Now the face of changing the love Shanghai how we do

: don’t give up the first website

believes that recently in the first half of this year to be half alive countless webmasters toss love Shanghai, love Shanghai since June 28th a large number of K station, a large number of sites is K, a lot of people begin to complain, began Tucao, after the love of Shanghai is constantly adjusting algorithm, webmaster circles is such a word "Baidu abuse me thousands of times, I stayed Baidu as first love" spread. From the first half of this year we love Shanghai updated and K station can be seen as a large number of up by gathering, on the false original station and all was played back to the prototype, which is love Shanghai in the adjustment of its user experience, love is the core of Shanghai to provide valuable information for users on the Internet when all users cannot read advertisements, text, nature is the user experience serious decline, so the adjustment of Shanghai love is reasonable.

love Shanghai on your site K station, right down, is not the love of Shanghai is It is without rhyme or reason., according to the algorithm to operate on the site, then there is no It is without rhyme or reason. love, hate It is without rhyme or reason. web site problem, so must be their own reasons, we should do reflect upon their own site. Well, find the reason and solve it, let the weight slowly restore.

in this area, we can go to the high popularity of the webmaster BBS kantie, see more of some master answer, while others see more web site is how a situation, learn more about how people corresponding to all kinds of crisis, let us know how to do. At the same time to check their website, the basic elements of good, such as Links was K Links, the friendship chain.

took several websites the author’s own point of view, in the first half of this year in Shanghai love adjustment is being hit, included drop weight There is not much left., decline, decline in ranking, even to the most miserable time included less than two digits, but with the passage of time gradually from the new sites included the start, as a my heart has done a few years, there are too many and too much effort, here, I will share with you some views about how to save their website, we hope to help.


to find their own reasons

love the face of Shanghai optimization, we must adjust the good mentality, many webmaster is data control, every site included, see statistics IP every day, once IP, included a little, ranking down, the mood of the day will be affected, in fact, this attitude is very bad, because in the face of love everything in Shanghai it is possible, we need to do is to do their own, other details not to be too tangled, so it was evil, evil is hiding, a correct view of a website, do not reduce immediately give up, so easy to give up hard to do a website, go with ease look, if the next reason, found that the problem is to find solutions to, don’t be included, rankings affect the attitude, positive attitude, love the face of Shanghai.

Discussion love Shanghai for promotion points and mentality

was responsible for the promotion of Shanghai sex, no basis and experience is basically nothing, without a clue. Every day we see love Shanghai certification inside video, there are groups of friends in exchange. But the real practice is not the same thing.

The best We must put keywords in the sentence ? The

ranking is not always the same, so often on the account to update the key words and ideas. If you don’t update it, ranking will also fall. Not bid higher ranking ranking is better, depending on the keyword star and click rate, the other also to see his love of Shanghai account time is not long promotion.

by A, B test method, selected users click on the selling point, has been moving towards these attractions write creative, creative click rate will be higher.

2, when the first creative writing keywords

4, creative description in principle

core products

must increase the wildcard, preferably 3 recording is appropriate, the best creative is a short two. Is the short title, 1 long, 2 short description in principle. An extension of unit 5 best ideas, and constantly updated creative.

if a lot of words are divided into a set of words, not every one can set up creative keywords can be read fluent. Keywords and must be with wildcards, so if each promotion unit keywords too much, will cause the creative and does not match the keywords or creative unfluent. The mind is to love Shanghai 15-30 a set of keywords, but in practice the more detailed the better packet.

