The local hospital website how to solve the low amount of consultation

analysis to help him end ", finally got onto the site they have been down right there is no way to restore, A5 actually do the bidding bidding advice to all friends, to do the natural ranking website must and auction website, some people say that the Internet auction will affect the natural ranking, especially to stop when the bidding effect is very obvious, perhaps this is the case, but the A5 team is considering bidding on the other hand, due to the love Shanghai accounts policies keep changing, and account for the use of the process, love Shanghai Beijing headquarters will often check your website title and account information and application information is consistent, in fact many of the sites are not consistent, love Shanghai will not stop to let you modify, not modify it will stop your account and your auction page will change, but also adverse to optimize So, we still do the bidding website and natural ranking web operations separately! Well said this! Welcome to the exchange, if in doubt, you can.

In fact, the problems immediately!

for the account of the problems is not complicated, but they will not go to the hospital to report data analysis, most data report is very important, why we should pay attention to it? Give an example, account the keywords quality degrees down to see what many people know to see the click rate, see what does the keyword click rate, click rate?? I think keyword hits can not solve the problem, this time to see the creative report! Where you will find the answer

the customer asked me, do I need to change the landing page, always feel the recent consultation, the effect is not good, sometimes the consumption good, not many people consult. Many hospital sites are the existence of this situation, after bidding on the page, on the business not to adjust, they think the page look still very satisfied, after meeting to discuss the results is the best, until a problem occurs when to think it will not be a problem? The problem is basically the landing page, whether the information activities or discounts in the landing page must be updated frequently, inside the button text style to change the time and see! These subtle changes little overall impact on the auction page, but visitors may have effect! We must test, repeated testing!


yesterday asked the friend A5 bidding team (贵族宝贝ppc.admin5贵族宝贝), consulting the two day of my website is particularly low, the increase of consumption is less competitive, keywords? Now the keywords with the no one point, I asked him, you see the data report of what you know about that day’s show keywords to understand the situation? The keywords ranking? This picture can explain some of the problems, the keyword is a show, but he is not very good rankings, caused no keyword hits. Key words must be monitored, can solve

There is a hospital


Do high effect chain to keep pace with the times

website are not naturally derived from natural link, link not only has correlation, but also has the advantages of practicality, on the user’s browsing will not hinder. If you do the single link, single anchor text and the correlation is not high, that this link is natural link. We in the optimization of the web site, the promotion of the link must not be too single, not only do the home page link optimization, link optimization, can also be used in short column page, as long as the link is more natural diversification. At the same time, the nature of the link is not only to make the search engine can not be found, also do not allow users to find.

user experience

love Shanghai is getting more and more attention to the user experience, as a webmaster, of course, can not be ignored, based on optimized to also take into account the user’s browsing experience. First of all, this link is useful to the user, when the user through the links and links to find something said, if the link is shown in the painted 2 HD movies, the user clicks on the go after only the movie footage, this is undoubtedly to deceive users. Secondly, this link to the propagation characteristics of the larger, the user will have the willingness to reprint articles. Finally, in order to make links more user attention, that when writing text links will choose from a wide range of titles, this invisible link to get the number of clicks will be increased.

the webmaster do external links, as long as the site is allowed to do, then do not hesitate to do it, but such links for corresponding positions release plate release of the crowd, so the effect is very little. If so, might as well spend some time to find some related forums, find the correlation plate in the relevant forums, and in the relevant sectors for targeted figures such targeted promotion effect is better. First, we find the promotion of user is likely to become the promotion of our target audience, so the audience’s conversion rate will increase, on the other hand, users see the content related to the content, click will be more, the so-called is in businesses and users set up a useful bridge.

two, natural




in addition, high effect of external links we also pay attention to the selection of the promotion positions, some forum included not stable, appear to change radically situation, actually this is very adverse to the promotion, so we should choose the forum of high popularity and included stable, and other platforms, quiz platform, library and Encyclopedia are we.

love Shanghai algorithm in the update, the user’s needs are changing, when these require the webmaster do external links should also be appropriate to change strategy. Although the owners may need to change the strategy to spend more time, but the effect is better than the absolute, you can do so much. Do high effect of external links keywords is to pay attention to relevance, nature and user experience.

A lot of junk chain on the

Shanghai Longfeng website internal optimization tutorial

We know that The first part of the

we found that some search keywords in the search engine, in the search results, some of the URL of the keyword can also be highlighted. To search for the "fast men" as an example, as shown in figure 1-1.

