The trend of independent entrepreneurship has arisen, and the upsurge of Chinese style entrepreneurs

I went through something similar to you two years ago, though it wasn’t for the internet. So I will tell you what I think and what I am doing now. I hope I can help you and inspire you.

in the bleak basement of an office building in Northwest Beijing, a group of young people wanting to start business sit around the computer screen, staring intently at the latest prototype software on the screen. A few kilometers away, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs are discussing new products and company ideas at the heat of a basement room with a more heated and apparently more luxurious basement.

background: the top three domestic university computer science graduates majoring in computer for more than a year, this year to do the technical development in the domestic top three Internet Co, to engage in Internet business on the grounds, and father in the industry borrowed 10 million has been credited, the father does not allow me to make investment. He said the need to dry facts, lost on the back of his company to have a good work, I have no interest in his business, he has always wanted me to go to his company exercise, I unilaterally wrote him an IOU before, want to do mobile social networking, Internet Education project project proposal, also my father watched program, he said he did not understand the Internet, think the two one can try he to the management of his company, he only saw gave a piece of advice: don’t illegal. Money can not know how to start, how to start from where, such as team building, such as project startup, such as financial systems and the like.

"Entrepreneurship is a very sexy thing," says Wang Yi, co – founder and chief executive officer of

"Since the X lab was established 18 months ago, 400 start-ups have used its facilities," says Mao Donghui, executive director of the


time back to three years ago, when I just returned home, first in the home company for some time, after a year of work, for various reasons to leave the company. At that time, I had two choices, one was to go to work and go to work; two, I started my own company. For a long time, I decided to start my own company, for the following reasons:

news December 8th, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the Chinese business school students tend to self employment, provide convenient "light" Standford of the Peking University and the Tsinghua University innovation project X Laboratory for such entrepreneurship.

Wu Yuke Amos combined with their own entrepreneurial failure experience, made a wonderful answer:

Wang Yi’s own story is a true portrayal of many new entrepreneurs in china. He went to the United States to study for a Ph. D. degree and returned home after working for two years at shlf1314. He went to work for an Internet Marketing Company in Shanghai. The other two founders who speak English fluently are similar in their experiences. More and more Chinese study abroad, then go back to their own businesses instead of entering traditional large companies.

you can feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere in the humble basement of Tsinghua University. In the X laboratory room, students and alumni of the Tsinghua University and the crowds of angels. They are developing the newest products include electric motor scooter, affordable 3D printers and wearable health monitor.

X laboratory. Of these, 300 are continuing to grow, and more than 30 have received substantial financing. What is more?

Wang Yi said, "obviously, China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is growing trend, the top venture capital companies are looking for young entrepreneurs, the entire supporting ecosystem is also taking shape.". In recent years, companies that have the biggest impact on people’s lives have come from the Internet industry. Behind these companies are inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made great achievements.

, Sohu, IT news,

I think entrepreneurship must be to stay up late, and so old, I can not endure. If I go to the company to work, year after year to repeat the same work, I’m afraid my passion and drive will be away. To go to work can only contact one aspect of the company’s own responsibility, while the company will be able to understand all aspects of the company’s operations in all directions. Can better and faster learning, integration into society.

in October and November, Wang Yi attended the Kindle innovation project at Stanford University, the first time this project has been initiated in china. At the Standford center on the campus of Peking University, 30 entrepreneurs and in-house entrepreneurs are designing business plans that may be hugely successful in the future.

got from dad borrowed 10 million venture fund, understand computer technology, what kind of Internet business projects? This is a problem that almost, but the questioner just graduated from the University for more than a year of work, team building, project and financial system can say is absolutely ignorant of:

start from scratch, high starting point and low profile

I rely on my own examination of the University, but also rely on campus recruitment of domestic one of the BAT work, there is no need to rely on relations to find a job. I do not like my father’s business, nor do I want to inherit his estate.

startups are booming in China, and the two group of people from two different places is the best example. As European and American business schools report, students are becoming more interested in self employment. Chinese business schools also feel their students’ desire for entrepreneurship.

I can ask my father for money, so the most difficult piece of money is not a problem for me. Conditional high starting point into the community, I do not start from the work. So I started >

, a fluent English speaking practice. In 2013, English browsing said it was the only product awarded by Apple as an annual educational application in china.

Detailed yesterday love Shanghai Webmaster Platform opening

two, Ping

submit Sitemap to guide the search engine spiders crawling your site, do a denoising, this is very friendly to the search engine’s action, recommends that everyone submit their website Sitemap to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform here, set the update frequency and data address of the file currently available up to submit 200 sitemap file, submit completed will be a test, if successful, this success. Success will not tell you why, this is a Sitemap and add new data interface, compared with the period of online interface to do the adjustment, stable performance, simple operation and more personal feeling, enhance the user experience.


