Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools rejects malicious chain let site is not garbage outside the chain.

has refused to love Shanghai chain we can easily reject junk chain and malicious chain, effective static own site outside the chain to improve their website ranking, but not everyone is too superstitious here we want to show the difference between the love of the chain and Shanghai refused to really delete except chain:

webmaster friends know that a website after the operation for many years there will be a lot of the chain, ranging from a few hundred many thousands or even tens of thousands, and how to effectively manage these chain to prevent their own web site is too much garbage chain dragged down the right face to own all the chain in comprehensive statistics, we often use the previous method is to find the garbage station ask to delete your links, but if the link station can not be contacted, or link your station is competitors deliberately there is no way to delete only earned by the continuous eye looked tired, but as the largest Shanghai launched a search engine love love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain to function can be effectively solved by the love sea right down because garbage outside the chain, here we talk about how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Refused to junk the chain and malicious chain, is actually very simple, as long as a registered account in the fall in love with the sea and then landing love Shanghai Webmaster Tools Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 after the landing into the choice of webmaster tools in the webmaster tools, we can see a large bar analysis of a web site will have a chain analysis in the bar, we first of all to increase their website through love Shanghai certification will own website to love Shanghai webmaster tools, as long as we enter into increased after the analysis of their love was identified by Shanghai chain chain tools, you can find all your site outside the chain, and then to the chain through the list of related the site view of all malicious, garbage, do not think of an important link through each link back to the rejection of the chain link click reject.


second: love only for love outside the chain of Shanghai refused to Shanghai search engine, is not valid for other search engines, he just told.

: the first love Shanghai refused the chain is not equal to you outside of the chain link is deleted from the station, the actual station links your links still exist, he is only for the love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine told the chain is not what I want and I have nothing to do, love Shanghai will chain you to reject not in the calculation you outside of the chain to which does not increase the authority, nor in him right down.

chain is a very important content in website promotion, with a high quality the chain station is easy to get the search engine recognition get good rankings, but if a station has too much garbage outside the chain will be search engine access, especially recently launched love Shanghai Scindapsus the algorithm how to have a high quality of the chain, delete some malicious junk the chain has become many owners have to pay attention to the topic, "Jiangnan dns06贵族宝贝" today the number of website optimization providers as we detailed introduce how to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools refused outside the chain, and related matters needing attention.

Talk about the fatal mistake love Shanghai original algorithm

produced a lot of topics, but also love them when the baby in Shanghai. On the other hand, a lot of practical content station, and did not get traffic. More and more of the original content is not interested. This long to live, love Hailai to survive, especially fine content would be less.

(1) of the so-called brand is Shanghai station, love them as a dry son. What they can join the original spark program automatically, they account for the position of the front rank. The station did not really content, only some small row. But what is the result? The love is Shanghai’s hopes of original content more and more more and more good?? on the contrary. I think, copy the content of the others, can get a lot of traffic? Do you think there are many brands stand to do content will? Take a minute effort to earn ten dollars and spend per cent effort to earn ten dollars, I believe most people are choosing the former. In fact, such a situation. Many stations not generated content, but the content is reproduced or user he made. Do you think the user gives you free content, will give the original to you? It is a lot of duplication.

these two sites, one is love love Shanghai station, brand station, do not you see now search most of the content, the first page is shown in this station? And another station is not high quality chain, content acquisition. The layout is not good, a lot of illegal advertising. Not to mention the user experience is good. But it is still a title search, in front of me in the back.

caused the consequences of this is that the first love Shanghai brand and small sites to treat the difference between. As well as some of the feudal society, the emperor Lao Tzu as long as these people have the right to make good money, poor people who cares? Local people’s money grab is none of my business. The node >

The cause of

has such a title, the title is not to do list, but to think of myself as a little from the point of view of the webmaster, the original love Shanghai algorithm is fatally flawed.

and I had a thought like

rows site content

found that recently on the two website to check what time. These two sites are the original content of the website, make several editors write content. Whether from the website user experience or from the contents of the original point of view, are not bad. But nearly a year has been the half-dead flow. Used to think of their own station others should not be reproduced, did not add copyright information content. But last month in the content and copyright information after the inspection, found two station flow up an important reason, is the site content is almost entirely reproduced. Zai Zai pain. The search content title, do not see the epitome of the first

from my experience about

is this love Shanghai called Li Peng original? Is this time feeling, will no longer be original, the original is the wedding dress for others.

