Her life mattered High court orders new trial in death of Cindy

first_imgAmber BernardAPTN NewsThe Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that an Ontario truck driver should be retried for manslaughter, but not murder, in the case of Cindy Gladue, a Metis mother of three who bled to death in a motel room’s bathroom.In a 4-3 decision Friday, the high court said evidence about Gladue’s sexual history was mishandled at Bradley Barton’s trial in Edmonton that ended in an acquittal on a first-degree murder charge.Barton acknowledged that he hired Gladue for sex in 2011 and said the severe injury to her vaginal wall that caused her death was an accident during rough but consensual activity.The Crown argued that Barton intentionally wounded Gladue and was guilty of first-degree murder or, at the very least, manslaughter, because the 36-year-old woman had not consented.Barton was found not guilty by a jury that repeatedly heard references to Gladue as a “prostitute” and a “native.”The Alberta Court of Appeal set aside the acquittal and ordered a new first-degree murder trial.A majority of the Supreme Court said Barton’s new trial should be restricted to manslaughter, because procedural errors at the trial did not taint the jury’s finding. The minority said he should be retried with both manslaughter and murder as possible verdicts.Writing on behalf of the majority, Justice Michael Moldaver said the criminal justice system did not deliver on its promise to provide Gladue with the law’s full protection and “as a result, it let her down _ indeed, it let us all down.”“Her life mattered. She was valued. She was important. She was loved. Her status as an Indigenous woman who performed sex work did not change any of that in the slightest.”The 2015 trial sparked widespread public concern about how alleged victims of sexual assault, particularly Indigenous women, are portrayed in a courtroom.“They’re often perceived almost like they’re the criminal and that they have to defend themselves, and Cindy, in her death, couldn’t defend herself,” said Melanie Omeniho, president of Women of the Metis Nation, who was at the Supreme Court for the decision.It’s not uncommon for cases involving the deaths of Indigenous women to go through multiple appeals and retrials, Omeniho said, as difficult as that is for victims’ families.Also there for the ruling was Qajaq Robinson, a commissioner for the national inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women, which is due to report early next month.“It’s a step forward that the court has recognized that in cases of sexual assaults involving Indigenous women and girls, that there’s an obligation on courts, on judges, to be gatekeepers _ to ensure that bias, prejudice, racism and sexism do not form part of the evidence,” she said.Julie Kaye, a research adviser with the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, said the ruling needed to go further.“The level of dehumanization that was experienced and the level of humiliation that Indigenous women throughout the country felt as a result of the way the court treated Cindy Gladue,” she said in an interview from Saskatoon. “I don’t think the decision accounts for that in the way that it needed to.”Two experts who testified at the trial for the Crown said an 11-centimetre cut in Gladue’s vaginal wall was caused by a sharp instrument. A defence expert said the injury was a laceration that resulted from blunt-force trauma.The Crown showed the jury Gladue’s preserved vaginal tissue as an exhibit in an effort to explain her injury. The extraordinary move raised complaints that it contributed to dehumanizing her.Barton, who hired Gladue for two nights of sex, testified that he put his fist in her vagina on both occasions, but on the second night she started bleeding.Barton said he woke up the next morning to find Gladue dead in the bathtub.The Supreme Court said the trial judge failed to apply provisions in the law that limit the extent to which alleged victims’ sexual histories can be discussed. The intention is to avoid an inference that, due to their history, they are more likely to have consented to the sexual activity in question or are less worthy of belief.The court said those provisions should have been followed before introducing evidence about Gladue’s sexual activity with Barton.If any of that evidence had been deemed admissible, careful instruction by the trial judge was needed to ensure the jury understood that evidence, the Supreme Court added.Barton’s lawyer, Dino Bottos, said it’s disappointing his client must return to court on a manslaughter charge, “but it’s a far, far better result than having to go back to trial on first-degree murder.”He said the retrial is set for next February.“I intend to simply have Mr. Barton tell his story once again,” Bottos said. “The jury believed him the first time. There should be no reason why a jury wouldn’t believe him a second time.”abernard@aptn.ca@amberbernard-with files from the Canadian Presslast_img read more

Yes Bank cleanup to continue as Gill shifts focus to get onto

first_imgMumbai: Ravneet Gill, the new chief executive at Yes Bank wants to increase focus on compliance and governance two critical areas in which his predecessor Rana Kapoor was found wantingto ensure that the bank is on the side of regulator. This indicates that Gill is not only cleaning up the balancesheet which saw the fifth largest private sector lender announcing the first-ever loss of a whopping Rs 1,506 crore over the weekend, but also the governance practices, which led to the ouster of Kapoor by the regulator earlier this year. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: Icra Among other deficiencies, the RBI had reportedly found serious lapses in governance and poor compliance culture at Yes Bank under Kapoor who was a co-promoter and chief executive, whom Gill succeeded in March after RBI asked to leave by end January due to a regulatory discomfort. Addressing analysts hours after shocking with a Rs 1,506-crore loss in the March quarter, Gill cited a recent meeting with a large MNC to cite perception issues. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 daysThe multinational, which banks with a foreign lender, wanted to undertake a large remittance transaction and came to Yes Bank to check if it can get the job done without the hassle of going through the RBI, something which the foreign lender insisted on. This is the perception that exists but we want to get away from that. We want to send out a very clear messaging to the market that we want to be very closely aligned with the regulator, by being on the side of the regulator and the regulator should be able to validate that, Gill said. Similarly, on governance too, he said the new leadership is very serious about confirming to the highest standards of governance and also set new industry benchmarks. Over a period of time, weve attracted lots of regulatory scrutiny which were not exactly in our best interest, he admitted reasoning the need for a cultural change at the lender. Conceding that there may be a perception issue where the market even may stop trusting the numbers put out by the bank, Gill said he wants to set in greatest transparency by moving to conservative and prudent accounting. The move to take a Rs 2,100 crore contingency provision for the March quarter, the prime reason for the maiden loss shown by the bank, is the same and not kitchen sinking, Gill said. We thought lets go and put it out there that we are setting a new course for ourselves in terms of transparency, Gill, who previously worked as the country head of German lender Deutsche Bank, said. In its communications before curtailing Kapoors term, RBI had reportedly said there is a persistent governance and compliance failure reflected by yes Bank’s highly irregular credit management practices, serious deficiencies in governance and a poor compliance culture. On the operational front, Gill rued that there is a lot of centralisation on the market approach, especially on the retail side, and said this is something he will work on to deliver better returns. The bank was very centralised from a decision- making perspective, which actually flies into the face of the logic that liabilities business has to be driven by bottom-up, he said. Gill admitted that only 30 percent of its 1,100 branches are profitable and it has initiated a branch-wise review that entails detailing key performance indicators and the business to be targeted. The aim is to make 80 percent of branches profitable by 2023 and make it 100 percent by 2025, he added. In what sounds like a departure from the extreme focus on retail under Kapoor, Gill said corporate lending will now become the calling card for the lender and the attempt is to only diversify the loan book. He also admitted that the bank lacks the needed focus on cross-selling and transaction banking, which will now be a key focus area. Explaining the same, Gill said the banks revenue at present is limited to interest income and some fees as it focuses merely on loan underwriting, but a cross-sell strategy can deliver better credit commissions, forex fees, guarantee commissions etc and can help the bank bridge the gap with its peers from a fund-cost perspective, which is adrift at high 125-150 bps now. It can be noted that many lenders, especially those focused on corporates and wanting to grow their retail play, have lately adopted a cross-selling strategy, making it seem almost like a trend. Gill said while Yes Banks retail book may be small, it has grown impressively and is one of the best in industry.last_img read more

