Analysis of the causes of the old station paint keywords ranking drop

                      a 04 year old PR3 station the author, keywords ranking has been very stable, the thirteen words are in love Shanghai home page ranking is in front, but love Shanghai big update on this Monday, all the key words seventh to eighth pages. Originally this month wages is to get the station of the Commission, is now ranked out of commission will come to nothing, but there are three thousand thirty thousand single block of the Commission, which makes me very worried. In recent days, I continue to give the site diagnosis, obtains some fundamental reasons directly influence the website keywords ranking, hoping to give back in return for reference webmaster words.

              the influence of link

              Links optimization technique is good recently, due to the recent love in Shanghai has been gradually on the single site change algorithm to reduce weight, regardless of which search engines are on the black chain have not friendly, and is likely to be single the search engine that is black chain, so I suggest the enterprise website optimization friends recently had better not do single do too much. Links will be more friendly to love Shanghai, this is the author of the recent results of the optimization of other enterprise website. But Links operation is not appropriate will also have the opposite effect, at this point, the author’s grasp a sense of propriety, in the station Links are selected with higher weights a snapshot of the new site link, so in Links this one should not give up to what effects the decline in ranking. Besides the introduction of a single station, doing more, because of the high price of money, I can do almost all links to the station to do it on a single. The decline in the station I think the biggest impact is single, so a little will to remove the part of these single high quality or high quality station to station back to link one effect.

              two, content update

              reasonable site to update the content, will gradually increase the weight of the website, but do not grasp the number and frequency of updates, may cause the site to drop right. In addition to the station in the optimization, the customer is also there to update the contents of the standing commissioner. Just last week, the Commissioner of a sudden update for ten news, and was not associated with the content of the web site keywords. I know that immediately after the Commissioner stop to send, and then the news changes to other news classification, not.

Striker a case study of search engine lag

. The main keywords ranking continues to update last week was brushed off, Google ranked these days again, today is seventh. This within a month, do not call the shots keywords anchor link.


. When do the station, to Shanghai after the 3000 domain do not do, half a year later, as revised, domain query and 2750. The stability of external links, keywords ranking is one of the main reasons for such a long time lag.

A revision of the The lag of

, a search engine behind


search engine lag believe that is not strange, after all, every day the Internet so huge data processing. Then, the search engine "time lag parameters" and what

three, use the search engine behind

Lag 3, keywords ranking

2 and other pages to vote. Just outside the station page pointing to the page, including station page voting, and such page itself gained some weight.

, the 4 ranking mechanism. In general, love Shanghai search engine ranking is given some of the words have a certain stability. Before the revision of 2 weeks, the snapshot site home page is normal update, but the keyword page ranking snapshot is before the Shanghai dragon site snapshot.

2, website snapshot. The revision of second days, the website has 2 page snapshot. One is the latest revision of the snapshot, the other is a throwback to the revision before the home page snapshot. This situation lasted for 2 weeks.

3, strengthening the external links

two, the search engine lag analysis

Lag of 1, the old site pages out of

1, the quality of the content. When the page your content is "only" on the Internet, this page is very popular search engine welcome, it is relatively slow elimination.

website, on the one hand can bring us the flow, at the same time, we can use the lag of publicity website.

prepare the site after the revision. "

. Using the WIN2003+IIS6.0 virtual space configuration, the space does not support the 301 redirection, so after the revision of the station did not do a 301 redirect all jump to page 404. According to common sense, 404 pages are more easy to let the search engine page will be eliminated, but a month later, love Shanghai and more than 20 studies, two days ago to see Google actually has 6 articles, 1 articles today.

The lag of

station a month ago, before the revision is a Shanghai Longfeng site, the main site keywords ranking in the search engine home, and stable for 6 months. A month later, the striker communicate with everybody revision to the present site search engine performance, but also the spirit of the idea at first. AC QQ281336241.