the website. Then if your web site is useful to other readers, we also need to set the RSS subscription to bind their loyal fans.

a web page is always have light weight, for some of the more important pages we must be to strengthen construction of the link, but the registration page, landing page, site description of the secondary page write we don’t have to spend too much energy. But in order to create a whole chain set, we still have to give more than these types of page a link on the home page, other pages on the website and the channel page do not need to go to another set, avoid weight dispersion. If the owners need to more than a few kinds >

The first

not only that, we also set the site map, let users have a clear understanding of our website structure, to increase the depth of their visit, make their point of view throughout the site, reduce the rate of jump out. This shows a successful website must have a good navigation system. To make your own website home page, the inside pages to have links, also can accumulate in site navigation settings, a page has a link is enough, this will also make your site structure clear, avoid the complex, because the chain repeat settings will lower your site weight.

website homepage is generally had a relatively high weight, so in the corresponding position on the home page to set the page links in the us. Because of the general site, spiders crawl depth is limited, generally only grab 3-4 links on the home page, so we give some links to pages, so users can not only direct access to our main page, the spider is difficult in the short time we need to crawl to crawl content, thus increase the weight of the website. However, some owners will set the corresponding topics in their website, important content will be presented directly on the inside pages of the website home page, this method is feasible.

Avoid spiders crawling and indexing techniques avoid conflict error

robot (Meta  Robots  Tag label) for the establishment of page rank that search engine robots. Yuan robot tag should be placed in the HTML file header.

< link  rel=" canonical"   href=" 贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/quality-wrenches.htm" />  

today, I talk about the limitation of the use of robot control technology. In order to let spiders don’t grab a page, the webmaster will sometimes use multiple robot control technology,   to prohibit access to a web search engine. Unfortunately, these techniques can sometimes contradict each other: on the other hand, such restrictions will give out some hidden links.  


robot tag  


specification label (canonical  tag;  

specification (canonical  tag) tags are meta tags located in a page HTML page head level. It tells that a URL search engine which is standard. Its purpose is not to let the search engine grab the duplicate content, will also focus on the weight of the duplicate pages of a page on the specifications.  

X robot tag  


quick review

code is this:

since 2007, Google and other search engines have to tell the spider crawling and indexing priority > X-Robots-Tag as a way to

as you know, you can’t rely on the spider engine in access or index your site can be very effective operation always. Completely rely on their own ports, the spider will produce many duplicate content, put some important pages as garbage, the index should not be displayed to the user in the link to the entrance, there are other problems. There are some tools to allow us to fully control the spider on the site’s activities, such as meta  robots.txt, robots tags, canonical tags.  

before we enter into the subject, let us look at some of the limitations of those of mainstream robots techniques:  

so, when a page in the robots file are forbidden to visit, or by using noindex  and   tag  canonical  tag; what will happen?

FTC could not suppress the search giant search advertising display more and more obvious

Engel refused to disclose the FTC warning letters in 2013, whether there will be further action on the search engine provider, or compulsory measures.

According to

in a recent interview, Engel stressed that the FTC from the print media in 1960s using "advertorial" (commonly known as the gun version) to cover the advertising period, began to put pressure on the enterprise, to require the latter to clearly mark the advertising content.

"consumers should be told, what is the search engine to charge a fee and return the results." Engel pointed out that.

NetEase Francisco October 14th message, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the U.S. federal regulators last year to Google, YAHOO and Microsoft warned that the requirements of the latter must be highlighted in its search engine advertising content, to avoid misleading consumers.

"consumers are deceived." Public Citizen U.S. Consumer Group CEO Robert · Wiseman (Robert Weissman) said. The organization has assisted the Federal Trade Commission in 2002 (FTC) search engine advertising display problems put forward guidance.

Microsoft spokesman also said that the company had "clearly marked advertising content, to distinguish it from the normal search results."

Engel in the last letter also urged the search engine providers to display advertising content to "more prominent" shadow ", and mark them clearly and understand".

three Internet search engine service providers did not warn consumers now squarely, is more difficult to identify from the search results for advertising, which is the Google earlier this year also cancelled the original content to highlight the advertising background, instead, only with a yellow and minimum font "Ad" label to label paid links. In contrast, YAHOO and Microsoft’s Bing search results is almost unrecognizable advertising content, advertising links only using a single light gray lines mark.

