Optimization of truth journey to the west in Shanghai Dragon

4, saseng: Shanghai dragon to do

need to rest

3, eight: Shanghai dragon


Sun Wukong’s value mainly manifests in the west by the escort, to eradicate all obstacles on the road of demons and ghosts and to complete the ability, the role of escort from the magic, but the key is to have a strong execution. In Shanghai Longfeng work will often hear to have a strong executive power, the fact is that, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, it is just empty talk, no use.

said no, maybe a lot of people for his impression is not very deep, he is not.

from the road and the Shanghai dragon is a very long and boring way, if not the role of a pig, then the road ahead on the lack of life, no life. For the website optimization is the same, we also have proper rest, don’t put the optimization as a boring job, even if it is desperate to do, no result is no good. If you are staring at a computer screen, a mechanical type with the content and the chain, then I think you optimize the road certainly not far away. In our work we also need proper rest, to rest, to do the work of Shanghai dragon.



"journey to the west" as one of four masterpiece to the society is very far-reaching, especially Liuxiaolingtong’s version of "journey to the west" more is better. Which is mainly around the monk mentoring to start four. As a Shanghai dragon webmaster, I understand that the station do know through four monk mentoring, in this article, I will share my own understanding from the station of the road, we hope to help.

2, Wukong: Shanghai dragon need strong execution


in the journey to the West in the group, the monk is unwavering faith, since the emperor’s life after no retreat, so we also need to work in the Shanghai dragon has such a firm belief. To know what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, only faith is we do website optimization, website optimization goal, decisive factors of website optimization by it.

1, Tang Seng: Shanghai dragon to have firm faith

Zhang Shengrong website optimization ranking So that is what it is. simple

3, analyze whether his website structure is hundreds of years ago,

answer: This is a matter of personal Adsense or enterprise websites are common, unreasonable change.


2, his analysis included problems is reasonable?

answer: no snapshot, and not included, to find counterparts do friendship is not in the late time,

?Answer: Answer: This is

website optimization work

website optimization work medium

analysis of his server is stable?Answer: if the server is not

example: take the customer’s recent single, in fact, this single is March 16th list, because some factors drag N day, the genius. If you love Shanghai not included? In fact, Zhang Shengrong was also tangled, Google included an article, other search engines do not pull dead bird is also not included, also appeared a problem "visit this page, your browser to support JavaScript" Yu Menzhong thought of a good friend (wit wit at the various templates if you need art, can not find people like Zhang Shengrong Please add QQ80982470 to you to make some changes to the line), some views, Baidu slowly come back to the children, today write checked the website snapshot is the latest.

answer: if the website does not have content search engines what? The plane is copied less?.

, not just stuck in search engine.

is reasonable?

tonight mainly write about this time the enterprise to optimize the experience and some skills, very funny, as you take the enterprise to optimize the single, what are you to do? If you don’t know, Zhang Shengrong told you, please look at the following points may help to you. In short do optimization is tired, is the same as in real life. Do not say words, just do it.

1, the first analysis of his website snapshot died without

4, if the site friendship suck

, do not do, or is futile.

5, if not to the website ranking >

3, if the website keyword layout


in web crawling not, there is no snapshot, or is not retreated, what difference with the dead.


A: check out his website is repeated, you can see his title.

1, if the site external

enterprise will love some flash design program is very flash, the program is out of date.

2, if the website content is less

4, the analysis of his title, description, keywords

answer: the chain do not have a website to make less?.

The trend of independent entrepreneurship has arisen, and the upsurge of Chinese style entrepreneurs

I went through something similar to you two years ago, though it wasn’t for the internet. So I will tell you what I think and what I am doing now. I hope I can help you and inspire you.

in the bleak basement of an office building in Northwest Beijing, a group of young people wanting to start business sit around the computer screen, staring intently at the latest prototype software on the screen. A few kilometers away, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs are discussing new products and company ideas at the heat of a basement room with a more heated and apparently more luxurious basement.

background: the top three domestic university computer science graduates majoring in computer for more than a year, this year to do the technical development in the domestic top three Internet Co, to engage in Internet business on the grounds, and father in the industry borrowed 10 million has been credited, the father does not allow me to make investment. He said the need to dry facts, lost on the back of his company to have a good work, I have no interest in his business, he has always wanted me to go to his company exercise, I unilaterally wrote him an IOU before, want to do mobile social networking, Internet Education project project proposal, also my father watched program, he said he did not understand the Internet, think the two one can try he to the management of his company, he only saw gave a piece of advice: don’t illegal. Money can not know how to start, how to start from where, such as team building, such as project startup, such as financial systems and the like.

"Entrepreneurship is a very sexy thing," says Wang Yi, co – founder and chief executive officer of

"Since the X lab was established 18 months ago, 400 start-ups have used its facilities," says Mao Donghui, executive director of the


time back to three years ago, when I just returned home, first in the home company for some time, after a year of work, for various reasons to leave the company. At that time, I had two choices, one was to go to work and go to work; two, I started my own company. For a long time, I decided to start my own company, for the following reasons:

news December 8th, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the Chinese business school students tend to self employment, provide convenient "light" Standford of the Peking University and the Tsinghua University innovation project X Laboratory for such entrepreneurship.