Sitemap: the little offbeat before I share also mentioned a friend consulting website does not include the problem, sometimes you for some reason at the time of closure of a region of IP, then the problem, robots did not stop the spider, but the site is not included, many owners will not put with IP included are linked with the feeling is no problem.. This situation can be the first look at the reaction Webmaster Platform Sitemap whether to stop the crawl, if normal, stop now could you stop where spider. This is to prevent the small details and not easily found by little investigation method.

the opening in the original Webmaster Tools: Sitemap, URL, optimization suggestions of site safety testing, website submission channel based on the increase of Ping and free code function, of course, the original function is to do some fine-tuning. The change is not too big, but fully open for everyone or great help, here I will make a detailed analysis.

The use of

yesterday (September 16th), Shanghai love Webmaster Platform end beta, formally to the webmaster open, while the domain name from sitemap.baidu贵族宝贝 for the new domain name zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝. Fully open love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is a good thing for the webmaster friends, first of all we don’t invite the beta code and tangled, it also means the webmaster can Webmaster Platform more convenient to submit their own content to love Shanghai, but also some new functions to help.

Ping function is a new function of Pingping is to update the notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, for the blog >

, Sitemap

Sitemap is a very good webmaster tools, a lot of friends online feedback is included after the submission of Sitemap has been greatly improved, including me too, visible standardized operation, provide the search engine friendly.

On the user experience and website structure key


two, the user needs the product description and specifications

, a user needs

four, the performance of visual

The so-called

            user experience should have different answers in the hearts of everyone. After all, how consistent it is impossible to achieve any feeling. As we are, when hungry in the street just to find a small restaurant, can satisfy our hunger problem, experience in place. Some have to find a solution to your stomach Western-style food. Thus, each stand, and get, can satisfy yourself is not consistent.

site structure for a Shanghai Longfeng staff many stations are unable to reach a satisfactory level. Of course, if you want to modify a station architecture, it is a very troublesome thing. So in the website at the same time, we should take these factors into some of the strong website. Now the vast majority of the site is built in a tree. To facilitate users to browse, also easy to search engine spiders. At the beginning of the search engine spiders through the web site;

user experience is the main experience of what factors? The following made several hierarchical classification:

with the development of the network, each view of the web sites have changed significantly. The vast majority of users will be beautiful to evaluate a quality of the site. Increased demand, customers continue to amend the request, resulting in a large network company is now obvious inconvenience in the construction site. Is Shanghai dragon industry, constantly innovation, in order to gain a firm. At present, Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to what factors of the site itself? The most prominent is nothing more than two points: the structure of a web site; two, user experience. The user experience is the most important in these two points, the other is the website structure.

user experience is the user in the use of a product, can be in a variety of situations, can be convenient, fast, to achieve the goal. As you drive, the old navigation error, so what do you do? I think the answer is obvious, we use a product, the key is to provide them with convenient, improve efficiency, reduce all unnecessary errors.


three, the user needs to know the information architecture of

four points above I also stand in the user’s point of view to analyze and draw, but before that have everyone feel inconsistent. For reference only. The four point I use Taobao to do a simple explanation, such as you want to buy a Taobao iPhone4 shell, then you must be in the Taobao search " iPhone4 mobile phone shell; " or " Apple mobile phone ", is found; tens of thousands of information, what would you say to me next? I want to find the style is most probably it did not actually happen again, more of a family, see the introduction of products, specifications, professional shop of

How does shrimp make money from free advertisingA few suggestions to make money no Wangzhuan friends

began the following topic: " how to use free advertising to make money, the last time I share " make a million a month project is to allow everyone to register some shlf1314 send advertising account to sell the account, and then have friends ask me how to sell, there are a lot of things I just provided some ideas, specifically how to sell it don’t ask me, but here I can give you some ideas, such as go to the Taobao sales, you can search in Taobao, now there are a lot of people go there to sales, profit is good; there are people receiving shlf1314 account, not the person receiving the price will be relatively low, is not recommended find such a person. In fact, this is just a way to make money, I want to look at the most is the webmaster, Adsense money now there is a fire is the way to do Taobao customers, now many webmaster Taobao customers not only a website now, some people have a lot to do in the station, then the small shrimp give you an idea, use the the shlf1314 send advertising to Taobao customer advertising, such as your weight is the product of Taobao customers, you can lose weight about ranking in shlf1314 search Figure

2., you are not all the time with others behind, see who made money, received the money, account number of more, and then follow up. Well, I tell you, you’ll never get the sweet. Lu Xun said, "be the first one to eat crabs.". You do not dare to eat, it does not matter. Others eat you eat cooked head? Stir others to eat, you eat beef broth. Eat your own personality.

free ad you might not believe, but it’s true. Before the small shrimp shared " shlf1314 free account to send advertising costs 350 yuan ", which is the source of free advertising, but also to share the last small shrimp shlf1314 " a month million yuan net money project " there are a lot of people, plus a small shrimp , due to the small shrimp one is full, you want to make money with friends to join the small shrimp website optimization exchange group: 107046399, here we can share some knowledge of happiness and SEO make money online.

my website: houbigangguan123/, welcome to visit.

whether you’re new or veteran, you can read this if you don’t make any money.