, a YAHOO spokesman said the company believes that "in the current search advertising display implementation is in line with the FTC requirements of initial guidance.

June 2013, deputy director of advertising supervision department of FTC Marie · Engel (Mary Engle) to 22 search engine sites (including the big three) issued a warning letter, pointed out that the current major search engines for the early advertising behavior guide book "compliance decline", there will be the risk of consumer fraud. The letter received other companies including Yelp, Priceline and Travelocity etc..

, "

However, Google spokesman

said that the company "has significant advertising content will be clearly marked."

How do the site was K after recovery

website right down topics:


third, there is in your friendship connection, should find some related with their web site to carry out the exchange of industry chain.

is above me on the website after K is needed after the recovery work. Of course, for the normal optimized website also needs you to optimize the use of such methods.

we should do to do some good to maintain

This article is about the

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

second, the station is used to link the spider, if in your website optimization if the station links is not good, so is very difficult for your web spider crawl, which requires the need to enrich your site links.

special chain optimization:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked !



show good content better in front of the spider. I give you advice, that you can be connected in writing, content and pictures, so that you will be better in the income.

first, on the restoration of the website of Wuhan Shanghai dragon needs combining inside and outside, but when you are supposed to measure some combination.

station in Shanghai is very important to pay attention to the problem of love, need is the weight of high content. I think of you in the update, if not the quality of the updates, then you might as well not update the good. But you are not for a long time is not updated, this requires our editors to write some high quality articles.

This secondsWebsite optimization

on the K station which is the website optimization friends is really a headache problem, since this is all for the problem, but it is a fact that is K.

today I come with you a simple introduction, on the site was K after how to do the restoration of


in the chain, it is necessary to have, and the better, of course for the hair in the chain that is also a requirement, that is needed in the choice of the chain on the need to have a hair breadth as well as the content and the relevant keywords, this is the key.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

A little about Shanghai Longfeng feelings

2014-2015 – SEM (refers to the search engine PPC promotion) & Shanghai dragon

about himself:

memory can think vaguely linked and that time and the rise of group purchase website, the rise of micro-blog, we are concerned about. Especially micro-blog, then focuses on how to automatically add powder, can remember one day about 2000 fans of growth. Due to the forward-looking enough, it did not continue, otherwise how now is a large marketing, haha.

far, said back. Simply things or to the good aspects of development, the middle will not go, finally registered the company shifted office. Shanghai Longfeng service content, ranking from do keywords into foreign trade, ha ha, yes, we all understand.

2011-2013 – a baby Shanghai dragon

2010 – Bob

friends insist on only the noble baby let me feel very uncomfortable, but I have to say that his spirit so I really admire. When I left, he basically has a few pieces of business: 1, Shanghai dragon assistant software; 2, the flow of cooperation; 3, all >

2011, met another friend from the friends, first time to contact the Shanghai dragon, the transition from Bob resolutely into a Shanghai dragon er.

didn’t change what occupation law is, overall look at the fate, not ascend, much, feel a bit. Especially now work to the Shanghai dragon, a lot of problems encountered in the work, you want to complain.

, my friend, is my boss, another friend (in studio), 3 person, Sanshiliangting room. The largest bedroom into the office, the desk is running two days back to fight on their own second-hand market, two small fashion. Noon in the village of a small restaurant to eat a lunch, at 6-8 a.m. + Red Bull I students liquor, a person does not drink, have now become addicted, and my friends to drink directly to gastric perforation (still drink). But no matter how frustrating, even to sleep at 4,5 a.m., is up to work at 8:30. That day may never forget it, we can make up the brain scene.

2016 Shanghai dragon & flow (except SEM)

two project types between entrepreneurship, the first industry to understand the failure, second times because of family reasons to give up.

Shanghai Longfeng cake is very big, but the reality is not full of good. That time is the beginning of the keyword ranking service, for me, is to keep the hair of the chain. If it is now just contact Shanghai dragon friends, may be difficult to imagine the light chain can rely on manual ranking on the scene.


B2B website optimization first to solve these problems.

