The exchange of high quality Links 10 points

The number of

4, the proportion of articles included: open the other side of the site, to see how many articles, how many search engine included articles included higher proportion, more representative of the original, the weight is not too low, check, recently published articles are included, can use Adsense tools inquires the day the number included. If it is a collection of articles, the articles included are generally small, the latter will be slowly removed.

< > The frequency of updates

, 1 links: we look under the other number of links when changing a link, if there are more than 50 is best not to exchange, because the site average allocation to export links, the more links are derived, we got the weight value is low, besides, influence of other export links so it is very vulnerable to other stations.

7, the old station: an old station in Shanghai love give weight is very good, so is the best choice, the longer the site better.

2, relevant website: when we find the best to find the same industry website. For example, your site theme is to lose weight, do not go to change with the Wangzhuan, car class, so the effect is not ideal, you can find a female class site to exchange.

Don’t check Links

6, home home: love Shanghai site command search, see home whether in the first or the home page, if your website site is not the first home page or home page, it means that the other website may be down the right, in order not to hurt yourself, do the best and this kind of stand for.

for half a year, many problems have been found today under examination, K, have the right to be reduced, for a problem, notice for offline processing. Here, by the way, how to find high quality Links, when choosing Links we must be patient, the pursuit of quality is the best, the most important thing is to link after friendship is the best. Here are ten standards:

3, website snapshot: the new website snapshot on behalf of the station’s spiders crawl frequency than the snapshot slow enough, choose the best time to choose the type of site change.

8, website: why is this point? If a station, not updated frequently, on behalf of the station is not how I work on my station, not to mention the good that station, so it is also very important, choose the best time to each other every day to update the station.

5, the query keyword ranking: key can search the web page ranking, recommended here with your love station network, this tool is also good, you can query to a lot of keywords ranking, keyword ranking will be better, ranking weight is certainly not bad to go. Some snapshots, included the number of good, with a long tail word ranking did not pay special attention to, can also direct the search for it is not displayed in the title of the article, first, on behalf of the weight of this station is very low, or drop right.

How to improve the adhesive Website Optimization Website Users

2. website content to have fresh. People love fresh things, so as to satisfy people’s curiosity. So we have to do is to make our site every day new.

site optimization, often only pay attention to the site of the content and the chain. In order to increase the weight of the site, in order to attract more traffic. While ignoring the construction of the site itself, so that the results are often do, even a lot of users come to our website, but did not play any role, will only be a high bounce rate, instant arrival, and then leave the moment. That is not the purpose of publicity, but not up to the side effects and thus bring more user goals. It will have a very bad impression on our website. Therefore, when we do website optimization, not only pay attention to the chain and website content website, more attention should be paid to the quality of the website, the website do attractive and adhesive. This will naturally get more users visit, the purpose of promotion easily reached. The following began to introduce how to improve the adhesive Website Optimization Website users.

1. website to have unique characteristics. In the face of Internet sites now of every hue on the Internet, we all Internet users gradually from the strange to the familiar with these sites. Go on a long time, you will naturally have good fatigue. If our website or conservative, immutable and frozen. It won’t get people’s favor and love. How to do? Then we need to do is to put our website design out of the ordinary, there is something special, so naturally aroused the people’s attention. Improve people rely on site and love. Secondly, we have to do the site on the function of the new. Innovation is the ultimate choice, the old ways, the result can only be slowly forgotten falling light. Do the site is unique and novel, to let people see gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, feel the eyes bright, natural rate will be greatly reduced out, people with a curious mind, seriously look at your website, imperceptibly let users stay at your site. This naturally can improve the adhesive website users.

