Study of structure optimization in Shanghai dragon URL

first, URL has three elements:


then some people may ask, "hyphen" in URL to use hyphens? Can be used here, do not recommend other symbols, such as underline "_". In the search engine "-" is the representative of the meaning of space.

as you can see, now love Shanghai, Google and many mainstream search engines can intelligent recognition of the alphabet, URL we can use pinyin instead. But here does not advocate direct use of Chinese, because some search engines like YAHOO is not supported by the Chinese.

but here we should pay attention to a problem in Shanghai, English Longfeng, URL contains the key words is very necessary, the Chinese Shanghai dragon? This is translated into English or Pinyin?

I’ll give you an example.

3.URL contains keywords, this is my key to say.

especially in English words, it is best to use a hyphen "-", or between words and words may be ambiguous, it is not recommended for use in pinyin inside. In my previous discussion of the "small and medium enterprises" the humanized management as an example. Pinyin is tantaozhongxiaoxingqiyederenxinghuaguanli, we used to love Shanghai search.


1. short enough, is conducive to the spread of.

Shanghai dragon is a very complicated work, there are a lot of details. Optimize today Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Gu Huiming and we explore URL website in Shanghai Longfeng process.

2. stable for a long time, the need for me to say.

let’s see an example, search Shanghai dragon love Shanghai.

pinyin is very long, but love can still recognize Shanghai. Here is a question, Pinyin is too long, the user experience is reduced, some people may feel that the middle of a hyphen "-" will be better, at a glance. Tan-tao-zhong-xiao-xing-qi-ye-de-ren-xing-hua-guan-li


< >

we can see in the title and description are described in the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon bold in URL, but in fact this is not rosy, like, is not only the bold red rosy algorithm for beauty. From this point, URL contains keywords can give Shanghai dragon points.


Love Shanghai included Taobao store page Taobao guest just calm

1: API

3: don’t go to optimize the Taobao keyword related




doesn’t have any effect that is false, the existence of such a large Taobao website, some API site content will be regarded as a non original copy copy content. In the past when no taobao贵族宝贝, station is between each other than the Shanghai dragon, anyway, who do, then he can be considered an original love Shanghai. Now, the first out of taobao贵族宝贝, pure API site almost no living space.

Everyone in the

in the past because of falling in love with the sea without Taobao, many users to find products, to find the habit of taobao贵族宝贝 is slowly coming back, if not included to continue down, I believe that one day the user do not search for love Shanghai for shopping information used. At that time Taobao station is not more miserable? So things we have to see the One divides into two.

have to say, this love Shanghai for Taobao reincluding for Taobao customers did not affect the promotion, we can still calm. In this paper, by the 贵族宝贝 station A5 released

site to one disaster after anotherIf the

site taobao贵族宝贝 fell in love with the sea, will find the love of Shanghai collected a great deal of Taobao page, although Taobao spider protocol file robots.txt shielding still love Shanghai. But love Shanghai re included Taobao, what impact will bring to the webmaster Taobao

2: the user search habits back

back, mainly in the optimization of Taobao relevant keywords is part of a deliberate, not necessary in fact, online shopping and shopping related keywords, some products, very many industries, the flow belongs to you, Taobao take, so it belongs to the flow of his back, and more do their own information, to grasp the Shanghai dragon.

A little about Shanghai Longfeng feelings

2014-2015 – SEM (refers to the search engine PPC promotion) & Shanghai dragon

about himself:

memory can think vaguely linked and that time and the rise of group purchase website, the rise of micro-blog, we are concerned about. Especially micro-blog, then focuses on how to automatically add powder, can remember one day about 2000 fans of growth. Due to the forward-looking enough, it did not continue, otherwise how now is a large marketing, haha.

far, said back. Simply things or to the good aspects of development, the middle will not go, finally registered the company shifted office. Shanghai Longfeng service content, ranking from do keywords into foreign trade, ha ha, yes, we all understand.