The domain name

search for "fast men"


part can be optimized by adding and the website of the most important keywords, this part will explain in the next section, the key. How to make optimization outside the domain name? For example,

in English access site, often can see some English keywords in URL. While the Chinese keywords in URL often because of "encoding display in the search results is garbled, and Chinese URL look so beautiful, is not conducive to the increase of external links, but can be converted to Pinyin spelling out words, the search engine technology now can be identified.

URL contains keywords to keywords ranking can play a certain role, the Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster introduce how to optimize URL.

URL by the domain name, for example; second part refers to the file name, or similar to " /jianfei.html".

om this site is to introduce some weight loss and weight loss method, do not understand Shanghai Longfeng people may set URL, or. This setting does not affect the normal site visit, but the search engines URL, URL will not recognize it this is what kind of, then the search engine could make two choices: one is to give up to grab another grab after belong to a special place to be made out of URL index. The URL is deployed in Shanghai dragon words, like this:. If someone searches for "slimming method" in the search engine keywords, "above the website URL address in Jianfei" and "jianfeifangfa" is also included in the text as the text analysis of the search engine, increased by >

1.1 URLWhen

Matt Cutts once noble baby in his blog released a video devoted noble baby to keyword appears in the URL attitude. He said, the key words in URL the ranking of the site is very small, do not have to care about the URL keyword appears in the order, and do not appear too many keywords in a URL. Just imagine, like Sina, Alibaba, NetEase, the major portals, the directory level very much, if each directory URL contains multiple keywords, so doing, I’m afraid the browser’s address bar are written, and the search engines will not love, will think this site is a garbage station, so the number of keywords must control URL.

There is a weight loss column Figure 1-1

Experience of doing first websites for novices

has not written a diary for a long time, today writes the website to make the experience. People can feel that the one stage of feelings, experience down is a good idea, after this period of time can look at things and then the idea, this is a good way of self reflection.

I have always felt that do this, if you can not do a website about the actual, it is difficult to improve yourself, it is hard to survive in the fierce competition in the industry, so I decided to engage in a practice training under his website. After a few months of their efforts, and finally made a good site, is a tableware industry portal. My idea is that, as a tableware industry website, to attract people to engage in tableware industry website, should have rich industry resources, which is the industry people to access and use. So this site I do is to provide all the information about the service and tableware, of course there are some functions, is tableware enterprises and individuals can publish information here free of supply and demand of tableware, tableware products information release. My biggest hope is that this website will be the first business platform for tableware manufacturers to surf the internet. Finally, I renamed this website "Chinese tableware net". The domain name is, and with this "Canju" Pinyin, I hope you can remember it easily.

before making a website, I was a website production, website planning and other aspects of knowledge, know nothing about. So spend more time, and I spent nearly 4 months time, but I quit my job is to get. So I’m here for some say, if you want to own website, should be the first to have a stable job, use work time to do so, the better, for me, is the largest since the site experience. Spend so much effort to do it, but a lot of people know what SEO said to me, I wasted time, because there are a lot of problems with the site, not to be included in the search engine and get good rankings, especially the content page even in the 9 catalog, and planning is not good. So I’m really sad.

but I will not give up, I will learn more knowledge, such as web site SEO, website promotion, website promotion in slowly, unremittingly to do so, although it failed, but the set of words on the word vulgar: failure is the mother of success. At last I do tell you a new experience, before doing so should be ready to understand the basic knowledge, the time to grasp, so as not to like me, a waste of time but also a waste of energy.

Name the webmaster – they’re the Internet’s agents

2013, renamed the webmaster General Assembly entrepreneurs (owners) Congress, then, many people say the word what stationmaster, starting from magic decadent, is it, is it really? Beg to differ, I beg to differ. Write this article, just want to name the webmaster!


said that this year’s practitioners (webmaster) conference, I do not know whether we have noticed that micro-blog, WeChat interactive, the topic is used by the webmaster conference, rather than entrepreneurs conference. Since all Internet entrepreneurs conference, why is the topic of such an important topic in the use of webmaster conference, is the organizers of the fault, or intentionally and


webmaster, Baidu encyclopedia gives the explanation is that, with independent domain name website, through the Internet and web platform to provide users with information, channels, intermediaries and other network services person in charge. Webmaster, is a special group, they walk every day in the longest time on the Internet Group, they are the most agile group in the Internet, they are on the Internet is the largest gains group, but also to pay most of the groups on the internet. In China’s network development, in fact, the most indispensable is the webmaster, they silently pay for the Internet, can be no exaggeration to say, without them, there will be no Internet boom today. However, such a batch of silent cultivation of the webmaster, but once misinterpreted.

