AntiEnbridge protestors occupying Hamiltonarea terminal served with injunction

first_imgAPTN National News HAMILTON–A group of protestors occupying an Enbridge pipeline pumping station near Hamilton have been served with a court injunction ordering them to leave the site.The group has been given two hours to vacate the premises, said Melissa Elliott, a Tuscarora woman from Six Nations who is acting as spokesperson for the protest.Elliott said the protestors, who have locked themselves to the gates of the station, are currently discussing their next move.“Those talks are happening right now,” said Elliott.The five-day long protest has stalled worked by Enbridge in their Westover terminal for phase one of their Line 9 project which aims to bring tar sands oil to the east.Protests in support of the Hamilton area action are also planned across the country Tuesday as part of the “Sovereignty Summer” campaign spearheaded by an alliance between Idle No More and the Defenders of the Land.Protests are planned in places like Vancouver, Edmonton, Sarnia and Toronto, along with other locations.last_img read more

Mother talks about the struggles of getting by in Nunavut

first_imgKent Driscoll APTN NewsThere’s a statistic that has been around since Nunavut was founded – the territory has Canada’s youngest and fastest growing population.It is often seen as a threat, a territory pressed to provide basic services facing a population bubble.APTN News met with one young mother and she’ll explain that in Nunavut, the challenges are basic, and

Party leaders remember Ambedkar

first_imgOUR CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that Bharat Ratna Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was a staunch advocate of equality and social justice. He was speaking after paying floral tributes on the occasion of 128th birth anniversary of Ambedkar in a function organized at Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Kejriwal further stated that Baba Saheb was the chief architect of the Indian constitution, which is unique in the world. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel, Delhi Social Welfare Minister Rajender Pal Gautam and MLAs, were also present on this occasion. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderDelhi Congress president Sheila Dikshit also offered floral tribute to Bharat Ratna Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, at a function organized by the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s SC Department. On this occasion, Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari said that the views being presented by the political parties these days are quite different from the views of Baba Sahab. “The purpose of Baba Sahab was not class war but social harmony, politics of coordination and right to education and social justice. He tried his best for it. Baba Sahab was so much highly educated person of his time that he could have joined service like IAS, not only this he could have secured highest post in London but he pledged to ensure justice for the last man in the queue in India itself. Tiwari said that Baba Sahab was of the view that everybody has equal rights over the opportunities available in the country. “Everybody should get equal opportunity to avail it. Baba Sahab tried his best in his entire life for it. He suffered injustice himself with his family but he worked for ensuring justice to the people,” he said.last_img read more

Egypt policeman gets 10 years for Islamist prisoner deaths

first_imgCAIRO, March 18, 2014 (AFP) – An Egyptian court sentenced a policeman to 10 years Tuesday for the deaths of 37 prisoners who suffocated on tear gas in one of the most brutal incidents in a crackdown on Islamists.The court verdict, which also saw three other police officers handed one year suspended jail terms, was the first against policemen for violations during the crackdown on supporters of president Mohamed Morsi since his ouster by the army in July.The prisoners were killed when tear gas was fired into a truck taking them from a police station to a prison near Cairo on August 18, at the peak of the crackdown. The officer given 10 years was deputy head of the police station who oversaw the transfer. The four officers were convicted of manslaughter after the court accepted prosecution evidence that they had acted recklessly towards the victims.The interior ministry said at the time of the incident that police fired tear gas when the inmates rioted as they were being transferred to Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo.Tuesday’s verdict was handed down after the court heard testimony from seven wounded prisoners. It can be appealed.The court also heard from a justice ministry expert who testified that the truck was designed to carry just 24 people, but was packed with 45 on the day of the tear-gassing.The deaths came four days after security forces stormed two Cairo protest camps set up by Morsi’s supporters, triggering clashes that killed hundreds.Egypt’s official National Council for Human Rights said in a report this week that both police and armed protesters were responsible for the deaths of more than 600 people in the August 14 violence.Amnesty International says more than 1,400 people have been killed since Morsi’s overthrow, and thousands more arrested. It has repeatedly accused the security forces of using “excessive” force against Islamist protesters.Morsi himself and top Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been put on trial on charges that could be punishable by death.On Tuesday, police prevented the pro-Morsi Anti-Coup Alliance from holding a press conference, asking journalists to leave.An AFP correspondent who went to attend found police deployed outside the venue. Militant attacks targeting police and troops have increased since Morsi’s ouster.A new Islamist group claimed responsibility for a spate of attacks on policemen in the Nile Delta. Ansar al-Shariah, a name used by jihadist groups in other countries, had recently announced its formation in Egypt, before issuing another statement on Monday saying it targeted 28 “treasonous” security men.More than 200 policemen and soldiers have been killed by militants based in the restive Sinai Peninsula since Morsi’s ouster.The statement, posted on Facebook and circulated on militant Islamist forums, said the attacks in the Nile Delta over the past few months were to avenge abuses against “our sisters,” a possible reference to detained Islamist women. The statement’s authenticity could not be verified.last_img read more

Court Copyright claim against rapper 50 Cent must be tossed

NEW YORK, N.Y. – An appeals court in says it agrees with a judge who rejected a New York copyright lawsuit against rapper 50 Cent on the grounds it was filed too late.The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled Friday. It says rapper Young Caliber brought his lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court after the three-year statute of limitations had expired.The 2010 lawsuit had sought unspecified damages on the grounds the 2007 hit song “I Get Money” used a beat after Young Caliber had bought the exclusive rights to it in 2006.Young Caliber’s real name is Tyrone Simmons. His lawyer hasn’t returned a message seeking comment.50 Cent’s attorney says the ruling vindicates 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson. by The Associated Press Posted Jan 15, 2016 3:23 pm MDT Last Updated Jan 15, 2016 at 4:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Court: Copyright claim against rapper 50 Cent must be tossed read more

Opinion Twitter not all fun and games for studentathletes

Photo illustration by Mark BatkeImagine not being able to say whatever you want on Twitter because one bad tweet will make headlines all over. That’s often the case for student athletes when it comes to social media, and it’s particularly true for Twitter.In 2009, Texas Tech University linebacker Marlon Williams decided not to keep his comments to himself when he tweeted about his coach being late to a team meeting.“Wondering why I’m still in this meeting room when the head coach can’t even be on time to his own meeting,” Williams tweeted.Williams’ tweet and account were deleted soon after.In 2011, then-Western Kentucky University and current Tennessee Titans running back Antonio Andrews had something to say to the fans of WKU.“One thing I can say bout #UKfans is they loyal. No matter how sorry they team is they always support them. Can’t say that bout #WKUfans smh,” Andrews tweeted.Andrews was sidelined the following game.Finally in 2012, Ohio State’s very own quarterback, Cardale Jones, then a freshman, made headlines for his controversial tweet about his opinion on attending classes and playing football.“Why should we have to go to class if we have came to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are pointless,” Jones tweeted.Shortly after, Jones’ tweet and his Twitter account were deleted, but the tweet was already captured by many.Student athletes become the face of their school whether they like it or not. They are obligated to represent their university in everything they do, including the tweets they create on Twitter. Any and everything they say will be judged by many.“It’s tough knowing that everything you do is watched pretty closely because I’m doing the same stuff I’ve always done. It’s just now people actually care what I do,” former Texas A&M quarterback and current Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel said to USA Today in January of 2013.Being a student athlete is not always easy. Yes, they might get the perks of having thousands of Twitter followers, but someone is always watching to make one simple tweet into headlines across the globe. Therefore, ask yourself, “Do I really wish to be Cardale Jones and have thousands of followers that watch my every move?” Some might say yes and some might say no, but I personally would rather stay as the average student whose tweets do not make headlines. read more