2011-2013 – a baby Shanghai dragon

2010 – Bob

friends insist on only the noble baby let me feel very uncomfortable, but I have to say that his spirit so I really admire. When I left, he basically has a few pieces of business: 1, Shanghai dragon assistant software; 2, the flow of cooperation; 3, all >

2011, met another friend from the friends, first time to contact the Shanghai dragon, the transition from Bob resolutely into a Shanghai dragon er.

didn’t change what occupation law is, overall look at the fate, not ascend, much, feel a bit. Especially now work to the Shanghai dragon, a lot of problems encountered in the work, you want to complain.

, my friend, is my boss, another friend (in studio), 3 person, Sanshiliangting room. The largest bedroom into the office, the desk is running two days back to fight on their own second-hand market, two small fashion. Noon in the village of a small restaurant to eat a lunch, at 6-8 a.m. + Red Bull I students liquor, a person does not drink, have now become addicted, and my friends to drink directly to gastric perforation (still drink). But no matter how frustrating, even to sleep at 4,5 a.m., is up to work at 8:30. That day may never forget it, we can make up the brain scene.

2016 Shanghai dragon & flow (except SEM)

two project types between entrepreneurship, the first industry to understand the failure, second times because of family reasons to give up.

Shanghai Longfeng cake is very big, but the reality is not full of good. That time is the beginning of the keyword ranking service, for me, is to keep the hair of the chain. If it is now just contact Shanghai dragon friends, may be difficult to imagine the light chain can rely on manual ranking on the scene.


The biggest single threat to the Internet has been DDOS’s public nuisanceYiqifa percentage of love t

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The DDoS attack is not new,

Arbor Networks users in 2003 was 2.5Gbps, and by 2008 the largest sustained attack was over 40Gbps. The fact that Internet service providers feel even more complicated is that the gap between the mid-level amateur attacks and up to dozens of Gbps professional attacks is growing, involving thousands of zombie hosts.

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Arbor Networks, a global network infrastructure report, shows that botnets and DDoS attacks have become the biggest single threat to the Internet service provider ISP network today.

network security products marketing center deputy general manager Li Qingshan said: "the current situation and characteristics of attack, denial of service attack especially destructive DDoS attack the strongest, the highest efficiency, the harm is more serious. DDoS, in particular, poses the most serious threat to the enterprise’s network business, resulting in huge economic losses. It is also an attack that is hard to protect by traditional means, and servers and bandwidth are its targets. Like traffic jams, DDoS has become a public nuisance."

in the past few years, Yahoo, Amazon, CNN and Taobao as the representative of the recent attacks can be seen, distributed denial of service DDoS technology develops very rapidly, the damage is more serious. It has now become a major security threat for large web sites and network server operators.

The largest sustained DDoS attack observed by

in the past few years, most tier 1 and tier two web service providers have completed major investments in backbone infrastructure, upgraded links to OC192 10Gbps networks, and higher. However >

! !

, everybody:

DDoS is designed to flood the target network by violence, so that the victim cannot handle legitimate requests. In a variety of forms, we usually see traffic congestion and bandwidth consumption rather than application resources.

DDoS has become a public nuisance

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Arbor Networks co-founder and CTO, PhD, said, and its strength and popularity have grown with the rise in botnet Botnets over the past ten years. Botnets provide the firepower needed for DDoS: bandwidth, computers, and network infrastructure. In 2006, at least one DDoS attack occurred in about half of the botnet.


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2008 with the Web2.0 to continue to flourish, and rising stocks, securities and other hot topics, makes the enterprise network application of electronic commerce, finance, telecommunications and website based on security situation is more serious in the.


The formation of Amoy brand the online wardrobe for young women and artistsQuestioned the first vide

Hello.. I was the main site bqiq I site in the space program in March 27th and since April 13th to busy to remember on the home page first video code… To April has not logged on to your official website received a notice around the regulatory information.. when I back home in the No. 13 code.. 4 month notice period is a league ‘stop the illegal payment of commissions’ I’m just not in the home every day to put the code at that time about 2 hair. If my 3-4 normal income are deducted can not be justified. If it is temporarily stop payment. Because there is no wait until one hundred yuan to 100 yuan. To pay.. so I have no problem because if… The little things I don’t understand to receive notice under the buckle all income I have to the end of the complaint..

