Promotion bid winning accurate keywords


for Internet users, the search has become a habit. When the potential consumer users to find their own products or services, the habit of searching for search engine. Therefore, for the supply of various products and services of the website group, keyword selection is a key part of the mining business. Can choose keywords is not an easy thing, need to consider many factors. Keywords such as whether to fit with their own web site, and as the target customers will search what kind of words? And whether there are some keywords can affect the potential customers for the preference of similar products, which led to these more potential customers demand? Obviously, want to choose quasi keywords, hard work is essential. Through the above mentioned, I hope you can more clearly understand the importance of doing SEM, keyword selection. Next, the author takes the domestic search engine boss love Shanghai as an example, talk about how to find reasonable accurate keywords.

1. brand word. The term refers to the brand can reflect the strength of the brand name of the word. General customers search brand words with a strong purpose, so the brand word keywords essential SEM. But it is worth noting that, do not use other brands, so the user’s intention is not you. "

the author cited a comparison to the official definitions described: the promotion of the bidding process refers to the main site to tap the potential customers of the word and sentence, keywords in the search engine, and even the symbol. When the trigger search behavior, keyword search engine will automatically select the fit according to the system program, and for advertising display in the search results. To love Shanghai for promotion as an example, which is the main site keywords in Shanghai phoenix nest system in the filed of words and sentences. Users in the search site and submit the Shanghai love word and sentence, when the main site ads will appear in the search results in the love of Shanghai.

however, good keywords still has some similarities, the author will talk about the four kinds of SEM bidding keywords.


in Shanghai abundant sex promotion expenses for promotion, advice be provided good word. The prompt, is as much as possible to submit keywords associated with their products, in order to get more opportunities, quickly upgrade the display quantity and amount of consultation, so sales will naturally have a breakthrough up. Put a good word, then try to choose their own products and provide related words, namely to more user psychology to consider vocabulary. For example, you are taking the domain name, the user search word is how to resolve the domain name, so that the search so users have registered the domain name, so the possibility to register the domain name he the search basic is very small.

SEM? SEM scanning electron microscope abbreviation, namely, search engine marketing. This said SEM specified in the love of Shanghai and Google bidding promotion. But what is for the promotion of

What is

The survival time of the blog profit = + the + operator

A put love Shanghai advertising alliance

blog, this is a very difficult thing, because the independent blog is a web site, and to those things about tangled love Shanghai, love what to do to make Shanghai better collected and so on limit us, sometimes to see a good article, not immediately. Because if the acquisition of the article too much love will be Shanghai that is a collection station, K station also can hardly be avoided, but they can experience love Shanghai so many K station is not down, thanks to their original tenacity! So in daily blog writing, we should pay attention to what the problem?

The development environment of

website profit things:

E Taobao customers, another

I think a lot of friends in the independent blog career, thinking more of the money is not to share feelings or something, it is easy to understand, after all, money is needed to feed themselves, this is the real thing, but a blog in the process of operation, if too much care about the money. If so, its development road is really not too far. Because in a sense the blog’s profit channel is really very narrow, after all is not the specialized service site, sales will definitely have their own limitations. So the star memories here and all that a website profit is all we want to reach the heights, but the content is always the basic survival of the blog, just when your blog is more and more full of money, if the content of re just passable, that’s how many people will continue to pay attention to your blog? Think about this problem, grasp what measure is still very good.

Write a

PS: conventional method for everyone to provide some profitable blog here, for your reference.

D writing

about the source of those things:

F to promote themselves, say you are a designer, you can use blog to open a personal brand, with a single

independent blog, I think no one can say clearly, because when the surrounding friends are saying in the development of independent blog age, we still see Lu Songsong, a power to maintain a very high viscosity, but one indisputable fact is that behind the popular blog dressed countless independent the blog have vanished and his dilemma, has insisted for 3 years, 3 years to my blog this experience is not flow, income and rankings of several data can be reflected, and they are able to adhere to the 3 years, it also has its own experience.

