Shanghai Longfeng case study two buy Network


related domain has 528 anchor text, needless to say, certainly a lot of.

these three points for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the basic common sense, love shopping done in this area is also very good, not what to say, and then look down, the only thing to note is that we do like this in the long tail word when keywords and description had their own definition of what, not through the program call.


title and H1 tags, but did not find the H2 label, the author thinks that add some H2 tags properly or better.


here is we see through the search source code page picture.

can be seen from the figure page directly to the page link, this advantage need not I wordily, pages directly share the first page of the weight, the weight of the longer accumulated higher. Here he used the "cosmetics" as the anchor text, should be the need for page appearance, if the "cosmetics list" is even more perfect.

these are external factors, internal factors of the "look at what are the merits of

then we love Shanghai in the search box enter the URL of the




a commonplace talk of an old scholar

then we "cosmetics list" as an example to everyone love shopping network in the next analysis. The first to analyze the web site posted 贵族宝贝maigoo贵族宝贝/maigoo/017hzp_index.html

to title, keywords, description

an article to analyze the optimization case of Bo Po mall, are interested can take a look, here is a case of shopping guide website: love shopping network. First off, does not involve the website weight analysis here, because of the weight of a website is not a short period of time can be improved, takes time. While the other hand basically we can still do a short period of time, such as content, structure etc.. First of all to the web site posted here is through love stand some of the basic data obtained


page in the content of the content is extremely rich, meet the love of Shanghai and users for the rich content of demand, looking down from the first list of the top 7 list, a navigation bar in the middle part, we call it related reading. >

2012 how to do web site optimization ranking webmaster

site optimization ranking is every webmaster are most concerned about the issue, but how can we do the site’s ranking? I think this is the webmaster concern. Today, I will put some of his own experience and experience to share with you, hope to help you!

keywords, railway station, in order to improve the website weight, but also to flow and ranking, you can find some of the smaller competitive keywords to do, is the long tail word, this can be a good effect in a short period of time, every time to update, if your content is good, and timely updates, search engine spiders points the habit every day this time came to your site, you can update the snapshot every day on time, it does not take a long time to have a good ranking!

The most important

fourth, Links is an important site optimization important condition, can go to the forum for links to the information, or is looking for in the group, it is best to do similar links, we must carefully check whether these links have dead link or drop the right links do Links, if not do not affected by search engine punishment right down.

second, website content, first page appearance, advertising content to the original emission is reasonable, the best of the majority, increase the readability of the visitors, a web content acquisition too much, is not conducive to the website optimization, to enable visitors to have a good experience, it is also an important factor to obtain a high PV. It is a manifestation of visitor loyalty.

The first column, optimization of

Related reading: A5

fifth, buy a link, here not much said, the rapid rise of the ranking is also very good condition. Note: not a short period of time, suddenly a massive increase in import links. Because this will be search engine that you are sending links, search engines will be considered cheating.

batch can raise some blogs, forums, the premise is you plenty of time every day, according to the amount of some of the content on your site, then take a link, so you can get the chain, and can have good traffic, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. The forum or website can also go to some weight high leave your links, attract love Shanghai spiders crawl, is conducive to search engine included, good can write soft yourself, if the content is well written words, was reproduced out, is that you do not spend effort to increase the chain help others you.


贵族宝贝e.admin5贵族宝贝/content.php ID=63

issued a soft outside the chain?