I want to

from foreign trade to the electricity supplier, and then to the O2O to try, Yin man always thinking about how to be closer to their target customers – a group of poor literary and art young

catch the electricity supplier express

is because I have not put home the first ten days of video advertising code. Every day 2 gross 3 yuan for a total of more than me. Don’t put the home page advertising code violations as time. The first video was deducted 80 yuan for months I work hard to get advertising revenue.. the 10 days I never login first video.. later once found on the mailbox.. the mailbox is because the wrong format did not clearly reveal what reason.. I rely on! Such things are not black alliance of..

at the Haizhu Creative Industries Park in Haizhuqu District Industrial Avenue, Guangzhou, he occupies the two or three floor of a painted blue building. Fang Jianhua, who came from the clothing design, tried to decorate the office area with art and art. The space that was picked up was originally the workshop of the garment foreign trade processing factory, which was founded by Fang Jianhua. The walls were painted into wooden colors, and the roof was made of various paintings and puzzles. A corner was set up in front of the open office area


www.vodone first exposure video advertising revenue

network customer service II 2008-05-04 07:26:58

double eleven the night, the office has become a Cosplay Cosplay scene, in order to alleviate staff due to long hours of work, sleepy or nervous, Fang Jianhua took the lead to play the "three". He was wearing an American classic 60s and 70s pilot costume, wore a pair of sunglasses, dressed as Batman and colleagues.

2008-05-04, 01:23:49 8boy

on the 4.3 day we made illegal letters to you, tell you there is a problem, how to modify, do not modify the will can refer to there, to tell you the way to contact us and so you encounter problems in a timely manner to you, but you do not see the letter due to personal reasons, without modification, in accordance with the requirements and alliance the current regulations, deduct your commission, we have explicitly stated in the agreement must be placed home player, if you have special situation, can timely reflect to us, to help you to solve the way, instead of your private self home is not placed, and we are in agreement with the letter also noted irregularities please, before April 6, 2008 in accordance with the requirements to modify or adjust the page, otherwise it will be deducted.

webmaster malicious deduction .

that night, worth Tmall platform and Amoy brand merchants celebrate. However, double eleven, Fang Jianhua went to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area to see people. He is not kind, specifically looking for the brand this year do chat, chat each other sigh, he was secretly from the enterprise in the high-speed development, I just want to find those detours, they used to be really good, now do not, their paths are Yin go to avoid in the future." Although Tmall platform has taken the lead, but there is still a sense of crisis, and after the rapid growth of man, how to avoid being exceeded, is still his mind.

Ma Yun by video link Yin, founder and CEO Fang Jianhua, appeared in the video of Fang Jianhua wearing a white shirt, poker-faced sat in front of the computer of the Yin man for four years to participate in the double eleven record. It was 11 in the evening of November 11, 2013. Just like to see the news anchor wearing a business suit of broadcast news, but can not see him because of the hot weather wearing shorts, who can not think of Fang Jianhua line, and was wearing a black skirt.

thank you,

——————————————————————————————————————– my complaint chat


double eleven really belongs to Amoy brand carnival. Ma Yun this year for the first time selected Haier, Menswear, GXG and women’s clothing man three brand connection. Born in the Taobao platform for the original women’s brand has entered the top three women’s sales list for three consecutive years, in the e-commerce era to seize the initiative, Yin man is firmly occupy the first, second position. Fang Jianhua said: "we did in 2010 6 million 800 thousand, had planned to do 1 million years; second for 17 million 870 thousand; about 70000000 last year, this year has done one hundred million to 12 points when can do, never imagined." The result is 120 million this year, and boarded the "double eleven" day of women’s clothing category top.

The Apocalypse of the death of the blog no business model products can not afford to be impetuous

Wen / Wei Wu,

, known as "IT’s top blogger", actually stopped blogging long ago, keso. In October 2011, he took a stick in the know the answer in his blog, has no new post until Google announced that it will close the Google Reader service, he suddenly came out to say a few words.

it’s interesting. Because, in general, people think that RSS tools like Google and Reader are purely niche gadgets, while blogs are once something that the public cannot. A IT circle of the number one blog, more than a year without writing, but Google Reader is actually a blog built on the basis of a small tool, triggered his repeated emotion.