B2B the main navigation website looks simple, is nothing more than supply, purchase, product, enterprise information, etc. the main columns, but in these different column corresponds to a large number of information and classification, which leads to a lot of B2B site classification is complex, layout confusion, walked into the palace because of many, or direct users to leave, or resistance find a means to meet the needs of the information may not be so, maybe next time will not come again, and to search engine optimization, this also caused obstacles to crawl, reduce the search engine spiders in the site’s working efficiency, the amount of information in the very large B2B website, is tantamount to refusing to hinder spider flow. No matter for the user or for the search engine, a large well-known B2B website is OK, because the authority has the brand, this is the capital, and a small B2B site do not have the capital, if the structure didn’t take what features than

1, website structure

B2B website optimization has become one of the most important strategy for B2B website network marketing strategy, search engine traffic can not be ignored, but the B2B website is different from the station, this kind of website general level, structure is relatively complex, and the content of information is very large, while many of the B2B sites corresponds to generate a lot of the user level two or two level domain name directory, is because of these factors, many B2B sites have many problems, especially some small B2B website, there is no professional team or manager is not optimized, which leads to until now those common problems still exist. The wood of Shanghai dragon talk about those problems, especially small B2B website.


said, B2B website classification is more complicated, so let the user and search engine can "Browse" website, breadcrumb navigation is unavoidable, but many B2B there is no direct breadcrumb navigation >

3, breadcrumb navigation problem

is a small B2B site, this is a very big problem, because many small B2B website is to rely on advertising, better advertising businesses, and most are relying on the flow of advertising, this is understandable, because the station long need to make money. But advertising is to have a degree, there must be a reasonable arrangement, the following is a screenshot of the B2B website home page, you can see the location of the 1/2 is the first screen advertising, and also in the above, it can be said that this is the home of the most important position, but all advertising, a quick look also that is a huge website. There are many sites such as B2B, because there are a lot of ads on the click charges, but also some of the mom, which requires the user to click or buy, so owners will put it in a prominent position, but your site is B2B site, don’t forget the user here. This is the cart before. Consumption of your users, and also is the excessive consumption.


2, advertising

After 90 business group VC appreciation, family is the resistance, geeks and internationalizationAba


"after 90" entrepreneurial groups can rise rapidly in a short time, and closely related to changes in the ecology of education.

      generally speaking, a forum has at least 3 different theme forum, the forum with respect to shlf1314 ADsense are very different in volume and value, the poor performance of the theme forum for failing to give advertisers high returns, will lead to the loss of advertisers directly from the forum, and the Forum shlf1314 ADsense revenue is getting worse. According to the 81 shlf1314 ADsense to make money online research on forum experience, we think that shlf1314 ADsense in the forum revenue fell sharply due to some of the poor performance of the theme section reduces the overall performance of the forum, which leads to the loss of the advertisement host forum.

Education Ecology: commercialization, internationalization, teen geeks,

      TVB Forum is a large flow of integrated forum, the theme section more than 10. There are both vertically focused themes and a hodgepodge of content. After participating in the shlf1314 ADsense program, the webmaster put AdSense ads on all boards. Because of the strong aesthetic skills, shlf1314 ADsense advertising and forum content and layout of a very clever integration, coupled with the flow of powerful, revenue was high. But as time went on, GG earnings fell all the way. Stationmaster is very confused, write a letter to seek help 81 online to make money research, hope to give advice to shlf1314 ADsense in the throw in the forum. The AdSense specialist carries on the analysis to the forum and background data, that the stations are in place in the advertising format, color, position configuration, only misses the most important point, is that there is no different for their different value flow section of the forum theme in-depth analysis. Therefore, we suggest that the station to each of its forums, forums, respectively, channel tracking, analysis, to clarify the different themes of the plate relative to the value of shlf1314 ADsense different?.

"high school attached to the north and the middle school affiliated to the NPC" technical residence ", such as Ji Yichao and our previous CTO, is a classmate of Beijing University attached middle school. In contrast, our eleven schools will not be able to "technical residence" in this respect, but >

a few days ago, tiger sniffing published "the active on the Internet 90 entrepreneurs!" this has been part of 90 entrepreneurs listing, but for this group and their ecological mining is not enough to rely on.


