Short URL is not suitable for use in the dragon in Shanghai

in search of a microfilm platform over the link, that is simply not click, and put the normal link, it is a clickable. So on this platform is not appropriate.

as above, can be very good to the original site is hidden, but when you click some short URL, or can jump to the original web page. This approach is not suitable for in order to increase the site outside the chain, only when the traffic increases. So when we know the link left on the platform, in order to avoid every time the same link, you can through the web site to link blocked micro risk.


said the short URL, is no stranger to me, because as early as micro-blog out there. But do not know the short URL is how to generate the original already many tools can generate short URL, which is accessible to my recent genius. Love Shanghai, short URL is in the form of short. Usually use ASP or PHP to. The short URL can be used to replace the original long short URL URL, short URL to more easily share links. But in the Shanghai dragon er’s eyes, he has other uses

2, easy to create a feeling of distrust to the user. The following figure


but it is really useful? Personally feel that this is not desirable, mainly

so that the individual is not suitable for short. We regard him as the Shanghai dragon.


3, these short URLs cannot form direct clickable links.


on the network.

This is my


A lot of phishing sites is a combination of characters like this is a mess to


compared the above 3, the front is the same, just a few characters behind the changes, the short URL sent to the same platform, whether there will be repeated. Too many questions?

what is the use? For example, we want to post links in a platform, if released several times, will be blocked. Some, but not to the site, just like in Shanghai or in love know Soso Ask can not be made too much of the link, areblocked that how to do it. Short URL play a role. Use a short URL microfilm tool, the original URL into an unrelated short URL

for several reasons.

1, according to the short URL microfilm out the first half of basically the same, but there are a lot of string out of order, specific can see

Share some website ranking two months from scratch

already and share the new PR from 0 to 3 some of the feelings, and everyone today say that on some share ranking. In fact, the website wants to put some short-term competitive keywords ranking of the first three pages, need some chocolate, especially the site age time in front of the long, high weight, optimizing the overall strength of the team is very strong, ranking is in fact and their team in the battle. Although our website age just half a year, in fact from the website to complete the content of molding but also three months. During this period, to optimize the adjustment time is only two months. In such a short period of time, in the first three pages to reveal a face, it is very difficult. However, through the efforts of all people concerned (not a battle), and ultimately to achieve goals in the first three pages of all keywords. Recall that there are some worthy and share content, although is not what, but the same time efficiency has improved a lot.

We all know that

actually, I used to say that the high quality the chain, in addition to the rest of the Links, such as forums, blogs, bookmarks, soft and so on. But these resources which is of high quality, maybe a lot of people know, many do not know. We need to explore these are accumulated in the process of practice, the. Of course, we all know it is part of the paid resources. But anyway, you must match the types and resources to your website, take out, in the premise of the best, the effect will be better. Before that need to pay a lot of registered resources are shunned, but there are a lot of resources is very good.

released the chain resources

High quality

has recently been doing enterprise website promotion optimization work, because the website promotion has not been settled, the basic work is to do the internal content construction and website ranking optimization. I have the website industry competition is very fierce, the first five pages are the weight of the site. However, in less than two months, regardless of weight ranking or website growth are beyond my prediction.

is looking for high quality Links

of high quality content, everyone will think of original content. In fact, now the information is so advanced, we do not have every day, so every day is about brains, tired out, did not write a few articles. So, we want to be able to organize content, to be refined. The premise is that we cannot copy, not tort, this is the minimum moral >

high quality content

Links role in the chain, but if Links can find high weight and is the same site, the whole point of the upgrade is still very useful. Although the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, but as long as the screening, often find the problem, there is a problem on replacement. Don’t be linked each other due to the friendship affected, this ability is a mutual benefit.

Alibaba and Tencent are carving out start-up companies in Southeast AsiaNanchang campus online plann

, the first step, is the first step out of the Alibaba. In April 2016, Alibaba invested $1 billion in Lazada, a business firm in Southeast asia. This is the China Science and technology company in the East

smartphones are the key to the digital age. Like India, most people in Southeast Asia skipped the PC phase directly, using smartphones and tablets directly. As a result, they basically use the mobile internet.

, this is a promising market,

has become an important means for Chinese Internet companies to find room for growth. In this group of sea wave, Alibaba and Tencent in Southeast Asia layout has attracted foreign technology media TechCrunch attention, in their report, the two in Southeast Asia competition compared to a similar to the "game of Thrones" technology game, citing Related words that investors in Southeast Asia startups they are divided up.

for a long time, Southeast Asia is interested in its neighboring businesses. Southeast Asia not only Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, 6 with 600 million consumers in Malaysia and Philippines market economy, also represents a growing economy and a growing number of middle-class consumers.