Wu Yuke Amos combined with their own entrepreneurial failure experience, made a wonderful answer:

Wang Yi’s own story is a true portrayal of many new entrepreneurs in china. He went to the United States to study for a Ph. D. degree and returned home after working for two years at shlf1314. He went to work for an Internet Marketing Company in Shanghai. The other two founders who speak English fluently are similar in their experiences. More and more Chinese study abroad, then go back to their own businesses instead of entering traditional large companies.

you can feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere in the humble basement of Tsinghua University. In the X laboratory room, students and alumni of the Tsinghua University and the crowds of angels. They are developing the newest products include electric motor scooter, affordable 3D printers and wearable health monitor.

X laboratory. Of these, 300 are continuing to grow, and more than 30 have received substantial financing. What is more?

Wang Yi said, "obviously, China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is growing trend, the top venture capital companies are looking for young entrepreneurs, the entire supporting ecosystem is also taking shape.". In recent years, companies that have the biggest impact on people’s lives have come from the Internet industry. Behind these companies are inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made great achievements.

, Sohu, IT news,

I think entrepreneurship must be to stay up late, and so old, I can not endure. If I go to the company to work, year after year to repeat the same work, I’m afraid my passion and drive will be away. To go to work can only contact one aspect of the company’s own responsibility, while the company will be able to understand all aspects of the company’s operations in all directions. Can better and faster learning, integration into society.

in October and November, Wang Yi attended the Kindle innovation project at Stanford University, the first time this project has been initiated in china. At the Standford center on the campus of Peking University, 30 entrepreneurs and in-house entrepreneurs are designing business plans that may be hugely successful in the future.

got from dad borrowed 10 million venture fund, understand computer technology, what kind of Internet business projects? This is a problem that almost, but the questioner just graduated from the University for more than a year of work, team building, project and financial system can say is absolutely ignorant of:

start from scratch, high starting point and low profile

I rely on my own examination of the University, but also rely on campus recruitment of domestic one of the BAT work, there is no need to rely on relations to find a job. I do not like my father’s business, nor do I want to inherit his estate.

startups are booming in China, and the two group of people from two different places is the best example. As European and American business schools report, students are becoming more interested in self employment. Chinese business schools also feel their students’ desire for entrepreneurship.

I can ask my father for money, so the most difficult piece of money is not a problem for me. Conditional high starting point into the community, I do not start from the work. So I started >

, a fluent English speaking practice. In 2013, English browsing said it was the only product awarded by Apple as an annual educational application in china.

On my three point method of Shanghai Dragon

has done more than 2 years of Shanghai dragon, there is no law to begin to do, think of what you do, is free to do, of course, that time is not related to the Shanghai dragon experience, many do not know where to start, do a good job this forgot to do that a lot of the time, though it is very basic things, but also the details of the very things, but sometimes, the details determine success or failure, now the competition is so fierce, if the details not to beat each other’s words, keywords ranking than the other and from any talk about? So, details are very important. Later, more and more Shanghai Longfeng do, also began to pick some single, from every site of Shanghai Long Fengzhong slowly realized that their own methods and steps of Shanghai dragon, this process should be with steps of most of the methods should be the same, but I believe many of Shanghai dragon is still in confusion people should have some help, because this is my own and I now take the wise remark of an experienced person, most of them are single use the following steps to optimize the.

got a website, I first from the analysis of the structure of the website, if the website structure is TABLE layout, I changed the DIV layout, sometimes if there is too much trouble and I want to be lazy if it simplifies the TABLE layout, do not need TABLE or TR, TD deleted, do not need to delete the JS space, all the code in a file, and then include these structure layout and so on, must be done, a good website structure is very important for Shanghai dragon, if the website structure confused, very messy code, it is not very friendly, for for a spider code, the spider is difficult to grab it to the content, so the website structure this step should first do a good job, only good website structure, the rest can be assured to optimize, of course, Here is the site map to do.


, a web site optimization structure

site structure is done, to love the Shanghai entrance to submit, now began to send the original, the original is essential, you can start a 2 day, 3, number 400 words or so, for some time to write original articles of words is too difficult. Where there are so many ways to write original articles? Of course, pseudo original will not forget, I generally are pure original, and are their own handwriting, not by software, so that the search engine is very friendly, in fact, love Shanghai is a assessment period, in the examination love may not be included in Shanghai period, and after the evaluation period included will be relatively fast. So sometimes if you send a few articles to see the love in Shanghai has not included words must not worry over the assessment period, many things will be much easier and more, this time of the original.

two, the original article released

said so much, so I do Shanghai Longfeng what? Here is about three points, details not form.