Jake Arrieta Is Not Your Normal Ace

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta capped off his impressive Cy Young case with the first no-hitter of his career late last month. Arrieta’s 2015 résumé lists a 1.99 ERA, 19 wins and the third-most wins above replacement (WAR) in the league.1Here, I’m using Baseball Prospectus’s version of pitcher WAR, which is based on its new pitching statistic Deserved Run Average. This incredible year builds on a 2014 season in which he was one of the top 10 pitchers in baseball. So it’s no surprise that this year, Arrieta has confirmed he’s an ace. But how he became one isn’t the usual story of a phenom flying through the minors and into hitters’ nightmares. Instead, it’s the story of a guy who kept changing the way he threw a baseball until everything started to click into place.Two years ago, Arrieta was a near-replacement-level player, worth a win or so as a member of the Baltimore Orioles and Cubs. His career to that point had been lackluster. As a fifth-round draft pick, Arrieta had already exceeded expectations merely by making it to the majors, but his performance there hadn’t been especially impressive: Arrieta recorded a grand total of 3.1 WAR in 78 games spread over four years, never putting up an ERA better than 4.66.While Arrieta’s surface stats were static and unimpressive, his mechanics were busy evolving. Where a pitcher releases the ball is one of his most important characteristics: High release points establish more downward plane on the ball, causing a pitch to sink as it enters the zone; release points far to the left or right create more horizontal motion through the zone.Most of the time, the horizontal and vertical coordinates of a pitcher’s release point are fairly constant, determined largely by mechanics learned long before he made the majors. In Arrieta’s case, however, his release point changed the more time he spent in the bigs. Every year, Arrieta’s release point increased in height and moved further toward the third-base side of the pitching rubber. The total change is extreme: Arrieta moved his release horizontally across the rubber by nearly a foot and upward by nearly six inches. Since Arrieta didn’t get any taller or wider during that time, the variation in his release point means that his pitching mechanics changed.2It’s popular to attribute the change to Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio, who has had success in developing other pitchers, but it appears as though Arrieta began his transformation long before getting to Chicago. Release points change arm angles, and those in turn affect platoon splits, or how well a pitcher does against batters of different handedness. Sideways arm angles — the product of low release points — establish more horizontal movement, which can befuddle same-handed batters. Typically, pitchers perform better against same-handed batters, and before the 2013 season, Arrieta was no exception. But as his release point drifted upward, Arrieta, who is a right-hander, began to show a reverse split: For the past three years, he’s been better at getting lefties out than righties.Beyond the modified platoon split, Arrieta’s new release seems to have allowed him to develop a consistency he didn’t have before. The standard deviation of Arrieta’s release is substantially narrower than average (meaning he was more consistent) in 2015 and 2014, after being wider than average in all his previous seasons. Release point consistency is correlated with walk rate, and along with Arrieta’s more steady release came a profound improvement in command, from 4.90 walks per nine in 2013 to 2.08 in 2015.Arrieta’s release point evolution is extremely rare. In a given year, most pitchers sustain a game-to-game standard deviation in release point of only a single inch. (Think about that! Hundreds of times, pitchers perform a motion as violent as hurling a 95-mph fastball with a consistency of plus or minus a single inch!) Even from year to year, so practiced are their mechanics that pitchers vary their release points by merely 1.8 inches on average.3For these calculations, I used Pitch Info’s corrected release point coordinates, which adjust for calibration errors between parks.Arrieta is a different story. His largest single-year change (from 2012 to 2013) ranks in the 90th percentile of all players’ single-year changes since 2009.4I got that stat after z-score normalizing the average horizontal and vertical coordinates for each pitcher, in each year since 2009. I limited my analysis to pitchers who threw more than 1,250 pitches per season, eliminating relievers and partial seasons. That was done to ensure that the other pitchers in the data set could be fairly compared with Arrieta. Arrieta’s ongoing trend toward a higher and farther-right release point is even more impressive over a longer time period. Over any two years between 2009 and 2015, Arrieta’s release point change is in the 95th percentile; over three, only 13 pitchers made larger changes to their release point. Over four years, only eight pitchers5Out of the 203 pitcher-spans that qualified. experienced as much release point movement as Arrieta did.Those eight pitchers are very different from Arrieta. Many are pitchers who have suffered extensive injuries since 2010, including Brandon McCarthy (missed 417 days), Clay Buchholz (306), J.A. Happ (235) and Tommy Hanson (238).6All data on days missed comes courtesy of Baseball Prospectus, in particular Corey Dawkins’s manually curated injury database. The only pitcher on the list who has missed fewer days since 2010 than Arrieta (161) is Cole Hamels (101), but Hamels was already an established frontline starter in 2010. His evolution since then has been more about coping with the normal effects of age, as opposed to growing into an ace, as Arrieta has.Perhaps the best parallel for Arrieta is Blue Jays pitcher Marco Estrada, who missed 222 days. Like Arrieta, Estrada seems to have embarked upon a program of steadily moving his release upward, becoming more of an over-the-top arm slot. But unlike Arrieta, Estrada — who is also a right-hander — has moved toward the center of the rubber and away from third base. Whether that choice is at all related to Estrada’s lack of success (his 3.31 ERA and 4.50 FIP in 2015 are uninspiring) is an interesting question. Maybe, like 2013 Arrieta, Estrada is only a few inches of release point away from becoming an ace.What makes Arrieta unique is not that he changed as much as he did — it’s that the changes were associated with such a drastic improvement. Most of the time, a release point transformation like Arrieta’s is the product of injury. But in Chicago, Arrieta didn’t just change; he adapted into one of the best pitchers in the league. read more

Ohio State field hockey season comes to a close with tourney loss

Members of the Ohio State field hockey team sing ‘Carmen Ohio’ after a 2-1 loss to Michigan on Nov. 2 at Buckeye Varsity Field.Credit: Grant Miller / Copy chiefOhio State field hockey fell short against top-seeded Maryland, 5-0, in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals Thursday morning in Ann Arbor, Mich.Maryland’s Sarah Sprink, the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, scored a pair of goals in the victory. The junior defender started off the scoring 17 minutes into the game with a goal off a penalty corner from Big Ten Freshman of the Year, midfielder Moira Putsch.With less than 10 minutes to play in the half, Sprink was awarded a penalty stroke, and she connected to give Maryland a 2-0 lead at the half.The Terrapins (17-2, 7-1) didn’t hold up on their attack coming out of the half. Instead, they put the game away with a six-minute onslaught.Freshman defender Carrie Hanks scored in the 42nd minute off a crossing pass from Putsch to start Maryland’s second-half rally.Less than five minutes later, Sprink found space again and found junior midfielder Anna Dessoye for a tip-in goal.For good measure, senior forward Katie Gerzabek scored Maryland’s fifth goal with 22:39 to play to put the game out of reach for the Buckeyes.OSU was outshot, 22-7, and the Terrapins held an 8-3 advantage in penalty corners.Second-team All-Big Ten performer Peanut Johnson got three shots on goal during the game, but the Buckeye junior forward was not able to find the back of the net.OSU finished its season 6-12 after going 6-13 in 2013. The Buckeyes are set to return 12 freshmen next season, including leading scorer Maddy Humphrey, who finished the season with 32 points on 12 goals and eight assists.Johnson is also set to return for her senior season after finishing with a career-high 11 assists and combining with Humphrey for 59 points in 2014.Since defeating Indiana on the road to get coach Anne Wilkinson’s 300th victory, OSU lost four consecutive games to end the season.Maryland is set to face Penn State in the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament on Friday at 1 p.m. at Phyllis Ocker Field in Ann Arbor, Mich. read more