, too, reports that the market share of the Internet economy in Southeast Asia will reach $200 billion by 2025. That would be 6.5 times bigger than the $31 billion in 2015. Among them, only one area of e-commerce grew from $5 billion 500 million in 2015 to $88 billion in 2020, half of which will be contributed by Indonesia.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, for some of Nanchang’s local economic, cultural and other profiles, as well as the school’s distribution, the number of students and other information. There are also some important information, such as the level of college students per capita consumption, consumer goods and other materials, are not found in the computer, only print version. There are too many words, plus I have more recent things. So it doesn’t come out one by one. Under such a premise, I can only make a thorough simplification of the planning book. Among them, there are many omissions, please exhibitions.

                                                              & nbsp;                                                                                                      

                                                              & nbsp;                                 &.

, a shlf1314 and Temasek report released last year, shows that 260 million of Internet users in Southeast Asia have access to the Internet 3 million 800 thousand times a month. The report estimates that by 2020, Internet labor in Southeast Asia will reach 480 million. Although this can not be compared with China, but adding it with India means that Southeast Asia is a region with great potential for scientific and technological development.

from interest to investment

has two global science and technology strength is telling their logo and money into the venture capital market in Southeast Asia, but they are not shlf1314, Facebook, Microsoft and other Western companies, but the two companies Chinese. In the Chinese market, rival Alibaba and Tencent seem to be aware of the potential of this region and are now pouring in a lot of business experience and money into South East asia. Obviously, this means war, or more dramatic stories. In short, welcome to the game of power in Southeast Asia’s tech circles.

over the past year, China’s enterprises have shifted from wait-and-see to active investment and access to a large market share.

Facebook editor Fletcher leaves next month and will start his own businessKorea’s largest mobile gam

, the company said in a document submitted to regulators, its guidance price range of 121 thousand to 157 thousand won per share, IPO scale of about 2 trillion and 50 billion won to 2 trillion and 660 billion won.

, 25, announced his departure in at the Edward Merl Lo School of communication at the Washington State University. Fletcher said: "I will leave in mid April this year, because I am interested in other Internet business models. It should be said that Facebook is a force that is not lacking in our current society, but there are other things that interest me."

Netmarble said in a statement that in the IPO, it would issue about 16 million 950 thousand new shares, or about 20% of its total. Also, it is not ready to sell existing stocks through the IPO.


, the company’s IPO aims to raise funds for mergers and acquisitions. Netmarble’s founder, Bang Jun-hyuk, said the company aims to be among the world’s five biggest gaming companies by 2020.

as of the end of 2016, founder Bang Jun-hyuk holds 30.6% of Netmarble company, entertainment company CJ E& M holds 27.6% of the shares, Tencent holds 22.2% of the shares.

if its final price set in this price range, then Netmarble is expected to become the second largest Korean listed companies, more than Samsung Biological Products Co Ltd Samsung BioLogics Co Ltd in IPO last year, the scale of 2 trillion and 50 billion won, second only to the Samsung Life Insurance Co Samsung Life Insurance in 2010 to achieve the 4 trillion and 900 billion IPO scale won.

technology news Zhong Tao March 22nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher Dan Fletcher announced on Wednesday that he will quit during the month, and will create one of your own Internet startups.

Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher

Fletcher said: "I think their biggest mistake is giving me the title of executive editor. The title is misleading. Facebook does not need editors and reporters because Facebook users are up to 1 billion, and they can provide content themselves." Fletcher to attend Edward Merl Lo School of communication activities held by the audience said: "here is a reporter, you can talk about friends and family Facebook, good content no more attractive than these."

Netmarble added that it would make a full bid inquiry from April 11th to 20, and then determine the listing price. compile / learn

Fletcher also said that some Internet Co news services actually do very well, such as, Matter, Magazine, The, Atavist and Kindle, Singles and so on. These >

"no editing",

in February this year, Netmarble acquired the Vancouver studio of us game developer Kabam, with the exact amount of the transaction unknown. Netmarble’s earnings report, in 2016, it’s revenue of 1 trillion and 500 billion won, operating profit of 284 billion 700 million won, while in 2015, its revenue and operating profit were 1 trillion and 100 billion won and 225 billion 300 million won.


Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, South Korea’s largest mobile gaming company Netmarble Games Corp said on Monday, it plans to 2 trillion and 660 billion won about 2 billion 350 million U.S. dollars of the valuation of IPO. This may be the second largest listing in South korea.

in the past few years, many American Internet Co began to introduce the concept of "brand news service". "For Facebook, it’s a bit of an oddball," says Fletcher, "to give content to users through brand stories."". "Facebook should be backstage service," Fletcher said. If Facebook starts making content, it’s a departure from the idea behind the scenes."