How to write a business website in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme

Hello, I am a rock. In yesterday’s article: enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of several key problems in the stone summarized several customers the most concern. So how to write business website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme? Today the stone according to an example, make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon. The stone fell in love with the sea casually looking for a corporate website, in fact, is nothing more than the optimization and diagnosis on the outside of the station website, and targeted keywords in the rankings of the first page of love Shanghai. Look at the following:

1, URL is not standard: common enterprise website ULR there are three main forms, dynamic pages too much, too much, too long, with the parameters of URL URL products or news page without directory in the form of a single page URL. For example: the domain name or domain name /news.php /product.html, this URL is not standard.

3, Links chaos: Enterprise Station for Links is a troublesome problem, want to find the website simple counterparts. But there are many industry peers websites are rare, but the site of the Links are "screens" and related web sites.

included, outside the chain of information is not the ink stone, do Shanghai dragon friends all know how to see. The station is mainly analyzes the situation of website, as for the chain domain you can find lots of resources, resources outside the chain of the most simple way is to follow the competition website to do outside the chain. But resources are similar, it is difficult to exceed the opponent in the chain of resources. The stone look under the site of the station. We found three problems:

the above analysis a competitor’s site, mainly analyzes several problems of the station. Maybe something is not comprehensive enough. The following for these problems make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon, before writing the program, the stone to a word of advice: "don’t empty talk."


2, the station for a long time without updates: enterprise web content is small, if the product. Basically rely on the news pages included in the site. This website latest news information is added last year, the majority of enterprises are not many products website. The product page is mainly pictures (some great pictures), but the site of the optimization of the picture is good, open pages quickly.


stone is the "screen", search the keywords screen love Shanghai index is 379, and the first is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia. Stone love Shanghai the keywords the first page of the four is the real competition site, the other six locations are Shanghai encyclopedia, know love love Shanghai. And in the pages of a web site keywords ranking, this is not very difficult. The stone just from the first page of a website to simple analysis:



How to optimize the target keywords



secondsWebsite optimization


After the optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Keywords

determine the key words is how to optimize the key words, under what should be put in first place.

website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

1, "the article, the first key to bold, let search engines know this is keywords, later don’t need bold, repeated words in the article, but to control the keyword density, the best in the 5% left and right.

, 2 pictures on the page ALT tags into keywords, let search engines know this picture, know this picture to express what.

chain, each target keywords corresponding to a lot of long tail, in the optimization of long tail keywords, record the link to the corresponding page target keywords bearing.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

3, pay attention to the construction site in the

how to optimize target keywords: in the optimization of keywords before the first choice of keywords: keywords should follow some strategies: develop keywords strategy; through the tool to find keywords; to find out alternative keywords search volume; analyze the competition to determine the choice of keywords; keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools rejects malicious chain let site is not garbage outside the chain.

has refused to love Shanghai chain we can easily reject junk chain and malicious chain, effective static own site outside the chain to improve their website ranking, but not everyone is too superstitious here we want to show the difference between the love of the chain and Shanghai refused to really delete except chain:

webmaster friends know that a website after the operation for many years there will be a lot of the chain, ranging from a few hundred many thousands or even tens of thousands, and how to effectively manage these chain to prevent their own web site is too much garbage chain dragged down the right face to own all the chain in comprehensive statistics, we often use the previous method is to find the garbage station ask to delete your links, but if the link station can not be contacted, or link your station is competitors deliberately there is no way to delete only earned by the continuous eye looked tired, but as the largest Shanghai launched a search engine love love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain to function can be effectively solved by the love sea right down because garbage outside the chain, here we talk about how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Refused to junk the chain and malicious chain, is actually very simple, as long as a registered account in the fall in love with the sea and then landing love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 after the landing into the choice of webmaster tools in the webmaster tools, we can see a large bar analysis of a web site will have a chain analysis in the bar, we first of all to increase their website through love Shanghai certification will own website to love Shanghai webmaster tools, as long as we enter into increased after the analysis of their love was identified by Shanghai chain chain tools, you can find all your site outside the chain, and then to the chain through the list of related the site view of all malicious, garbage, do not think of an important link through each link back to the rejection of the chain link click reject.


second: love only for love outside the chain of Shanghai refused to Shanghai search engine, is not valid for other search engines, he just told.

: the first love Shanghai refused the chain is not equal to you outside of the chain link is deleted from the station, the actual station links your links still exist, he is only for the love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine told the chain is not what I want and I have nothing to do, love Shanghai will chain you to reject not in the calculation you outside of the chain to which does not increase the authority, nor in him right down.

chain is a very important content in website promotion, with a high quality the chain station is easy to get the search engine recognition get good rankings, but if a station has too much garbage outside the chain will be search engine access, especially recently launched love Shanghai Scindapsus the algorithm how to have a high quality of the chain, delete some malicious junk the chain has become many owners have to pay attention to the topic, "Jiangnan dns06贵族宝贝" today the number of website optimization providers as we detailed introduce how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools refused outside the chain, and related matters needing attention.