Important details can not be ignored in the website optimization, but also pay attention to

site is actually a potential gold mine, only do the site optimization, we can fully tap the potential of the web site, the website sales rose steadily, will become our website real shake Qian Shu. Do website optimization big, I have in the network marketing to do marketing has become simple, simple "in detail in the article said, this is my focus on some important details of the web site optimization.

with the pace of modern urban life is speeding up, the traditional marketing way has obviously become somewhat powerless, in order to better meet the needs of consumers, many small and medium enterprises began to seize the current Internet trends, will be a new breakthrough in the network as a business product or service sales, to effectively improve enterprise social and economic benefits the. To fully tap their own network of business enterprise, the focus of the course is to do network marketing.

first, the optimization of the details degree and freshness of the website is beautiful. Many enterprises will be understood as one-sided network marketing website promotion, set up a simple and popular website, ten years as one day little company, although every day in the update, but most of the content is copied from others, lack of attraction, the propaganda effect is very little. A major feature of human nature is the pursuit of fresh stimulus, especially in this boring to have "the most boring thing out Tucao era, if our website is still imitation, blindly is nothing new, will be boring in the end, we can only meet the people gradually fade out of sight is a disastrous outcome.

second >

in this information explosion of the Internet era, the construction site to do network marketing is not easy, it needs the direction we have a good grasp of network marketing, doing web site optimization and promotion work, but also insist on. Want to do network marketing, we should not only have the patience, perseverance, must be careful, the details determine success or failure, so we should pay special attention to important details that can not be ignored in the network marketing, but also pay attention to. Here we must mention the details, so the website optimization, what are the important details of the web site optimization is easy for us to ignore the

optimize the degree and freshness of website appearance, it is important to optimize the web page. If you think the web page beautiful, new novel is not important, you are completely mistaken, the website is the "virtual store", related to the image of the website, and directly affect the desire of consumers to buy. The goddess of reason of concern, it is because they look good to hear or see, nice looking smoother, the same site, we do not underestimate the people’s attention to beauty and enthusiasm of new things, especially in the face of fierce market competition of the Internet, improve your beauty and freshness is particularly important. This requires us to do the art design of the website, including website publishing, information publishing, web site navigation, image quality, color design and other details, and strive to build a beautiful, atmosphere, novel, let visitors in front of a bright feature website.


How do the site was K after recovery

website right down topics:


third, there is in your friendship connection, should find some related with their web site to carry out the exchange of industry chain.

is above me on the website after K is needed after the recovery work. Of course, for the normal optimized website also needs you to optimize the use of such methods.

we should do to do some good to maintain

This article is about the

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

second, the station is used to link the spider, if in your website optimization if the station links is not good, so is very difficult for your web spider crawl, which requires the need to enrich your site links.

special chain optimization:

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked !



show good content better in front of the spider. I give you advice, that you can be connected in writing, content and pictures, so that you will be better in the income.

first, on the restoration of the website of Wuhan Shanghai dragon needs combining inside and outside, but when you are supposed to measure some combination.

station in Shanghai is very important to pay attention to the problem of love, need is the weight of high content. I think of you in the update, if not the quality of the updates, then you might as well not update the good. But you are not for a long time is not updated, this requires our editors to write some high quality articles.

This secondsWebsite optimization

on the K station which is the website optimization friends is really a headache problem, since this is all for the problem, but it is a fact that is K.

today I come with you a simple introduction, on the site was K after how to do the restoration of


in the chain, it is necessary to have, and the better, of course for the hair in the chain that is also a requirement, that is needed in the choice of the chain on the need to have a hair breadth as well as the content and the relevant keywords, this is the key.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

Hu Xiaodao always on the way

notes: in the silence of the night, just watching CCTV to win in the Chinese, mood has not been finalized, the final championship has been decided, the left will be always on the road.


in this quiet night, less than ten square meters of the rental house, operates the world mesh (, Chinese win in the third season finals in the online watch, the mood is surging, the brain is excited. Just as we won the theme in Chinese theme song "on the road", we are always on the road. It is a passion, a commitment, more effort and sweat.


win in Chinese from the first session has lasted two and a half years, I began to understand and pay close attention to it in the first half of last year, Ma Yun, Xiong Xiaoge, Wu Ying, Alibaba, IDG, UT starcom………… One of the businesses and entrepreneurs for having heard it many times together with their wisdom and wealth, to guide the later entrepreneurs, they are capital of the world, is the palace of wisdom; and later Shi Yuzhu, Niu Gensheng, Yu Minhong, Zhu Xinli…… A large number of entrepreneurs who have been on the road for many years, they use their personal experience, about the fun of entrepreneurs, and tears, excitement, and even despair.