What are the main factors that affect the ranking of 1, block

above is my promotion get two months of experience, nor is the truth, in fact is the most critical practice. >

love Shanghai pay promotion I believe we are not unfamiliar, many companies are doing, now talk about my personal experience and mentality, I hope to give you some help.

always listen to the video to the verb object group, then practice it keywords star fall! In fact as long as we follow the principles of similar word grouping can be, it can be subdivided into brand words, words, words and so on


always thought is the star of keyword bid and dominate the rankings, in fact, the practice that the biggest factor is the ratio of the. So just to test their selling point which is attractive, the click rate is high, no hits creative delete, re write the user to compare the selling point of love.

keyword is very important,

5, account update is very important in

creative writing, so no matter from the perspective of the user experience, the system still love Shanghai bidding for keywords sentence will help improve the click rate.

here are a few points I summed up:

Portal news source soft in 2011 to become the mainstream technique of Shanghai Dragon


entered in 2011, Shanghai dragon topic more and more fire, the search index rose rapidly, the highest market share of the search engines love Shanghai algorithm by K, be the most changeful, website snapshot, long tail keywords ranking disappeared, the high quality of the chain to find related topics appeared frequently in the webmaster forum and Shanghai Phoenix Forum. Every time the search engine algorithm to adjust or update to tens of thousands of small owners very upset, how stable do Shanghai dragon become a direction of the webmaster pursuit.

two is a strong stability. News sites have these advantages, usually is the accumulation of many years and more, not like a lot of personal websites like drop right down the right, said K was K; the site itself is not easy to delete or collapse, so the chain on these sites have very good stability.

three is a soft news chain with persistence. This is relative to many Links, before exchanging links will be the mainstream change cooperation site itself factors change, cooperation website if PR or high weight, may no longer be exchanged, if low, is not cost-effective, and purchase links usually paid monthly fee, every month to pay the cost once, stop, there is no news, pay soft outside the chain only need to publish for the first time to pay, there has always been to the site, do not need to renew, durable good.

is the essence of Shanghai dragon "content is king, the chain for emperor", is a long-term business process, the content of cooperation of high quality content usually comes from the user created or traditional media, outside chain will have a wide range of sources, from Links, forum signature, published articles, soft news, with the more and more websites or forums banned links or links to improve the threshold, more and more owners to do outside the chain of attention to news portal website.

portal news source site why more and more webmaster’s favor? The reporter interviewed before the IT bestseller "play make website – your website operation handbook" by Mr. Chen Guangfeng, Chen Guangfeng introduced the use of portal news website news source soft Wen three benefits of the chain:

is a soft outside the chain of high quality news. The news website has the advantage richly endowed by nature most news websites are websites, government departments or traditional media in operation. For the source of information, information editing, information accuracy, timeliness of information, have good protection. For news content, most of which are very professional by professional journalists interview, personal website or general corporate website and news sites compared to. The information for the search engines, is the core. The search engine is to provide users with accurate and timely information. It is based on this point, the search engine for news websites are usually given higher weights, the release of these articles or recommend news on the web links in the search engine appears to have high quality.



Friends 500W million lottery adjustment lineContent entrepreneurship tuyere has passed NONONO intere

per day? Why

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

multi interest labels exist, content platform can achieve different content of the same screen, through the content to find out the interests of the platform users, and put labels accordingly. The recommendation algorithm behind the platform is like an intelligent robot that learns the user’s interests deeply by constantly interacting with the user.

recently, the daily express frequently appeared in several major cities subway large screen billboards, a variety of salon activities are also fiery, is there a big action Tencent

as of today

in the Internet world, interest reading platform is not new, the form is similar, the realization of thinking is particularly consistent. Whether it is BAT, or all types of entrepreneurial companies, content platform is to implement the advertising realized. However, the form of advertising realizable and the scale of income may have a strong connection with platform content, user size and content matching.

express to

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

from daily express recent action, Tencent should also have a package of promotion program, after all, Tencent this scale of the company is different from the start-up company operating practices at random. So, this time why choose daily express? After all, under the Tencent system, there are currently Tencent news APP, WeChat public platform, aspect, daily express and other content platform.

friend platform

speaking in general, content platform eventually realized traffic flow, the need to consider the platform user value and traffic value maximization. From the point of view of flow realization, to promote personalized content and advertising with tags for interest, we can maximize the precision of advertising exposure and platform advertising revenue. Interest labels related industries, through industry classification, on the one hand, can maximize the reduction of enterprise advertising invalid investment situation; on the other hand, greatly enhance the effectiveness of advertising transformation. For example, a tennis fan sees a favorite tennis class and makes it easy to make a product purchase decision.

respected network operators:


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: u1th


so, Tencent news APP news report content is not suitable for interest recommendation. aspect is not an independent platform, it is difficult to carry Tencent interest, read the product framework. At present, the daily express interest reading should be high hopes, as Penguin content platform strategy pacesetter.

routines are often familiar with the taste of

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


lottery products due to the current market policy impact temporarily offline, please replace products. To be announced after the network lottery storm, the data will not return to.