Design of client?We usually

website optimization is to let our website to obtain a higher weight, the amount of visitors more. In order to improve the visibility of our website, our website publicity products and services. So in this one crucial web traffic is user visits. Only more users visit, watch browse our website, so it may reach our goal, promotion of our website. This requires us to do the site quality and ornamental. It is only a high bounce rate. Not to mention that they extended to propaganda to bring more new user goals. So the website must improve the user site stickiness exhibition. It may make people more dependent on your website, so as to continuously improve the site traffic and weight. So how to how to do web site optimization to improve the dependence of adhesive on the website of the

Sharing website also ranked Shanghai one or two love and Google experience

keyword in Google as the "big brother" for half a year. Google brings relatively little traffic, but ranked first orders to bring no less. So we like e-commerce sites, regardless of how much money the ranking, is advantageous, because the electronic commerce website is to sell their products, this is my purpose. Google ranked according to my main blog and forum, together with the update, Google ranked first, I did not do Links. Blog updated daily 20 article, nearly 40 day Forum promotion, home in three months. I am the first half year, I do a lot of forum. As the top 100 thousand in the forum and forum signature, the soft chain spread, Google ranking is up. You can try to figure out, but don’t attack behavior.

, a Google share ranking experience



for the Google home page, I almost spent about half the time ranking. You can search in Google keyword "Viagra" in the official website of Google ranked first, "Viagra" Google keyword ranked second as shown in figure

since November 26th after the update, the site has been rising ranking, see more and more weight. I love Shanghai for optimization to do what events. I always adhere to a better.

two, Shanghai ranked

I site optimization experience sharing here, the key in the love of Shanghai ranked second, Google ranked first. Many webmaster know love Google and Shanghai are two different search engines, some in Google ranking, not necessarily in Shanghai ranking, some sites ranked in love Shanghai, not necessarily in the Google ranking. Today I am here to share, while Google and love Shanghai rankings are very good experience. Compared to the Google ranking, with most of the webmaster know Google optimization is relatively easy to do, but to optimize the love of Shanghai. We also know that Google is very stable, unlike the "big aunt often love Shanghai".

for the love of Shanghai often update there is truth. I recently found out that love is a kind of optimization of Shanghai current law, Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and even there are some small movements. Just like yesterday I had a station, site in the first page, the morning of the second day in second, domain home page snapshot also back, ranking dropped, so I judge this station right down, so there will be some small Shanghai week day change.

since Google ranked first, but cannot meet the pursuit of my. Because Google ranking is too easy, no challenge, as of March this year, the optimization goal slowly moved to Shanghai Shanghai to love love optimization, optimization, I spent nearly 8 months ranking up. The "Viagra" in the official website in Shanghai ranked second, "Viagra" keyword ranking fifth as shown in figure

share love experience

Li Xianchang the Shanghai dragon in external links

where do external links do

what is the external links? How do external links, where do external links do? What are the ways and channels of external links? Should pay attention to what matters? Since the 6 month external links to the work of some experience, and here we are in a share, hope to help. Webmaster or Shanghai NEW dragon.

3, initiative to submit your site to link


website internal links and external link for a web site is very important, attaches great importance to all the webmaster. Especially the external links to attract search engine spiders, improve website PR value, bring traffic, enhance the popularity of the website has an important role for the web site. So do the external links is important. Today let me simply talk about how to make the external links.

1, Links


external links also called reverse links or hyperlinks, from external sites (other sites) by tracing text links to our website links. All come from outside the link to our website are external links. The search engine, the equivalent number of other sites to vote for you. If you give more website weight higher, vote to vote, then the weight of your site will be higher. So do the link for enhancing site PR has a very important role.

on the directory sites: refers to the classification by artificial methods, and these valuable resources were collected and organized according to the website of the theme, and then in the corresponding directory, thus forming a network.

and other sites to exchange Links, on how to find other network exchange links, and how to exchange links, please see the explanation behind.

channels or the way of external links

new words we can put our site voluntarily submitted to love Shanghai, noble baby and other search engines, we allow them to the spider crawling our website. We can also submit website links to some web site navigation, directory sites and bookmark sites, websites, and bookmarking sites, such as love Shanghai, bookmarking websites such as: digg贵族宝贝; reddit贵族宝贝; stumbleupon贵族宝贝; Web site navigation, directory websites have a lot we can look to. Your links submitted.