"efforts may not succeed, give up a certain failure", is, to do anything as long as you work hard to do, hold a belief, a passion, a stick, you may go farther than others, until the other side of success. When I put a "brother, to win in the finals tonight China" information sent out, I knew it already is a stick, to win in the China almost each are not to be missed, and also influence my friends and colleagues to see, to understand, to learn. How long will success be when it comes to becoming a habit?

‘s PK is cruel, but also warm, so cruel and warm and I will continue, and they will be always on the road, the mesh (  ) will also be with the world the webmaster is always on the road.

is entitled to record the night of the third season of winning in china.

Hu Xiaodao personal website: Hu knife is willing to join hands with the world webmaster and mesh world station together forever on the road. Welcome to exchange,


Personal summary of station experience

today, the Internet under the program to study, found a very serious problem, in this, I said to you: many programs now under the slightly internal connections are not very careful to find the absolute, the search is not polite, for example, many programs to return to the home page or by calling the direct all adopt "/" this form, such as the 404 page and not perfect, will cause the surface of your search crawling station, a station was drop right, but also has a great relationship with this, such as your home page address is a global call to ss.html, you must write it /ss.html is such a form. The spider’s crawl is to read rather than fetch, and to separate the two meanings. I say a lot of examples: the station set up in the background of each article, when others copy or search results have specific keywords, the mean time to tell the search judgment, the article title and keywords, similar to the function of the soft.

I summarize this month to some of WEB contact:

1. is serious about learning SEO.

2. look at other people’s site, pay attention to understand the distribution and optimization of each station.

3. hanging ox head dog selling propaganda, be careful search K.

4. focus on user experience, good intentions guide.

5. weight optimization is not necessarily popular, but must have primary and secondary prominent.

Baidu publicity note:

1. publicity must not directly use your station home page connection.

2. should learn how to use more than one browser.

3. knows the question and answer, and needs an interval.

above is my contact with WEB this month, the sense of income, there is a wrong or bad place, I hope you understand and accommodate.

source: welcome to reprint,


Yanqing view chicken to join the headquarters of the advantages of multi brand good

421 century is an era of rapid development of the market, the pace of development of the market faster and faster, the market trend is also getting better and better. To say what the industry is the most promising, according to the analysis of the catering industry mentor, is undoubtedly the catering industry, so the best choice is now catering investment is also a large number of investors to create wealth. Today Xiaobian to give you recommend this view of Yanqing fried chicken brand in the market has a high consumer sentiment, excellent market development space.

Yanqing fried chicken to join? Belonging to the Zhengzhou Yanqing Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., is a famous snack brand in the Central Plains region, fried chicken snack products, popular throughout the country. Yanqing will focus on product quality and service quality in the brand development, since the establishment of the brand has been committed to providing consumers with a higher standard of food experience. Yanqing headquarters for many years in the depth of the consumer market research and development of delicious products, the success of the product line to expand the more abundant, increasing the market competitiveness.

Yanqing fried chicken to join? After many years of research and development headquarters of unremitting efforts, the successful development of a series of more than and 40 fried chicken, each one is unique, to meet the tastes of the needs of the north and South consumers, loved by consumers. To give consumers more enjoy the delicacy, the company established a distribution center, all products from the headquarters of a unified supply, it can guarantee the quality of products, but also allow consumers to be able to taste the same taste in each store, truly thousands of stores blindly.

as many venture investors, Yanqing fried chicken join advantage is also very good, 1 advantages: Yanqing fried chicken franchise headquarters set up a team of outstanding products, timely control of the market trends, grasp market trends, develop new products to meet market demand constantly, also improving competitiveness stores.