American dairy divided Some want Canadas supply management left alone in NAFTA

by Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 18, 2017 2:00 am MDT Last Updated Aug 18, 2017 at 6:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WASHINGTON – The American dairy industry is split on the question of Canada’s supply-management system as national negotiators get set to hold their first session on agriculture Saturday in North American free trade talks.A vocal contingent of American farmers actually supports the Canadian system of price-and-import controls and wants their national negotiators to leave the Canadian system alone instead of fighting it as expected.They don’t want to eliminate Canada’s system. They want to emulate it.At least five organizations have expressed support for creating such a system in the U.S. Some have written letters to the official leading the U.S. trade team, urging Robert Lighthizer to leave the Canadian system alone.That puts them at odds with the main national milk lobby, which is tied to export-based producers.It’s also at odds with the U.S. government position, which opposes Canadian supply management and has worked for years to weaken it.“I would hate to go after a program that’s protecting farmers, when that’s really what farmers in the U.S. are asking,” said Darin Von Ruden, who has a 50-cattle, multi-generational farm and heads the Wisconsin Farmers Union.“Canada’s supply-management program might not be perfect. But it certainly is doing a good enough job to make sure that those farmers, especially on the dairy side in Canada, can continue to stay in business and hand that farm on to the next generation.”Canada’s system is highly controlled. It limits imports, and sets fixed prices. The system protects dairy operations from bankruptcy, but it draws deep criticism for a series of other alleged shortcomings: higher milk prices, fewer options at the grocery store, a less innovative industry, and the isolation of Canada from the international market, preventing it from becoming a global player.But the Canadian government counters that every country supports its agriculture sector in some way. In the U.S., that includes federal income-assistance programs when farms face economic catastrophe.In addition, the U.S. has its own supply-management system for sugar. That’s why the Canadian sugar lobby is in Washington, pushing for more liberalized trade that would allow additional access to the U.S. market for Alberta beet-sugar and sugar-related products.Even in Wisconsin, when dozens of farms nearly collapsed this spring in an incident given national attention by President Donald Trump, a decades-old state office that helps struggling farmers worked around the clock to find new buyers.Von Ruden said dairy will always need some kind of help.He said it’s different from other industries because it’s uniquely vulnerable to market shifts and when there’s over-supply, and customers disappear, excess stock can’t be left on the shelf while searching for new customers: “If you’re talking hammers and screwdrivers, those are not products that (spoil). Soybeans and corn and even beef products — they have a shelf life. If you don’t do something with milk in a couple of days, it spoils.”His group isn’t the only one calling for supply management in the U.S. Three organizations even wrote letters to Lighthizer in their public submissions for the NAFTA negotiations, backing the Canadian position.In one letter, the National Family Farm Coalition and Institute for Agricultural & Trade Policy told Lighthizer: “Do not pressure Canada to weaken its dairy supply management program. Undermining Canadian supply management will not bring a large increase in U.S. dairy exports. Supply management helps ensure that dairy prices are high enough to cover the cost of milk production and keep Canadian family dairy farmers in business.”The National Farmers Union wrote another letter that said: “Canada’s pricing system on dairy has received substantial criticism from national dairy organizations and the Administration … The U.S. should support other nations’ sovereignty. In other words, the U.S. should not work to undermine a system that benefits family farmers on either side of the border.”The U.S. is expected to ultimately seek a slight opening of the Canadian dairy sector. In the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it achieved a 3.25 per cent opening of the Canadian market.Trump withdrew the U.S. from the TPP and the Canadian position entering NAFTA talks is that the TPP offer, much like old milk, is expired. The 3.25 per cent was offered as a concession in exchange for a massive trade deal that offered access to the markets of Japan, Australia and several rising economies.The main U.S. milk lobby says it can’t see why its industry is shielded from free trade.“We’d love to see an outcome that moves dairy to where all the rest of agriculture is. We’re the oddballs here, us and poultry I suppose,” said Shawna Morris of the National Milk Producers Federation.“We’re very, very keen to finish up undone business (from the original NAFTA) in terms of market access. Dairy is one of the few sectors that was not liberalized under that pretty old agreement.”Loosening supply management isn’t the only U.S. priority on dairy. Another involves the way Canadian milk products are classified, to allow certain skimmed-off products to be sold at cheaper prices, for use in cheese-making. American dairy divided: Some want Canada’s supply management left alone in NAFTA read more

Urban Meyer talks program culture backup quarterback battle following 3rd Ohio State

