There is no core keyword website should be how to do

              for new website webmaster, many concepts related to the orientation of the website, the website and the website of Shanghai Longfeng keyword can’t understand very well, leading to the site after the line is not considered a very comprehensive, wait while doing the station after daily exposure to these things later found their website there is no core keywords, or to optimize keyword or keyword, facing great pressure of competition, which in fact do stand is very hard. For these cases, the author thinks that can be resolved by the following aspects, in hopes of some thoughts and suggestions for new friends.

The user needs is what I want website page optimization tips

1, the weight of the

, a web page breadcrumb navigation optimization techniques

users need is that we should strive to do, this is the respect for the performance of the user experience. We know the source of web traffic portal large mostly through the inside pages of the website, shows the importance of the inside pages, have their own opinion for the author, in this article we will analyze website page optimization techniques.

users need is what I want, site optimization is always considering the user experience, only to provide users with thoughtful service to get love search engine and user. Production and website breadcrumb navigation within the page layout pattern, and the above optimization ideas, I >

large web layers generally even deeper in the five layer, so from our cognition on the search engine optimization is bad, but why these sites deep inside pages have good rankings? The reason is this website has a very high weight, high weight and this is where actually? From these high quality web pages, in fact this is echoed each other, weighted by the link transmission, this is the website voting mechanism. This is just from the level of importance in mechanical site optimization up about bread crumbs navigation. The main part of the page weight high from the content of the article, so as to show the optimization effect brought about by the breadcrumb navigation links.

Optimization analysis of

is mainly present in the left column article, is browsing the current selections, so put in a prominent position on the appreciation, user-friendly. The next step is to interact with the user, such as the top of the article. By reading this article, we should know the needs of users, so the following setting is relevant article recommended, can improve the site’s PV website to reduce the rate of jump out. This layout to achieve the optimization of the website page.

two, website page template optimization techniques

2, the two column type website page right column layout


in the right column we’d better provide users with more choices, with a variety of content, enrich the user’s reading needs, enhance the user time stay on the site, the article first provides a random site in the right column for the reference of the users, if you love your website or your membership, for the convenience of such user registration and login can be set membership entrance etc..

1, the two column type in the left column of the website page layout

when the user access to web browsing is likely not clear how to go back to the original page or even don’t know how to go back to the front page of the site, then the bread crumbs navigation is a good solution to the needs of users, to achieve the requirements of the user experience, this is a kind of optimization settings.

2, the user experience optimization decision set


Anyang Shanghai Longfeng Xiangjie website optimization workflow table sharing

three, the construction of the chain

1: every Links website address and friendship time.

7: whether the relevant industry (mainly clear chain with their own industry or not)

2: Contact: including QQ, mobile phone number, etc..


4, the small Zhai Jiulai to share, how to establish a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon.

2: what linkbait loved Shanghai included, which weight is higher.

1: the actual total number of every link bait, where all the hair, how much each place specific hair.

2:IIS log data: love the Shanghai times, Google spider crawling robot crawling and crawling times of charity.

The effectiveness of

1: included quantity update daily on the site and loved Shanghai and Google in the day, and fell in love with the reverse link closed domain, Google marine and so on, the specific data available tools to query, webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools commonly used.

4: the site was the parameters including the PR value, included, snapshots and so on.


a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon, will make your work more clear, make your work more targeted, in order to find their own deficiencies and improvement, this is also a Shanghai dragon er must.

as a novice when Shanghai dragon Er I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, such as a web site keywords ranking on the site is down right not to go, do not know what caused the Shanghai love, update your site included page is greatly reduced and so on. What should we do in order to such a problem when take time for? This is what we need to do a detailed flow chart of Shanghai dragon, let website no matter right down, or when the rank changes are dealt with.

2, the first, can clear their work plan and purpose, with

1, then Shanghai Longfeng flow chart of what are the benefits of


3, second, to make their own work auditable monitoring and analysis, to the.

6: whether the crossover (we have A and B two sites, we use the A chain to the other station C station, C station link to each other with our A station, this is the interchange)

3: which keyword anchor text (if I do today three friendship, with which the keywords anchor text links.)

, a detailed record of the Links

data update site every day

5: is the station link or link to the home page.