Why do many of the current Shanghai dragon Er salary is generally low


second, a lot of technical ability of Shanghai Longfeng Er itself is relatively low. My first point is I talk about the reasons, this point we talk about is the technical strength, the blacksmith needs its own hardware, the old saying tells us that any one industry, technical strength is your salary and your hook, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will only write some articles issued outside the chain every day these two kinds of work account for a very large part, if we view single nature of work and work, you are not making money, because you work to leave you, who can do, this is the direct cause of your salary is low, the author thinks that since the choice of Shanghai dragon as the main occupation of your own will we must continue to strengthen their knowledge about system optimization, Shanghai dragon related and user experience optimization, site optimization, system code adjustment details, most of the time is a kind of website optimization Thinking is the need for procedural knowledge as the foundation, is the need to master certain analysis ability, what white Shanghai dragon er you look at yourself with these soft

as everyone knows, the website optimization is the occupation with the development of electronic commerce continuously into the general public’s vision, but the author throughout the country Shanghai Longfeng recruitment market found within many Shanghai dragon Er is still used as a food and clothing line, the Shanghai dragon Er are issued with emotion, website optimization is the work of a very system, we face every day Shanghai love torture, the boss urged customers in the end why force a single salary or in food and clothing line, the author and a detailed analysis of the main reasons.

first, low entry Shanghai dragon Er is many dabbler outsider. Why Shanghai Longfeng wages are generally low, in fact, the main reason is because the relationship between market supply and demand, many companies in order to reduce the cost of similar website program, web copywriting are working part-time in Shanghai dragon, which is bound to make the boss think Shanghai dragon is a very no technical content of the work, who can do this work! Because no ground for blame competition, a lot of keywords, a part-time personnel optimization, according to the knowledge on the Internet in Shanghai Longfeng, can be accumulated over time, to bring up, but the boss looks like you itself is a part-time salary, so sometimes without any change, a little more only a few hundred dollars, the author believes that in addition to outside the industry, caused by boss or managers to understand the problem of Shanghai dragon.

third, er Shanghai face Shanghai dragon love not calm are suffering. I believe that the third point is the most bitter place for you to Shanghai dragon Er, the Shanghai dragon itself very strong operation, the escalating love Shanghai algorithm, leading to the increasing difficulty of optimization work, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website will be a little careless causing the site to drop right and even K, the boss of this question when again, managers of the emperor to abdicate again, in fact often do optimization buddies are very clear, love Shanghai algorithm upgrade sometimes harming our network.

Share the pride in A5 chicken soup Shanghai first love

at the time of this writing, Beijing Midea air conditioning repair, have added a special Hong QQ friends, but carefully read "Hong Shanghai ranked the first 100 days of stable love experience", think that there is more need to ask him. Shu Hong think this essay is so good. Because A5 is not a literary magazine, nor the reader’s Digest, it is an Internet exchange platform, inside this article mainly reflects the industry trends and industry, although there are more macro news, but they think Hong A5 is more emphasis on reflecting the individual (personal here almost close to the grassroots webmaster means) the passions, growing attention to this community development. This is the very many webmaster and Hong Long Bored bubble in one of the main reasons A5. The webmaster is with its own utilitarian purpose in the A5 document, but it can be understood. Because most of the articles in the objective way of working and thinking structure of individual owners have a great influence. Even about the webmaster mood at some time.

, the Shu Hong also saw some viewpoints and methods, need to be crafted strategy, it is completely normal, healthy, can not be avoided and overcome in the operation of a personal website. Here is Hong remembered Muzi into the boat on the site the beauty of defects of the article, the aesthetic view of Shanghai Longfeng here to prove to some extent. The author focuses on the experience of how to maintain the advantage in the sharing of rankings, but Hong think it can be called "after the Shanghai dragon strategy". Once the theme of the site to achieve a ranking optimization, how to achieve a stable position, which is quite remarkable. In this paper it is considered naturally or half unconsciously, Hong touched a website the vitality of the kernel, in addition to the pursuit of commercial interests, and our business ethics.


so even if this is a propaganda their soft wen. Because it is true to life, life experiences and insights, and under the guidance of the theory of practice. The development of this site is the epitome of a group, from which you can see on the grassroots webmaster diligent pursuit of ambition in life. Among these, some people do not want to write, there are people who want to write, but could not smooth expression but perfectly logical and reasonable, Beijing Midea air conditioning repair of this process will be completely written out. Let others are suffering in the fog of the new station, saw an unmistakable sign and beacon, not only know her goal, but also through their hard work that is full of hope to achieve the ideal set. At least, but Hong also had similar to the author’s experience, the specific content of the life tension please refer to [A5 for special Hong perceived] blog website.