Mens Volleyball No 3 Ohio State sweeps No 8 Penn State 30

Junior setter Sanil Thomas sets the ball during the second set of No. 3 Ohio State’s match against No. 8 Penn State on Jan. 28, 2018 in St. John Arena. The Buckeyes defeated the Nittany Lions in straight sets (25-19, 25-15, 25-17) to pick up their fifth win of the season. Credit: Aliyyah Jackson | Senior ReporterThe No. 3 Ohio State Men’s volleyball team (5-2) swept No. 8 Penn State (3-2) in straight sets, winning 3-0 Sunday night at St. John Arena.Head coach Pete Hanson said prior to the game, his team did not know what type of line-up to expect from Penn State due to an injured Nittany Lion, but that the Buckeyes still prepared for a tough match in the days leading up.“The last few days in practice, it was a lot about our blocking and our defense in terms of, when we got Penn State into trouble, could we win that point by blocking them?” Hanson said. “Could we win that point by digging the ball and then letting Sanil set a hitter and kill that ball?” Ohio State came out aggressive and big on the net in the first set, setting the tone for the rest of the match by winning 25-19. As a team, the Buckeyes hit .500, swinging hard from the middle and wing positions, while committing only two service errors in the first set. Powerful serves by Ohio State challenged Penn State’s defense and forced out of system plays for the Nittany Lions. Ohio State redshirt junior middle blocker Blake Leeson stayed ready on the net, putting down at least three of Penn State’s overpasses. Redshirt freshman opposite Jake Hanes and senior outside hitter Maxime Hervoir had seven and five kills, respectively, in the first set, to contribute to the Buckeyes’ effective offense. Senior outside hitter Nicolas Szerszen had five of Ohio State’s seven digs in the set. Ohio State showed improved stats in both blocks and digs from previous matches. Szerszen said the Buckeyes have been spending time in practice trying to improve in blocking and controlling the ball for stronger counter-attacks.“We want to serve tough. When we serve tough the other team struggles and then it’s easier for us to get blocks and digs,” Szerszen said. “It’s really frustrating when we do that and then we don’t get those blocks or digs and counter-attack on them. The first couple matches we struggled a little bit with that.”The Buckeyes got off to a slower start in the second set. They battled Penn State point-by point until the two were tied at 14 when Szerszen scored a kill for the side-out and served for an eight-point run. After a service error, Penn State got the ball back, but lost it in the next play when Leeson put the ball down for Ohio State. Though Penn State provided stiff competition for the first half of the second set, Ohio State’s aggressive offense picked back up in the second half, shutting down the Nittany Lions. Penn State redshirt sophomore setter Luke Braswell, named last week’s EIVA player of the week for averaging 9.86 assists per set and helping his team hit an overall hitting percentage of .522, had only four assists in the second set. The team hit a .409 in the second set with six kills and six attacking errors. Penn State lost the second set by 10 points, 25-15.Ohio State started the third set with a large presence on the net, a stark contrast to Penn State’s diminished energy. The Buckeyes hit a .520, with which Penn State could not keep up. The Nittany Lions raised their hitting percentage to .125, but had only eight kills. Ohio State finished the set quickly, beating Penn State 25-17 and sealing the match victory.Topping the kill leaderboard were Hanes (16), Hervoir (10) and Szerszen (9). Ohio State junior setter Sanil Thomas had fewer assists than usual, but still topped the leaderboard with 29. Szerszen’s 10 digs were the most in the match and Leeson finished first in blocks with four. read more

Lil Wayne vs Oreo Rapper Crumbles Cookies Dreams to Set Facebook World

first_imgIt appears more people like convicted rap stars than delicious chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting inside. That’s right, Lil Wayne has thwarted Oreo’s attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most “Likes” on Facebook.Lil Wayne asked his 20 million Facebook fans to “Like” his post so that he could break the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” on a post in 24 hours. Within an hour, the rapper had close to 200,000 “Likes,” leaving Oreo in the dust with only 56,615 at that time.According to Mashable, Lil Wayne’s digital manager, Mazy Kazerooni, said she wants people to think of Lil Wayne like they do Bieber and Gaga. AdChoices广告At the time of this post, Lil Wayne had 357,718 “Likes,” and Oreo had only 75,505. It is indeed a sad day for cookie-lovers. I wonder if they have Oreos at Rikers?last_img read more

Android 40 Ice Cream Sandwich the core new features

first_imgAs expected, Google launched the latest iteration of the Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, alongside the Samsung announcement of the Galaxy Nexus. While Samsung certainly wowed the audience with a truly impressive phone, the real star of the show was Android 4.0.Andy Rubin, Matias Duarte, Hugo Barra, and many more iconic Googlers took to the stage to show off the many facets of the new Android OS. At the end of their presentation, they announced that the Android SDK was already online for developers and users to get a deeper look into the new features offered by this upcoming version of Android.While Google offered a terrific demonstration of many of the impressive features in Ice Cream Sandwich, I am somewhat concerned about the overall ability to deliver the Ice Cream Sandwich experience, and whether or not manufacturers will be willing to follow in Google’s vision for the future. We’ll tackle that in a separate post, for now, lets focus on the core features of the OS.Total UI OverhaulPlain and simple, if you have never used a Honeycomb tablet, Android 4 will be something of a jarring experience for you. In order to become comfortable with this brave new world, there’s a few things you should know.– The tiles move: Instead of removing all of your Notifications all at once with a clear button, you will have the option to remove individual notifications by simply brushing them off of your notification bar with the swipe of a finger. Additionally, when looking at your previously opened applications you will have the option to sweep individual applications away as well.– Your Notification bar has superpowers: Now called the Action Bar, your top drawer pull down sports a whole new list of features now. First of all, it’s available to you from the lockscreen so you don’t even have to unlock the phone to check incoming email, SMS, etc. Additionally, your Music controls are available from inside the Action bar, meaning not only is your music available to you on the lockscreen, but the developers of your favorite apps will be able to put goodies up there as well.– Your Launcher is customizeable: As a Google Voice user, I have zero need for the stock SMS app for Android, and yet so many phones force it to the dock assuming you want it there. Now, you can pick and choose what you want to go on your launcher dock. When you open the app drawer, you will have access not only to your apps, but also your widgets on a separate tab for quick and easy placement on your homescreen. Oh, and those widgets? All of the Google ones are resizeable, and the API’s are there for developers to be able to do the same to their widgets.Control your phoneWith Android 4.0, you have a lot more say in how your phone behaves, and how it performs. Instead of using your phone and seeing the results when you are finished, you have real-time access to many parts of your phone for better control.– Real time voice input: Instead of speaking a sentence and seeing how right/wrong Google got it, the results show up as you speak them. Additionally, you can double tap any word Google gets wrong and push the change back to Google in the hopes that they wont get it wrong next time.– Choose your own spell check: Maybe English isn’t your language of choice, or maybe you have been on the internet too long and you’d prefer Urban Dictionary to Mirriam-Webster. Google allows you to use any third party dictionary and language kit, and plug it right into their input and spell check system.– Network Data Control: In this day of limits, caps, and insane overage charges, Google has provided users with the tools necessary to control the data that passes over a mobile network. You can shut down mobile data on your phone when you reach a limit that you have set on yourself, or set a warning for when you have consumed a specific amount of mobile data. You can look at a detailed breakdown of which apps are using the most data and when, and you can even stop apps from using data in the background if you don’t want them to.Social ContactsYour contact manager has gotten a pretty serious visual update as well, but believe it or not that’s actually not the significant thing here. Google has seen fit to make your contact manager social in certain ways, in an attempt to unify your phone based communications with your social communications.– The “Me” profile: at the top of your contact manager now is the most important person in your phone, you! Not dissimilar from what you see now on any of Google’s desktop services (the black bar in Gmail, docs, etc) is the “Me” profile. Everything about you is in your Me profile. This includes contact information, social networks, birthday, anything Google has stored on or about you from other services is available to you here.– Unified contacts: Google doesn’t just read up on you, no sir. If your contacts have a Google+ profile, or if you two use the same app with data available to share (Latitude, for example) that information can be made available to you. Want to circle your new Boss on G+ now that your contact manager shows you he’s got one? You can circle him (or uncircle him) right from the contact screen.– Unified calendar: not only are all of your separate calendars glued together and color coded in a nice easy to use way, but apps that you have given permission to play will be able to stick things in your calendar as well.Huge New ThingsWhen iOS 5 came out, the Android fans shouted “Theif!” across the internet. Many of the Android UI changes were likely “inspired” by WebOS and Windows Phone, and to be honest, I hope Google bought licencing from Disney for all the Tron that’s baked into Android 4.0. But Google did see fit to add some really cool tricks that are new to the mobile experience.– Face Unlock: Still struggling to figure out what you are ever going to use that Front Facing Camera for? How about using it to unlock your phone? Unless you have an evil twin, what seems to be the most secure way to lock your phone ever is the ability to lock it to your big smiling mug. The demo for this at the Samsung event didn’t go so well, and I kind of doubt Matias Duarte’s crack about how much makeup he had on affecting the software, but the possibility of using this if it works seems really cool.– All new toys for NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi: Google pulled out the stops on their support of third party toys and apps on Android phones, specifically how they interact with any of the three wireless technologies. Two Android phones with NFC chips inside can share links, photos, videos, whatever, just by setting the devices next to each other, kind of like Bump but way more stable. Support for the Bluetooth Health Device Profile or HDP enabled devices has been enabled, allowing third party medical or fitness devices to interact with your phone. WiFi Direct support was also added to Android 4, supporting peer to peer networks and third party apps that would use those networks for faster transmission of things like movies and music.– Support for Stylus input: in a push to support more education focused devices, Android 4.0 supports controls to distinguish between a finger, stylus, and eraser events. Taking notes in class, drawing on a digital canvas, or maybe just using your device behind thick gloves will be much better supported natively.DevelopersAll of this talk about new features is a ton of fun, but for developers the real shiny new toys are the tools provided to allow them to add the shiny new features to their apps. As expected, Google has delivered API’s for all of the goodies they announced, as well as quite a few other goodies.– All one framework: Tablets, phones, TV’s, and whatever else you can shoehorn Android onto now all function on the same framework. Complete with documentation to prepare your app to support Fragments, the new Action Bar, resizeable widgets, and a much smoother and more stable emulator to test your app on before pushing it to the Android Market.– Further Business support: on an Enterprise level, you can now completely encrypt an Android 4.0 device, offer VPN solutions through the phone, and offer management policies for the cameras on phones that are in secure areas. Managed devices can control both the VPN setting and the Camera policy remotely.Final ThoughtsAndroid 4.0 brings a lot of potential to the Android platform. At Google I/O, we were given to understand that Ice Cream Sandwich would mark the slowing of the release cycles for Google to two per year. If Google sticks with this, there’s a strong chance we will be greeted in the New Year with an impressive onslaught of new tablets, phones, and GoogleTV supported devices ready to take advantage of all this new software.As with all versions of Android, the critical component will be adoption. If OEM’s push ICS to their users in a timely manner, and if there are no huge problems come release time, Ice Cream Sandwich could be the sweetest version yet.last_img read more