Comparative analysis between the difficulty of Shanghai Longfeng regional key

qq- I think to want to make good use of it is like Shanghai dragon blog, must raise! But QQ more than a blog to keep the data, get a woman! Space came a few photos of beautiful women (especially those little stars generally do not know) according to the goal of the website to the user some groups, first entered the group in the group few a few words, so you won’t think group management is to do advertising. Now is not the pure QQ group chat QQ group · · · every group will also have some junk information! To avoid being T, so the best in the group to say a few words, few a few words, a woman’s love, we will get the "greedy" dialect (especially when the main group or group management online).


plus end group after say, hang a few hours a day, with good news: Wow, that you do not have a few days will be able to add a bunch of friends! This promotion for the future lay a good foundation for


QQ I think everyone is the most widely used QQ space in addition to chat, share, log reprint, mood. This QQ can be comparable to micro-blog and mood, I seldom contact users ever play micro-blog. But micro-blog also can send


website promotion four words, that is "user experience" you have brought in some way by Internet users, Internet users are very picky, if one looked no people need, people will immediately turn off. This not only can not give users a good experience on the same site of the Shanghai Dragon ‘target=’_blank’> Shanghai dragon is very negative, so to speak in the promotion to the attention of the time you send something whether let users read on. Whether users are interested in.

I don’t think carefully you are like this? "User experience" I think it’s right to pursue every website. It is easy to say, it is not easy for · · · 555


said that for a long time and seemingly have nothing

QQ users can not be ignored, if you have 400 friends · · · usually online can reach about one hundred wow, then you have published a mood, published the value of reading the title of the article, and then take your article links. We usually nothing love shopping space, if the one hundred people have 50 people of interest will click in the title, so 50 IP, PV do not know this! The same method, the log space get good, with a link, the anchor text once this day! Will you be a friend to share the · · · it is a great good friends, friends friends friends push push · &mi>


On the user experience and website structure key


two, the user needs the product description and specifications

, a user needs

four, the performance of visual

The so-called

            user experience should have different answers in the hearts of everyone. After all, how consistent it is impossible to achieve any feeling. As we are, when hungry in the street just to find a small restaurant, can satisfy our hunger problem, experience in place. Some have to find a solution to your stomach Western-style food. Thus, each stand, and get, can satisfy yourself is not consistent.

site structure for a Shanghai Longfeng staff many stations are unable to reach a satisfactory level. Of course, if you want to modify a station architecture, it is a very troublesome thing. So in the website at the same time, we should take these factors into some of the strong website. Now the vast majority of the site is built in a tree. To facilitate users to browse, also easy to search engine spiders. At the beginning of the search engine spiders through the web site;

user experience is the main experience of what factors? The following made several hierarchical classification:

with the development of the network, each view of the web sites have changed significantly. The vast majority of users will be beautiful to evaluate a quality of the site. Increased demand, customers continue to amend the request, resulting in a large network company is now obvious inconvenience in the construction site. Is Shanghai dragon industry, constantly innovation, in order to gain a firm. At present, Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to what factors of the site itself? The most prominent is nothing more than two points: the structure of a web site; two, user experience. The user experience is the most important in these two points, the other is the website structure.

user experience is the user in the use of a product, can be in a variety of situations, can be convenient, fast, to achieve the goal. As you drive, the old navigation error, so what do you do? I think the answer is obvious, we use a product, the key is to provide them with convenient, improve efficiency, reduce all unnecessary errors.


three, the user needs to know the information architecture of

four points above I also stand in the user’s point of view to analyze and draw, but before that have everyone feel inconsistent. For reference only. The four point I use Taobao to do a simple explanation, such as you want to buy a Taobao iPhone4 shell, then you must be in the Taobao search " iPhone4 mobile phone shell; " or " Apple mobile phone ", is found; tens of thousands of information, what would you say to me next? I want to find the style is most probably it did not actually happen again, more of a family, see the introduction of products, specifications, professional shop of

Li Xianchang the Shanghai dragon in external links

where do external links do

what is the external links? How do external links, where do external links do? What are the ways and channels of external links? Should pay attention to what matters? Since the 6 month external links to the work of some experience, and here we are in a share, hope to help. Webmaster or Shanghai NEW dragon.

3, initiative to submit your site to link


website internal links and external link for a web site is very important, attaches great importance to all the webmaster. Especially the external links to attract search engine spiders, improve website PR value, bring traffic, enhance the popularity of the website has an important role for the web site. So do the external links is important. Today let me simply talk about how to make the external links.