Gao Yang, 1990 Shandong man in Shandong, the high school education of extreme terrorist places, and education for the college entrance examination disappointed he refused to repeat, despite family opposition, in the name of Science Blog a year later decided to Beijing, PE/VC has engaged in editorial and business work and found myself in another world. Currently, 3 partners in Hangzhou are making a tech geek question and answer community called Segmentfault.

today, let’s see.

online English teaching platform in chat founder Zhang Linxuan and co-founder Xu Dechen. Zhang is 20 years old, but Xu Dechen is only 18. Zhang Dexuan studied in China and graduated from primary school. He studied in Canada and the United States and graduated from high school. Zhang during the United States, that is, a simple entrepreneurial experience, parking spaces into advertising. And Xu Dechen, junior high school has done a "Byzantine" hip-hop dance club, in Beijing hip-hop circle of small fame, in the genetic parents of high intelligence quotient, he seems to need to test to solve the problem is a small problem. I started high school marketing business in high school. Not to read the domestic university is his firm choice, "failed and how" is his view of entrepreneurship, suffer a loss, is equivalent to walking hit a pole, continue to move forward, that’s it".

starts going on after 90.

      in the forum theme forum all channel tracking a few weeks later, we clearly found for four shlf1314 ADsense theme forum advertising revenue is far lower than the other theme plate, 81 research suggested that the station to make money online to AdSense advertising from the four theme forum all removed. Over the next few weeks, we found that the number of forums shlf1314 ADsense has declined considerably, but shlf1314 >

      to find out the quality of the forum traffic, maximize the value of these high-quality traffic, is in addition to choosing the right format and advertising position, optimize the forum shlf1314 ADsense put the most important point. The following example illustrates the problem:

Ji Yichao, Peak Ji, born in Beijing in 1992, was a mammoth browser when he was studying at Beijing high school. At an event in the University, he did not want to venture, could not resist the Sequoia Capital partner Kui Zhou "temptation", after Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Investment, the establishment of Peak Labs laboratory. There are parents Kochi he is a typical "90 technology home, began to learn programming from the primary school, and later launched the mammoth browser from design to art, development, testing, operation, all by himself alone, he has admitted his management and sales is not long, the Peak is not Labs all of the core members of the basic requirements of the office, through the mail exchange, the organizational structure of the company is quite loose.

Do 500 of the average monthly amount of consulting by using the third party platform

classified information platform to do the most is 58 and go to the market, the two website information will have a contact telephone number, and then do a lot of practice when the effect is very good, that time is now basically can not be used as the title, keywords accumulation, the home repeat title and so on, the time to do it very easy, basically the next release of information about can love Shanghai home.

actually work every day is boring, I do believe that most of the friends are doing, is nothing more than a Q & a platform for classified information platform, and forum. Because do not have their own website, so when the release of analysis, I don’t need to consider the link problem, because I don’t need. The Nanjing Shanghai dragon advisor Gu Xuxu details about the three platform is how to operate.

Q & a platform The specific content of the work of

3, platform maintenance

2, classified information platform

today I have to share is in a dance training company working experience, although I am only here for two months, but as the network engaged in the first job since the promotion, also very memorable, here I come into contact with the network promotion, learned how to use third party platform for effective for the promotion of the company.

just entered the company, Gu Xuxu and most of the white, what all don’t understand, what is not, thankfully, met a good leader, from her, I learned a lot. I remember the beginning, she taught me how to write the title, how to find the article, how to false original, I have to say, here is the place of entry. Similarly, the work has a certain influence on my future work, because I am no longer superstitious Shanghai dragon.

friends should not do the promotion of people do not know the West Temple in Nanjing, we play at this forum is also the most, also set up a discussion group, popularity is not very high, because of limited staff (promotion I alone), basically do not spend great efforts to maintain the effect the discussion group more is a window company of old members, like what are the company’s notice will be released on the inside, just update the article, some dance Related videos, photos etc..

At the beginning of

into the company



was doing Q & a platform is love Shanghai and soso, mainly to love Shanghai, the daily workload of about 15 or so, only the keywords of Nanjing regional key species, and dance for example, "Nanjing ballet training" issues like this, plus some auxiliary words, "which so good. At that time, the effect is basically the type of dance in Nanjing all the training, quiz can find my release. Similar regional keywords such as it is not difficult to complete, easy to form, to the home page.