what is the external links

released their own links include: Forum, blog, space, B2B platform, inquiry platform, can be submitted to other websites, we can through the forum signature, to forum posting, blog post, publish articles, blog, blog, space Links published articles, comment, to the B2B platform release of information…… The way to increase their external links.

posted a link to

Analysis of Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight.

now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example, it gets the weight:


, I this article is Zone Indexes algorithm and non Boolean algorithm, but because the "algorithm" is a word with a search request, without affecting other weight factors, this article is related to the index terms, should appear in search results.

content: 0.6

Zone Indexes algorithm, is a regional division of the web page and were given the weight of the search engine algorithm. The search engine will combine this algorithm and other denoising techniques, such as VIPS algorithm, "noise" to a web site in the content, and each block weights are given to show the true value of the content page.

Title: Zone Indexes algorithm and the website weight division "," algorithm "for the 1 time, 0.15

as in the previous article on the search engine algorithm article "derivative application" TF-IDF algorithm in Shanghai dragon in the. This blog is to Shanghai dragon as the theme, is related to the IR field just to give you a better understanding of the search engine, so as to improve the website optimization effect. So this paper is in simple language to introduce Zone in Indexes derived from the application of search engine optimization field.

: now we do for a user, type "in the search engine to Boolean algorithm", this article as an example…… "Boolean AND algorithm" 0.6 points

Zone Indexes, is a regional division of the web page and were given weights of the search engine algorithm…… "Algorithm", appeared 1 times, 0.01

Zone Indexes algorithm

, however, is far from the application of the search engine on the Zone Indexes algorithm is so simple – it is distinguished by a web page as a unit. I am in the "standardization" of the site as a whole Shanghai dragon "

total: 0.76

definition of Shanghai Dragon


Title: 0.3

Zone Indexes algorithm, we can translate it into "partition index" (Daniel IR algorithm in the field of translation errors, please correct me) is a website in the standardization website or web page structure to partition, then each region weighted algorithm. We understand this algorithm with a simple example, only three block contains a web page title, description, hypothesis, namely the content of the text; at the same time that search engine to give the weights of three regions were 0.3, 0.1 and 0.6 points:


It’s not hard to make money with blogsDark Westward Journey tells us what those entrepreneurial team


Tang has lofty aspirations, handsome, proficient in Sanskrit and foreign language, and BMW mounts, a way to attract a lot of beautiful fairy; both monkey king Sun Wukong and Tian Peng pig, general shaceng etc. Gexianshentong shutter hands; and the emperor’s sworn brothers, back hard. There is the legend of the tall, rich and handsome, masonry The bachelor. However, the monk again precious, but is also the first director, was pushed in the teeth of the storm in, at any time may be the way out demons and ghosts.

although I rarely mention it with other blogs, in fact, I’m lucky a lot of the time. I’m lucky I started blogging when I didn’t have a lot of blogging and when the competition wasn’t intense.

I also inadvertently made some money from blogging.

, according to my recent statistics, Technorati’s top 100 blogs spend more than three years blogging. It takes a long time to build a successful blog, and it takes a long time to get in touch with your readers. It takes a long time to learn how to optimize your advertising. It takes a long time to adjust yourself.

, Money

I’ve been blogging for five years, but in the first year I wasn’t making money for it, although I learned a lot about blogging in this year. For the next two years, while I was blogging, I worked 2-3 jobs at the same time and studied in my spare time.

original title: A, Reality, Check, about, Blogging, for, www.php178

at the beginning of the formation of the entrepreneurial team, the team members did not identify the direction of entrepreneurship, adhere to the team belief, and extremely distrust of leadership. How to set up a strong centripetal force and strong combat team? When the first-line supervisor authority do not match the position, in addition to front-line supervisors should strengthen their own personal charm, courage, also need to be properly with the group leader, to give support, such as inhibition. There are both sticks and carrots. The group’s board gives material and spiritual incentives to lead the team to impact and to test, such as 99, eighty-one. Chinese is an old idiom, called Mathias.