Let the search engine update algorithm to go to hell.

pay more attention to the content of the website, website update, user experience, to increase user stickiness, enhance brand awareness, encourage visitors to interact, improve the conversion rate, which is the real site assets. One with little or no ranking, actually only a small part of the success. One is this, one is the end, what is more important, I believe most English website promotion has clear people. The ranking is a KPI, but is not the most important KPI. Because there are many ways to get traffic to the site, and even keyword advertising can bring a lot of high-quality click, not just rely on search engine rankings, ranking is only a good side.

should we be thinking about a problem: if the foreign trade enterprises rely solely on search engine rankings, so each update arrival will be injured. This day of life is always on tenterhooks, weight is not a member of English website promotion can not afford

: the truth is, you don’t need such a passive. Do not have a line with the search engine algorithm to update the reel right and left on the fence. You only need to do a little — ignore search engine update. It sounds strange, isn’t it? In fact, the essence of the problem is that the search engine is not equal to the internet.


English website promotion need to constantly update self knowledge system, to continue to create value, it has become a tradition. Before the love of Shanghai announced the spark program, Google update, Scindapsus panda and Penguin update update, a lot of friends watched their website ranking fell, but can not do anything. This time if you want to pass some optimization methods, all of a sudden turn things around, it is clearly impossible. Over the years, overseas promotion way including directory submission, article marketing, blog and social media publicity, are each one has his good points in a very long period, and the time will continue to play a role. But the new situation also needs a new change, since it is a search engine and Internet hunfanchi will have to adapt to the changes, the old promotion strategy to correct outdated, especially to gradually give up some of the previous seems to be the truth. This is very painful, but it is a must.

as English website promotion, we constantly strive to keep up with the search engine algorithm and update.

I just mentioned, ignore the update algorithm, not to say that you have been away from the search engine. You know, things are always ahead of the negation of negation in the twists and turns, sooner or later, the pendulum will shake to you on this side, the search engine will be back in favour of your site, because you provide valuable content, good rankings will slowly come back to you. We imagine a search engine in the world, we do not do business? Why don’t we go to the promotion of business? Overseas network promotion expert Jennifer · ryco g said: "I think, if there is no Google this crutch, you may be more focused on improving your business model find more powerful methods of marketing. This means that the search engine is used to help improve your business, and should not be your business risk."

Optimization in this period of time to do the site of the holiday

(you can change the directory name. 01, don’t appear dead links, all 02 directory can not have too much change to replace the individual directory name)

(2) with keywords competition will decrease. (because usually we are doing some outside the chain, such as blogs, exchange links and update the content, but the competition during the Spring Festival will stop, we usually just a little attention will be ranked by other competitors or beyond, there is a lot of floating, and celebrate the new year during this period will be very smooth, even if your site changes after your ranking will be in a stable


(1) of the search engine algorithm will stagnate. (enterprise website with new content and active volume will decline, website optimization is almost at a standstill, basically not in the fierce competition, in this period, the Chinese new year especially love Shanghai algorithm will stop, this time we don’t have to worry about because the algorithm caused ranking floating and great changes because we are likely to change the layout or change the content of keywords is likely to form a big change, but during the Spring Festival, this time will not have too big change)

(1), within the chain:

01, back to the chain (refers to a link to the home page at the bottom of each page)

1, during the new year and adjust the content of the site layout problem

(before all the chain system has been established in weight, each page is within the chain, and the chain is with the accumulation of time constant multiple chain calculation, after the amendment before you all link into the death of open, this time for the the weight of the website will continue to decline, will reduce the search engine on the station’s credit for the program after your content and original content is not too large, the search engine has included the original content, resulting in repeated contents)

02, the link (love in the content with a link to the home page as a target keywords, or do the long tail word, this is a comparison of the typical defects, cheating is excessive optimization).

excessive optimization is reflected in the following 3 aspects:

03, a list of links (such as: medical, talent network, office automation software, a variety of news categories, many links do transfer effects included, influence the content of the page)


(1) program and can not change the path.


(2) can not change the directory path and change directory.

why do we have reason to demand changes in the new website:

2, for website should pay attention to what matters:

(3) during the Chinese new year do not over optimization

Writing and optimization of 6 site title note


Optimization Website Title Title don’t repeat, the station outside the station are the same, because the search engines crawl the page is the first look at the title, and then look at the content, the title is mainly based on the search engine to determine whether the original content of the website. If the station or station outside the site title page will be repeated, it may be included in a small chance.

optimization note: when writing the title, the title must pay attention to key content and web site, otherwise, there may be a search engine that is cheating.

5, title four site title but three, but three four two, but five "

4, title site title words control

6, title site title and website content related to

for website optimization in terms of staff is different, generally speaking, writing and the optimization described below 6 points "title" is composed of the target keywords website notes.

Optimization Website Title Title Control in 30 Chinese characters, or 60 characters. If Chinese characters and character more than words, search results will show the love of Shanghai is not complete, which is on the search engine is not friendly. Note that the title title weight distribution is decreasing from left to right the.