first, let’s talk about the local gateways. Said a local portal, you will think of the Dragon lane, Jiyang community, his life, relying on a strong user accumulation, vertical market subdivision, now the local websites in the automotive, real estate, marriage, parenting, Home Furnishing these pieces do, with ease, and the website of the responsible person, the most is the webmaster general assembly, that is also the most stand topics. From Zhou Ning teacher’s micro-blog, you can know that in his mind, the local portal webmaster this word is most cordial. His love for the stationmaster is very deep.

secondly, let’s talk about Internet promotion. Network promotion is all Internet based promotion, including SEO, SEM, website alliance, website advertisement and so on. Most of the network promotion members of the gathering place, usually in the webmaster’s home, A5 webmaster network, 28 push, etc.. Now the traditional enterprise, want to use the Internet to expand their business, regardless of the site ranking or website traffic, nature is little not to do the promotion, but they are also summed up the ranks of their owners. From Mou Changqing’s article, there are plenty of them. You can tell that his love for the station won’t change.

say that the characteristics of the vertical, everyone a better understanding of the characteristics of the site, such as cycling, fishing, Photography Forum Forum Forum, outdoor forum, PubMed forum, have done fast, small and beautiful, small and fine, compared to more convincing and prospects, otherwise why there are so many people in the vertical segments of characteristics why Kang Sheng every year the selection of the most potential development of the industry vertical community.

Among the

webmaster circles, Cai Wensheng is the best known

Talk about the feelings and experiences of your website for a few months

08 year old friends to see the site grew so I also had to do the idea because I want to, I was engaged in the network than they developed rapidly, so the 09 years just over the years on the purchase of good ideas for the construction of a good domain name server to select the planned site my site, so the first site I love show was born.

because I do the design of the industry, so I always like to make the page more refined, so the website layout changed and changed, I do not know how many times I changed. Finally, after two months, Baidu’s collection when high and low. It was depressing. I asked friends why I was making friends, and the answer they gave me was a blow. I summed up a few points, I hope to provide new sites for friends to help.

1. now has many CMS templates and different styles. Structure and style are different, if long-term changes to Baidu, it does not respect what it advocates, pay attention to user experience.

2. web site title, must not mess up, modify more will be down right oh.

3. don’t add garbage to the domain name, level three, level two subdomain. Increased so that the domain name is not easy for any personal webmaster can’t manage to come over, and I believe that many of the two level domain names such as "," because the management is not taken over to run the thief program, but if you want to take the development of a web site don’t do the thief program is not only a long run prevalent.

4. is a very important point. I believe that many new Adsense or open website owners are able to master the production site, you may think so: "I have mastered the production site construction technology, I can make a very good website, a website is not difficult." But, I want to say, ha ha, running a website is a few times harder than a website. There are too many people who can do it, but they can run a website and make it grow, but not many.

5. did you get up every day after immediately open the computer check today has been Baidu, Google included page? That included the crazy, immediately found no included mood, that included reducing sad. New webmaster friends, I suggest not to look at these included data. We do web site is to see, not to search engine spiders to see. Just be yourself every day. You’ll be crazy to see more people.

hope that these personal experience can bring new station owners convenience.

wants more friends to share their website. Interested friends can add my QQ:631059847 to explore the way forward.

Shop name can not be arbitrary

to store a catchy name, now a lot of the owner can be said to be "free", how to attract people to come. As everyone knows, such a shop may start to attract consumers, but want to let the store’s business has been a long-term development is difficult, and even many have violated the relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, the shop name can not be arbitrary.

in Yucai Road, a hair salon hanging out today said hair signs. A staff member said, take this name is to attract the attention of customers, increase in popularity. However, he also said that the odd name can only attract customers into the store, the key to pull back or by service.

"Yiyibushe", "said today," e "world view" and so on, in today’s increasingly pursuing the visual impact of the era, the streets of Daye, a variety of personalized store more and more businesses with a full personal name to solicit business. The business sector said, "I respected the name I call the shots" at the same time, should also pay attention to social norms.

"insignificant" foot shop, global village cafe…… In order to make the name impressive, business shop will carefully design name. A silver jewelry processing business owner said, what a name that had made him a big headache, then create new styles for his shop named "my" silver "". "To eat, see a specially made Braised Prawns restaurant named" I was happy at numerous underlings." The 22 year old Du Liang said the people, there are some names made quite interesting, playful name let a person see not a knowing smile.


says is "my name I call the shots, but also some people worry that some idioms or idiomatic expressions are changed after the standardization of the language use effect.

Daye City chief

Industrial and Commercial Bureau individual section Cao Zhongya said, according to the provisions of the "measures" of the administration of the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, individual industrial and commercial household names may not contain: may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public; Pinyin letters, foreign words, punctuation; do not accord with national standard language. She reminded the majority of businesses in the name of the opening of the business, the business sector must apply for approval of registration, although the name of the pursuit of new ideas, but not in violation of national laws and regulations, damage the state, social and public interests.

if you want to make the name more for a long time, can really help the development of the shop, then, the premise is the natural need to know about the relevant laws and regulations of the shop name, so that it can ensure a more appropriate name, the development is more favorable to the shop.