C sells advertising website

G and other aspects of the business, the key by the blogger yourself

B sale link, but not linked websites and servers

On the transformation is actually flow

A wrote the article must be combined with.

Your customers for Shanghai dragon outsourcing ready (below)

2. Shanghai dragon service provider selection, it is best to recommend industry friends.

outsourcing companies in Shanghai Longfeng service should understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

?Before 1.

should have a deep understanding of the basic knowledge of general understanding about? No? This paper explain, you may see written about Shanghai dragon outsourcing services for clients ready to work in a lot of people, the most of the proposed Shanghai Longfeng customers need a general understanding about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, in fact, a preparation for outsourcing in Shanghai dragon enterprise boss, just know this degree is not enough, we must understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Now many business owners from the Internet about Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, think of what they know, always on their Shanghai Longfeng service providers mention this to mention that, many opinions are ridiculous and unreasonable. As a result, a large extent caused by Shanghai Longfeng work is not smooth, the enterprise website optimization is caused by the interruption of the normal.

so Wang Shifan proposed Shanghai Longfeng customers must before the service outsourcing of Shanghai Longfeng, conscientiously study again Shanghai dragon entry knowledge, the method is very simple, as long as the love sea search Shanghai dragon, all over the first 3 pages of website search results all the knowledge, the first time cannot read the place. Make a note, until after the natural answer, if finished, still do not understand, look at the second times, basically second times after the entry, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge mastered. Of course, many business owners are usually very busy, if the time is not enough, can directly participate in the Shanghai dragon training, saving time and quickly grasp the basic knowledge of.

a few days ago, Wang Shifan shared "customers! You are Shanghai dragon outsourcing ready?" (on), 2 on once in Taobao when friends find me, ask me also know what method can distinguish Shanghai dragon service provider service quality and get free time? Cheated. Therefore, Wang Shifan finished the fast, hoping for more friends to find a suitable Shanghai Longfeng service providers to do a little contribution.

!What are the specific details of the

if Wang Shifan said what method can distinguish Shanghai dragon service provider’s service quality, unless there is a pair of piercing eye, otherwise impossible to guard against! Although we cannot identify at a glance, but the level can be roughly inferred that Shanghai Longfeng service providers through the details of

is now the popular Internet sharing, especially love Shanghai very much sharing role. Similarly, the line of Shanghai dragon service, if it is recommended by a friend, and the friend of good character, then the recommended Shanghai Longfeng service provider quality has been basically. In fact, choose a better cost Shanghai Longfeng service provider is not difficult, the peer friends advice again, ask if they are to choose which Shanghai Longfeng service providers, and then collect, push >


FTC could not suppress the search giant search advertising display more and more obvious

Engel refused to disclose the FTC warning letters in 2013, whether there will be further action on the search engine provider, or compulsory measures.

According to

in a recent interview, Engel stressed that the FTC from the print media in 1960s using "advertorial" (commonly known as the gun version) to cover the advertising period, began to put pressure on the enterprise, to require the latter to clearly mark the advertising content.

"consumers should be told, what is the search engine to charge a fee and return the results." Engel pointed out that.

NetEase Francisco October 14th message, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the U.S. federal regulators last year to Google, YAHOO and Microsoft warned that the requirements of the latter must be highlighted in its search engine advertising content, to avoid misleading consumers.

"consumers are deceived." Public Citizen U.S. Consumer Group CEO Robert · Wiseman (Robert Weissman) said. The organization has assisted the Federal Trade Commission in 2002 (FTC) search engine advertising display problems put forward guidance.

Microsoft spokesman also said that the company had "clearly marked advertising content, to distinguish it from the normal search results."