Vancouver has housing stock in hopper

first_imgThings are looking brighter in Vancouver when it comes to affordable housing, but only just.The county vacancy rate is 3.9 percent, the median rent has increased 47 percent since December 2015 and families need to make at least $53,200 to afford a two-bedroom unit.But it seems the city’s multifaceted plan to tackle affordable housing and homelessness is on the precipice of working, according to an update presented to the City Council on Monday.“Now we’re coming into more good news,” said Peggy Sheehan, the city’s community development program manager. “We have lots of units in the pipeline.”There are 4,319 units in some form of consideration in Vancouver, meaning developers have paid at least the initial fee to have their project reviewed by city staff. That means they have paid money for the city to look at their project. Of those, 455 are income-restricted. Sheehan said the low-income housing projects are all either under construction or in the final permitting process.The most significant solution to make an impact on affordable housing was Proposition 1, approved by voters in November 2016 to create a funding source for affordable housing projects and preventing homelessness. The Affordable Housing Fund generates $6 million annually for related projects through 2023. The fund has already allocated $4 million to help pay for seven housing projects and will soon allocate its first round of homeless prevention funding.last_img read more

Redknapp thinks United desperately need Gareth Bale

first_imgJamie Redknapp voiced his opinion on what exactly do Manchester United need in order to challenge reigning winners Manchester City, and he thinks it is just a single player.The Red Devils emerged from sixth to second in the Premier League in this season alone and the fact that if they were able to get 81 points in total, they would have been able to win the tournament recently became public.However, they lost to all the three new clubs in the Premier League and fell 19 points behind City, as well as being knocked out of the Champions League at the last-16 phase.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“They finished second and could win the FA Cup but let’s face it… this is one of the most boring United teams,” Redknapp admitted of United’s football this season, according to SportBible.“They signed off the league season with a 1-0 win over Watford that was shown last on Match of the Day. If Jose Mourinho wants to change that, he should go and buy Gareth Bale.”“He has won it all at Real Madrid and won’t be fazed by the Premier League. United won’t be the only ones after him. If Eden Hazard goes to Real Madrid, I’m sure Chelsea would be keen on a swap deal,” Redknapp went on to add.last_img read more

Low demand drives Honda Clarity PHEV out of Northeast region

first_imgEnlarge ImageIt’ll be a little harder to find a Clarity PHEV outside of California. Honda Those looking to wean themselves off fossil fuels in Northeastern states have lost a readily available option. The Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid will no longer be in stock at dealers in the region.Instead, Honda will focus exclusively on stocking Clarity Plug-in Hybrids in California for now. Green Car Reports first reported on the inventory shift on Wednesday and a spokesperson for the automaker confirmed the news with Roadshow.”The state of California is the largest market for plug-in hybrid vehicles,” said a Honda representative in a statement. “In order to meet customer demand we are currently prioritizing supply of the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid in California, rather than allocating units for dealer inventory in other markets.”Honda’s statement pointed out that dealers in all 50 states can still order a Clarity PHEV and customers across the nation are still able to purchase or lease the model.”We are always monitoring the market and can make adjustments to supply accordingly, but Honda remains disciplined in our approach of matching supply and demand and, in this case, that means focusing sales of Clarity PHEV vehicles in the market with the strongest consumer demand,” the spokesperson added.News of the inventory allocation shuffling follows confirmation that Honda will dial back Accord and Civic production at its Marysville, Ohio, assembly plant. The company will cut the production line responsible for the two sedans temporarily, but Acura production isn’t affected at this time. All CR-V production from the Ohio plant will shift to Indiana for now.The funky Clarity PHEV is part of a trio of Clarity models that also encompasses a purely electric version and a fuel-cell variant. The Clarity Electric and Clarity Fuel Cell are not offered nationwide, however. With the Chevrolet Volt now relegated to the automotive graveyard, the Clarity PHEV could provide a space for those not willing to take the step into full-blown electric car ownership. The Clarity PHEV will go 47 miles on electricity before the 1.5-liter inline-4 engine kicks in as a backup. 7:41 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid a more fuel-efficient Accord option 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Can Honda’s hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell go mainstream? More From Roadshow Preview • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: Driving so clean you could drink from it Share your voice More about 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Tags 49 Photos Comment Hybrids Sedans Honda 1 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Now playing: Watch this: Hondalast_img read more