2016 Xiamen big data contest

lives in Internet plus era, in the process of economic development, the emergence of big data, not only can let us grasp the relevant information, but also can effectively adjust the industrial structure according to the data of our! So, 2016 Xiamen big data contest? The following specific understanding.

2016 Xiamen big data competition " (ABD) in the Lake District, Huli District, Xiamen high tech Park held a grand ceremony. The contest is the Xiamen economic and Information Bureau jointly Xiamen Huli District People’s Government jointly organized organized by Xiamen information industry and Information Technology Research Institute (Xiamen University), Huli District Economic and Information Bureau, hosted the Huli District Office of the streets. Huli Industrial Park Administrative Committee, CCF YOCSEF Xiamen, Xiamen software industry association and other units.

Deng Jianhua, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of letters

came to power, about the application of large data and industry policy support and development process in Xiamen. In August 2015, the State Council promulgated the program to promote the development of large data, around " Trinity " clear five goals, the seven measures, the major projects. At the same time, Xiamen also issued a big data application and industrial development plan (2015-2020).

Xiamen is currently on the one hand, big data has a certain foundation, has initially built government big data sharing resources, the formation of " 123" open sharing pattern, which is a platform (data sharing platform, Zhang Wang (two), the government intranet extranet), three libraries (public library, legal library space, library). In the platform for the establishment of Xiamen also attracted a number of influential big data enterprise root in Xiamen, such as the United States Ya Boke (300188, shares), YLZ (300096, shares), Rui technology, Terry Valley, and other famous enterprises of si.

27 Xiamen has just set up " Xiamen big data industry association ". Combined with these companies, Baotuan growth. Deputy director Deng also cited Xiamen in this industry: one is the advantage of data integration and sharing, collaborative application has a strong market potential; two is the software park has high speed development is the foundation for the formation of large data ecological system; three is the construction of the core area of Fujian free trade zone and the twenty-first Century maritime silk road.

the contest is an important measure to implement the national "thoroughly implement and promote the development of big data and the corresponding national action plan" to promote the formation of public information resources sharing and big data industry development of Jin Kang, is to promote the development of big data industry, to promote the application of big data, to create effective industrial atmosphere of big data.

this contest will effectively promote the joint venture between universities and enterprises in Xiamen, industry and talent docking, joint planning data industry recommend

Eight reasons to join the venture


in reality, people tend to be unwilling to ordinary, a lot of people choose to go to business, but the business needs a certain amount of professional knowledge and management experience, and a person who has no experience if you want to start the business how to do? Then only looking to join, join the company to improve the level of management and unique products can attract a lot of customers. About the choice of entrepreneurship has the following advantages and reasons.

can reduce business risk, increase the chances of success. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the market opportunity for small capital independent entrepreneurs is less and less. Every year, tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises closed down the facts tell us: a limited funds, lack of experience of investors to highly saturated market environment and independently create a career is difficult, so the risk. And if investors choose a good performance, strength, high reputation franchise chain enterprises, to join its chain network, the chances of success will be greatly improved. China’s famous saying: good shade tree. Small investors are joining the franchise network, a headquarters for "backer", but also can get the professional technical and other assistance from headquarters there, for the lack of experience of entrepreneurs, it is a shortcut to success.

Second, business to help

the franchisee can get the training and help business management system. A new store to find out a set of feasible management methods, often takes a long time, perhaps in this set of management methods before the mature, the shop because of more detours can not be maintained. But if investors join the chain headquarters, he would not have to start from scratch, despite his complete lack of professional knowledge and management experience, he can also get the headquarters management skills immediately, know-how and business knowledge training. These experiences are headquarters after years of practice, has proven to be effective, and the formation of a standardized management system, franchisees to copy these standardized management approach is easy to succeed.

Third, reduce the cost of

the franchisee can focus on the purchase, reduce costs, ensure supply. The biggest advantage of chain management is mainly reflected in the centralized purchase and distribution. Due to join the headquarters of large, strong, you can get a lower purchase price, thereby reducing the purchase cost, access to price competitive advantage. At the same time, the headquarter is organized, in the purchase to overcome the blindness that independent shops, plus headquarters fast delivery, the franchisee can goods inventory pressure to a minimum, so that the inventory cost is reduced accordingly. The franchisee unloaded the burden of procurement, just put all the energy on the commodity promotion, which accelerated the flow of goods, improve the level of profits.


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