March 31st, the three independent BSP of China announced today to stop the free service, this news is far from Google Reader will be closed to come so shaken, I can almost use the word "bolanbujing" to describe. As a blogging service once with participants, also need to "commemorate the single" once the investment community eyes xiangbobo Internet service.

generally speaking, the death of blogs can be blamed on two things, one is too impulsive, and the other is that there is no business model.

these two statements are generally correct, but a little empty. Video, electricity supplier industry has experienced very impetuous, but do not see the whole industry could defeat, and as for the business model, many Internet service started to business models (including instant messaging, search), but until that day restore justice. These two combine, perhaps is established: no business model of Internet service is not impetuous.

China’s three largest BSP decline for different reasons.

blog China BOKEE.COM), the most famous independent BSP, is indeed impetuous reasons. An investment of $10 million so that Fang Xingdong had challenged Sina very influential idea that bull attack, almost every time the web2.0 service must be inserted on one foot, made a number of concepts, later even concocted a blog that game. Fang Xingdong or eager to find a business model, or eager to obtain financing, the concept of pre -, excessive expansion of personnel, 10 million dollars burned completely. As a pioneer in the blog industry, the entire industry can be described as Xiao He defeated Xiao He.

China, 08 years renamed Boshang network, but not because it is impetuous, the opposite: comfort. The site claims to have the largest blog users in China, but there has been nothing new to expand on. I am also curious about the $10 million investment that I ran into

Some thoughts on website construction

I want to have people here have their own needs, many design and technical personnel to help customers build the mall site, there is some hope to establish their own store, through their own efforts to do it yourself, save the cost. I think there is no free lunch, the so-called free is a price to pay, it is time, but time is more important than money, especially now that the age of the Internet, if you spend a lot of time in order to build a website, but missed the best opportunity, it will be too late!

we see innumerable online shopping mall today, are free of charge. In the end, choose what kind of, you will hesitate to look at a long time, after all, each has some advantages. But many in fact for the real application of the mall, in my opinion is chicken ribs, these functions so that the operator itself does not have the thought and planning of their own, the operator moved to the system planning and good function to do marketing, this is not a good thing, each store are the same, we also how to innovate and breakthrough.

I want to be an independent mall myself, and here I am. But in the system installation, configuration space, etc. some chores spend too much time, I found a lot of friends to help customers will not use their website, to explore the long time to understand. In addition to the pursuit of the template is all not too persistent, personality is good, but not too, customers really care about is the property of the product itself, not your website is good, good again and no inner things are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. This is a problem many companies fan, are said to operate the site, but it has been in the web interface on revising, today think of a modified one, tomorrow to see which website beautiful and a change, no do practical things, abandoned the website promotion and product channels and marketing etc. in the course of time, the website will collapse.

for the mall system, I am still more optimistic about the ECSHOP, in addition, completely open source also gives developers benefit. For a mall system, the interface is based on enough, the back can do the details of the adjustment according to the actual situation in the operation, please put emphasis on how to promote the mall concerned, the promotion of effective there, why users do not buy, the price is high, or the relevant documents missing no, how to establish credibility, reputation and other issues. Don’t mess with the web site, it’s just a tool to help you achieve your ideal, and the rest is up to you.

you can find help to build the site services team, not recommended to build start complex, affecting the entire site on-line schedule is space, we need the domain name, website platform, basic interface. After you’ve prepared, you can start running and promoting your website in accordance with your plan. Remember, don’t dwell on the interface and waste your time. Recommend a quick opening site service: interested friends can go to see.

Malaysia Airlines crashed the tragic scene with picture exposure

believes that there are many people in the event of Malaysia Airlines still remember, in the last year, this happened also shocked a lot of people, for the Malaysia Airlines crash wreckage in the accident after a period of time no news, but recently, a group of online photo exposure Malaysia Airlines wreckage.


this section called "body drop from the clouds like rain" video by a pair of lovers was driving through the shooting. In the video, you can hear the woman filming exclaimed after the plane crash with the scene, said it is too terrible. She saw many of the bodies of the victims who fell down on the road ahead, and as a result of being frightened, she insisted that the driver should leave here and go somewhere else.