A5 marketing anchor text of webmaster how to make the enterprise website page

this time the author in communication group and part of the enterprise novice webmaster exchange, the exchange is the optimization of Enterprise Station anchor text, anchor text look in their eyes is very important, they think the content page if the keywords on the anchor text point to the home page will bring to the keywords ranking and weight, that is the home page, I see a content page from the enterprise station, found a page is not a keyword anchor text, 3-4 anchor text pointing to the home page, product page channel, it is good for them, but I took a look at the website almost nothing weight and ranking, the ranking is also partly hidden and partly visible. When ZAC in training once said that one belongs to the anchor text of the chain, either do or don’t do it, just do what you do best and delicate, and later appeared in common leads and co occurrences, Lou song song also said such a sentence, the text in the future has replaced the anchor text, anchor text effect more and more small. So, I want to exchange together with the majority of business owners, and to do according to your point of view in the group communication, I hope to help those who are worried about the anchor text optimization of corporate owners.

when released on master station, either the anchor text or just don’t, why? Because a lot of enterprise owners to mess with the anchor text, especially some Adsense in the content page to catch the key words do anchor text and then all point to the content of the page, there is the anchor text in irrelevant words, these is now the enterprise in the most often do, here believe there will be a lot of business owners resonate. The author suggests that when either the anchor text or just don’t add, finally the anchor text site because after being punished for ugly.


, or add anchor text or just don’t add anchor text

website anchor text is the most familiar business owners, a form of anchor text belongs to the inner chain, is one of many corporate owners love to do the most optimization in optimizing a website at present, many owners also pay attention to the optimization of the anchor text, but some webmaster if there is no good control of the anchor text may bring right down, K station etc.. From the current data, most of the enterprise webmaster in website optimization, that if the anchor text for keywords ranking optimization properly will bring more weight to the site, of course, in the form of the chain of the anchor text anchor text is better than the control in the form of the chain, and as long as the control station anchor text will give the site the benefits of. Therefore, more and more enterprises to let the station anchor text webmaster attention, especially some newly recruited novice webmaster.

usually in the publication time and anchor text, because an anchor text belongs to the chain, and I also very lazy, so don’t bother to add anchor text, the author generally are used inside the random reading, reading, reading, doing the recommended chain on the next page, the page, so the anchor text is omitted, the author of these practices, other owners can also webmaster do optimization, it is within the chain within the chain should choose better, and the effect of the anchor text.


Wangzhuan jungle how the summit in Pyramid in the systemTo adhere to the practical network marketing


sends a lot of messages online every day and uses software to publish messages. Also, work with other organizations websites that promote each other and go to the portal to create a corporate blog for publicity. Mail marketing is also very important, search data is the most important link, and then is to tidy up the e-mail address, you can send it by mail * * * software. But now NetEase mailbox verification is too cumbersome, it is difficult to send in, that is, each time he sent 20 such a manual to send, it is difficult to send, not much can not be sent, or NetEase was closed. In addition, I use the * * * fax, as long as you collect customer data, and then open the computer, the software can be sent, so that you can not salesman, let the machine to work for you. If the boss is not here, he can be comfortable and not afraid of poor performance.

when you join any kind of Wangzhuan when it is needed from the most basic level the lowest level to start, which is destined to be divided into at least grade the lowest income level. In order to quickly structure in Pyramid summit, need is a change of attitude and thought, to actively their transformation from "migrant workers" to the role of a "manager" and "organizer" role, not only to work for others, depending on the physical labor to earn meager income role. After all, the only way to get more share into the system is to manage and operate, and to rely on referrals


behind each Wangzhuan form, in fact, are hidden in its own profit chain. As a newcomer, to join after a period of time, we should gradually try to feel out what you do Wangzhuan form behind the profit model, it is this chain operation characteristics and principle, to clear each level of play in the role of the link, at the same time considering how to do the primary of this layer to a higher level of development, the only way to the operation system to earn a greater share of. For example, for the code for entry of the higher, the code is often the most basic primary into this level, can only earn the lowest share of, to make a breakthrough, we need to try to find the organizer can become possible, let oneself become in the middle of the operation of the system, to earn more income through the organization the other primary Wangzhuan person.

have learning network marketing friends, you can add my :1024992072 to discuss, thank you

Wangzhuan ways of making money online with Internet has gone through a long time, the form and content are constantly changing, development today has formed a diversified, new and old Wangzhuan interwoven pattern, in many Wangzhuan form, offline marketing mode has been so far experienced Wangzhuan can rely on the line to create Everfount royalty income, and many new friends but not touch the doorway while hovering in the double position, which can be seen in Wangzhuan their intensity of competition and the difficulty in increasing

has done so long network marketing, I think there is no shortcut to do, do nothing impatient, we must go to the point. Everything comes back to nature.

first, to quickly feel out of their choice in the form of secret Wangzhuan

should change from "working person" to "manager" actively.