Ecofriendly idols find favour with denizens

first_imgUppal: As Ganesh festival is right around the corner, we see a number of workshops who go for the modern way of making idols. A workshop working from last 20 years makes idols traditionally using mud, bamboo and grass.The manufacturer of this type of idols, follow the traditional procedure of making idols from Kumartulli ghat in Kolkata which is famous for its traditional way of making idols for Durga puja. Also Read – JIH organises Eid Milap for sanitary workers Advertise With Us The size of the idols starts from 3 feet to 15 feet and each idols price vary based on its size. However the starting price of the idols is Rs 10,000. It takes around 10 days for framing of idols and 2 to 3 days for the finishing of the idol. A minimum of 4 workers are required for preparing a single idol. K Rukmini, owner of Kolkata Ganesh and Durga Matha Statues Manufacturers said, “Even if we have been working on this from past 20 years, there has been no GHMC support for the same. We would love to work for GHMC but since we are doing something that does not pollute the environment we at least expect a support where we are provided with a place to make these idols. We have to pay around 2 lakh per year as the rent of this place from the profit. Also Read – GHMC distributes saplings to KV students Advertise With Us There is no recognition from HMDA and Pollution Control Board. There is only one manufacturer of traditional and eco-friendly idol manufacturer in Hyderabad. These eco-friendly idols are made of mud which is bought from Kolkata. However it is difficult for the sculptors to frame the idol with mud. So basically these sculptors tie bamboos and cover these bamboos with grass. Later when the desired shape is formed, the mud is used to cover the entire idol. Once the entire idol is formed, the idol is then painted with water colors. Advertise With Us POP idols Though civic bodies of the city have suggested using eco-friendly idols and have also held various awareness programs, the POP idols still has a huge demand on the festivals. The Plaster of Paris (POP) idols costs Rs 1000 per feet and the preparation of these idols begins from 4 months prior to the festival. These POP idols are available from 5 to 15 feet. For making one idol, one person is enough as POP can easily form the shape. Rahul Jain is the first generation in the family from Rajasthan who is in the business of making idols. He said, “We prepare these idols as per the order and the demand of the idols. This year we have prepared around 1000 Ganesha idols. We have been in this business for making idols from past 5 years.” POP chemical mess POP does not biodegrade well, and the synthetic colours used are toxic for aquatic flora and fauna. The large amount of polystyrene and plastic used for decoration of the idol leads to air pollution. Two years back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself suggested that instead of POP idols, which after immersion cause damage to the aquatic life and environment, people should use eco-friendly idols made of clay. Excessive damage is caused to the environment due to immersion of idols made of POP and chemicals, he noted.last_img read more

Firefighting infrastructure has seen massive improvement in last 7 years

first_imgKolkata: Bengal has witnessed massive infrastructure development in the past seven years, to ensure a better firefighting mechanism in the state.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said: “Since pre-Independence to 2011, as many as 100 fire stations had come up in the state. While in the past seven years, 41 fire stations have come up in Bengal and 20 are under construction. Moreover, the process of setting up another 41 is also going on.” She said that it is a remarkable development of infrastructure facilities. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBanerjee on Tuesday flagged off 30 fire tenders of 5,000 litre capacity and 20 fire tenders of 8,000 litre capacity. The programme for the same was held outside Nabanna. She said as many as 674 fire fighting vehicles have been introduced in the past seven years and there are 136 motorcycle-mounted firefighting arrangements. “I feel there is a need to increase such arrangements to fight fire properly in congested areas,” the Chief Minister said, adding that some Panchayat areas are also getting congested and such mechanism is also needed in such places. These are also helpful in urban and semi-urban areas. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedShe further said that she had got the idea of introducing motorcycle-mounted firefighting arrangements during her visit to Germany. “Vehicles there ply at speeds of around 250 km per hour and I found that a road accident had taken place. Helicopters were pressed in to rescue the people. At the same time, I found that materials required for rescue operations were brought on motorbikes. After returning, I put forth the idea of introducing the motorcycle-mounted firefighting arrangement,” Banerjee said, adding that the Disaster Management department, the state Fire and Emergency Services department and police should take steps to introduce more motorcycle-mounted firefighting arrangements. She further added that pilot cars are now being engaged for piloting another vehicle and the use of motorbikes for the same purpose would be more economical. She further said that three hydraulic ladders were also introduced in the past seven years, to fight fires in high-rise buildings. Banerjee also directed the police to ensure coverage of maximum areas using CCTV cameras. She said: “It is not always possible to be present physically to maintain a vigil. So, installation of CCTV cameras will help to carry out better surveillance.” In the past seven years, fire stations have been constructed in different rural parts and infrastructure of the fire stations, which have been existing for the past several years, has also been improved.last_img read more

WATCH Young boy surprises Idina Menzel with Let It Go vocals

first_imgIdina recalls how boys at previous shows haven’t know what the song was. They’ve preferred ‘that Trollz song and Justin Timberlake.’‘Heck to the no!’This is where Luke became our idol.His response to that was: ‘Heck to the no! I’m offended.’Then comes the best moment of the video.Idina invites Luke to sing Let It Go and Luke surprises everyone with some absolutely stunning vocals. Luke left everyone shook.Watch the video below.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… This is not what Idina was expecting. Let Hawaii Happen – A Surprise LGBT Wedding videoDear pop world: more girlbands please. Sincerely, one devoted gayTaylor Swift gives emotional speech at concert a year after her sexual assault trialRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Idina invites the young boy to join her in the iconic video.She asks Luke if he knows what song is playing and he answers: ‘Let It Go. What kind of question is that?’ eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