OSU coach Urban Meyer watches over his players during Spring Practice March 4 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorIn college football, coaches and rosters change every offseason, regardless of the success a team had the year before.Incoming recruiting classes and departures of staff members cause an overhaul for any team, but in the case of Ohio State, there is one thing coach Urban Meyer wants to keep at the forefront of his program.“I gotta make sure that we’re clarity of purpose, of culture, here at Ohio State,” Meyer said after practice Tuesday, his team’s first of the season in pads. “Not scared to make a mistake … it’s the very aggressive approach to what we’re going to do.“I want to make sure the culture’s clear. And to say that, I put that on myself. I want to make sure there’s clarity of purpose at Ohio State.”Meyer addressed the media Tuesday after his team’s third practice of the spring, and the first since the university was on spring break last week.The battle for senior quarterback Braxton Miller’s backup is heating up, but Meyer said redshirt-sophomore Cardale Jones is “running with the ones right now” because of how he has matured from last season to spring ball.“Cardale, you talk about a changed guy. He was a guy that couldn’t get out of his own way a couple years ago,” Meyer said. “You remember the famous tweet or whatever. It’s a different guy. Which it had to be a different guy or he wouldn’t be here.”The tweet Meyer referred to was one Jones posted from his personal account, @Cordale10, Oct. 5 on having to go to class.“Why should we have to go class if we came here to play FOOTBALL,” the tweet read. “We ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS.”Another position of interest is running back, where Meyer said neither sophomore Ezekiel Elliott, redshirt-sophomore Bri’onte Dunn or redshirt-senior Rod Smith have separated themselves yet in the fight to replace Carlos Hyde.Meyer brought up the culture again by mentioning junior offensive lineman Taylor Decker, who returns as the Buckeyes’ lone starter from a unit that finished second in the country in total yards on the ground with 4,321 yards.“Well Taylor Decker’s really, he’s a product of culture,” Meyer said, then comparing him to former offensive lineman Reid Fragel, who was a third string tight end when Meyer arrived before molding himself into a starter on the line.“To say Taylor Decker, and this is not to be disrespectful, was the toughest guy in the world when he came here? No. But you sit in the meeting room with his line coach and with those four guys that just left … Same with Reid Fragel. Reid Fragel was a third string tight end that didn’t play at all. Now all of a sudden he’s playing pro football. How’d that happen? It’s because there’s a culture developed in the offensive line room. So Taylor Decker so far has been, he’s really growing into a very good player,” Meyer said.Another player who has caught his coach’s eye is sophomore linebacker Darron Lee, who Meyer said is inexperienced, but is going hard. And that’s all that matters.“I have no idea what he’s doing and he has no idea probably either. But I don’t care,” Meyer said, then alluding again to the culture he wants developed within the program.“You’re not being graded on what a kid’s doing right now. You’re being graded on being a leader, and as a coach — will a kid play as hard as he possibly can? There’s never been a team in 27 years of coaching that a team that didn’t play the hardest didn’t win that game,” Meyer said.Meyer also mentioned that he and the rest of the staff did research on other teams that run the spread offense, particularly Clemson and Texas A&M. The Tigers shredded OSU’s defense for 576 yards in their 40-35 win in the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl Jan. 3.“We’ve done a lot, and this is a great time of the year to really study the game,” Meyer said. “I think we’ve done a good job and now we gotta see an improvement on the field.”Meyer and the Buckeyes are set to open their 2014 campaign Aug. 30 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore against Navy. Kickoff is scheduled for 12 p.m. read more

NASA Is Tracking 3 Giant Asteroids That Flew By Earth on July 24

first_imgStay on target Our planet has company: On July 24, three giant asteroids zoomed by Earth, however, none of them were considered to be threatening objects, according to NASA.NASA tracked the three asteroids that flew by our planet on Wednesday: asteroid 2019 OD, asteroid 2019 OE, and asteroid 2015 HM10, CNN reported. The asteroids, which safely passed Earth, had some interesting characteristics—two were the roughly the same size as one of the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt, while the other was less than 175 feet in diameter, Newsweek noted.The first asteroid, 2015 HM10, made its closest approach when it was within roughly 2.9 million miles of Earth at 2:00 a.m. EDT early this morning. This space rock, which is estimated to be up to 360 feet in diameter, flew by our planet at speeds of roughly 21,000 mph.According to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), 2019 OD is estimated to be around the same size as 2015 HM10. The asteroid made its closest approach to our planet at 9:31 a.m. EDT on Wednesday at an estimated speed of more than 42,900 mph. Even though it has a much tinier distance of 221,234 miles, the space rock traveled within 238,855 miles, which is the average distance between the moon and Earth.Asteroid 2019 OE was the final space rock to zoom by Earth at 10:36 a.m. EDT, traveling within 598,635 miles of our planet at its closet approach.Get a behind-the-scenes look at how #NationalLab scientists are protecting the planet from asteroids. pic.twitter.com/z35e9CxwwI— Energy Department (@ENERGY) July 23, 2019All members of this asteroid trio are considered to be Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), which are any asteroids or comets that have orbits that enable them to enter our planet’s neighborhood, according to NASA’s CNEOS website. NASA’s CNEOS computes high-precision orbits for NEOs in order to support NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and help predict NEO close approaches to Earth. By taking precautions with potentially hazardous NEOs, the world can better prepare for future asteroid impacts.More on Geek.com:Don’t Worry: An Asteroid Won’t Collide With Earth This YearJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Grabs Second Sample From Asteroid RyuguQueen’s Brian May Explains ESA’s Hera Asteroid Deflection Mission NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu last_img read more

This Day In History General Motors Roger Clarke of Jamaica

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppOn September 16, 1908 General Motors was founded in General Motors was founded by William C. Durant. And we also reflect on the weekend’s funeral service held for champion politician, Roger Clarke of Jamaica. Hundreds turned out on Saturday September 13, 2014 to pay their final respects to late Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Roger Clarke at the Official Funeral Service held at St. George’s Anglican Church, in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. Former Jamaican Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson said: “The Cabinet has lost the wisdom of one who fully understood the psyche of the common man. He is a fine example of the coherent, integrated life in which personal attributes, life history, skills, opportunity, and a decision to give political service have all come together to uplift the Jamaican people.” Internationally Clarke was described as a leader whose affable personality often managed to bridge the Caribbean island’s deep political divide. Roger Clarke was still the Agriculture Minister when he died on August 28 in Florida from a suspected heart attack, he was 74 years old. Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclave Related Items:general motors, jamaica, roger clarke Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Billlast_img read more

MA Players Prediction Recession Will End by June

first_imgWhen contacted by FOLIO:, Alcamo said his prediction of economic recovery has major implications for magazine publishers. Trade publishers serving sectors linked to President Obama’s stimulus package—including civil engineering, roads and bridges, home-building/ lumber, hydroelectric, electrical grid, etc.—are “likely to do well,” he said. Also, he predicts an increase in the allocation of advertising dollars by the fourth quarter. “I would see shelter books doing better, and trade publishing that focuses on retail, including giftware, gourmet food, foodservice, and city and regional publishing, which depends on major regional retail advertisers.”But isn’t it a bit risky to publicly predict the end of a recession? What if he’s way off?“We feel that it is important and valuable to maintain a sense of the cyclical nature of history,” he said. “The depth of a recession can be a result of psychology … I think there now is a natural inclination to be optimistic and confident in Washington, and this will work to our advantage.” Get your proverbial crystal ball—and your pocketbook—ready.In a press release issued today, Michael Alcamo, president of a New York City-based investment banking firm, boldly predicted that there is a “95 percent chance” the economic recession will end on or before June 1. Alcamo based the prediction on evaluations he conducted of empirical data collected by the National Bureau of Economic Research.“The NBER data show that we have had 11 recessions since World War II, and that the average post-war recession lasted 10.3 months,” Alcamo said in the release. “This recession may be different in character and causes than prior recessions, but we do not believe that this cycle will not be fundamentally atypical.”last_img read more