1, Links


external links also called reverse links or hyperlinks, from external sites (other sites) by tracing text links to our website links. All come from outside the link to our website are external links. The search engine, the equivalent number of other sites to vote for you. If you give more website weight higher, vote to vote, then the weight of your site will be higher. So do the link for enhancing site PR has a very important role.

on the directory sites: refers to the classification by artificial methods, and these valuable resources were collected and organized according to the website of the theme, and then in the corresponding directory, thus forming a network.

and other sites to exchange Links, on how to find other network exchange links, and how to exchange links, please see the explanation behind.

channels or the way of external links

new words we can put our site voluntarily submitted to love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, we allow them to the spider crawling our website. We can also submit website links to some web site navigation, directory sites and bookmark sites, websites, and bookmarking sites, such as love Shanghai, bookmarking websites such as: digg贵族宝贝; reddit贵族宝贝; stumbleupon贵族宝贝; Web site navigation, directory websites have a lot we can look to. Your links submitted.

what is the external links

released their own links include: Forum, blog, space, B2B platform, inquiry platform, can be submitted to other websites, we can through the forum signature, to forum posting, blog post, publish articles, blog, blog, space Links published articles, comment, to the B2B platform release of information…… The way to increase their external links.

posted a link to

Analysis of Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight.

now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example, it gets the weight:


, I this article is Zone Indexes algorithm and non Boolean algorithm, but because the "algorithm" is a word with a search request, without affecting other weight factors, this article is related to the index terms, should appear in search results.

content: 0.6

Zone Indexes algorithm, is a regional division of the web page and were given the weight of the search engine algorithm. The search engine will combine this algorithm and other denoising techniques, such as VIPS algorithm, "noise" to a web site in the content, and each block weights are given to show the true value of the content page.

Title: Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight division "," algorithm "for the 1 time, 0.15

as in the previous article on the search engine algorithm article "derivative application" TF-IDF algorithm in Shanghai dragon in the. This blog is to Shanghai dragon as the theme, is related to the IR field just to give you a better understanding of the search engine, so as to improve the website optimization effect. So this paper is in simple language to introduce Zone in Indexes derived from the application of search engine optimization field.

: now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example…… "Boolean AND algorithm" 0.6 points

Zone Indexes, is a regional division of the web page and were given weights of the search engine algorithm…… "Algorithm", appeared 1 times, 0.01

Zone Indexes algorithm

, however, is far from the application of the search engine on the Zone Indexes algorithm is so simple – it is distinguished by a web page as a unit. I am in the "standardization" of the site as a whole Shanghai dragon "

total: 0.76

definition of Shanghai Dragon


Title: 0.3

Zone Indexes algorithm, we can translate it into "partition index" (Daniel IR algorithm in the field of translation errors, please correct me) is a website in the standardization website or web page structure to partition, then each region weighted algorithm. We understand this algorithm with a simple example, only three block contains a web page title, description, hypothesis, namely the content of the text; at the same time that search engine to give the weights of three regions were 0.3, 0.1 and 0.6 points:


Analytical matters need to pay attention to the construction site within the chain

content and the chain as a key site for the construction, and put a lot of effort on it. In fact, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience today, the chain construction site also can not be ignored. Do the station anchor text, and add some small buttons can greatly enhance the user experience degree, strengthen the construction of websites from the side years. However, the construction of the chain and the chain, there are steps and matters needing attention, the author will own experience for the construction in the chain that needs the attention of.

3 secondary page chain set

2 home chain set


Now many webmaster to

1 site navigation

should say is "back to the top" and "subscribe button". Many readers when reading the page, often have to drag the mouse to the top, then "embedded" back on top "is a very human setting, can improve the user experience of the website. Then if your web site is useful to other readers, we also need to set the RSS subscription to bind their loyal fans.

a web page is always have light weight, for some of the more important pages we must be to strengthen construction of the link, but the registration page, landing page, site description of the secondary page write we don’t have to spend too much energy. But in order to create a whole chain set, we still have to give more than these types of page a link on the home page, other pages on the website and the channel page do not need to go to another set, avoid weight dispersion. If the owners need to more than a few kinds >