! !


now have a feeling, is doing everything to go to work, do not impatient. Network marketing needs to be persistent! Everything must be persisted. Nothing can be done casually. Three days fishing, two days drying nets certainly not. There is no shortcut in the world, and success can only be achieved through hardships and obstacles. I hope everyone can make their first pot of gold through Internet marketing and realize their bright future!

in the fierce competition and the development of the industry is change rapidly, regardless of income or Wangzhuan between superior and subordinate relations have gradually formed a structure similar to pyramid, in the Pyramid structure, can earn money just at the top part of the Pyramid people, and many of the new station is only at the bottom of the tower look at those become. As the proverb says: "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier!" for Wangzhuan people, if you are willing to work for others a very meager income earned it doomed to have no future, should do is to let oneself in the play ability and cleverness, the Pyramid structure fast the summit, to become a leader.

collecting information is the most important. Software search is almost the same, the search is not necessarily, you will find many customers, it is important that you use the keyword search, how to filter out their customers, this is the most important. And then try to send your data to the customer. As for the customer to say, if you have a high level of business, it did not have to say. Good performance, customer information must be more, or else not at all. Finally, I talk about collecting information on the Internet without any tools. Search a customer information, you can apply divergent thinking, see a message, you can search sh419. For example, you see a related customer online, then you can look at his resume, he went to work in that company, and then in the sh419 to find the company’s information, which is usually very accurate. My experience is that such data collection is the best! Internet marketing needs to adhere to,

As a variety of ways

sh419 alliance lifting the banDrops and excellent step China merger, exposed the Internet start-ups

August 1st was a magical day, and rumors of a long and wonderful combination of bits and pieces have finally come true. As the two major domestic travel giants, the merger is a little more fun, or bitter little more. For the vast number of Internet entrepreneurs, it is really worth thinking about. Summarize why can Chinese yuho and drops with? There are many online comments, Mr. head here to sort out, and add their own thinking inside.

      invalid member to resume delivery, double surprise waiting for you to bring!

pictures from the Internet

      every member who has become an effective user during the event will have the chance to win the 188 points award. Awards were returned to valid members in all activities during the list, randomly selected three times, each time 1. 1 times in June 10th, 1 in June 15th, 1 in June 20th, 1 in 3. Non repeatable award. The sh419 alliance will announce the winners and give points by June 25, 2007.

      sh419 alliance invalid member automatically restored to the function of effective member of the opening! If your user status in the sh419 alliance is still invalid, quickly return to the code! As long as you 7 days before the average daily search volume and show the amount and more than 15 times, the system automatically will your users recover effectively, and open the account permissions, you can re engage sh419 into the union, to get more revenue! And there’s an extra surprise waiting for you!
      activity time: June 6, 2007 – June 20, 2007

      where the restoration has become effective user members to participate in the awarding points during the event, as long as you during this period the cumulative dollar prizes over 100 points, you can get 10 points reward; full 200 points, you can get 20 points reward. And so on, the exchange of every 100 points, that is, back to 10 points, multi – Multi – delivery. The exchange of points for different commodities can be accumulated. The sh419 alliance will announce its membership list, points and bonus points by June 25, 2007.

      surprise 1: 188 points award


although the Internet world is very painful, but there are still a lot of people have to go forward! When understand the real node, we will choose deep thinking, and for each point to find feasible solutions. Vote by

third, in fact, the reasonable synergy of the market is the most sensible choice

      surprise two: full 100 back 10

      distinguished League member; Hello:

for Internet products constantly shuffling process, why some companies will be why some people are always with vigour and vitality, intense darkness without light. Not all of the disappearing products are bad. In fact, many products have a very good experience. However, because the market competition is too cruel, if we can not move forward toward benign interaction, this is not only the loss of resources, but also the lack of social innovation motivation.