1, who’s the boss,

2, blogging money needs luck.

2 rights game

wrote an article a few days ago in the Wall Street journal, saying Darren Rowse earned $250 thousand a year by blogging, and Darren Rowse wrote an article to answer the article. This article blog alliance looked very good, translated a part, which brought on, is also to become a successful blog derived 3 laws of.

1, blogging money making requires a long effort to coordinate the process of

has often told me that I’m going to make XXXX dollars in the next few months. How is that possible for a new blog,

Sun Wukong 72, Vajra bar and equipped with hair; piercing eye, become a soldier, then swept the heaven God resources foot; enemy, reputation; the way is the accumulation of a lot of good performance under the ghost, beautiful. However, Sun Wukong is not the boss, in the way of learning, at most is the second line supervisor.

some good blogs have discovered me at the right time.

, who is the boss? That is sitting behind the Western Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, Tang emperor has been sent on the road, they are the most powerful shareholders, the board of directors composed of the most powerful, is giving you cassockand inhibition, also requires the input and output is proportional to the West has completed index. You may be higher, but the board of directors still dominates the direction of the entire venture team and carries out risk control. The leader of an entrepreneurial group never spells skills with their employees. Their responsibility is to look at the market situation, plan the development strategy of the enterprise and lead the team forward.

my first profitable blog started at that time, and the subject was digital photography. Although I didn’t know what I was doing, it turned out that the choice was right.


4, the vast majority of bl>

recently wrote a lot of articles about the idea that "less is more", but that doesn’t mean you write on a whim, and then traffic and money will come in. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been insisting on spending 40-60 hours a week on blogs, sometimes more than 60 hours. By working seven days a week, you spend about 6-9 hours a day on your blog. Over a period of time, I updated 20-30 articles every day. The vast majority of full-time blogs are pretty much the same.

I met the right person at the right time.

China four masterpiece, three heroes, Fanshou can all-powerful, eventually to one hundred and eight Jin; a hero, or amnesty or out life; family work, but at the end of the tree fell to their powder; but west is the perfect ending, mentoring task enjoy work and name, become the most outstanding business China team. However, the brighter the light, the more dark the reflection. Breakdown of the dark westward journey, tells us a lot of entrepreneurial teams unknown things.

3, blogging money requires a lot of work,

board of directors 3 pressure, then the total teach the easy? But the disciples are all wonderful, an instinctive high temper is not small, a lewd call to disband, a dull humble, even the horse are born, not to offend. Who says the leader is the conductor, the charge trap, the idle?.


After 80 young women do IDC work thirty days

originally wanted to write about, but I think that a new writing experience, the

Too Big for Her Skin too!

today is 09 years in May 7th, I was in IDC company for second months, life is really fast. Clearly remember, I was in March 31st 09, formally in the company for entry procedures, training for ten days, and I went to the company’s total of four people, and all girls. From that time on, I knew I couldn’t be worse than anyone else. I’m the stronger girl.

to tell you the truth, I have been very low self-esteem, I always try to do sales, but do not have good performance, three months of sales of gold investment is zero, pushed me into the ravine, fortunately I’m not that easy to give in person, it can also be an advantage for me, when I choose one, a job, I will work hard to do, everything from scratch, not for past mistakes and pulled mix.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself. Devoting himself to let those who know me, but I do not know the domain name, web hosting, bandwidth, server, proxy, room information tucked into your mind, even I feel very surprised, just remember in the senior year, every tie in books, thinks he has already lost the ability of memory unexpectedly, I underestimated her, even tough can fill your head so much information.

that week, in addition to sleep time, almost always read, recite, remember, even in the dream is the scene of information. After the three assessment, fear most is the last test, 18 room, 8 the price of a room, you have to remember a total of 144 prices, coupled with the domain name and virtual host price, time of day, I am confused, a lot of numbers, even I doubt that I can remember.