Engel in the last letter also urged the search engine providers to display advertising content to "more prominent" shadow ", and mark them clearly and understand".

three Internet search engine service providers did not warn consumers now squarely, is more difficult to identify from the search results for advertising, which is the Google earlier this year also cancelled the original content to highlight the advertising background, instead, only with a yellow and minimum font "Ad" label to label paid links. In contrast, YAHOO and Microsoft’s Bing search results is almost unrecognizable advertising content, advertising links only using a single light gray lines mark.

, a YAHOO spokesman said the company believes that "in the current search advertising display implementation is in line with the FTC requirements of initial guidance.

June 2013, deputy director of advertising supervision department of FTC Marie · Engel (Mary Engle) to 22 search engine sites (including the big three) issued a warning letter, pointed out that the current major search engines for the early advertising behavior guide book "compliance decline", there will be the risk of consumer fraud. The letter received other companies including Yelp, Priceline and Travelocity etc..

, "

However, Google spokesman

said that the company "has significant advertising content will be clearly marked."

An amateur webmaster’s network love affair

              in September 2003, with the object of ivory tower vision into the university campus, the first thing is the University of military training, but at this time I let the Internet and forged a bond, thanks to the naughty I always have a restless heart during military training, always fled to global Internet cafes, Internet cafes I always indulge in "amazing gorgeous, let me obsessed, intoxicated!

              I always think that if I was learning computer well, I chose biology! In my vanity Human effort is the decisive factor., drive, I learned Frontpage, then Dreamweaver, so it is the first about the creature of my web site, here is not to say, then second, a biological study section of the website, make my collection of biological test to share with you! Although the website traffic is also good, but these have not had any technical content, web design is not good, so I learned Flash and network advertising and Photoshop, which laid the foundation for the rest of my web design!

              time flies, now I have become a research 985 college students, leisure time empty and let me ignite the site of the fight, that was the first day of April 2008, I see a lot of sites, find health websites should be compared promising, decided to do a health website, registered domain name, buy space, start the construction site, the usual collection of health information uploaded to the site above, from the beginning of Foodsun CMS to Discuz6, from Discuz7 to PHP168 now, always trying to stop, continue to beautify, link extend continuously, step by step to interactive improvement, now a year later, the site also has a certain scale, maintain a certain flow, for one of my amateur webmaster, satisfied with yourself is good !

              summed up this year is groundless talk, pain and happiness, now the site of PR is 4, Google updated once per PR, each Baidu included a page, have become my motivation!

;     welcome reprint; reprint please specify: "health home"

Suddenly discovered that this is a good way to increase repeat customers

site so long, during the fun and trouble, only their own know. Well, I’ve got time to sit by my computer and sleep in a couple of hours, and all the rest time is on the forums. Because the forum is software, code as the theme, so the vast majority of people come to "something"". Own all night trying to get the code, their time to find the crack software, the registration of money spent on the registration code sent to the forum, a few days to see a few dozens of downloads, browse hundreds of times, there is no reply. To tell you the truth, I really don’t think these guys are big enough for me at this time.

later, I just wanted to hide the settings. But the forum has joined the flag, and can not do so. There is no way, I discuss with several management, and finally decided to implement the audit system. I also think the audit will scare a lot of people, but there are also advantages: first, all illegal content security forum is not rejected, in violation of the provisions; second, those empty earn points post irrigation does not appear in the forum, to ensure the quality of posts.

but I didn’t expect it to have another advantage: to increase the number of repeat customers. I read the statistics report in the morning, the flow is reduced a little (also do not know is this reason), but the return guest has increased a lot. Here’s my screenshot of yesterday:


after a few days of hard work, found that there is not so much time to review, hundreds of posts a day.

I’m still going to give up the audit now. It’s too hard!

just want not too much advertising, not vulgar post, that even if, after all, we grassroots Adsense is not easy,


simple real experience of the site, welcome paizhuan.