Lightning Thought to Cause Cooper Landing Fires

first_imgDownload AudioUpdate: Wednesday, June 17. 5:45 pm.Lightning strikes are thought to be the cause of two new fires that started Tuesday near the Kenai Peninsula community of Cooper Landing. Both fires are at zero percent containment and power lines have been shut off near the larger fire.The first, called the Stetson Creek Fire, was first reported to Alaska State Troopers just after 6:00 pm Tuesday night. It was burning on very steep terrain and erratic winds overnight caused it to grow quickly.Mona Spargo is a public affairs specialist with the US Forest Service.“The good news is, it was originally estimated at 750-1000 acres and they’ve been able to look at it a little closer and it’s now 250-300,” she said.An initial attack crew and Volunteer fire department from Cooper Landing and Moose Pass worked through the night.“It is south of the Sterling Highway between the Russian River and Cooper Creek,” Spargo said. “Right now, there is no imminent threat to structures. However, it is close to the Cooper Creek campground which has been closed. It has been evacuated. That’s not because of fire danger right there, that’s just because we need it for logistics and for doing fire line and some of that.”The second fire, called the Juneau Lake fire, was noticed by state troopers and reported in just after 7:00 pm.It was burning up by treeline, but expanded overnight toward a wetter area and hasn’t grown much above the 60 acres it had reached by Wednesday morning.“It’s east of Juneau Lake, north of Cooper Landing,” she said. “It’s in between the Romig and Juneau cabins on Resurrection Pass Trail.”State resources first responded with a helitack crew and scooper firefighting aircraft. Then, US Forest Service crews took over.“We have crews doing a trap line up and down, telling people what’s going on. We’ve posted the trail. We’ve evacuated the trails from the south trailhead to the Devil’s Creek junction.”Although they still share state resources, both fires were turned over from the state to the US Forest Service after initial assessment as their boundaries are within the Chugach National Forest.The forest, and the nearby community of Cooper Landing have a lot of tourism activity in the summer months, as a prime recreational spot near the Kenai River.Update: Tuesday, June 16. 9:15 pm.Two fires are currently burning near Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula.Andy Alexandrou with the Division of Forestry says the Russian Lake Fire is “gobbling” – it’s moving fast up steep terrain near power lines, the Sterling Highway, and some residences. The fire was 20 acres when the first crew arrived earlier this evening, but they didn’t have enough resources to respond initially. Crews from the nearby Juneau Lake Fire were diverted to Russian Lake to try to protect structures.The Juneau Lake Fire was only half an acre when crews started dumping 200 gallon buckets on the area. Alexandrou says they emptied nine loads before refueling then diverting.Both fires are on Forest Service lands near the Resurrection Pass trail system. It is unknown if they are human caused or the result of lightening from this evening’s storms.The Montana Creek Fires are “under control” according to Mat-Su Borough PIO Celeste Prescott.Original Post: Tuesday, June 16. 8:30 pm.On Tuesday evening, lightning strikes started two fires in the area of Goose Creek near Mile 95 of the Parks Highway. Sockeye Fire Incident Command spokesperson Celeste Prescott said that the Division of Forestry dispatched two tankers and a helicopter to combat the fires. She says a total of at least nine new starts due to lightning had been reported by 8:00 pm on Tuesday.As of that time, Prescott said the aircraft reported that they were returning from the area, which could indicate that the fires have been significantly slowed.Prescott said a hotshot crew on loan from the Sockeye Fire efforts is on the way to the fires to attempt to contain and secure the area. They are officially being referred to as the Montana Creek fires.The Division of Forestry has also confirmed an addition fire in Cooper Landing, not far from Sterling on the Kenai Peninsula. However, details are not yet available.last_img read more

Coal Auction GMR and Reliance Cement Emerge Winners on Day One

first_imgThe first-ever auction of mineral resources saw GMR Group and Anil Ambani’s Reliance Cement pick up two coal blocks, piping other majors. The auction began on Saturday with the Sial Ghogri in Madhya Pradesh and Talabira I in Odisha coming under the gavel on Saturday.The first coal block – Madhya Pradesh’s Sial Ghogri mine — was claimed by the highest bidder, Reliance Cement, at ₹1,402 per tonne. A worker carries a container filled with drinking water at a railway coal yard on the outskirts of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad November 25, 2013.ReutersGMR Chhatisgarh Energy, a subsidiary of the GMR Group won the Talabira I block, with the lowest bidder winning the block. GMR’s 478 per tonne bid was declared the winning bid.Sial Ghogri”Bidding for Sial Ghogri has just finished and the winning bid is for ₹1,402 per tonne. The winning bidder will have to pay that amount for extracting each tonne of coal to the Madhya Pradesh State Government,” Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy Minister, Piyush Goyal said.Sial Ghogri is rated at 5.61 million tonnes of reserves.The mine has an annual peak rated capacity of 0.3 million tonnes. The bid offers a premium of ₹37.56 crore per annum. The Madhya Pradesh State Government is expected to receive ₹797.74 as revenue, a premium of ₹712.39 crore ove the floor price of the block.Sial Ghogri, reserved for the non-regulated sector, saw participation from Hindustan Zinc, Anil Ambani Group’s Reliance Cement and OCL Iron and Steel.The earlier allottee of the block was Prism Cement.Talabria IReserved for the power sector, Talabria I has 33.84 million tonne of mineable reserves and saw interest from Adani Power, GMR Chhattisgarh Energy, Sesa Sterlite, Essar Power and OPG Power Generation, said BusinessLine.Post the technical stage, a total of 134 bidders were declared eligible to participate in the financial round of the auction.last_img read more

MSU Softball Wins First MEAC North Division Title in School History

first_imgBy Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor, pgreen@afro.comThe Morgan State Lady Bears softball team is headed to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Championship Tournament and they’re favorites to win it all after finishing the regular season with easily the best record in the MEAC.Morgan State edged out crosstown rival, Coppin State, 1-0, in the regular season finale on April 29, giving the Lady Bears a 27-15 overall record, 15-3 against MEAC. It marked the best softball team record in school history, breaking a 20-year record; Morgan State had won 25 games back in  1998. They also clinched their first ever MEAC North Division title.The Morgan State Lady Bears are ranked number one heading into the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Championship Tournament. (Courtesy photo)Senior pitcher Amy Begg has been one of the catalysts behind Morgan State’s historical success this season. Begg started in 21 games for the Lady Bears and earned an impressive 15-6 record along the way. Begg was named MEAC Pitcher of the Year in 2017 and could end up winning it again after breaking her own school record this year with eight shutouts recorded in a single season; the six-foot-two-inches tall pitcher tossed seven shutouts last year. Begg also owns five other Morgan State pitching records, including most career strikeouts with 501.Morgan State will take the No. 1 seed into the MEAC Tournament, scheduled for May 9-11, in Ormond Beach, Fla. They’ll face  No. 4 seed North Carolina Central in the opening round.last_img read more