fortunately, finally passed the assessment. I believe we are very curious, how I remember so many prices! Teach you a method, 18 room, the price from low to high, first arranged down, take the lowest price, in turn, to find the difference between price and price, to a room in a room down the price finally, you can create a document, write down the name of the room, behind the first eight prices down again, only then again! The price cut, with their own memory to write the price, after finished check to see which room, what the price is wrong, the wrong number. Why put the wrong key, when the 18 room prices are in turn down with you, you can put all your prices are deleted, and then filling time, see you after a few can be all right! I am in total 6 times, I’m stupid. Hey hey, don’t laugh at me,


training, I think every IDC company has its own methods and skills, and here I no longer speak more.

next is how to get into the working state. The four of us have shown two words – Fan

Professional identification of household electrical appliance cleaning industry prospects

people’s living conditions are getting better and better, the purchase of household electrical appliances has gradually increased, and more and more grades, household appliances cleaning and maintenance needs have become increasingly large. Currently looking at the entire appliance cleaning market, is still in a blank state, the active brand is not much, can be described as endless investment potential.

by the above content, we can understand the situation to a prospect of cleaning appliances industry, the future development of the situation is quite good, there is great for the pioneer space. Entrepreneurs can seize the development direction of the home appliance industry in a timely manner, the cause of wealth will become handy.

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Returning home Entrepreneurship let the hard to leave a new vitality

, the State Council has issued opinions, as a part of management activities, to encourage migrant workers and people involved in the home business. More young people home business, will enable the vast rural prosperity, can promote employment, increase income, promote the integration of urban and rural construction fast forward.

"my melon is a yellow, a dark green." In the agricultural society and the seventh session of the Sixth International Conference of China agricultural community support on Beijing before the Shunyi held the fair, Sheng Pengfei enthusiastically to reporters from his "white melon tribute". The conference gathered a large number of young people engaged in agricultural entrepreneurship, their access to the road of agriculture has been widely concerned.

"we are walking a fine fruit line, with a kind of fruit wholesale market dozens of tons of shipping is not the same, our logistics cost is high. I want to make some changes according to changes in the market now, not only is the value of quantity and quality, but also ", " heart; to get consumer recognition."

in love would help, Liu Yichao created the "ancient Natural Beekeeping Honey Project", the traditional knowledge and local experience combined with the local villagers together launched rich beekeeping.

"villagers don’t have to go out to work, earn money in the home can, can also take care of the elderly at home, children." Liu Yichao told reporters, now has more than 1000 stable " honey friends " buy our honey, which makes the villagers peace of mind to stay down."

How Xixiba tea

milk tea this magical drink, the milk of alcohol is combined with the fragrance of tea, it is a major undertaking in the food and beverage industry. Not only tea tea fragrance, also have milk fragrant, is the eyes of the men and women of fashion cool drinks. Xixiba tea is a well-known brands in the industry, natural and safe, mellow taste, favored by consumers! Xixiba choose tea drinks to join with folding quality products can easily open the market, ushered in the hot


How about

Xixiba tea

Xixiba healthy green tea, everyone loved, everyone loves to drink. In addition, Xixiba tea or fashion drinks, in addition to milk, and every kind of fruit, meet people’s consumption demand. Xixiba tea drinks to join the brand into the Taiwan tea culture and the essence of fashion, with a cup of good tea "as the goal, to provide the most health tea, the best drink tea for the consumer, the most fashionable tea, to fully tap the magical effect of tea, milk, juice, coffee and other raw materials.

Xixiba tea is very popular in the market, every day there are people lined up in front of the shop, so hot business can not make money? Xixiba choose tea drinks to join by Xixiba tea’s unique formula, scientific collocation, consists of a new health drinks, health drinks, fashionable drinks, not only taste mellow, more natural, safe and fast fashion and other characteristics have been greatly recognized by consumers.

mass consumption, the price is not expensive, good quality, since the Xixiba tea market, quickly jump red, everyone has become a sought after fashion. Choose Xixiba tea drinks to join, easy operation, fast money. The consumer in the store or home consumption, ready to drink tea service, unique natural, popular.

If you join

to Xixiba tea interested, please leave a message on our website below.