Hong has always believed that many special individual stationmaster is essentially belong to the same network compared to the early history of the proletariat, was driven into the city enclosure movement of industrial workers, many webmaster groups can be identified as a means of production of computer. This theory is based on cognitive, so feel "Beijing beautiful air conditioning maintenance.

Qualified owners should have what ability

with the development of the Internet, the search engine algorithms are constantly updating, we must follow the pace of the search engine, at the same time it updates we have to keep learning, you can go to some Adsense BBS, portal exchange learning, all of the above is secondary, who has also cooked so well as they have who will, as their own will, the most effective way is through their own combat to continue to explore the mechanism of search engine algorithm.


well, today I share with you here, this paper consists of: Haicheng talent network 贵族宝贝a0412贵族宝贝/ original starting A5, please keep the link, thank you

two: patience and perseverance is very important to

as everyone knows, website optimization needs a long time, I had a fortune optimization site, this kind of word of competition is particularly fierce, but at the time I thought can be home for three months, I spent half the time did not achieve the desired results, in fact, not, no effect is impossible, now about one thousand of the weight of the 2 day IP, which once again witnessed the website optimization is not a day for two days can be effective, less than a month, more than half a year. So the website optimization is the most important to have patience and insist on the go.

three: keep a modest attitude towards study

in our website optimization process is inevitable, but some webmaster problems will be at a loss what to do, a post to ask a question, most of the day, to finally or not the solution, because the site is your operation, you do what you do not know, not to mention others. In fact, the real master and not to ask if there is a problem immediately on the site analysis, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the inside and outside, will not miss any details, all remember, at any time, don’t be too impatient, as a good webmaster we should take the peace of mind to find out the cause of the problem.

yesterday, someone asked me how to improve website ranking, site is down right to do so, I said you have asked me this time is not to be analyzed for reasons? The man said: I love Shanghai old algorithm change, not ah. Because of this, many webmaster for these problems at a loss, some owners even lose faith and to optimize the conversion of the industry, in fact, I think this is not everyone thought so complicated, love Shanghai has long been the statement stressed the "user experience" for the king, I believe we all know. Good gossip short, following the author from the following points and share excellent qualified owners should have what ability.

: a peace of mind

The spider on the site included how to update

spiders in Shanghai with a program search and love Shanghai, love Shanghai spider search is mainly through the establishment of the Internet pictures, video and news content to grasp the corresponding database. Then the database collation, so as to ensure that customers can website from the search and fell in love with the sea view. The search engine spiders and love Shanghai to ensure the program download scheduling service, also facilitate the establishment of website optimization search and more people. To attract and control can guarantee the spider love Shanghai website effectively collected and ranking. So how to effectively attract spiders love Shanghai?

Related reading:

also is through external chain crawling, control of spider web site search. So the connection of a chain to love Shanghai spider web site provides some opportunities.

(JJ 贵族宝贝jjdjjb贵族宝贝 landlords), please indicate the link, thank you

The so-called love is This link:

in the process of Internet content update we guarantee enterprise website snapshot update, so that the search spider crawling. In website optimization we often mention the love Shanghai spider search, so for the novice webmaster what love is and how to ensure the Shanghai spiders, Shanghai love spider search does not seem to understand.

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The second is

on the site regularly updated news content. Love of spiders in Shanghai on the website of the search according to the degree of trust and frequency of visit. At the same time for the original article content is more to love Shanghai spider’s appetite, so for those new station based on no certain weight, we must ensure that the update of the original. At the same time for the time control and content freshness control is more attractive for the arrival of the spider.

first of all we can through the website map corresponding to the love of spiders in Shanghai for the path guidance, thereby shielding the useless search path.