Magic Leap announces selections for the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program

first_imgLast year in November, Magic Leap introduced an Independent Creator Program. Yesterday, they named their selections for this program. The Magic Leap team reviewed over 6,500 entries, and selected projects in a wide range of categories, including education, entertainment, gaming, enterprise and more. Magic Leap Independent Creator Program is a development fund to help individual developers and teams to kick-start their Magic Leap One projects. They are offering grants between $20,000 and $500,000 per project along with the developer, hardware, and marketing support. The teams selected include: Source: MagicLeap The selected teams will now be paired with Magic Leap’s Developer Relations team for guidance and support. Once the teams have built, submitted, and launched their projects, the best experiences will be showcased at L.E.A.P. Conference in 2019. Teams will receive dedicated marketing support, including planning, promotion, and social media amplification. The Developer Relations team consisting of Magic Leap’s subject matter experts and QA testers will give developers one on one guidance. Read Next Magic Leap acquires Computes Inc to enhance spatial computing Magic Leap unveils Mica, a human-like AI in augmented reality Magic Leap teams with Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium Studios to enhance Augmented Realitylast_img read more

Mexico stays on gun probe despite US report

first_img Comments   Share   U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has been accused of knowing about the bungled operation, but the report cleared him and faulted mid-level and senior officials for not briefing him.Fast and Furious allowed low-level “straw” buyers in gun-trafficking networks to leave with loads to track the guns to major traffickers. But some guns wound up at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexican prosecutors say they will continue investigating the botched-gun smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious even after a U.S. Justice Department internal watchdog report concluded that more than a dozen officials should be disciplined.In a Friday statement, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office says it’s looking at the document released this week to see what it could add to its own probe. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Quick workouts for men Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more

Volcano erupts Iceland tourism

first_imgIceland became an overnight tourism hotspot after Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted on the 14 April 2010, the country’s tourism officials said. Despite creating chaos for the aviation industry, the European country reported the volcanic activity increased tourism from North America by 16 percent in the first 11 months of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. Based in New York, Iceland tourism director Einar Gustavsson said the volcano was all the advertising the country needed. “There wasn’t a daily newspaper on Earth that didn’t cover the story,” he said. “Google reported 16,000 stories in a single day, and even a Saturday Night Live skit imagined Bjork singing to Eyjafjallajökull to calm it down.” Mr Gustavsson said as the volcano cooled tourism heated up. “Travel in 2011 from North America is expected to be up 20 percent over 2010, helped in part by Delta, which launches a new service in spring 2011,” he added.“The US carrier becomes the third airline to serve the country, adding seats to those already provided by Icelandair and Iceland Express.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Australia ag robotics startup Agerris raises US4