How to ban barbecue smoke Xuchang way

barbecue in our lives are all familiar with the delicious, especially in the hot summer, the delicious barbecue do not know how many consumers conquered, but the environmental pollution caused by barbecue is not to be ignored. In October 25th, Xuchang announced the "Regulations of Xuchang city appearance and environmental sanitation management to the society" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the Ordinance has been approved by the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s congress. The Ordinance as the first local regulations in Xuchang, will be implemented from January 1, 2017.

how to ban barbecue smoke? Let the city’s environment more beautiful, so that people have a healthy living environment, Xuchang city to take a series of measures for barbecue. According to the regulations, the main street of the city should be built (structure) and its facilities should be kept in good shape. In case of structural damage, wall peeling or pollution, the owner or user of the wall shall be repaired and refreshed in time. Overdue correction, the unit imposed a fine of more than 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, impose fines of more than $1000 to individuals less than $200. In the forbidden area open-air barbecue, can confiscate its barbecue tools and illegal income, impose a fine of 2000 yuan more than $20000 to the unit, impose a fine of more than 500 yuan to individuals and less than $1000.

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Symposium held in Heilongjiang innovation and Entrepreneurship


management activities have achieved initial results, the number of entrepreneurs has improved significantly. Governments at all levels to respond positively to the call center, pay attention to innovation and entrepreneurship, in the area to deploy a number of initiatives to further promote the management of activities carried out smoothly.

11 12 in the morning, the Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, governor Lu Hao chaired a special meeting to listen to the relevant departments report on the work of the deployment to further promote the province’s public entrepreneurship, innovation related work.

of scientific research personnel should clear combing results, the establishment of the company, hatch, and capital market. The whole process is the industrialization of high-tech achievements of basic law. Clear as long as it is able to increase the income, to produce a better price to market cultivation, breeding, sales and other activities in all industries are the entrepreneurial farmers to organize and mobilize farmers, through the adjustment of planting varieties, increase the sales of agricultural products, there is a link to the deep processing of agricultural products, engaged in agency recommended

What are the advantages of snack car to join the project

do snack car business, operating cost is small, the model is more flexible, so that franchisees can easily do worry business. If you want to join the snack car business, but not very understanding of such projects. Small series will provide relevant business advantages analysis, so that franchisees can rest assured that the investment, do worry business.


double profits: equipment configuration, complete function, no experience, snacks can do everything





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China top 500 enterprises forum held in Nanning

with the development of the social economy of the whole country, the domestic large-scale enterprise development, more and more influence in the international market is bigger, also attracted some foreign enterprises attention recently, Chinese Fortune 500 forum held in Nanning.

8 22, "The Belt and Road: as the new" new opportunities for large enterprises as the theme of the 2015 Chinese Fortune 500 Forum opened in Nanning. Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee, China Enterprises Association President Wang Zhongyu keynote report at the meeting, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, autonomous region people’s Congress Chairman Mr Peng Qinghua, chairman of the autonomous region, Chen Wu attended the meeting.

Peng Qinghua on behalf of the regional party committee and government welcomed the arrival of guests. He said, "big open cooperation The Belt and Road" cannot do without the active participation of large enterprises, China 500 enterprises as a leader in China’s enterprises, more conditions to seize this rare historical opportunity, promising display skills to the full. Guangxi is China’s only ASEAN sea adjacent provinces, in the "important nodes and key regional The Belt and Road" docking, by giving the central new position of new mission. How to seize the opportunity to play a role in serving the overall situation, write a new chapter in the prosperity and stability of the South China Sea, is placed in front of the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government is a major issue, but also the broad masses of cadres and the masses eagerly look forward to. From Peng Qinghua to accelerate interoperability and open cooperation, adhere to green development and the realization of "two into a goal describes the development of Guangxi and the grand goal, and said, this requires our own hard work and unremitting efforts, but also need to get the central authorities care guidance and the society especially large enterprises support. We will strive to efficient, personalized, fine service, for the successful landing of the cooperative projects, as soon as possible to start the construction of the most convenient to provide the most convenient.