Note: the number of Shanghai dragon Keywords

optimization personnel in the work, in order to improve the relevance and density, are used on the site title, page title or website content keyword, such a phenomenon is very good, do you want to know the love of Shanghai in the latest update, the search engine is more and more pay attention to the user experience.

2, the target site title titleNote: if your website

3, Title Site Title don’t repeat

Note: the general Note:

optimization target keywords have been chosen and suggestion is that the site title keywords wrote title, this keyword ranking is very friendly. Key words more difficult, in the front. For example I have chosen is the target keywords "site optimization", the title should write "website optimization Website – enterprise".

optimization often encounter some new Shanghai dragon does not understand the meaning of this sentence, the interpretation of the four but three, three more than four, two but five "refers to the appearance of not more than three times the 4 Chinese characters keywords in the title, the 3 words are Chinese characters not more than four times in the title 2, the key words in the title Chinese characters do not appear more than five times. If more than words, there may be a search engine that is keyword stuffing, which leads to keywords ranking drop or the website is down right.

1, title site title is simple, do not stack keywords.

Dalian Qingfeng Shanghai Longfeng share in Shanghai know to do some idea of the chain

now does have a lot of methods to increase the external links, which requires us to practice in the website optimization to discover and summarize, when the chain must first collect some websites, forums, blogs and other resources, which can send the chain, which can not be issued, so when the website promotion, some to summarize the current document, everyone should know that several methods are quite popular: knowledge quiz website, forum, classified information, write text, exchange Links, web site directory outside the chain, the chain network Abstract bookmark today I focus mainly in the knowledge quiz website to do some when the chain of small idea.

half a year ago when I do the chain in Shanghai love to know, very easy, look at now a no one, before reading an article how to link in Shanghai love know, is when answering questions such as their own. Hide baidu贵族宝贝/ www.***贵族宝贝.cn/ or hi.baidu/www.***贵族宝贝.cn/, so the method is very good, but sometimes good, sometimes bad, so I have every test, I use an account level three to answer the question, easy to use. But with the number five to answer, is not good. If I change the other three account and I was out over the wall, do not use when answering questions, maybe I am stupid, ha ha.

Hello, I am the light if the breeze. Thank you for your continued support of my writing, you wrote three articles, the content is about the construction of the chain of some small experience I have accumulated in the work, we want to see if you can go and see before I wrote: "how do the chain site optimization more perfect" "website of the rapid increase of the chain has the best effect of the five methods" "personal experience to share the love of Shanghai encyclopedia created". This article is in my work, they conclude, may say is not particularly deep, but I think if you do Shanghai dragon, then you see the article I wrote you should understand.

knowledge quiz website refers to: ask the Tencent (soso), Sina (Iask), know love love Shanghai (Zhidao), YAHOO knowledge hall (KS), Tianya quiz (Wenda) and Sogou answer (Wenda) so many webmasters with these knowledge to increase the chain the site, at present a lot of quiz websites do not let you leave the link, such as love in Shanghai know, as long as you answer questions. There are circumstances, under submission, instantly put you to write the answer to K off, why? We can’t say about love Shanghai, after all this is somebody else, so let’s say "detour". Here, we analyze a simple love, why Shanghai know instantly put you to write the answer to delete, is your advertising too obvious, and contain sensitive Keywords sense.

Judging from the current The so-called

Short URL is not suitable for use in the dragon in Shanghai

in search of a microfilm platform over the link, that is simply not click, and put the normal link, it is a clickable. So on this platform is not appropriate.

as above, can be very good to the original site is hidden, but when you click some short URL, or can jump to the original web page. This approach is not suitable for in order to increase the site outside the chain, only when the traffic increases. So when we know the link left on the platform, in order to avoid every time the same link, you can through the web site to link blocked micro risk.


said the short URL, is no stranger to me, because as early as micro-blog out there. But do not know the short URL is how to generate the original already many tools can generate short URL, which is accessible to my recent genius. Love Shanghai, short URL is in the form of short. Usually use ASP or PHP to. The short URL can be used to replace the original long short URL URL, short URL to more easily share links. But in the Shanghai dragon er’s eyes, he has other uses

2, easy to create a feeling of distrust to the user. The following figure


but it is really useful? Personally feel that this is not desirable, mainly

so that the individual is not suitable for short. We regard him as the Shanghai dragon.


3, these short URLs cannot form direct clickable links.


on the network.

This is my


A lot of phishing sites is a combination of characters like this is a mess to


compared the above 3, the front is the same, just a few characters behind the changes, the short URL sent to the same platform, whether there will be repeated. Too many questions?

what is the use? For example, we want to post links in a platform, if released several times, will be blocked. Some, but not to the site, just like in Shanghai or in love know Soso Ask can not be made too much of the link, areblocked that how to do it. Short URL play a role. Use a short URL microfilm tool, the original URL into an unrelated short URL

for several reasons.