The first

not only that, we also set the site map, let users have a clear understanding of our website structure, to increase the depth of their visit, make their point of view throughout the site, reduce the rate of jump out. This shows a successful website must have a good navigation system. To make your own website home page, the inside pages to have links, also can accumulate in site navigation settings, a page has a link is enough, this will also make your site structure clear, avoid the complex, because the chain repeat settings will lower your site weight.

website homepage is generally had a relatively high weight, so in the corresponding position on the home page to set the page links in the us. Because of the general site, spiders crawl depth is limited, generally only grab 3-4 links on the home page, so we give some links to pages, so users can not only direct access to our main page, the spider is difficult in the short time we need to crawl to crawl content, thus increase the weight of the website. However, some owners will set the corresponding topics in their website, important content will be presented directly on the inside pages of the website home page, this method is feasible.

Avoid spiders crawling and indexing techniques avoid conflict error

robot (Meta  Robots  Tag label) for the establishment of page rank that search engine robots. Yuan robot tag should be placed in the HTML file header.

< link  rel=" canonical"   href=" 贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/quality-wrenches.htm" />  

today, I talk about the limitation of the use of robot control technology. In order to let spiders don’t grab a page, the webmaster will sometimes use multiple robot control technology,   to prohibit access to a web search engine. Unfortunately, these techniques can sometimes contradict each other: on the other hand, such restrictions will give out some hidden links.  


robot tag  


specification label (canonical  tag;  

specification (canonical  tag) tags are meta tags located in a page HTML page head level. It tells that a URL search engine which is standard. Its purpose is not to let the search engine grab the duplicate content, will also focus on the weight of the duplicate pages of a page on the specifications.  

X robot tag  


quick review

code is this:

since 2007, Google and other search engines have to tell the spider crawling and indexing priority > X-Robots-Tag as a way to

as you know, you can’t rely on the spider engine in access or index your site can be very effective operation always. Completely rely on their own ports, the spider will produce many duplicate content, put some important pages as garbage, the index should not be displayed to the user in the link to the entrance, there are other problems. There are some tools to allow us to fully control the spider on the site’s activities, such as meta  robots.txt, robots tags, canonical tags.  

before we enter into the subject, let us look at some of the limitations of those of mainstream robots techniques:  

so, when a page in the robots file are forbidden to visit, or by using noindex  and   tag  canonical  tag; what will happen?

FTC could not suppress the search giant search advertising display more and more obvious

Engel refused to disclose the FTC warning letters in 2013, whether there will be further action on the search engine provider, or compulsory measures.

According to

in a recent interview, Engel stressed that the FTC from the print media in 1960s using "advertorial" (commonly known as the gun version) to cover the advertising period, began to put pressure on the enterprise, to require the latter to clearly mark the advertising content.

"consumers should be told, what is the search engine to charge a fee and return the results." Engel pointed out that.

NetEase Francisco October 14th message, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the U.S. federal regulators last year to Google, YAHOO and Microsoft warned that the requirements of the latter must be highlighted in its search engine advertising content, to avoid misleading consumers.

"consumers are deceived." Public Citizen U.S. Consumer Group CEO Robert · Wiseman (Robert Weissman) said. The organization has assisted the Federal Trade Commission in 2002 (FTC) search engine advertising display problems put forward guidance.

Microsoft spokesman also said that the company had "clearly marked advertising content, to distinguish it from the normal search results."

Engel in the last letter also urged the search engine providers to display advertising content to "more prominent" shadow ", and mark them clearly and understand".

three Internet search engine service providers did not warn consumers now squarely, is more difficult to identify from the search results for advertising, which is the Google earlier this year also cancelled the original content to highlight the advertising background, instead, only with a yellow and minimum font "Ad" label to label paid links. In contrast, YAHOO and Microsoft’s Bing search results is almost unrecognizable advertising content, advertising links only using a single light gray lines mark.

, a YAHOO spokesman said the company believes that "in the current search advertising display implementation is in line with the FTC requirements of initial guidance.

June 2013, deputy director of advertising supervision department of FTC Marie · Engel (Mary Engle) to 22 search engine sites (including the big three) issued a warning letter, pointed out that the current major search engines for the early advertising behavior guide book "compliance decline", there will be the risk of consumer fraud. The letter received other companies including Yelp, Priceline and Travelocity etc..

, "

However, Google spokesman

said that the company "has significant advertising content will be clearly marked."