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first_img Related Content News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more Feature | March 03, 2010 | Cristen C. Bolan Top Women’s Imaging Centers to Watch in 2010 The top centers are early adopters of new technology, participate in clinical trials and place a premium on patient care. News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 06, 2019 Canon Medical Introduces Encore Orian MR Upgrade Program Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. is helping to provide low-cost patient care solutions for its customers with the launch… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more The war on breast cancer took on new meaning when the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) revised its screening recommendations for breast cancer.1 The committee, whose guidance influences doctors, insurance companies and policy makers, suggested that women should start annual screenings for breast cancer at age 50 instead of 40. This radical departure in protocol raised an uproar amongst physicians, cancer prevention societies and the general public. The American Cancer Society and the American College of Radiology rejected the revision, announced they were sticking with their guidelines, advising annual mammograms starting at age 40.While the debate over the efficacy of mammography screening marches on, the women’s imaging centers continue to fight the good fight on the front lines. While there still are no clear winners, with the combination of advanced technology, efficient workflow and the human touch, caregivers are gaining ground on the disease. The Top Women’s Imaging Centers to Watch in 2010 feature recognizes the most advanced and forward-thinking imaging centers. The honorees tend to be early adopters of new technology, participants in clinical trials, and apply novel techniques and imaging systems.We asked readers to submit nominations of worthy facilities to recognize based on their achievements in innovation, operational efficiency, customer service and teamwork. From there, the editors selected five centers to recognize as the “Top Women’s Imaging Centers to Watch in 2010.” Take a look — these are the ones to watch. They include such preeminent institutions as Windsong, Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center, The Breast Care Center at University Community Hospital, Hamot for Women, Inland Imaging and Piedmont Outpatient Center. Windsong Radiology Group, Williamsville, Depew, W. Amherst, West Seneca, Hamburg, N.Y.Innovation: The Windsong Radiology Group (WRG) has built a reputation during its 23-year history for excellence — not just in diagnostic imaging but in genuine patient care and service. Under the leadership of its founder Janet H. Sung, M.D., WRG has four imaging centers in the Greater Buffalo, N.Y. region, each distinguished as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence through the American College of Radiology. In December 2009, the team of 14 board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists cut the ribbon for the new Dr. Janet H. Sung Women’s Imaging Center at Windsong. The 14,000-square-foot facility was specifically designed for patient comfort, privacy and service efficiency. The layout allows for independent service to the divergent needs of screening and diagnostic mammography patients, and it has decreased wait times in both areas. WRG continually raises the bar when it comes to state-of-the-art technology, consistently being the first in the region for the newest in imaging equipment and rolling over changing technologies at maximum five-year cycles. WRG has had many “firsts” for the region, including breast biopsy via stereotactic, MRI or ultrasound guidance, full-field digital mammography, computer-aided detection (CAD), breast ultrasound with 4D and volume imaging, dedicated breast MRI imaging, bone densitometry (DEXA), and the soon to be FDA-approved Tomosynthesis. Additionally, its sites conduct imaging exams on its 64-slice CT, large bore 1.5 Tesla MRI and bilateral breast MRI, PET/CT biopsy, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy systems.Since patients often travel long distances for WRG’s expertise, additional services, such as biopsies, can often be provided during the same visit, alleviating patient anxiety. Collectively, the WRG sites provided more than 89,000 mammograms and approximately 2,400 breast MRI studies in 2009. WRG women’s imaging radiologist X. Cynthia Fan is currently involved in a retrospective clinical study looking at breast MRI indications and specifically presurgical screening to predict contralateral breast cancers in the community setting. Operational Efficiency: The new Dr. Janet H. Sung Women’s Imaging Center was specifically designed to increase the operational efficiency. As one of the busiest imaging facilities in the United States, WRG sent a small contingent to numerous sites throughout the nation seeking insight for improvements inworkflow and patient service. They began small with the opening of a newly designed site in Hamburg, N.Y., in the summer of 2008. Following additional research, they refined its plans, opening its new Lancaster, N.Y., facility last summer. The latest and most innovative women’s imaging center, dedicated to its founder Dr. Sung, opened its doors in December. The division of screening and diagnostic mammography has enabled the WRG team to provide more individualized attention to these very different subsets of patients. Additionally, all of the patients’ touch points within the facility are time stamped and then later analyzed collectively to determine where improvements in throughput can be made with collaboration by technologists, managers and radiologists. WRG is in the final stages of preparing to go live with a new robust radiology information system from Amicas. This new enterprise solution will give WRG the capability to interface with HEALTHeLINK of Western New York, becoming one of the first radiology centers to be connected to physicians, hospitals, and insurance organizations to share meaningful clinical information. Patient Service: The WRG team of women’s imaging radiologists prefers to meet with every patient face-to-face to provide their immediate results at the time of their service. If additional work-up, such as a breast ultrasound or biopsy, is required, the WRG team is there to answer questions and facilitate additional phone consults with the patient and primary care physician during that visit. Along with the opening of its newest center, WRG introduced its new, dedicated Breast Patient Navigator program. When patients receive unexpected results on a breast study, the program uses a special team approach to assist patients immediately, guiding them through what can be a difficult time if they face biopsy and possibly surgery. WRG sent two of its advanced practice technologists for additional training for BPN certification through the National Consortium of Breast Centers. The BPN team works in conjunction with WRG’s registered nurses, creating a personal connection with patients including answers to complex questions, second opinion referrals, negative biopsy results, follow-ups, procedural protocols, off-hours phone assistance, and sometimes just simple hand holding. Although they have surveyed referring physicians and patients for several years, WRG takes it a step further, providing each patient with a comment card, which gives the name of each team member who served them during their visit. Comments from these surveys, along with yearly patient focus groups are then reviewed by the WRG team, including radiologists, so that they may continually enhance the patient experience. Teamwork: Collaboration between on-site radiologists, administrators and team members is a hallmark of WRG. Its mix of clinical and operational experience allows them to meet the challenge of serving more than 500 patients daily. But it doesn’t end with internal group efforts. Although WRG has built strong referring relationships, they appreciate the value of its success. WRG continuously strives to keep its support network of referring physicians abreast of technology changes and medical necessity guidelines while increasing its own internal level of service. This is accomplished through its lunch-and-learn programs, CME presentations and regular newsletters to the referring physicians and its own teams. Following the opening of the new breast center, WRG also attracted a group of new breast surgeons to work in the connecting suite. The center said its neighbors also offer additional services to its patients, with radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and an ambulatory surgical center as other tenants in the medical park. www.windsongradiology.comJacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center Long Branch, N.J.Innovation: Since opening in 1994, the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center (JMWCBC) at Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) is a multidisciplinary comprehensive breast center. It offers a wide array of preventative, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, psychosocial and educational services in one location. It offers TomoTherapy, digital mammograph, SecondLook iCAD, breast ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast MRI, ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy, and film consultation. JMWCBC has been the U.S. leader in patient enrollment to the multinational clinical trail of CT-laser mammography (CTLM). It is one of the 35 institutions continuing to collect follow-up data for the Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (DMIST). Currently, the center is participating in the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (STAR) Trial. Its Breast Imaging Center is designated as a Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR), accredited by MQSA since 1995, and earned national approval from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of American College of Surgeons (ACoS) as a “teaching hospital cancer program” for 27 years. The program is led by a nurse practitioner and genetic counselor who assess patients’ life-time risk, develop individualized prevention plans, and employ an integrated medicine model that coordinates care from diagnosis through the treatment phase. Operational Efficiency: Through the performance improvement initiative in 2009, JMWCBC improved its clinical operation efficiency and care coordination, as well as the case volume. Its telephone abandon rate has decreased by 5 percent, the screening no-show rate is decreased by 5 percent, and the past-due volume has decreased from 3,235 to 404. The overall breast center volume has increased by 15 percent. The auto-fax mechanism is activated to reduce the report turnaround time to referring physician. A standardized data collection process in its mammography IT system has created a chartless environment, where staff can monitor patient volume, recall rates, sensitivity, specificity, true positive, false negative, PPV, and cancer detection rates precisely. For cases that need additional imaging, dedicated program liason will coordinate among patients and referring physicians, ensuring the correct prescription is obtained, and the needed diagnostic workup is scheduled within a week. Negative cases can schedule their next appointment prior to leaving the center. Patient Service: Every patient who walks in for a procedure is greeted with a fresh pink or red rose. The site’s patient satisfaction scores in 2009 were maintained