1, according to the short URL microfilm out the first half of basically the same, but there are a lot of string out of order, specific can see

The exchange of high quality Links 10 points

The number of

4, the proportion of articles included: open the other side of the site, to see how many articles, how many search engine included articles included higher proportion, more representative of the original, the weight is not too low, check, recently published articles are included, can use Adsense tools inquires the day the number included. If it is a collection of articles, the articles included are generally small, the latter will be slowly removed.

< > The frequency of updates

, 1 links: we look under the other number of links when changing a link, if there are more than 50 is best not to exchange, because the site average allocation to export links, the more links are derived, we got the weight value is low, besides, influence of other export links so it is very vulnerable to other stations.

7, the old station: an old station in Shanghai love give weight is very good, so is the best choice, the longer the site better.

2, relevant website: when we find the best to find the same industry website. For example, your site theme is to lose weight, do not go to change with the Wangzhuan, car class, so the effect is not ideal, you can find a female class site to exchange.

Don’t check Links

6, home home: love Shanghai site command search, see home whether in the first or the home page, if your website site is not the first home page or home page, it means that the other website may be down the right, in order not to hurt yourself, do the best and this kind of stand for.

for half a year, many problems have been found today under examination, K, have the right to be reduced, for a problem, notice for offline processing. Here, by the way, how to find high quality Links, when choosing Links we must be patient, the pursuit of quality is the best, the most important thing is to link after friendship is the best. Here are ten standards:

3, website snapshot: the new website snapshot on behalf of the station’s spiders crawl frequency than the snapshot slow enough, choose the best time to choose the type of site change.

8, website: why is this point? If a station, not updated frequently, on behalf of the station is not how I work on my station, not to mention the good that station, so it is also very important, choose the best time to each other every day to update the station.

5, the query keyword ranking: key can search the web page ranking, recommended here with your love station network, this tool is also good, you can query to a lot of keywords ranking, keyword ranking will be better, ranking weight is certainly not bad to go. Some snapshots, included the number of good, with a long tail word ranking did not pay special attention to, can also direct the search for it is not displayed in the title of the article, first, on behalf of the weight of this station is very low, or drop right.

Shanghai love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

love Shanghai webmasters college a few days ago published a case about some of the details, particularly worthy of attention webmaster.

website crawlers do optimization, then the length of the page to within 128K, not too long. Otherwise, the crawler content, page content has long truncated, grabbing part does not recognize the main content, resulting in page was identified as empty short and not included.

Shanghai: "love will affect the length of more than 128K even not included

Original address: 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/blog/post/8966.html


love Shanghai engineers suggested:

page with a crawl optimization of the pictures directly binary content into HTML causes the page length is too long, the size of 164K, lead content is not included in Shanghai love.


source: Lou loose blog, welcome to share

If the

does not recommend the site using the JS generation of the main content, such as JS rendering error, is likely to lead to the page content read error page cannot capture

implies that it might be love Shanghai technical defect, if the web crawler can not crawl over 128K, not included. If you try to delete the content of the website is too long, a part of the information is not too important, to ensure that the content included.

3, when the crawler crawl do optimization, please put in front of the theme, avoid crawling cut off the content capture all

It is this

2, such as the site for crawler crawling do optimization, recommended page length within 128K, not too long

Shanghai Longfeng case study two buy Network


related domain has 528 anchor text, needless to say, certainly a lot of.

these three points for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the basic common sense, love shopping done in this area is also very good, not what to say, and then look down, the only thing to note is that we do like this in the long tail word when keywords and description had their own definition of what, not through the program call.


title and H1 tags, but did not find the H2 label, the author thinks that add some H2 tags properly or better.


here is we see through the search source code page picture.

can be seen from the figure page directly to the page link, this advantage need not I wordily, pages directly share the first page of the weight, the weight of the longer accumulated higher. Here he used the "cosmetics" as the anchor text, should be the need for page appearance, if the "cosmetics list" is even more perfect.

these are external factors, internal factors of the "look at what are the merits of

then we love Shanghai in the search box enter the URL of the




a commonplace talk of an old scholar

then we "cosmetics list" as an example to everyone love shopping network in the next analysis. The first to analyze the web site posted 贵族宝贝maigoo贵族宝贝/maigoo/017hzp_index.html

to title, keywords, description

an article to analyze the optimization case of Bo Po mall, are interested can take a look, here is a case of shopping guide website: love shopping network. First off, does not involve the website weight analysis here, because of the weight of a website is not a short period of time can be improved, takes time. While the other hand basically we can still do a short period of time, such as content, structure etc.. First of all to the web site posted here is through love stand some of the basic data obtained


page in the content of the content is extremely rich, meet the love of Shanghai and users for the rich content of demand, looking down from the first list of the top 7 list, a navigation bar in the middle part, we call it related reading. >

Promotion bid winning accurate keywords


for Internet users, the search has become a habit. When the potential consumer users to find their own products or services, the habit of searching for search engine. Therefore, for the supply of various products and services of the website group, keyword selection is a key part of the mining business. Can choose keywords is not an easy thing, need to consider many factors. Keywords such as whether to fit with their own web site, and as the target customers will search what kind of words? And whether there are some keywords can affect the potential customers for the preference of similar products, which led to these more potential customers demand? Obviously, want to choose quasi keywords, hard work is essential. Through the above mentioned, I hope you can more clearly understand the importance of doing SEM, keyword selection. Next, the author takes the domestic search engine boss love Shanghai as an example, talk about how to find reasonable accurate keywords.