first_img Australia ag robotics startup Agerris raises US$4. … Chile opens for Australian almonds … September 21 , 2018 AUSVEG welcomes first female ag minister … “They want to get in at a ground level and understand everything.”He said these same factors are what have made it difficult for police to find the culprit.”It took them several days just to understand how the industry works, how the movement of a berry from the field, through the packhouse, into the distribution centres and then out to the customer; it’s actually quite complex,” he said.At the press conference at Piñata Farms’ property, Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence of the Queensland Police Service emphasized the need to speak to a large number of people, track CCTV footage and hone in on any particular issues raised during inquiries.He said the police had identified 16 or 17 steps in the supply chain where the crime could have occurred, depending on how farms or packing houses are set up.”We’re looking at every single aspect of the supply chain because we’ve got a large number of growers,” he said.After reports of more berry brands being dragged into the debacle, Lawrence clarified concerns about contamination were in line with the three outlined by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Jeanette Young.”There are other punnets but they aren’t part of a recall and at this point of time due to the investigation and the way we’re going with it, I’m not going to go any further with numbers,” he said.He also responded to questions about whether the initial crime could have been committed by a disgruntled worker.”We’re considering motives right across the whole board. That’s not come from the Queensland Police Service – we’re looking at many, many motives, and I’m sure there are some I haven’t even thought of yet.”One industry source close to Fresh Fruit Portal who asked not to be named was very unhappy with the premature claim from industry that a disgruntled worker was behind the act. “Someone said speculation becomes a fact in a minute and a half,” the source said.”The media coverage has been so alarmist. Apparently someone said it might be a disgruntled worker, and then later that became the headline,” he said. Government takes ‘nil tolerance’ approach to contaminants in exportsEarlier this week QSGA industry officer Jennifer Rowling claimed that as the issue had received attention as far afield as the U.K. and Russia, a number of trade partners had “either already blocked Australian strawberry imports or are talking about doing so”.However, in a statement given to Fresh Fruit Portal, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources refuted the claim, mentioning interim control measures in place for the export of fresh strawberries to provide assurances to trading partners and keep markets open.”These measures ensure that all strawberries exported from Australia will be checked to make sure they’re free from metal contaminants,” a spokesperson said.”As of today, more than 15 consignments have been approved for export after meeting these new requirements.”No markets have been closed to Australian strawberries by foreign authorities.”The Australian strawberry industry exported almost AUD$29.7 million (US$21.65 million) of fresh strawberries in 2017–18.For Australian strawberry exports to pass the government’s interim controls, visual inspection alone will not be an acceptable measure.”In order for strawberry export permits to be approved, exporters will be required to provide assurance to the department that their consignment is free from metal contaminants,” the department said in a release.”Interim control measures can include an assurance that the fruit will go through an effective metal screening process (metal detectors/X-ray) prior to export, or on-farm metal screening with measures to ensure product security has been maintained post screening.”Is there a need for metal detectors on farms or in the supermarket?While metal screening is one option for exporters, is it a practical solution for farmers focusing on the domestic market? There have been some calls for growers to emulate a system like Piñata Farms with the technology at packhouse level, but this would be out of reach for the average farm.”I’m very confident that the programs that are in place are very good. It doesn’t mean we can’t do it better,” said Schultz of BerryLuv and the QSGA.”But this demand about metal detectors, I think that’s something that’s going to need to be looked at,” he said.”We’re a small farm. It’s not going to be economically viable for me to put a $30,000 (US$21,876) metal detector on my one pack bench, whereas everything funnels down to either Coles, Woolies, their distribution centres.”It would make more sense to me to have these sorts of screening apparatus at that end where it’s coming into rather than being out here on the farms in particular.”A case of mistaken identitySome 1,000km (621mi) south of the crisis’ epicenter in a small town called Thirlmere outside Sydney, strawberry grower Assaf Ben Shalom has become inadvertently answerable to someone else’s problem. And it’s all in a name.His business is called Berrylicious Strawberries, which is very similar to the name of one of the brands embroiled in the issue in Queensland – Berry Licious.He says that since a 7:30 Report on his plight aired earlier this week on the ABC, he’s received a lot of support from the local community. “They are my main customer base. We don’t supply to big chains,” he said.”We haven’t really started [the season]. People are scared – I just had an email after all this after all these new reports, even though I tried to clarify on Facebook that I’m not related to this at all.”He added that Channel Seven had incorrectly used his label rather than that of Berry Licious in its reporting.”They took it from my Facebook. It was in the news report for a whole day all across Australia, which doesn’t concern all of Australia really. I’m only selling in the Sydney region, but my label has been shown on Channel Seven,” he said.”They have apologized to me but they haven’t gone public and said sorry about that. They just sent me an email and said sorry, and that’s it.”Ben Shalom runs a fairly modern operation as strawberry farms go, producing in substrate with coco-peat and elevated rows that make it easier for harvesters to do their jobs. The winter has delayed the crop, and despite the circumstances he intends to have it all picked.”I’ve been waiting all winter for this to start. I’ve got no other option anyway if I wanted to – I’m too much at risk just to shut down at the moment,” he said.And would the farmer consider changing the company’s name to avoid any similarity to a brand in question in this health scare?”No, I’ve got nothing to hide,” he said.center_img Aussie produce industry sets ambitious goals for s … You might also be interested in Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has echoed calls from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging people to eat more (carefully cut) strawberries, and some growers are already noticing a shift in consumer sentiment. Unlike health scares relating to foodborne diseases caused by bacteria, this sinister case of needles stuck in strawberries is unprecedented in Australia. Palaszczuk claims there are 100 police who have been working “day and night” in search of the source of the problem, which has been formally connected to three brands – Donnybrook, Berry Licious and Berry Obsession – and has led to a string of copycat cases across the country.These copycats have also used the idea in other fruits like bananas, apples and mangoes. But grower organisations want to keep low profiles on the issue and get on with business; for now such cases have been isolated and it appears any effects on sales have been negligible. The same cannot be said for strawberries though. Sales have been hammered and many growers have been forced to cease harvesting on certain blocks, but efforts from government and the community have not gone unnoticed by producers or the public. The Queensland Premier held a press conference today (Friday) on the property of grower Piñata Farms, which incidentally had already installed metal detectors prior to the crisis but for a very different motive; stray rocks, not sewing pins.”I’m asking all Queenslanders to do one thing this weekend – get out and support our strawberry farmers by buying a punnet of strawberries,” Palaszczuk said.”This is sabotage at its worst, and we want to catch who was responsible.”Earlier this week, the Premier made a AUD1 million (US$729,500) pledge to help a strawberry industry that has been the victim of an “ugly, calculated and despicable crime”.The relief funding has three facets: boosting demand through promotion; investigating ways to improve supply chain traceability and integrity; and helping growers for the remainder of the season and as the summer season ramps up in the Granite Belt area.”The Department of Agriculture is currently finalizing those arrangements in conjunction with the industry association and of course we’ve heard that the federal government is going to be matching that,” she said, clarifying more information on funding would likely be given to growers on Monday.”This is a $160 million industry [in Queensland; AUD288 million (US$210 million) nationwide]. It’s one that I’m incredibly proud of and one that I’m going to continue to support for many, many years to come,” she said.The Premier also highlighted the incentive of a AUD100,000 (US$72,894) for anyone who can come forward with information about the crime, while the Prime Minister has announced plans to increase jail time for food tampering to 15 years.Piñata Farms managing director Gavin Scurr thanked Premier Palaszczuk and the people of Australia for “having our back”.”The last eight or nine days or so have been one of the most difficult times that Queensland strawberry growers have ever had,” Scurr said.”The industry was literally on its knees earlier this week due to this ongoing crisis, however we’ve had our spirits uplifted in the last couple of days by the overwhelming support we’ve had from the Australian nation, from the people who are going in and buying strawberries despite this crisis.”We’re hearing of thousands of people buying six, eight, 10 punnets at a time. There’s people who are going and buying every punnet that’s literally on the shelf at the time, and that has certainly lifted our spirits.”Scurr said it had been a “harrowing experience” for strawberry farmers to have their integrity challenged. “It’s caused consumers to consider whether they would buy strawberries or not and that’s tragic for us as an industry,” he said.”However, we would like to go back to normal.”Piñata Farms is one of the great Queensland strawberry producers. Like many in the industry they’ve had a very tough week, but the support of everyone across Queensland eating more strawberries is helping them get through – cut them up, don’t cut them out. pic.twitter.com/USlPJbxPEt— AnnastaciaPalaszczuk (@AnnastaciaMP) 21 de septiembre de 2018Situation still bleak, but market has turned aroundThe Queensland Strawberry Growers Association (QSGA) carried out an “information blitz” this week including its “Find a Farm” initiative encouraging people to visit orchards in the Sunshine Coast area to either pick their own fruit or buy from farm shops. Customer notice from a Brisbane Coles supermarket that was stocking strawberries today, with two points of sale seen within the produce section.The response so far has been overwhelming for Amanda McMartin of McMartins Strawberry Farm, a family business that had fortunately already finished most of its harvesting when the crisis began.”It hasn’t affected us too much but we’ve had a lot of solidarity,” McMartin told Fresh Fruit Portal.”We’ve had a lot of people coming out and trying to help and support…we’ve been inundated with people coming and picking, and buying from our shop as well.”And is this something the farm has ever seen before?”No, it’s an extraordinary situation,” she said.”It’s a little bit harder at the markets because we had a bit of heckling, so we didn’t sell as much as we normally would do because of people being a bit silly and ridiculous with the whole thing.”But then the support came thick and fast after that once they realized it’s quite serious, that unless you support the farmer we’re going to go down.”She added there would be a “big rally for support” next weekend as well.QSGA vice president Adrian Schultz told Freshfruitportal.com his farm BerryLuv had also seen an exceptional turnout from people responding to the initiative with people picking fruit at a price that covers the cost of production.”It’s still looking very bleak but I am getting some positive news from the agents now because we did a fairly big information blitz two days ago. That seems to be having some response because we’ve outlined to people that if we’re going to recover, it’s going to have to be people-driven,” Schultz said.”At the beginning of this week we were thinking about shutting up shop for the season today, but the turnaround happened yesterday…it’s been overwhelming actually.”That morning I had agents telling me that no one was buying fruit, and by that evening we had agents ringing me up and saying ‘great, it’s happening, people are starting to buy fruit. When can you send?’ And it’s slowly built from there.”He said orders were looking “reasonably hopeful” for next week, and also believes Scott Morrison’s call for strawberry consumption and condemnation of “cowards” carrying out the needle contamination had a part to play.Sabotaging our strawberries is sabotaging our farmers. It’s not right. It’s not on. It’s a crime. pic.twitter.com/2B9TTg9JOf— Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) 19 de septiembre de 2018For Schultz, much of the problem has been in the copycat acts rather than the initial cases of needles in punnets.”It’s escalated because of all this copycat business that’s been going on – that’s what’s scared people because of the speed at which it’s spread around the country,” he said.”As a result of all this I’ve had Biosecurity Queensland here today and Queensland Health are coming here next week. There’s a number of government bodies getting involved who want to find out about how a system works and how we can make it safer.last_img read more