reported that China had lost $1 billion in 2015, and since it entered China, it has been fighting hand to hand for a long time. Each has used its own subsidy trick, spent a huge amount of money investors. But we still don’t realize the profit. We all know that the ultimate goal of any product is profit. This problem is not only in the "excellent step", and even for many entrepreneurial Internet Co are the same. Most products are started by throwing money, for the funds of the company certainly is not a problem, but for many rely on financing to maintain the entrepreneurial company, if not into the second or third round of financing, entrepreneurial companies will fall in the darkness before the dawn, bitter and sad is inside.

second, market capacity, regional saturation, market growth slowed

      all of the above activities are explained by the sh419 federation.
      note: what you want to do can log on to see, I dare not do it, afraid of being blocked, ha ha.

whether travel or eat well, all Internet products are geared to the needs of the public. Take drops and excellent steps, it is to solve the problem of mass travel. Demand is only demand; it is always saturated. When a product in the market growth is declining, it also indicates that the product market pattern in stereotypes. When the growth rate of users in the recession, if you burn money, it may be unwise choice. The same is true for many start-up companies, and if the investor’s money does not keep orders growing, then the fate is likely to be consolidation or bankruptcy. So hard to get the results, reconciled to it,

first, China is too expensive, but still no profit,

Grass roots save worry! AI business is rich handsome gameIPO listing Sogou left to 360, right, not f

The first meeting between

that investment logic is very simple, I really out of optimistic about the founder and curiosity in this field, made an investment decision. I wasn’t entirely aware of the technology at that time, though I had a technical background. It is this curiosity about the future and innovation that allows us to begin learning in this field. I felt a new era of technological innovation that was part of science and engineering.

and Wei Feng communication, listening to him talk about his thoughts on Application of UAVs, from 2B to 2C product line expansion, was the most profound feeling is that he can do, and open-minded, strong learning ability of new knowledge, very good. With the meal finished, I decided to throw it.

formerly "search network", and now known as the Chinese third generation search engine "search" is not what relation. At that time, sh419 started not long, in 2004, sh419 listed on the eve of Sogou only operated in a subsidiary way. The next few years, sh419 automatics, while Sogou search started several faces the sale situation until 2010 Wang Xiaochuan borrows the Alibaba, was able to operate independently, to avoid becoming a sacrifice. During this period, Sogou and 360 liangzi.

2017, for Sogou and 360 for the enemy, it is a very important year: Sogou IPO rumors finally settled, Wang Xiaochuan has publicly announced Sogou IPO listing this year. Under this, he can feel relieved to find a girlfriend; from the NYSE delisting nearly 360 of the year to complete the shareholding system transformation, and with the securities company signed an initial public offering and listing guidance agreement, indicating 360 determined to IPO queuing listed. The same thing, the two friends meet in the capital market, will spark a new collision.

, my first artificial intelligence robot related project, is the smart robotic company, Di Di intelligence, the current product UAVs and underwater robots. Now, Zhen Di technology has been listed in the new three board, to achieve large-scale production and marketing.


is a Tencent’s support, Sogou was to stabilize the pace of the listing of the road, also played a few good counterattack: on sh419 "Wei Zexi" event triggered medical search commercialization of moral questions, Sogou act in a diametrically opposite way, launched the "Ming Medical" function for complex industry a breeze blew into the environment; integration of intelligent voice input method and artificial intelligence technology, the depth has prompted the Sogou signature products better; taking advantage of entertainment marketing, Sogou artificial intelligence products wannyan Robot Challenge "a station in the end", behind the artificial intelligence technology made known surfaced Sogou QA system based on the mass of precipitation, Sogou artificial intelligence technology have a more intuitive cognition. Just the past April Fool’s day, Sogou planning an appointment "Sogou Wang Zi robot 1 home edition" farce, but who can deny that the real positive turn for a A>?

itself with the technique of gene Li Zhu, wanted to create a Tsinghua inno Angel Fund "". For example, technological innovation, innovation has been strive to walk in front of the wave of venture capital. And artificial intelligence, is aimed at the new trend of inno angel fund.

and Zheng Weifeng, the founder of Modi, was in 2014, when he was working on unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs, providing applications to the power industry. I was interested in this direction, so I made an appointment to have a meal.


is the United States listed a lot of Internet technology company’s glory, Sogou also chase years on this road, but is always bumps, walk quite bumpy.

learning from entrepreneurs

Wang Xiaochuan first proposed the famous "three stage" strategy, and this model will be applied to the extreme is 360: the desktop client to flow into the browser, and then into the search engine, for realization of triode. It is hard to say 360 plagiarism Sogou, but Zhou Hongyi really with the strong security guards drainage, quickly browser and search business to achieve market second position. Sogou ranking, you have to look at 360 of the face. In the negotiations to sell Sogou, 360 is the most likely home. Once the deal is reached, Sogou browser, search business is basically replaced by 360 existing products, Wang Xiaochuan refused to accept the results, only later, Tencent entered the Bureau, Sogou continued life situation.