2, technical advantages: Yanqing fried chicken brand is committed to R & D standard operation, the greatest degree to streamline the operation process, so that franchisees can easily get started, zero experience quickly master, to minimize the cost and time, increase profits.

3, training advantages: the company has a group of high-quality professionals, with a dedicated professional pursuit and strong creative passion. Combined with many years of operational experience, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the operation of the project, for each view of Yanqing chicken to join the franchisee to provide a full range of systematic training for the successful establishment of a solid foundation for franchisees.

Yanqing fried chicken? In addition to the small series described above for all of the characteristics of the product, a variety of product advantages, as well as the most important point, but also the most important point of venture investors, that is the advantage of investment. Yanqing chicken back to join the headquarters of the person responsible for the implementation of the system, the operator of poor management, the company will assign senior experts straight

Why not speed up the embrace of mobile Internet, webmasters do not come out to sell on the old

will be the scene in the recently held China Internet webmaster, DCCI founder Hu Yanping dished out to the audience of thousands of webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs have a problem: "until now, neither Baidu, Ali, Tencent, just do it yourself, do not need investment financing, do not need to show their application others in the open platform, the ideas and practices of friends give a hand?"

the audience almost no response, only a handful of people raised their hands. Hu Yanping smiled and said, the girls can be spotted, these are potential shares……

joking aside, the theme of "BAT-GAME" speech is to the. From the Internet industry in recent years, especially the development of mobile Internet, the market of the hill is a foregone conclusion, because the root barrier platform construction is more and more deep, BAT will continue to grow and live in the next few years. Popular point said, LineKong Wang Feng, BAT is the "club", the developer is selling out in the giant built place of "miss".

why do you want to sell it? No, isn’t it?

coincidentally, the day before a display for the Baidu alliance 500 elite owners survey, only 42% of the respondents said the owners have been engaged in the mobile Internet business, although 23% of the owners to join the mobile terminal, but another 28% of the owners said there are concerns or difficulties, even 8% of people do not intend to join the mobile Internet recently. This and Hu Yanping introduced the data basically, even in the mobile Internet concept called explosion today, small owners still slow progress in the mobile terminal mainstream, consisting of 66.6% groups of Internet entrepreneurs, or PC owners, there are nearly 60% entrepreneurs said that the future is going to continue to do station.

mobile terminal imagination so amazing, webmaster all know which wonderful, why not accelerate embrace


actually, the answer to the two questions is the same. Is the so-called "unwritten practice Wu Yi, goods and BAT, from sina to Gould, from PPS to Sogou, disturbing the drums capital mergers each player’s heart. Stationmaster is not foolish, 19 buildings melt 60 million is a story, not be regular. Do not take advantage of the 28 time to a staff, until the world see old age, it will wake up.

questionnaire also confirmed the webmaster’s mentality: "promotion channels lack", has become the webmaster to join the mobile terminal second big stumbling block; is the webmaster most want to get giant help crux. Hu Yanping’s data is more straightforward, don’t look at the concept of a variety of related social as if it were raining flowers, hope to get the webmaster tools, or SEO optimization tool".

why sell? The mobile terminal profit model is still obscure, not sell, no traffic, no more cash; why not dare to embrace the mobile Internet? Play is not the same, do not know how to draw traffic giant


webmaster, to put it bluntly, is engaged in flow change >

Winter season, the death of so many cars after the enterprise, it should listen to dry goods

note: the car is a hunting cloud with "physical properties" the main consumption, based on the owners in the "subject" of any consumption will continue, or even change or optimization, or "subject" physical state, so the owners of small to rational characteristics and basic washing, a large variety of consumption with maintenance a: it is "trust". The establishment of trust needs many factors, such as standard, service, technology, transparency, price and so on. And the customers who have adhered to glue have no core value in the process of establishing trust in the consumption of physical subjects. Only by consumer recognition and reasonable profits, is the ultimate goal and healthy business posture.