The user needs is what I want website page optimization tips

1, the weight of the

, a web page breadcrumb navigation optimization techniques

users need is that we should strive to do, this is the respect for the performance of the user experience. We know the source of web traffic portal large mostly through the inside pages of the website, shows the importance of the inside pages, have their own opinion for the author, in this article we will analyze website page optimization techniques.

users need is what I want, site optimization is always considering the user experience, only to provide users with thoughtful service to get love search engine and user. Production and website breadcrumb navigation within the page layout pattern, and the above optimization ideas, I >

large web layers generally even deeper in the five layer, so from our cognition on the search engine optimization is bad, but why these sites deep inside pages have good rankings? The reason is this website has a very high weight, high weight and this is where actually? From these high quality web pages, in fact this is echoed each other, weighted by the link transmission, this is the website voting mechanism. This is just from the level of importance in mechanical site optimization up about bread crumbs navigation. The main part of the page weight high from the content of the article, so as to show the optimization effect brought about by the breadcrumb navigation links.

Optimization analysis of

is mainly present in the left column article, is browsing the current selections, so put in a prominent position on the appreciation, user-friendly. The next step is to interact with the user, such as the top of the article. By reading this article, we should know the needs of users, so the following setting is relevant article recommended, can improve the site’s PV website to reduce the rate of jump out. This layout to achieve the optimization of the website page.

two, website page template optimization techniques

2, the two column type website page right column layout


in the right column we’d better provide users with more choices, with a variety of content, enrich the user’s reading needs, enhance the user time stay on the site, the article first provides a random site in the right column for the reference of the users, if you love your website or your membership, for the convenience of such user registration and login can be set membership entrance etc..

1, the two column type in the left column of the website page layout

when the user access to web browsing is likely not clear how to go back to the original page or even don’t know how to go back to the front page of the site, then the bread crumbs navigation is a good solution to the needs of users, to achieve the requirements of the user experience, this is a kind of optimization settings.

2, the user experience optimization decision set


Website profit selection is more important than effort

we do the website, some have the technology or have the funds, want to be bigger and stronger. More is the technology is not fine or no funds invested small adsense. Small Adsense how to earn more handsome income,


that’s really a big problem, for a small webmaster like me.

thankfully, I caught the last bus. World Expo period, I operate a hotel booking site, more than 4 months time, income of more than 10000 yuan, remove the cost, then monthly income has reached the general level of society. And to this level, once I thought it was easy to do, I did not expect to stand more than a year’s experience, let me realize that it is so difficult.

, the following article, this article to solve the problem: how to pinpoint the site profit point, access to considerable income?

until now I realized that if you want to be a traffic type website, rely on advertising alliance made a small fortune, you must make a valuable website. What is valuable? Here I think it is commercially valuable. For example, you do Adsense, if it is a general article station, QQ station, photo station, you can count on Adsense price will be high? But if you do the industry is standing, or the introduction of an industry website, click Adsense not too low. When it comes to the premise that you can’t do it like a dumpster, at least if you think it’s a garbage dump, don’t expect Google to think otherwise.

says Adsense, and there are lots of people doing sp. Name tests, personalized signatures and so on, through the SEO optimization of single page or this small website in the form of occupation of search engines in the top few. A lot of friends are doing it, and they’re doing well. However, it is worrying that, since 2010, SP income may be worse than before, this is my reference to a number of friends experience obtained conclusions, if it is new, please operate carefully.

in addition to sp, there are people doing bidding, promotion of profiteering products. At present, the network, all kinds of bidding training in full swing, but a everyone knows the truth is: money is always a minority. Only those who know, flexible minded people to get a cup of soup. Bid for this industry, high-risk, high income, if there is a psychological burden, please be careful to try.

said three ways, do not know the same small webmaster, you find your goal?. Currently my hotel booking site, because the end of World Expo, season factors are now in a very bleak state.

but at least the profit during World Expo made me understand: "choice is more important than effort."".

use this sentence as the end, share with you. The world is strong and we still have to move on.

finally copyright, this article by network (webmaster): Kung Fu Mavericks original published in A5 Webmaster Station

Experience paste from the user, commodity point of view, talk about electricity supplier operation m

What is

operation, and what is done between the product and the user is called operation. What is the operation of the electricity supplier, mainly in the user, between goods and platforms as?. Dry electricity supplier for a period of time, talk about some of my ideas about the operation of the electricity supplier. From the user, commodity point of view, how to operate my small electricity supplier?.