When I Despite its 60 year history, artificial intelligence began to attract public attention last year,


capital investment rate is relatively fast. The image recognition of intelligent medical items such as we cast the supposition of science and technology, in 2016 before the Spring Festival, the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, see the founding.

: left over the daughter-in-law Aocheng woman in the United States, difficult exam way

. In the latest wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, domestic start-ups are heading for the same position as Silicon Valley. Li Zhu to the black Chi statistics, ener Angel Fund and Zhen cloud venture investment institutions black note: Zhen Di Chi Group jointly launched jiaxunfeihong, ener Angel Fund in the past year, has invested 35 of artificial intelligence, robotic company. Including intelligent robot rookie, Di Di technology, and has just acquired Sequoia A round of investment assumptions, technology and so on.

is still just emerging for artificial intelligence startups. But Li Zhu was full of confidence in the field. In his view, a big wave of innovation that allows angels to last five years of investment is coming, and the field of artificial intelligence will have hundreds of billions of dollars of companies born out of it.

is in the circle, and Li Zhu is called "bamboo handsome"". Out from the Tsinghua Yuan, after the start, All in turned angel investment, after more than three years, the direct management of ener angel fund is now nearly 2 billion yuan, and in the country to build the capital innovation space.

Alibaba and Tencent are carving out start-up companies in Southeast AsiaNanchang campus online plann

, the first step, is the first step out of the Alibaba. In April 2016, Alibaba invested $1 billion in Lazada, a business firm in Southeast asia. This is the China Science and technology company in the East

smartphones are the key to the digital age. Like India, most people in Southeast Asia skipped the PC phase directly, using smartphones and tablets directly. As a result, they basically use the mobile internet.

, this is a promising market,

has become an important means for Chinese Internet companies to find room for growth. In this group of sea wave, Alibaba and Tencent in Southeast Asia layout has attracted foreign technology media TechCrunch attention, in their report, the two in Southeast Asia competition compared to a similar to the "game of Thrones" technology game, citing Related words that investors in Southeast Asia startups they are divided up.

for a long time, Southeast Asia is interested in its neighboring businesses. Southeast Asia not only Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, 6 with 600 million consumers in Malaysia and Philippines market economy, also represents a growing economy and a growing number of middle-class consumers.

, too, reports that the market share of the Internet economy in Southeast Asia will reach $200 billion by 2025. That would be 6.5 times bigger than the $31 billion in 2015. Among them, only one area of e-commerce grew from $5 billion 500 million in 2015 to $88 billion in 2020, half of which will be contributed by Indonesia.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, for some of Nanchang’s local economic, cultural and other profiles, as well as the school’s distribution, the number of students and other information. There are also some important information, such as the level of college students per capita consumption, consumer goods and other materials, are not found in the computer, only print version. There are too many words, plus I have more recent things. So it doesn’t come out one by one. Under such a premise, I can only make a thorough simplification of the planning book. Among them, there are many omissions, please exhibitions.

                                                              & nbsp;                                                                                                      

                                                              & nbsp;                                 &.

, a shlf1314 and Temasek report released last year, shows that 260 million of Internet users in Southeast Asia have access to the Internet 3 million 800 thousand times a month. The report estimates that by 2020, Internet labor in Southeast Asia will reach 480 million. Although this can not be compared with China, but adding it with India means that Southeast Asia is a region with great potential for scientific and technological development.

from interest to investment

has two global science and technology strength is telling their logo and money into the venture capital market in Southeast Asia, but they are not shlf1314, Facebook, Microsoft and other Western companies, but the two companies Chinese. In the Chinese market, rival Alibaba and Tencent seem to be aware of the potential of this region and are now pouring in a lot of business experience and money into South East asia. Obviously, this means war, or more dramatic stories. In short, welcome to the game of power in Southeast Asia’s tech circles.

over the past year, China’s enterprises have shifted from wait-and-see to active investment and access to a large market share.