For the


related recommendations

Do not touch the bottom line management beauty salon

now society, the entire beauty industry demand, while the majority of women’s demand for beauty is also increasing, beauty salon business is hot, then how to do a good job in the management of beauty salons? As a beauty salon in the management of your managers should pay attention to what taboo?

investment to open beauty salon beauty salon when entrepreneurs to join the brand in the choice, had in mind the idea about their future and beauty salons. So full of hope and ambition for the development of beauty salons, there is nothing to blame. Only operators some beauty salons in the beauty salon management made a mistake sloganeering.

To make the development of


do not explain away

"explain away" is a word, but in the management of beauty salons to join, if the word can be divided into two separate words to explain it is very good. The first is perfunctory, perfunctory attitude towards the work. No matter what the enterprise, are not want their employees to deal with the work is perfunctory attitude. A beauty salon franchise need employees, are the ones who can make the development of the beauty salon as a responsibility of the staff, is able to voluntarily assume the task automatically extend the working time of employees, these employees will not only with their work, and will lead to other psychological laziness employees into a good working state as soon as possible.

then is "too", in the management of beauty salons to join in, this word is mainly aimed at beauty salons operators concerned. Join the beauty salon to a large extent depends on the quality of the beauty salon operators, operators of management capabilities, the operator’s sense of responsibility, the operator’s play. Do a bad assumption, assuming that the beauty salon in the course of business management problems, then this time is the key time to test the beauty salon operators. If the operator is only aware of the reasons to find the reasons for their employees, completely ignore their responsibility, then the beauty salon operators must be unqualified.

as operators join beauty salon, to have the courage to play, even if the problem is to have a higher level of awareness in their employees, to realize their own responsibility, but he did not try to train and supervise the management of staff responsibilities, the problem would not arise. If you join the beauty salon operators recommend

The business of the whole – Jia Guizhen

in the retail market, someone’s business has done a very long history, and some people’s business in a short period of time to end in failure. If the business can do so long, it is natural to have some business skills. Jia Guizhen is so, by virtue of their own business, the business is done fast.

My name is Jia Guizhen

, Shanxian County Province, Heze city Shandong a cigarette retailers, engaged in cigarette business has been sixteen years, and now only sell cigarettes per month 1000 yuan income, business is getting better and better, I talk about their own business management, and we share.

law-abiding, integrity management

years I always uphold the integrity of management, from the sales of counterfeit cigarettes, I only sell tobacco companies sent smoke, even relatives and friends sent me to sell cigarettes I have declined, always play an exemplary role, therefore, the store was a tobacco companies awarded the "integrity of the image store" title, in the minds of customers establish a good image. Many customers come here to sell cigarettes, I said, I am not in order to save money, but the figure at ease, which let me know the truth of the integrity of business.

change the concept, conform to the situation

should properly control the customer’s consumption rhythm, now customers on some tight strong dependence on tobacco smoke, but it can not meet the demand of consumer, customers have to seize the heart, a man once bought a few, but I found that this phenomenon is not good, because these customers once y meet the demand, the number of less frequented the chance to buy other goods is small, and is not conducive to the cultivation of new customers, new customers first visit, found that he did not demand cannot be satisfied, will produce disappointment, after no longer come in. I immediately change the way of thinking, the tight smoke to hide, put on the counter zero box, establishment and old customers feelings, strongly recommend other brands, but also can further draw new customers, but also to promote the sales of other products, it yijuduode.

store clean, improve the image of

every day I opened the door early, first of all, the difference between the cigarette counter clean, neatly placed cigarettes, cigarette display is also not regularly change the style. Only to ensure that the store clean, clean, generous, beautiful, in order to create a good store image, improve consumer turnover. I also pay special attention to the new brand of cigarette and a kind of work, improve the new brand of cigarette sample rate, and gradually expand the new brand of cigarette sales, now I run the brand has reached more than and 50, which can meet the customers different levels of consumer demand.

the customer, deal with

since I opened the shop, I always insist that there are no customers