Tencent news APP mainly carries the mobile reading demand of Tencent news users, or emphasizes the authority and professionalism of news content. WeChat public platform needless to say, a higher degree of public recognition, but content is not recommended by the Tencent and distribution, more subjective or personal interest in reading, and the Tencent has repeatedly stressed that WeChat public platform in the future, but not in reading. aspect is recently upgraded by the public number, in addition to regular subscription content, the column also homeopathy, plus interest recommended content.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

How to let the search engine automatically send traffic to the door

search engine has been the main means we get traffic, can be said to be a lot of parents, the largest search engine is Baidu, if Baidu will be compared to the girl, as long as we can get in her good graces Everfount flow. But this girl Baidu temper always let us be the most changeful elusive, motionless on the home page snapshot not update your website, website ranking does not go on and off and so on, these problems are always plagued our webmaster, it will have a lot of stationmaster sincerely laments "Baidu abuse me thousands of times, to ridicule me Baidu as first love". But in fact, we do not have these concerns, basic search engine is for customer service, webmasters are constantly being "tortured" because there is no clear search habits, do not stand in the user’s point of view to do stand, our core value from the search engine’s view, to explore together how to meet the needs of the search engine, get traffic.

first: ensure continuous quality update of original content


search engine every day sent a variety of spiders to crawl the Internet content, every kind of page, like the library search engine, the information stored in the crawl and then be arranged under the classification of different database, then the content through search engine ranking algorithm, with high quality content will most users search keywords in the row front. And the first step in our search for the search engine is to continue to provide quality original content, which is the basis for our good rankings. Remember, pseudo original can not guarantee our long-term stability of the rankings, only continuous, high-quality original update, in order to better access to traffic, and better help the site to get the favor of the search engine.

second: friendship link must pay attention to quality

Links is one of the important means of the website ranking, when doing the Links we should not only look at the number, but also pay attention to quality, a high quality related Links to help the site is far greater than the 10 garbage Links, before Baidu algorithm did not update before, to judge the quality of the link, it also led to a lot of people operating stations through a large number of chain wheel steering Baidu ranking. If you want to get Everfount flow through the search engine, please don’t make the low quality of the Links, but to do more with your theme and high quality links high weight, at the same time, we continue to publish original content to help users, users will take the initiative to share our website, this is the fundamental the site for long-term development.

third: Web site structure to facilitate spiders crawl

search engine optimization, all the details are badly in need of attention, the site itself code friendly is one of the important details, specifically, do not have the website framework calls iframe or Flash calls, the content is still unable to accurately capture by search engines, all of the pages as a node >

What kinds of stations do I despise most

this article to just do stand novice friends see

what kinds of stations do I despise most:

1. navigation station, you want to do hao123 like you, you want the whole Chinese IE home is the navigation station you don’t dream big


, this website doesn’t have any content at all. Search engines don’t want to crawl,


recommendation: do a local navigation station, there may be some way out, more boring, give up doing this,


2. type of community, you want to do mop, Tianya community first degree? Chinese no


popularity is not enough, you own registered users, fake it,


recommendation: do it somewhere,

3. with the romantic (also known as eating fart flow), see others do some kind of stand good, oneself also copy a, there is no creativity and features,

like: other people do the popularity of the school code, you also go to build a pure collection of it? No popularity,


also: QQ space code, non swine and so on

recommendation: or do you are more skilled, such as you like AV, then build a AV station, for the exchange of people (for example, the consequences)

or more than yourself to get a blog, write about the original! Of course, if you can make a feature, or good

What is the location of the dessert store

is a delicious dessert we a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, not only children, adults also love the taste of the dessert, open the dessert shop a lot, want to make our shop better, more consumers, so shop location will be better able to put on the agenda, to join us in operation dessert shop, shop location is a key problem very well, because we are in the shop when you want to choose more shops of their own to do a proper address is really key. So when we open dessert chain stores, how to better shop location?.