1. you are not in all day thinking about whether their income increase, the account is more of a few good? If it is, then you thought Wangzhuan have serious problems. It’s like a student thinking about scores and doing a few exercises, and we all know it’s counterproductive. Soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, but most soldiers who want to be generals are killed by the general. People don’t want to make money is not a good Wangzhuan, so most people want to make money online Wangzhuan owners buried by competitors.

take a look at the webmaster above, they are using shlf1314 in promoting their Taobao customers. Now with free advertising to make money, Why not?? in fact, friends will not be confined to this in several ways that can be used to send advertising to sell their products, to do service, go in to do foreign trade, foreign alliance and so many ways to make money, hope friends they can earn more money, I will regularly write some of my ideas to make money, I hope my friends can pay attention to the small shrimp BLOG, small shrimp group: 107046399, this is our profitable platform for discussion, I hope you to join.

3., I’ve been imitated, never surpassed. This is the hacker community often play cattle, X said a word, repeatedly cited. So, have we been imitating others all day long and never surpassed others, let alone ourselves?. For example: the shlf1314 method on the search alliance, when I was just joined soon had the higher blog out. The way the disk is put on, but many people copy it exactly the same. What’s the point? Do you think you can bring 50 clicks a day? Two words, ip. Can not go beyond, but also learn to change. Later, shlf1314’s dynamic call came out, and then the advanced version of the shlf1314 search came out. These are breakthroughs in technology, first of all. Then we can restructure the existing and maximize the optimization. For example, recently, I put an alliance code in the middle of the player. This player is a template for CPA download and installation. It’s just a small change, and the result is different. Click rate is quite impressive, the effect is also very ideal. Why is it so? Because it’s so eye-catching, it doesn’t attract graphics and text. The teacher’s long sentence is called "draw inferences from others". Right? Someone heard? Of? No Wangzhuan not dead, is not so difficult, keep a kind of fun, fun. Money is the result of what we create. Money is not value itself.

This paper originates from the

Bo excellent Beijing Website Optimization Website optimization method of small shrimp – excellent experience sharing, the original address:


What will the Internet play in the future

fairy came, it does not need old, also do not pay taxes, also do not handle the permit for those who want to say can be said, I have no statistics, don’t look at the others write comments, purely personal prospects in the industry, most of what I cannot read, unintelligible I have to, so they have a token of Yifan, or it will continue, but also want to live better in the.

on the Internet

Internet in the future there is not much to play, first, storage, two is to appreciate, three is communication, four is playing together, fifth is the last one, that is, the transaction.

1. stores a lot of things, text, pictures, mail, video, audio, and other kinds of files,

2. storage must have a certain appreciation, exchange, through the platform and tools is diverse, but is no longer a simple enough to rely on, I have said before, the Internet will take several years to establish a shared, then there will be a dependency relation, is the enterprise and the user, more obvious the strong dependency relation between enterprise and enterprise.

more than 3. of these things meet almost all engaged in Internet activities of individuals, of course we need not only these, still have to play on the Internet, playing what? How to play. Play is the main meaning and value to the.

4., the last point left for our e-commerce, trading is an inevitable relationship, regardless of what kind of currency, products, and even a voice, an idea is the object and content of our transactions.

but these things are not independent existence, all are directly related. Let all could be a network formed between them, a life, a mixture of another large.

system of virtual and reality

finally, welcome you. It’s also a good system. Welcome to correct me.

Personal experience analysis of large websites, how to do 301 redirect

recently in SEO group director to see a friend’s website encountered such a problem: the replacement of the new domain name website and do a 301 redirect, but after a period of time the old domain ranking was transferred to the new domain name, and the new domain name ranking decreased gradually (more serious) after half a year, ranking did not recover.

, 301

I’ve been throughThis reminds me of

had 301, I served as figure SEO responsible person, in order to upgrade the brand need to switch to the new old domain name Larry domain. For this reason, I have done a lot of preparation. Unexpectedly, the structure is still very tragic, 301 redirect, Chinaz forecast traffic from the previous 150 thousand down to less than 50 thousand, can be described as disastrous.

analyze and solve problems


analysis, found that keywords ranking is not immediately dropped after 301, but first almost all transferred to the new domain name, and then one or two months later began to decline, and began to become more and more serious. Looking back on the process, it was discovered that there were several problems with the site:

1, there is an absolute number of old domain names on the template, resulting in a large number of export links after the new domain name is switched.