at 98 percent or above, with 85 percent of the comments appraising the services and staff performance. All patient comments and recommendations are reviewed by the staff and administration to identify areas for improvement on a monthly basis.The staff is recognized and rewarded for positive patient feedback through a facility-wide “I Made A Difference” initiative. At least 40 public educational/outreach events are offered to promote breast healthcare. As the grantee of Susan G. Komen for The Cure – Reach Out for Life program, the center provided 650 free screening mammograms and diagnostic workup to the underserved patients in the area in 2009. A patient-centered Web site ( also provides a valuable tool for patients. Teamwork: The leadership team in JMWCBC includes two medical directors (one imaging director, one medical director) and an administrative director, to ensure the entire team works well together. A multidisciplinary breast cancer conference is hosted on the weekly basis, to discuss every newly diagnosed cancer patient’s case prospectively by breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, genetic counselors, nurses, breast cancer navigators, social workers, and other healthcare providers. The individualized treatment plans, compliant with national guidelines, are documented and discussed with patients and healthcare providers. The first course of treatment is monitored through oncology data center staff. www.saintbarnabas.comHamot for Women Hamot Medical Center, Erie, Pa. Innovation: Hamot for Women, part of Hamot Medical Center, was recently designated as a Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The center uses the most advanced technologies and modern approaches to patient care, including digital mammography, 1.5T breast MRI, and ultrasound units with elastography for breast sonography. The mammography platform at Hamot includes dual-anode technology, a dose-saving feature to match exposure rates with breast density and thickness. Physicians also can review and evaluate current and past exams from all modalities on one dedicated workstation. Operational Efficiency: Exam times and even recall rates are reduced due to the immediate transfer of the patient image to the acquisition workstation after exposure, allowing the technologist to review the image before moving on to the next. Here, images and previous examinations, even from other modalities, can be viewed, which helps physicians assess potential abnormalities. Callbacks are diminished with the image manipulation on the system. Users can brighten, darken, and magnify images and can easily toggle between old and new mammograms to note differences. This can reduce the examination time per patient as well as recall rates. It is also extremely helpful for needle-wire localizations, cutting procedure time in half. The facility now performs approximately 30 exams per day on a single digital mammography platform. Hamot recently added a second digital mammography platform, allowing for its increased patient volumes, better scheduling of diagnostic mammograms and needle-wire localization procedures. Patient Service: For patients diagnosed with breast cancer, two nurse navigators help guide them through the process from diagnosis to treatment, explaining procedures, answering questions and providing support. The center provides same-day reads for all of its diagnostic mammograms/breast sonograms, and screening mammograms, if the patient so desires. Following a diagnostic work-up, the radiologist will spend time, one-on-one with the patient, answering questions, reviewing images, and arranging any necessary biopsies. The patient will leave the facility knowing the results of her diagnostic mammogram/breast ultrasound and the next steps to be taken.Hamot’s most innovative idea is the “mammo-marathon,” held each October. It provides women with 24-hour screening mammogram services. They are encouraged to come with a friend, in their pajamas if they wish. “Round-the clock” mammograms and refreshments are provided to ensure everyone has fun. It was picked up by the national news the first year it began and the program continues to grow. At this past October’s mammo-marathon, the centers did nearly 100 mammograms. Teamwork: Hamot’s breast team members possess experience specific to women’s health. For example, all digital mammograms and breast MRI exams are interpreted by dedicated breast radiologists. Medical and radiation oncologists with a keen interest in breast cancer round out Hamot’s breast health team, providing up-to-date treatment on an individual basis. Surgery is performed by highly trained and experienced breast surgeons. When a patient comes in with a question, has an unknown breast problem, or needs additional attention, the technologists will advise the radiologist. If the radiologist then sees a worrisome finding on a screening mammogram, he or she will assign it a “pink ribbon,” which will alert the technologists and the schedulers to get the patient back in for her diagnostic studies, within a week. Then, should the diagnostic studies warrant a biopsy, the technologist is ready to get it scheduled in an expedient manner, seamless to the patient. If cancer is diagnosed with that biopsy, the patient will meet with the nurse navigators to gain information, answer questions, and, most importantly, receive support. Breast MRI exams also are done on almost all newly diagnosed cancer patients. If MRI-guided biopsies are needed, nurse navigators arrange this within the week. In addition, every Friday morning, the staff has a breast cancer conference, where the multidisiplinary team, consisting of nurses, breast radiologists, pathologists, breast surgeons, and radiation and medical oncologists, meet to discuss the week’s breast cancer cases and treatment plans. At Hamot, teamwork helps with screening, diagnosing and treating every breast cancer patient on an individual basis. www.hamot.orgInland Imaging Deer Park, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Wash.Innovation: Inland Imaging has three fully digital Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence (BICOE), accredited in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound, and ultrasound-guided core needle breast biopsy, as awarded by the American College of Radiology. With a breast MRI and biopsy program in place, the centers offers vacuum-assisted biopsy provider in ultrasound, stereotactic, and MR. The radiologists utilize CAD with digital mammography and breast MR. Voice recognition speeds up report and results turnaround times. The Inland Northwest site introduced the first positron emission mammography (PEM) system. Inland Imaging offers a comprehensive OB ultrasound program, including fetal growth charting. Bone densitometry is also part of its women’s imaging practice. Inland Imaging provides pelvic ultrasound and MRI as part of the imaging prior to uterine artery embolization provided by the site’s interventionalists. Other interventional services include biopsies, drainages, venous access procedures, angioplasty, stenting, clot dissolution, venoplasty, uterine fibroid embolization, vein embolization, radioactive bead therapy, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, angiography, gastrotomy tube placement, TIPPS procedures, and Y90 embolization.Operational Efficiency: Technical assistants (TA) for mammography, CT, ultrasound and MRI, allow technologists to interact more with each patient, while TAs handleancillary administrative work. There are dedicated, subspecialty radiologists on site to interact with technical staff and patients, thus allowing timely workup. Inland Imaging has customized, developed and implemented RadWorkFlow, a custom- designed software program for distributing workflow by subspecialty, to improve turnaround time for final report results. Patient Service: Inland Imaging offers sedation as needed for interventional procedures as well as MRI. Since opening two new dedicated screening mammography centers, the facilities can accept walk-in patients and same-day add-on appointments. Adding more screening mammography capacity has allowed the center to increase its capacity for diagnostic mammography workup exams. Patients having diagnostic breast imaging (mammography and/or ultrasound) are provided initial results prior to leaving the center. Positive breast imaging results are called to referring clinicians to expedite patient care. To improve efficiency, a specialized scheduler coordinates biopsy and breast localization procedures. The centers have added radiologist and ultrasound coverage to accommodate need for more diagnostic breast workups and stereotactic biopsy, thus decreasing wait times for patients between initial imaging and final workup. Screening mammography and ultrasound hours are extended into early evening and Saturdays to better accommodate patient work schedules. Teamwork: Breast imagers work closely with breast surgeons for smooth and seamless patient care. Weekly rounds allow physicians to review challenging cases. Inland Imaging organizes seminars in the community, such as continuing medical education events, which are designed to educate and meet the needs of referring clinicians. The center also offers educational opportunities for technologists in the community as well as its own staff. Administrators work with technical managers and radiologists in evaluating the needs of this busy practice, reviewing volume benchmarks, patient satisfaction surveys, referring clinician surveys, and employee satisfaction surveys. Inland Imaging also assists affiliated rural sites by evaluating equipment and sharing of protocols. Piedmont Outpatient Center, Piedmont Newnan Hospital Service, Newnan, Ga.Innovation: Open for a little more than a month, the 10,000-square-foot Piedmont Outpatient Center (POC), a Piedmont Newnan Hospital service, showed its commitment to providing the community of 131,936 with access to the latest in technology, when the center’s leadership opted to go fully digital. The center is part of Piedmont Healthcare, which has established the goal of being one of the top 10 health systems in the nation within 10 years. The POC’s dedication to quality and patient satisfaction will help make it possible to achieve this goal, and makes this center one of the best.The center chose the modalities and technology that enable it to provide the highest-quality CT scans, diagnostic X-ray, ultrasound, digital mammography and DEXA scans, as well as stereotactic and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy procedures. These include a Siemens Emotions 16-Slice CT scanner, CTA and 3D applications. Two new full-field digital Hologic Selenia Mammography Units provide high image quality and improve the efficiency of exams. There is a Siemens Multix X-ray unit with a Konica Express CR system, and for ultrasound a Phillips IU 22 ultrasound with 3D/4D applications. The PACS allows digital viewing, reporting and storage of medical images and reports. The main benefit to patients is that it allows radiologists to reference a patient’s records more quickly and efficiently. The GE Centricity 3.0 provides the PACS. A new Hologic stereotactic breast biopsy unit and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy unit were added, giving the center the capability of performing both stereotactic and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy procedures. A Suros ATEC Pearl Breast Biopsy and Excision System also supports stereotactic or ultrasound guidance. Computer-aided detection (CAD), which assists physicians in the interpretation of