author introduction: HomeCar (community car service platform) founder and continuous entrepreneur, 9 years of Internet experience, product origin, in early 14 after entering the car industry entrepreneurship. So far, the HomeCar community light stores have opened nearly 20 in Beijing. The team of community stores for the terminal, establish database, optimization and supervision standards in app and it system based on the input standard service to the user (wash merbok) at the same time, also provide the service of information and transaction channel rub together to users, such as hosting and leasing of idle vehicles within the community, high value-added business the accumulation of data and OBD box.

said that if 14 years of entrepreneurial window for the automotive after market (more accurately describe the outlook of the capital should be the car window), then in the nearly 2 years, especially in the TO C direction, whether it is integrated, from the perspective of the Internet entrance type, diversion type entry, or the traditional automotive industry people seek the "Internet" scale and rapid development, has experienced the burning brain like capital battle, and then the cruel industry grinding. Especially recently, many investors are on the car after the entrepreneurial direction made some perspective, and points out some of the pit on the road to entrepreneurship, and as a breakthrough from the perspective of the Internet car industry entrepreneurs, it is also in the car after nearly 2 years of entrepreneurship, and the so-called window phase stable together so, stand in the perspective of the status of the industry practitioners understand the development direction and the vehicle after the judgment.

diversion platform: the product of Internet penetration thinking

light, high efficiency must be Internet Co’s "no law.". On the basis of this theory, whether it is to explore the function of the platform level Internet companies, such as the beginning of this year released the car home car home, with a strong advantage of the parent brand rapid collection of 4S stores, repair factory, on-site maintenance brand line service entity resources, started the business guide book type or early preparation; in the last year on the electricity supplier background of entrepreneurial team built car little white, are in a very short period of time, relying on the power of capital accumulation, set off quickly. As everyone knows, the car as a consumer has a higher value of the carrier, and different people’s daily food and clothing consumption property owners once the consumer behavior and establish trust simultaneously. In other words, is the C end and the B end once the formation of strong ties, so pure diversion platform.

Look at the stickiness of new and old users of the website through Google statistics

hasn’t updated his blog for two days. I don’t know what to write. Recently started trying to use Google statistics, found that the function is really very powerful. For example, new and old users access this feature. I used 51LA to see the proportion of new and old users at most. But through the Google statistics, can analyze new and old users more data, but also can see the new users and repeat customers users sticky difference is how big. Today, I use my new station ZZDH webmaster navigation as a sample, and share with you the next new 10 days navigation site new and old user stickiness.


New Visitor stands for the new access user, that is, the first access user

Returning Vistor stands for 2 users over the

1: the percentage of new visitors and repeat visitors


through the figure you can see, the proportion of old users accounted for 41.56%, for a launch only 10 days or so new sites, 41.56% of the old users have been very high. My independent blog has been doing more than 3 months, and the number of repeat customers is only 30% per day, mainly new users. Through the comparison of two websites repeat customers also found that the site navigation station user loyalty is really higher. Because the blog this thing entirely attracted by content, but it is not destined to have new content every day, so as not to attract users to watch every day, so the number of repeat customers is much less. Even the most loyal readers of my blog will come only a few days to visit, and unless I can continue to update it every day, some users will become accustomed to seeing it every day.

but the navigation station can say that the content will not change every day, but why attract more repeat customers?. This is different from the product positioning, navigation station is the entrance of Internet users, Adsense navigation is also the industry access to the Internet entrance. When they find many useful websites from the navigation station, but because there is too much to remember, because of the need for work, many people will use the navigation station every day. That’s why navigation stations have been established for a long time, but they are more likely than my independent bloggers. And I watched, about 10 days after was established, and the repeat customers were getting more and more each day. As time goes on, when the site no longer promotes anything, older users may reach 70%, while 30% of the new users will come from search engines or other web sites.

two: the average number of pages visited by new users and repeat customers is


can see through the figure that the average number of pages an old user visits is 1.96 pages, while the new user is 1.75 pages. Because of the special nature of navigation products, many users come in