2, a lot of dead links on older, older pages.

In the months following

3 and 301, the links were removed (because the weight of the old domain name was missing).

then did the following solutions, starting with the rescue:

1, modify the template, replace the old address to the new address, and regenerate all pages.

2, change the old column template to the new template, and regenerate all the pages.

3, arrange the chain Commissioner contact each link, modify to new domain name

4, in addition, continue to strengthen the new exchange chain.

today, the webmaster tools of the website predict the traffic has been restored to about 150 thousand of the original, which shows that the above method is effective.

‘s rethinking of 301 redirects

today, when I meet other friends who have similar problems, I reflect on the whole process: what is the reason for the drop in ranking after 301 redirection?. I found that the first and second problems mentioned earlier appeared, not 301 of the time, so I think that after 301, a large number of links dropped.

so, what is the reason for the large number of Links 301 redirect after the decline? The reason is very simple: because after 301, many Links links on the site is our old domain name, and the weight of old domain name changed to 0 (the webmaster tools), so this time a lot of friendship chain.

How to join the car beauty shop

automotive beauty industry with the automotive industry has entered a stage of rapid development of hot. Car beauty has become a popular investment projects many entrepreneurs are very popular. For the novice, they are not too familiar with the prospects of how to join the car beauty shop, a lot of friends feel at home, the following small series on this issue for everyone to start an analysis.

must first understand the car decoration, car beauty industry, if it is the best experts, if it is a layman, it is not easy to involve unfamiliar industries. So, how do you want to open the car beauty shop investors? Study until you think you really understand what is the beauty of the car, what is the car decoration, how to open a good car decoration shop, car beauty shop, and then start the next step into the shop. If you don’t know anything, you want to open a shop.

if you want to sell as soon as possible, the best way is to choose to join, some car beauty franchise headquarters location from the car to car beauty shop, beauty shop renovation renderings, to car decoration to the car shop worker training, management training, to all the car decoration shop for automotive beauty products, boutique, car wash tools, car decoration supplies, including staff uniforms, work cards, these items are fully equipped.

will be sent after the opening of a car beauty decoration technician shop for a month, to help car beauty shop took the most critical step. If the first month after the opening of your car beauty shop can operate normally, then it means that you have to go with the flow into the automotive beauty industry, you need time is one to two months.

for automotive beauty shop layman, small series that join is the best choice, but also into the automotive beauty decoration industry shortcuts. If you spend another one or two years to explore the way of such a car beauty, then I’m afraid that has missed the opportunity to open a shop.

because you can not judge one or two years later in your area economic structure, you can’t catch up car decorative beauty industry new technology, new knowledge, new equipment, even if you after one or two years to get this car decorative beauty industry is very clear, the real line home, it’s too late. Too tired. Join is the least investment, at least time and effort to win the market with minimal investment opportunities, eliminating a lot of detours, really ran the money".

join the car beauty shop? As the current more popular investment projects, it has a good prospects for development, if you can do a good job in market planning and analysis, careful management, naturally can easily penetrate into the market. Seize the opportunity from now on! Friends in favor of automotive beauty projects, and quickly come to seriously study skills, as soon as possible into practice!

Winter stall good way to make money

if the winter is approaching, the friends of the stall will also start to consider a replacement. So, what do you put on the stall at night in winter? I think it is better to sell the following goods in winter night:


thermal underwear

winter we all have to wear underwear, so long as many people, certainly good sales. Sell warm summer clothes with underwear, thermal underwear is a good package, only need to take a set of samples to come out and do it, not all can be removed the bag like summer clothes hanging up as well.

two, socks, gloves, warm water bag, palm warm, scarf, hat, cotton insoles, cotton slippers

winter potato must sell well in winter than in summer, because the hungry will feel very cold, buy a sweet potato eat can full belly and warm, you must love.



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The owner donated million is good to the thief or the attack

thief sneaked into the house to steal, who caught the police caught the thief, the owner of the thief’s tragic past that he felt empathy, but donated $10000 thief, let him go home to see a doctor. This behavior sparked controversy on the network.

"his family conditions are relatively poor, likely for him to eat is a very happy thing." Wang Kun told Modern Express reporter, although there have been many cases in his hometown in the end of the case, but it can not hate". "Check the next, before he stole several bunches of bananas, a total of 4 pounds of persimmon, a fruit knife, a total value of 89 yuan."

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Home kitchen store sales promotion methods

now society, people pay more attention to Home Furnishing the quality of life, the family kitchen appliances is an important aspect of product selection this piece is a very important thing, the family kitchen franchise business is good, but also very fierce market competition, the need to pay attention to business.


In fact, for some


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