Fletcher joined Facebook in January 2012. The move sparked speculation that Facebook was likely to enter the news coverage. Fletcher served as social media director for Peng Bo news. After joining Facebook, he helped the company create the Facebook Stories service, which specializes in branded journalism. Facebook says Facebook Stories aims to share the experience of Facebook users in an unusual way". These user stories are translated into 16 languages worldwide for Facebook users around the world.

Grassroots webmaster how to use V6 operation

jointly organized by the "stationmaster" magazine and Anhui Internet Alliance ( has the lecture to the twenty-first period, this time we invited PHP168 founder and chief designer of the system: the dragon has served in Sohu and other large enterprises, has experienced CMS technical experience, PHP168 CMS system was launched by the well-known open source CMS system master of love.

, the main group, broadcast group (1000 people) is full, new webmaster can add 500 people, spread the multicast group: 17581177 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

text collation:

Cheng Cheng: I’m PHP168’s Dragon City, and everyone else, is also a member of the webmaster community. Today, thank you very much for an old old K, K to PHP168 a self introduction and promotion opportunities, PHP168 recently developed rapidly, especially the expansion team. Here, I want to share with you a summary of the relevant case PHP168: system including system, business process, and how to use the PHP168 webmaster PHP168 to profit.

talking about the origins of the PHP168 CMS system

Longcheng: PHP168 should be regarded as one of the earliest CMS in china. Like PHPWIND and DZ, they all originated in the University dormitory. At that time, the University site enthusiasts basically have our system. Later, we went to Beijing, went to the Sohu, and also participated in the creation of KU6 video sites during the period. Now the name of PHP168 has been changed to

Software Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou

because now the speed of development, an enterprise name now found the very first talk about the key problems of PHP168 system, many people may not have used PHP168, or previously used these are needed to be re introduced under

Longcheng: the V6 system has changed a lot, with a lot of emphasis. Special emphasis on a way to let the webmaster how profitable. This point, the official invested much more. Can start from the business system chat, you can let us take a look at the PHP168 business station demonstration and ideas. Example:, this is the cool tech blue business system style: We can also see, we can spend 2 minutes, a little look at the business system, we see the demonstration station, you should see a message:

PHP168 is dedicated to the establishment of the industry e-commerce platform, but also provides a very complete field of domestic PHP industry electronics

Webmaster do you need to learn about products accumulate steadily

now the Internet product dispute intensified, even the absolute king of an industry, the product development process must also not because the advantages of slack, because the Internet does not stagnate because of rut to your advantage, the user always selectively, if one day you are unable to meet you is to meet the demand, so the elimination becomes inevitable.


is a living example, the absolute advantage in the field of desktop search and can not represent the mobile port data receiving and guiding ability to praise, instead Baidu’s performance in this respect can only be used to describe the real good chen. But the wolf Baidu has not completely lost development opportunities, at least the thin dead camel than Ma, Baidu still has the advantages of capital and technology, channels, to dafanshenzhang is not impossible.

from the acquisition of PPS began, Baidu has begun to recover lost territory, this process is not for everyone to understand. Because on the surface, PPS and Iqiyi have overlap in the business place, Baidu and continue to spend heavily to set their own video industry, it is better to integrate the existing business, at least at the time of everyone’s opinion is the picture map more money but from R & D, is webmaster seems to do is actually not a product taste from the business coverage of their website is a type, and involves all IDC business, rather than only do online tutorials, several automatic recharge and virtual goods on behalf of other core business, saving resources and energy, and then Baidu’s situation is not much better than before, but also left Baidu’s time not much.

Baidu wants to find a new breakthrough in the desktop outside there must be a fist like products, as well as Youku day Philharmonic live can only be said to be failed attempts, while PPS and Iqiyi’s eyes can see success. From the point of view of Iqiyi registered users, complemented by the outstanding legal resource of PPS, whether it is mobile video or online video, Baidu will have enough advantage, and this is what Baidu needs to master the resources and funding channels, will not cast a wide net will have a good harvest, to seize a good opportunity to attack, not necessarily they will make their way narrow, not to mention this is Baidu.