1, the site should be forward-looking

a lot of people like to choose the location of the shop to choose the golden section, but China’s network of food and beverage experts say not all of the prime locations are suitable for shop. With the changes in municipal planning, some popular places will become unpopular places, some of the development is also a lot of the possibility of flourishing. Instead of being chosen by the business is now optimistic about the location of the store business, it is better to choose the near future by the cold hot streets or urban.

2, the location of the passenger flow to focus

do catering business, especially the snack bar, the successful experience is: choose the potential of the lot. The snack shop can be considered in three aspects, one is the real street, at least I should be the alley; two is the office centralized place; three is a more concentrated residential areas. Of course, the three are concentrated in a better place.

3, store rent price to be appropriate

different locations, different structures of the store, the monthly rent will be very different, investors can not just look at the store’s absolute price, but also should consider the rent price.

4, to choose the advertising space store

some stores do not have an independent facade, the front door of the natural loss of independent advertising space, but also makes you lose the space in front of the shop to carry out marketing activities. So, the snack bar to try to choose a store advertising space in the site after the day, in order to better carry out the marketing work, attract more tourists.

The first step is to choose the

venture project, the second is to choose a good location, location looks simple, is also very troublesome, it is necessary to do a lot of attention, shop location is the key problem is, we in the daily operation dessert to join, also can better shop location work and because we want more customers to shop, shop, shop location is so very important. So we must choose the address.

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Vice president of the United States had wanted to save Obama to save money and financial aid

recently, U.S. Vice President Joe ·, Biden revealed a message, he said, because his son suffering from cancer, he was considering selling to save a child, President Obama is generous to say not to sell the house, I will give you money to save his son.

Joe · Biden said that Obama loved his home, but also love the Biden family, I love them". It’s a good personal relationship, like a family.

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IT orange founder of a female entrepreneurial story

each person’s entrepreneurial road, will not be smooth, smooth sailing, twists and turns inevitable. This is in the seven km above the altitude of Guangzhou to Beijing on the plane, should be invited to share "IT Haichun, orange and everyone".

2013 feeling: This is an entrepreneurial company from 0 to 1 in the course of course, is a small team of 4 people working hard, is a period for the ideal road again, tired and happy of course, um, is a female entrepreneurial story. Why does

> many venture capital circle of friends, I know from the beginning of Great Innovation Institute internal business projects, I do the first project after the switch from the media, also hope to take out as a stand-alone project the company’s operations and business, but in the end because the negotiation is not too smooth I quit, and leave the 17Startup, need to hit the road again.

1) in the attention of the domestic and foreign venture investment companies, the total investment of time has accumulated more than more than 10 thousand hours, one can prove true love, on the other hand it indicates there is enough accumulation;
2) />

2013: from 0 to 1 />

Government pay to improve urban and rural labor skills

"the government, tailored training menu, job training for the city’s urban and rural labor, improve their employment skills," enter at the beginning of the year, the city will actively proceed through public bidding to buy social skills training institutions, service organizations, plans to invest about 13000000 yuan to carry out national employment skills training.

government subsidies skills training service project is a project involving the vital interests of the city’s urban and rural labor force, but also one of the major projects in the implementation of government procurement of public services. The total budget of 13 million 698 thousand yuan, involving a total of 12 professional training trips 7650. The Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Social Welfare Bureau and other departments repeated communication, in-depth understanding of the procurement unit, carefully developed training menu, employment and skills training into the government centralized procurement catalog, in accordance with the integration of resources and training have focused on the content requirements, full supervision of the special social purchasing supervisor, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, audit and supervision department and through a competitive merit identified 12 social training institutions, to meet the social needs of the training organization for the relevant departments selection.