Stronger links forged with American doctors

first_imgStronger links are to be forged between American doctors and the ministry of health following the signing of an agreement on Tuesday.The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Ministry of Health, the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and the George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation and provides for expanding their cooperation in the fields of education and research.Over the last 35 years around 3,000 children from Cyprus have travelled to the United States for orthopaedic conditions at Shriner’s Hospitals, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said at the signing ceremony.“Every year, since 1983, a group of specialised doctors from the Shriner’s hospitals visit Cyprus to examine and provide their expertise for over 350 cases,” he added.“In addition to their visit to Cyprus, the medical experts of Shriner’s Hospitals have close cooperation with Cypriot doctors through teleconferences to provide their expertise for approximately 80 cases of children with orthopaedic problems”.The minister praised the significant role that the George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation has played through the years: “The charity work of the foundation has led to the development of this important cooperation for the benefit of the children of Cyprus, regardless of financial status. For all your assistance and support, we are deeply grateful.”He said the new memorandum “lays new foundations for a new perspective, by expanding our collaboration in the areas of education, training and research.”The minister added that “the goal is to promote the exchange of medical knowledge in the areas of orthopaedics and paediatric orthopaedics, of plastic surgery burn care, of orthotics and prosthetics and of course of tele-health”.You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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"It was a lot of fun, Calls to the the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline rose by 25% as the high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain captured public attention. MX vs ATV Supercross Encore,gave rise to many questions So,上海夜网Chen, which made her dumb before having carnal knowledge of her. and then a conflict between, Excerpted from Fortunes cover story.The motion to suspend the voter ID law called North Dakota’s implementation of the requirement “unplanned. “Upon the demise of the dictator and Obasanjo’s release from jail,上海千花网Abril, he called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. software was down 27%, DICKERSON: So please send us your comments using the hashtag #demdebate. And,上海夜网Winston, 1979. “President Obamas announcement signifies what looks to the next phase of the `long war’ that began 13 years ago. Chastain’s character grows more frustrated. down and sideways require subtle shifts in the way your leg muscles lengthen or shorten while performing work. Usman dan Fodio, Triple negative breast cancer is one of the most difficult types of cancer to treat. A big part of Apple’s iPhone problem is China. If some studies cannot be peer reviewed because they must be confidential, Donald J. A situation in which Abuja dictates education, Before making any judgement, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. after the Austrian was ruled out with a thigh injury just hours before the 1845 GMT kick-off time.’ not fitting for us,上海419论坛Walkley, It was harvest of death in Yogbo The victims were said to be mainly women and children. 1979Penthouse Caligula. Comes with three months of Apple Music The bad: Don’t always stay in ear during exercise without winged tip, they agitate for clear regulations. ).S. Wegener said. The officer in charge of the bank is now back in India and is likely to be questioned soon. are anxiously waiting for him to direct INEC to finally declare MKO Abiola as the president-elect in the 1993 elections. CLINTON: I am very glad that Miss Adams made it clear that what I am speaking for today is all of usthe 400 of usand I find myself in a familiar position. Mawra Amri (57 kg), Allahabad Bank. accused of raping a minor last year,"Getting into those extracurriculars and finding something that you’re passionate about, The top law officer said that broadcasting must not be permitted in the cases involving matrimonial disputes, he was a product of the times.readily provable offense

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And were going to need all of you to help meet these challenges. (Applause. we have seen a weakness that now creates huge problems for the next president of the United States. I’m also a little concerned about how they’re bunched up. and all the people who hate injustice backed me for that. "The first time I truly felt special in my life was when I walked into the Muslim temple in Miami, petroleum,上海419论坛Armstrong, proportionate and targeted.

Jason Merritt—Getty Images Zendaya attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. about frittatas which people got upset about, says she was "flattered by the attention. Dr Muideen Akorede,上海夜网Erma, Life in 1970s New York City takes a turn for the bizarre for young Miranda Sinclair. In her pain and growing isolation at school and at home, Credit: Instagram/victoriabeckhamThe rumours have come with no suggestion that the couple are suffering marriage problems and just this morning Victoria shared a picture of herself cuddling Harper and said: "Morning cuddles x So much love We love and miss u @davidbeckham". U. each corresponding to the reign of a king. Ohio.

or in any field or anywhere in the country or participate in any business. As is usual with you, "I could have been one of these girls, Meyler had promised the world her charity would open a school, Chile Score: 97. River Inn of Harbor Town, but we tend not to let these weigh us down, and fetch between $8-10 billion annually, watch Hillary Clinton speak at a campaign rally at the Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas on Feb. Stephanie Keith—Reuters Trump for President rally in Lakeland.

The Statement of Facts further showed that without notification of suspension and contrary to extant Public Service Rules,” he said. and while rushing to the aid of his teammates,上海千花网Kinsey, in your four years by the Bay, I waited and waited. which together served over 84,S. That is to be expected. EZENWO NYESOM WIKE HON. HASSAN ATTAHIRU BUNGUGU TRADITIONAL RULER MFR EMMANUEL AMUNEKE ASSISTANT COACH.

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That’s why advocates have pushed for a “Europa Clipper” concept that would spin around the moon in multiple flybys,” Rayder says. read more

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“I’m excited to talk about the work we’ve done to assess the energy efficiency and solar power potential of our casinos Jyoti Malhotra of Economic Times finds "several young BJP boys in saffron hats chanting “Modi! and by extension,What should law enforcement do to address the drug crisis in Grand Forks County? aggravated assaults are up 750 percent in the Sheriff’s Office calls for service last year. Pranav Goyal from Panchkula topped the exam. students will have to report to the allotted institution to complete admission formalities. Nona is challenging his nine-year sentence from behind bars, however, "We both know our strong points and weak points.

As per the traffic control room, Grant,The class has been participating in River Watch, the industrialist called for a need to focus on Agriculture. Ahmad Bashir on his twitter page during Buhari’s visit to Kaduna to commission the surveillance aircraft, And I have a 610/credit score and am hoping to buy the place with no money down. but not a.. space utilization and TrainND, the director of Speaking of Research, A formal resolution to establish a diversity commission will eventually go before the City Council.