Baidu acquisition of PPS is just a prelude, and later 1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless is the shock of the capital market. Some people say that this is one of the traditional giants in as a last resort, also said Baidu finally understand the mobile terminal for their impact, understand the desktop It is all up with reality. No matter how you say, my personal opinion is optimistic about the acquisition of Baidu, although not directly to Baidu and 91 wireless channel advantage nowadays popular applications, but Baidu is a long-term opportunity to know 91 wireless has multiple product chain, the user base is also considerable, more important the 91 is to have a good background for the wireless platform, download from the mobile application, perhaps Baidu can truly usher in the spring.

platform and >

Want to improve website income, AdSense or do not change frequently is better

do GG also some days, big money did not earn, small money or earn a little. Today talk about their own site on the road some of the relevant GG experience, for novices to make a reference. Of course, today is for those who rely on GG for the owners of health, those who play brands, sell monthly advertising, and commodity sites are not discussed here.

as a webmaster, always want to own site at a high back, the best point of a get a 10 dollar, oh, there is no such possibility, at least in the Chinese station should be rare, or not at all, but in the English station is possible, what is the so-called the CTR is of course better, the premise is will not be the case of K, but the two are not satisfactory, not the click rate is too low, the price is low when there are too many webmaster every day in search of their own methods of how to improve their own price, online about how to increase the unit price and the click rate is article but let one you meet the eye everywhere, open look at the time, the fact that you’re all that a few articles were reproduced in different versions of it, also for the sake of the hearts of two A purpose, most of the webmaster also began the GG advertising adjustment trip, heartbreaking in this remind, please be careful with.


this site ( at the beginning of the price can also, since online see the so-called price increase website post, began to stop the transformation of advertising position and color or even different advertising style and size, tries to find an increase the price the best advertising display mode. But every second days to replace GG, refresh, and did not see much change, from A to Z tried side, when he was found in the site become dejected and despondent, traffic is not the lower income gradually less, had to put advertising style into the memory of the touch, but not save income reduced day by day trend, toss in a circle not only improve the unit price of each but as before, has been wandering in a minute or so, so that you don’t understand is What has been transferred to the original model, but the unit price of the advertisement can not be returned to the original time? Let me ponder deeply.

in this matter, let me understand the offer price is not like the so-called Internet transform a so-called advertising position even the color style is so simple, the most important determinants of price is the type and content of your website, the website of different types of price is different, this is that is why there are too many stations in English site has been transferred to the goal, obviously English GG than Chinese on the GG website advertising price is much higher, GG is said to have some preferential period of the new station, that is to say the new beginning, GG can give you a good match to advertising. It is the high cost of advertising, theory is to take care of the new user station, if this statement is correct, then the site GG price decreased innocent is understandable, so when the site input and reduce the price Even though >

Hunan bridge is now floating dead many people come to the onlookers fishing

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

part of the resources from the network users, if there is any infringement, please contact us, we will deal with you as soon as possible, thank you for your support! Contact QQ:1662508921

(the network) copyright Beijing ICP license No. 030831 Beijing Public Security No. 110106003901 -4

website statistics

With the strong neighbor although there is competition but also beneficial to the development of sho

if your neighbor is the industry’s strong, you open a similar shop in the next, do you think your shop will have a business? No doubt, with such a strong neighbor, the competition is fierce, but really do not help the development of the store? I do not think so, because such shops can often bring a lot of traffic, which will undoubtedly be of great help to the development of the store.

recently, with an old friend. When he chatted with his retail business, he told me: "I’m not going to do it.".

it’s a big surprise to me. Because he was in the prime spot of a bazaar, the two houses were paid only twenty-four thousand of the annual rent. It is a pity that such a superior position.

I asked him why he didn’t do it himself He smiled and said: "you know, my left and right sides are the town’s most famous two supermarkets, and they compete for tourists, I do not have capital."

I remember. I went to the shop a year ago. His shop is two large supermarket customers caught in the middle, a deserted house. Several salesmen chose a quiet place to chat and kill time. The newly hired manager went around listlessly. All employees, including bosses and managers believe that if the store with the adjacent two big supermarket competition, only a dead end.

I shop at

for a while, found the problem: a few employees only all the relatives of the boss, and the lack of effective management; commodity classification and placement is not professional, also not bright enough; although the commodity price tag, but as long as the customer Kanjia, immediately "good talk", indicating that there is none space; hired manager older, although work experience, but the apparent lack of business management experience. There is one detail: Kim Mai Lang Black Tea on the packing box against the lottery was torn off the boss, it left an impression to the customer: profiteers goods.

I still remember when I talked to my boss about my business. I said: you always think about two big supermarket robbed your business, this view is wrong. Two big supermarkets in competition with you at the same time, but also to bring you an unexpected flow of people, you do not want to think about how to attract these people flow?

I give him a few methods are: first, to learn from the supermarket, learn their management methods and sales experience. Two is to improve the quality of the waiter, whether relatives or friends, can not adapt to the work of all dismissed. Three the most critical point, the idea of trying to attract traffic. Although before the customer is not good to your shop, but you must create the opportunity to change the customer opinion. This can be opened from the early night to close the door, the supermarket is not flexible in this regard.