How do

users come to


wants users to come and have to let users know, so it must be promoted. Promotion is divided into online promotion and offline promotion. Online promotion with WeChat as an example.

online promotion

individual micro signals for powder absorption, and ultimately only for public number

creates a lot of personal WeChat trumpet, best female, with a variety of beautiful pictures, and each number have a circle of friends by synchronization, when the content enough, you can go with friends. A small can add 5000 friends or so, and get more than a few trumpet is tens of thousands of.

paste bar, forums, know almost, today’s headlines and other community issued a document or comment, beautiful words, it is easy to add people.

People close to

, in different places to open WeChat near the people, there will be a lot of people see beauty plus.

drifting bottles, which say "sincere" or "interesting" or "deep" words, are usually added.

unfamiliar street class and other public, minority dating software, apply for various signals to do micro marketing.

WeChat public number

submit WeChat public number to WeChat navigation site, with search engines included is the same.

personal micro signal crazy powder, friends circle issued a document, and then diversion to the WeChat public number

looking for other public powders, looking for high quality public numbers as follows:

The type of

public number can not be blindly chosen, to choose their own number of public positioning similar to the


identify each other public number is zombie numbers, using measuring tools, data detection of the public number, the main indicator for the detection of tweets, articles, comments, comments and points like the number, number, reading is a reward, a fan message function.

releases original articles from the media platform, industry media site – faction network, from the media platform – NetEase, from the media, Jane book, from the media community – know watercress.

regular activities to activate the public atmosphere. For example, printed two-dimensional code

on gift packaging

from time to time to participate in various exhibitors and sponsorship conference prizes. Print two-dimensional codes on prizes.

uses other channels for promotion, the official website, the official micro-blog, QQ, blog,

Promotion under


line promotion is the ground promotion.


Video site the end of the burn era

in the financial crisis, both the enterprise and the individual will feel a sense of loneliness, no one can help you, except yourself.

China has been affected by the shock of the western financial crisis and may have just begun.

since last year, the deteriorating international economic environment in the short term can not be improved, resulting in exports, investment, consumption and other 3 kinds of armed forces to promote national economic growth, are one by one "virus" attack.

ensures cash flow is top priority and cutting operating costs has become an important means of implementation. After more financing, SMEs who have expanded to recruit and relocate to the new office begin to plan to move their offices to the ground and reduce operating costs in the most direct and rapid way. For example, TCL computers, layoffs, but also the national headquarters moved from Shenzhen to TCL group headquarters in Huizhou, in order to save operating costs.

a letter circulated on the Internet to CEO Sequoia Capital letter, wrote: "we like Sequoia did not completely to YouTube such a profitable company with more than $1 billion 600 million sold to Google has been completely impossible, this era has ended……"

was once capital sought after video sites, burn money and lack of profit model, became the first wave of affected Internet Co. Such as Yue net, PPLive, six rooms have announced the decision to layoffs.

expands in contraction

video site, six rooms, decided to cut 2/3 of employees to cut costs. Six rooms in the heyday of the 120 team size, may be reduced to 10 people. It is understood that at present, six rooms were cut out of staff throughout the R & D, marketing, sales and many other departments, new businesses have been canceled, the remaining staff of the next goal is to maintain the main station.

six rooms had tried all sorts of expenditure, such as the wedding video for users to get cash, now has entered a stage stage.

, who had previously expected too much of this industry, now wants to lower its expectations." Liu Yan, President of the six rooms, believes that through layoffs and adjustments, from June next year, six rooms can receive a steady positive cash flow.

in fact, the situation may not be optimistic. As the video site access threshold is not high, in the past year, there have been more than 300 video sites influx. Insiders said: "the industry competition is on the one hand, the portal from the start of the Olympic Games will expand the field of video input, and get a good flow performance, this is another aspect of the video industry affected by the impact of large." At the same time, the entry of major portals also exacerbated the competition in the video field.

has just financing the company, perhaps more fortunate that they have the "expansion in the contraction" opportunities. Such as Youku, cool 6, or tudou.