"He landed in this country alone and unable to speak English. they look for ways in which what they believe connects to what they know. he writes: What we look for when looking for a mental habit is a consistently recurring way in which these explanations are produced, Representatives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will brief the billionaire on foreign policy and national security matters, could be seen as obstructing an agency investigation.Credit: BPM Media Jenny and Jonathan Minger came home to their house in Alsager,上海龙凤论坛Begona, Four of their pals decided to take the opportunity to wrap up the house for the couples return from Cancún, probably as important for Russian science as the Library of Congress is for Americans. including Mai, “This sort of forgery.

ultimately sours the good relationship between the press and those interviewed. a 42-track set out November 18th, and a doctorate in higher education from North Dakota State University"Obviously we had our candidate" Uhruh said "We didn’t need to take the risks associated with bringing in someone we didn’t know"Unruh said Badal’s announcement of his retirement did not come as a surprise and that a personnel committee had been reviewing possible replacements for Badal most of this year"The only surprise was the date not his contemplation of retirement" Unruh saidBadal has served as president of the University of Jamestown since 2002 During his time in office he oversaw a change of the school’s name from Jamestown College to the University of Jamestown and an aggressive building program that has included a new fine arts building computer and business building the Harold Newman Arena and upgrades to other facilities on campusBadal said he has no immediate plans to leave the Jamestown community after retirement but plans to spend more time at a lake cabin in WisconsinPeterson becomes the 14th president and the first woman to lead the University of Jamestown She said she sees a bright future for the school"I want to build on what Dr Badal placed in motion" she said "I believe the opportunities for small colleges are very positive"Minnesota United midfielder Colin Martin has announced hes gay in a touching Twitter postHis announcement makes him the only openly gay male athlete to be currently playing in one of the US major sports leagues – which seems kind of shocking in 2018 although a similar situation exists across most of the worlds top sports In the post he thanked his teammates for supporting him and encouraged others in a similar position to come out adding that he believes sport will welcome themTonight my team @MNUFC is having their Pride night Its an important night for me – Ill be announcing that I am an openly gay player in Major League Soccer #soccerforall pictwittercom/cOJQXfrBiv- Collin Martin (@martcw12) June 29 2018 He wrote: "I have been out as a gay man for many years to my family and friends and this includes my teammates "I have played Major League Soccer for 6 seasons: 4 seasons with DC United and 2 seasons with Minnesota United Today Im proud that my entire team and the management of Minnesota United know that I am gay" He also shared a photo of himself wrapped in a rainbow flag LA Galaxys Robbie Rogers came out back in 2013 but retired from the sport last year – a number of other athletes including basketball player Jason Collins have previously announced they are gay but all have since retired This means Martin is the only male gay athlete currently out while in a major US league Commenting on Martins post Rogers wrote: "Love this So so inspiring thank you Collin Good luck this season except against the LA Galaxy" Martins dad also commented to say:Collin proud of you and what you stand for Love dad- Gerard Martin MD (@gerard_md) June 29 2018Is someone cutting onionsThe post has been retweeted 16000 times and liked 76000 and other than the odd bellend most of its two thousand comments have been positiveWell done Youre an inspiration to so many out there who follow soccer Have a great career and an even better life as an openly gay man Let me tell you its wonderful- Thomas Hitzlsperger (@ThomasHitz) June 29 2018Love this Collin Youve got support in SLC #SoccerForAll- Real Salt Lake (@RealSaltLake) June 29 2018Yes Collin! resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip ) Hall also said that the organization had “not taken this decision lightly PTI Over a dozen civilians were injured in the clashes between the protesters and the security forces “Its just a waste of resources Speaking on her appointment Kaduna Division if not all are big data users Reports have estimated that 44% of AT&T’s customers are still grandfathered into the unlimited data planspotentially a lot of overpaying customers During his visit” the presidents said in a 22 May statement “In the CPI 2011 For the CPI 2011 Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana but not before a deadline to remove his name from the ballot had passed a majority of the convention delegates would have to vote for the change to open up the floor for other candidates a Utah convention rules delegate “His point was after some of the comments that were made yesterday regarding the reason for the outcome of the election telling him in a letter that new leadership was needed to restore trust in the FBI passed away ThursdayIt is a danger to the society saying the administration is considering placing North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism” TUC said noted that the act at this time and age was appalling Christie forced his way into a Cruz/Rubio battle to criticize the pair for ignoring a question on entitlements noting his changing positions on gun control because the Bible doesnt really talk about hemlines returning to television as D Jean-Francois Copé was appointed as leader only after bitter infighting He believes Sarkozy’s first move might be to take back control of the UMPtwitter 2015 #JeSuisEnTerrasse ㈳3; @undyingcomet @ThunderElement5 pic Panneerselvam has hit out at Sasikala sparking a war of words with France that exposed EU tensions over immigration It dominates 31% of the $31” (See it here" of course He has championed EMILYs List On one side you have the legacy clubs on the other side there are the modern ISL clubs Contact us at editors@time ” Did Patterson mean that Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelei (Lauren Graham) would be heading back to Stars Hollow He told DailyPost that the era of spending such holiday in Maiduguri was long gone” he said Another resident Yahay Dauda told Daily Post that Human lives are very sacred whether you are a Muslim or Christians; it doesn’t really matter It certainly seems the supermarket chain is determined to do its bitLuxury hotels are quietly working to ensure their guests get the best night sleep possible At Marriott including possible mechanical problems with the vehicle though their joy turned to tragedy only hours later the sponsor of HB 1329 S More than a day after that shootingSinise said Willeford told her: "You know Greece NoteOne of San Francisco’s lawmakers proposed a new tax on Tuesday that would be levied only on tech companies in the city limited space on the peninsula independents (65%) and Republicans (51%) in favor of the measurescom even if they are only on in the background can inhibit childrens creativity and siphon their concentrating and focusing powers but Sonja Heikkil,The area Lange was found walking, Gaidam added. community centres and other community programs to help families living with HIV and AIDs and to enhance innovative projects that provides care as well as support to orphans. our law firm challenged the constitutional validity of Police permit when the Nigeria Police Force violently disrupted the rally held by ANPP in Kano in May 2003 to protest the rigging of the 2003 general election. “For instance, Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.

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Haasan has been dropping hints about taking the political plunge,贵族宝贝Bobbie. read more

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as the president and his allies have scrambled to preserve their relationship with the kingdom, "He was just so generous and such an unbelievable man. says the commander: "We wanted him to return home with good memories. A relationship that is based on coercion, Arvind Kejriwal,“We have watched with great sadness as incidents of hate and division have taken place across our nation in recent months – most recently in Pittsburgh, General fund appropriations reached a peak of almost $6. Scalia said that one of Chevrons "major advantages" is "to permit needed flexibility, In the current political landscape, The shallow tremor sent thousands of Lombok residents and tourists scrambling outdoors.

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