1. brand word. The term refers to the brand can reflect the strength of the brand name of the word. General customers search brand words with a strong purpose, so the brand word keywords essential SEM. But it is worth noting that, do not use other brands, so the user’s intention is not you. "

the author cited a comparison to the official definitions described: the promotion of the bidding process refers to the main site to tap the potential customers of the word and sentence, keywords in the search engine, and even the symbol. When the trigger search behavior, keyword search engine will automatically select the fit according to the system program, and for advertising display in the search results. To love Shanghai for promotion as an example, which is the main site keywords in Shanghai phoenix nest system in the filed of words and sentences. Users in the search site and submit the Shanghai love word and sentence, when the main site ads will appear in the search results in the love of Shanghai.

however, good keywords still has some similarities, the author will talk about the four kinds of SEM bidding keywords.


in Shanghai abundant sex promotion expenses for promotion, advice be provided good word. The prompt, is as much as possible to submit keywords associated with their products, in order to get more opportunities, quickly upgrade the display quantity and amount of consultation, so sales will naturally have a breakthrough up. Put a good word, then try to choose their own products and provide related words, namely to more user psychology to consider vocabulary. For example, you are taking the domain name, the user search word is how to resolve the domain name, so that the search so users have registered the domain name, so the possibility to register the domain name he the search basic is very small.

SEM? SEM scanning electron microscope abbreviation, namely, search engine marketing. This said SEM specified in the love of Shanghai and Google bidding promotion. But what is for the promotion of

What is

Shanghai Longfeng experts how to treat in 2013

Shanghai dragon should do, because in the end will follow up and search has become part of the Shanghai dragon do, this has been the case from the vision become normal, so the company is no longer just Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon company.

2013 Shanghai dragon didn’t like, for example, Shanghai dragon direction from pure technical level to pay more attention to human factors, and semantic strategies, social strategies and action strategy, diversification strategy has been more important than last year, let us look at the Shanghai dragon expert opinion

(2) changes in Shanghai Longfeng nature of the company will begin to ferment, about the situation as we say ~ Shanghai Longfeng direction from pure technology level to pay more attention to human factors, is the technical operation of Shanghai dragon already is the most basic project, your website can not expect these basic operations can bring search ranking and search traffic. So the term Shanghai dragon will be unlimited expansion, or simply give up, that is after 2013 Shanghai dragon has not be the previous Shanghai dragon, he might have been site optimization, plus ZMOT, plus any kind of inbound marketing strategy.


(1) noble baby will launch more vertical type (noble baby Vertical) services, such as a particular type of service Flights, aristocratic nobility baby baby Shopping and so on, this kind of service not only affects the user’s habits, will also impact the ecological industry. This kind of change for Shanghai dragon is your enterprise to participate in the vertical search? Your business may profit in this kind of service? The most obvious is the enterprise website for semantic web site programming and local Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

In fact, this is not the original

(3) website for users is not just the site, due to the social networking site, began to pay attention to the site of the brand and the real sound, is "human" users more accustomed to the website, the people behind the website must to stand out, the website brand story must face the readers. This is a challenge for many enterprises website, how to make the enterprise website is no longer the product catalog, how to make the brand behind the embodiment of brand spokesperson, allowing users to face the real people.

and FTC recently released the results of the investigation for the noble baby, the baby is not considered aristocracy for content vertical search services in favour of their own, but also makes the baby more noble in a place where there is no one in the promotion of vertical type service.

but we must emphasize that it is not a technical Shanghai dragon useless, but the technique is not the key to win the Shanghai dragon, because everyone will, no one would be. For example, if you are using Authorship Markup in your noble baby, is more than other conditions.

Talk about the fatal mistake love Shanghai original algorithm

produced a lot of topics, but also love them when the baby in Shanghai. On the other hand, a lot of practical content station, and did not get traffic. More and more of the original content is not interested. This long to live, love Hailai to survive, especially fine content would be less.