digital mammography images, is now available. The CAD system scans images for atypical appearances, highlights conspicuous sections, such as possible diseases and provides a second read for the radiologist, as well as added reassurance for patients.The center’s R2 Digitizer, an R2 DigitalNow DMax Film Digitizing System and Cenova with HD, allows staff to scan and digitize old analog mammography images, along with images performed at outside facilities, into the PACS system. This innovation makes the process of comparing mammography films more efficient for the radiologist and provides a more complete profile of a patient’s health history. Operational Efficiency: Piedmont Newnan Hospital is known for its collaborative atmosphere, which carries over to the POC. The center’s staff, including on-site radiologists, saw room for improvement and completed a LEAN project to restructure the scheduling process in order to streamline workflow and increase throughput. The POC is now using centralized scheduling, which allows for the patient or physician to call a single telephone number to make an appointment. POC also provides precertification services with insurance companies and works to make sure orders and paperwork are complete prior to patients arriving for their appointments to allow for maximum time efficiencies.The POC physician liaison ensures all referring physicians have the materials and information they need to streamline their patients’ experiences.POC has radiologists on-site during operating hours, which opens up more scheduling opportunities for diagnostic procedures.POC staff members make sure all available previous films/reportsare on hand for diagnostic and biopsy procedures. If a breast ultrasound is recommended after a mammogram, it is performed the same day. All diagnostic mammography patients speak directly to the radiologist about their results the same day as the exam. POC staff realize that patients are anxious to hear their test results, so the on-site radiologists communicate breast biopsy results to patients as soon as they are available. One unique feature of the POC is its focus on the personal needs of the patient and use of volunteer hostesses who assist patients with the preparations needed for exams. The hostesses, who are able to answer basic questions, have a natural, soothing personality that enables them to provide a more pleasant patientexperience. An unexpected benefit of having the hostesses at the center is it assists the technologists to increase productivity by freeing them from the duties of preparing patients.With the goals of maximizing efficiencies and providing a positive patient experience, the center is designed so women who visit for mammograms or DEXA exams are directed to one area, while those visiting for general imaging services are directed to a separate area. Thisallows for an increased level of privacy for POC patients.Patient Service: Patients appreciate the spa-like approach to patient care and upgraded outpatient radiological services. Staff and volunteer hostesses strive to make patients feel comfortable. As such, POC has received calls from patients saying: “I’m calling to let you know that I enjoyed my mammogram.” While it’s an unusual comment for a patient to make after receiving a diagnostic imaging test, comments like this one from a 69-year-old woman are becoming common in the community. When the POC was in the planning stages, one of the identified goals was to not only provide consumers with the best imaging services, but to also focus on the entire care experience for the patient. As a result, patient satisfaction is one of the strongest points of the Piedmont Outpatient Center. Access to the latest technology makes the POC attractive, but the creature comforts make it appealing. Soothing music is piped in throughout the center. The decor was chosen for its spa-like appeal. To make each visit a little more enjoyable, a refreshment bar is provided in each dressing suite along with a luxurious, heated bath robe. In each suite, as well as throughout the entire experience, hostesses pay special attention to the personal needs of the patients.The POC also provides a patient education suite with computer stations where patients can view procedures or research information on a health-related topic. Brochures and pamphlets are also available for patients to take home and review later. If a patient chooses, they can also receive instructions on breast self-exam.Scheduling assistants work with patients and physicians to schedule appointments for when patients need them, even on the same day if that is requested.The goal of the POC staff is 100 percent satisfaction whether it is patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction or employee satisfaction. Press Ganey tracks the POC’s patient satisfaction scores, and the POC staff members are proud to share that they are in the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction. One of the patient comments that stood out was: “Staff is awesome; feel like you are being catered to — love the refreshments, the warm and real robe, the beauty of the POC — all great touches, but these would be nothing without the staff. Their caring and compassion — they just get better and better; customer service is the name of the game.” Teamwork: A new beginning means an opportunity to shape an organization’s culture. Prior to its opening, leaders of the POC worked to instill a strong spirit of collaboration and teamwork in all of the schedulers, registrars, receptionists and radiologists, as well as the hostesses. As a result of these efforts, staff members are united to make the POC a success. The spirit of the staff has increased the hospital’svisibility in the community. This resulted in physicians, who previously directed their patients elsewhere, referring their patients tothe POC. This commitment to service extends beyond the POC’s physical walls out into the community. For example, the radiologists’ cell phone numbers are provided to physician practices; radiologists use the feedback they receive from patients and physicians to help shape their input into the marketing and promotion; and the POC staff work to continuously update one another on the physician practices needing materials such as literature, education, and order forms.Open for just over a month, final revenue data is not available, but early projections indicate that the POC will be a successful venture because of its new technology, staff commitment to service, creative approach to providing care, and excellent relationships with local physicians. www.piedmontnewnan.orgHonorable MentionsIn recognition of the many worthy facilities that submitted their information to this review, this section highlights those that stood out under one or more of the four criteria.The Breast Center at Hattiesburg Clinic, Hattiesburg, Miss.Innovation: The Breast Center at Hattiesburg Clinic is recognized by the American College of Radiology (ACR) as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. The Breast Center offers customers the latest in technical and personal services available — all in a relaxing spa-like environment. The center offers one-day services that include a personal and private interview process using MagView Software, screening and diagnostic digital mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy-using vacuum- assisted technology, dedicated breast MRI and bone densitometry. The center is accredited by the American College of Radiology in digital mammography and voluntarily participates in ACR accredited stereotactic biopsy, breast ultrasound and breast ultrasound biopsy. It also voluntarily participates in accreditation of Breast MRI through ICAMRL. In addition, it evaluates customers’ Gail and BRCA scores for genetic testing and Breast MRI recommendations. Genetic counseling is offered through a qualified surgeon. Each of its customer’s health needs is monitored by using the MagView reporting system, providing recommendation and notification letters toits customers.Patient Service: When a customer arrives, she is greeted by a receptionist, and escorted to a private dressing room where she is given a comfortable robe to change into. Here, the patient can lock her personal belongings in a private locker for the length of her exams. The customer is then escorted to a spa-like sub-waiting room where she can enjoy relaxing music until a private room is available. Once the customer is escorted into a private room, a personal interviewer will assist her through the interview process on the MagView program PC. During the interview, the customer provides and confirms information by an electronic signature, verifying that all the information obtained is correct. Once the interview is completed, the customer is escorted back to the sub-waiting area for a few brief moments. Then, a registered mammographer reviews the MagView information and asks the customer to accompany her into the digital mammography room.Here, the patient undergoes a digital mammogram exam, which takes about 10 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the patient is escorted back to her private locker and dressing room. www.hattiesburgclinic.comSaint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center, West Orange, N.J.Innovation: Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center uses several types of imaging modalities and IT technology to screen, diagnose and recommend treatment. The new technology this facility has adopted and implemented to optimizepatient care includes the following: screening and diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasound, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound-guided core biopsy, ultrasound cyst aspiration, calactogram, and breast needle localization devices. An all digital mammogram-only site, it offers triple reads. The center provides breast MRI, MRI-guided core biopsy and dexa scans, as well as all radiology services in house for PET, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, diagnostic X-ray, and ultrasound exams. Saint Barnabas also offers women’s cardiac services. Doctors at the center perform more than 60,000 breast procedures annually, making it the largest women’s breast center in the region. It also has a satellite Women’s Imaging Center in Bedminster, N.J. Teamwork: Saint Barnabas has more than 300 community-based educational programs led by breast surgeons, radiology and nursing staff on and off site. On-site breast surgeons evaluate and treat breast cancer patients in a timely fashion. The breast cancer care team accepts all insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Plus, grants from Susan G. Komen provide free mammograms and breast MRIs for women in the community who are unable to pay and have no health insurance.www.saintbarnabas.comThe Breast Care Center University Community Hospital, Tampa, Fla.Innovation: State-of-the-art equipment includes two Hologic Selenia digital mammography units, Siemens Sonata 1.5 MRI with dynaCAD and Mammotome biopsy capabilities, GE Logic 9 ultrasound, and Hologic prone stereotactic biopsy. Operational Efficiency: All necessary components from scheduling to authorizations are done at the Breast Center. The mammo reporting system facilitates thorough and expedient turnaround time in reports, allowing the patient to return for additional imaging more quickly. www.uch.orgReference:1. Screening for Breast Cancer: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement. Annals of Internal Medicine. Nov. 17, 2009 151:I-44. 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