(1) of the so-called brand is Shanghai station, love them as a dry son. What they can join the original spark program automatically, they account for the position of the front rank. The station did not really content, only some small row. But what is the result? The love is Shanghai’s hopes of original content more and more more and more good?? on the contrary. I think, copy the content of the others, can get a lot of traffic? Do you think there are many brands stand to do content will? Take a minute effort to earn ten dollars and spend per cent effort to earn ten dollars, I believe most people are choosing the former. In fact, such a situation. Many stations not generated content, but the content is reproduced or user he made. Do you think the user gives you free content, will give the original to you? It is a lot of duplication.

these two sites, one is love love Shanghai station, brand station, do not you see now search most of the content, the first page is shown in this station? And another station is not high quality chain, content acquisition. The layout is not good, a lot of illegal advertising. Not to mention the user experience is good. But it is still a title search, in front of me in the back.

caused the consequences of this is that the first love Shanghai brand and small sites to treat the difference between. As well as some of the feudal society, the emperor Lao Tzu as long as these people have the right to make good money, poor people who cares? Local people’s money grab is none of my business. The node >

The cause of

has such a title, the title is not to do list, but to think of myself as a little from the point of view of the webmaster, the original love Shanghai algorithm is fatally flawed.

and I had a thought like

rows site content

found that recently on the two website to check what time. These two sites are the original content of the website, make several editors write content. Whether from the website user experience or from the contents of the original point of view, are not bad. But nearly a year has been the half-dead flow. Used to think of their own station others should not be reproduced, did not add copyright information content. But last month in the content and copyright information after the inspection, found two station flow up an important reason, is the site content is almost entirely reproduced. Zai Zai pain. The search content title, do not see the epitome of the first

from my experience about

is this love Shanghai called Li Peng original? Is this time feeling, will no longer be original, the original is the wedding dress for others.

Shanghai dragon Er analysis site of the disappearance of YAHOO data decide on what path to follow

Yahoo now! Site Explorer shut down, resulting in a lot of chain analysis tools are not used, such as Chinaz, Cao Shangfei, the webmaster tools are not able to check, because they are called YAHOO, and now replaced by the tools there are many, such as the tools of Shanghai dragon Moz Majestic Site, Explorer, opensiteexplorer, English these tools can be used to query the chain data:

As a webmaster



recently love Shanghai has updated the site keywords have not changed much, but the one thing that might make many webmaster have been depressed for a long time, that is the YAHOO link disappeared, many webmaster analysis of a website is good or bad, YAHOO link is the main reference data, because YAHOO link chain is to anchor the main text outside the chain, directly affect the keywords ranking, on the other hand, when we analyze the competitor’s website, it can be analyzed from the YAHOO link, to see if they are where the hair of the chain, it also links according to the weight of the arrangement, it is convenient to the people.


but English tool for many of my friends use it less convenient, can only be translated to understand, those tools with restrictions, in addition to the free query number has some limits the number of queries is limited, the use of these tools must be used to facilitate the use of point charges. Of course, in addition to these tools, there are some free, people think it is good, the chain that is love station analysis tools, he is also with the previous YAHOO chain analysis tools, list only the first 1000 links:

chain data disappear for the webmaster is a not small "loss", also produced a lot of mistakes to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends, such as some novice will ask: "YAHOO outside the chain of tools has been cancelled, the station link is not lost?", actually YAHOO chain data only to provide a reference to our values, to do.

Although YAHOO


Majestic Site Explorer:

on the Internet rapidly changing times, and I think we should continue to accumulate and collect data, when there is no way to find someone else to analysis the data, whether you can deal with an easy job to do? If there are a lot of resources we have, so we certainly do not have to worry about this; we do the game industry station. There are a large number of the chain resources in our hands, we can easily do outside the chain, and the relationship between the people, others will also share a lot of resources to you, it can easily cope with.

Shanghai Longfeng experience West YALIG’keyword selection strategy of Shanghai dragon whole cabinet

West YALIG’whole cabinet official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. This domain name is to do with their own brand of Chinese Pinyin, and their own business industry "the whole cabinet" not what relevance, how to let customers can remember their own name? All in the website keywords, need to do a department is similar to the "West YALIG’whole cabinet official net", "West" such as YALIG’ keyword. Direct entry into their own brand.

today is so much content, integrity hope friends can keep the original article reproduced content. Thank you。

the two words are very close, but from the data, the two extremes is. The new tenant ratio are the same, but the "join the cabinet" keywords bounce rate is obviously higher than the former, and the length of visit no data, that is the point of the go directly after the jump, the average page access only one page. The comparison is not difficult to see, the landing page for the use of "cabinets to join" the keywords.


or more edges of two words for example, "join the cabinet" although in our opinion is a post verb words, the common life is not. But whether it is from the data or the actual life, the post verb words is welcome for visitors. A group of keywords such as "is also the custom furniture" and "custom furniture" I did in the past. Whether from Shanghai or Shanghai love love index included page, the former is better than the latter. This tells us that in the choice of keywords, to consider the visitor access habits, understand how he is to find the content they want in the search engine, sometimes to convert the role, assuming that you are a visitor.

keyword selection strategy three: analysis of visitor habits to choose keywords

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy two: looking for "high efficiency" keywords by

Shanghai dragon

keyword selection strategy a: see the domain name and the industry related degree of search engine optimization keywords

here only the data obtained "high efficiency" keywords how to analyze, to introduce how to obtain these data. I have two sets of data: