Optimization in this period of time to do the site of the holiday

(you can change the directory name. 01, don’t appear dead links, all 02 directory can not have too much change to replace the individual directory name)

(2) with keywords competition will decrease. (because usually we are doing some outside the chain, such as blogs, exchange links and update the content, but the competition during the Spring Festival will stop, we usually just a little attention will be ranked by other competitors or beyond, there is a lot of floating, and celebrate the new year during this period will be very smooth, even if your site changes after your ranking will be in a stable


(1) of the search engine algorithm will stagnate. (enterprise website with new content and active volume will decline, website optimization is almost at a standstill, basically not in the fierce competition, in this period, the Chinese new year especially love Shanghai algorithm will stop, this time we don’t have to worry about because the algorithm caused ranking floating and great changes because we are likely to change the layout or change the content of keywords is likely to form a big change, but during the Spring Festival, this time will not have too big change)

(1), within the chain:

01, back to the chain (refers to a link to the home page at the bottom of each page)

1, during the new year and adjust the content of the site layout problem

(before all the chain system has been established in weight, each page is within the chain, and the chain is with the accumulation of time constant multiple chain calculation, after the amendment before you all link into the death of open, this time for the the weight of the website will continue to decline, will reduce the search engine on the station’s credit for the program after your content and original content is not too large, the search engine has included the original content, resulting in repeated contents)

02, the link (love in the content with a link to the home page as a target keywords, or do the long tail word, this is a comparison of the typical defects, cheating is excessive optimization).

excessive optimization is reflected in the following 3 aspects:

03, a list of links (such as: medical, talent network, office automation software, a variety of news categories, many links do transfer effects included, influence the content of the page)


(1) program and can not change the path.


(2) can not change the directory path and change directory.

why do we have reason to demand changes in the new website:

2, for website should pay attention to what matters:

(3) during the Chinese new year do not over optimization

Comparative analysis between the difficulty of Shanghai Longfeng regional key

qq- I think to want to make good use of it is like Shanghai dragon blog, must raise! But QQ more than a blog to keep the data, get a woman! Space came a few photos of beautiful women (especially those little stars generally do not know) according to the goal of the website to the user some groups, first entered the group in the group few a few words, so you won’t think group management is to do advertising. Now is not the pure QQ group chat QQ group · · · every group will also have some junk information! To avoid being T, so the best in the group to say a few words, few a few words, a woman’s love, we will get the "greedy" dialect (especially when the main group or group management online).


plus end group after say, hang a few hours a day, with good news: Wow, that you do not have a few days will be able to add a bunch of friends! This promotion for the future lay a good foundation for


QQ I think everyone is the most widely used QQ space in addition to chat, share, log reprint, mood. This QQ can be comparable to micro-blog and mood, I seldom contact users ever play micro-blog. But micro-blog also can send


website promotion four words, that is "user experience" you have brought in some way by Internet users, Internet users are very picky, if one looked no people need, people will immediately turn off. This not only can not give users a good experience on the same site of the Shanghai Dragon ‘target=’_blank’> Shanghai dragon is very negative, so to speak in the promotion to the attention of the time you send something whether let users read on. Whether users are interested in.

I don’t think carefully you are like this? "User experience" I think it’s right to pursue every website. It is easy to say, it is not easy for · · · 555


said that for a long time and seemingly have nothing

QQ users can not be ignored, if you have 400 friends · · · usually online can reach about one hundred wow, then you have published a mood, published the value of reading the title of the article, and then take your article links. We usually nothing love shopping space, if the one hundred people have 50 people of interest will click in the title, so 50 IP, PV do not know this! The same method, the log space get good, with a link, the anchor text once this day! Will you be a friend to share the · · · it is a great good friends, friends friends friends push push · &mi>


Alternative social networking Pheed earn money from users with quality contentDark horse alliance an

in February this year’s apple App Store free application rankings, Pheed has been a week ahead of Twitter and Facebook ranked first. This rapid growth has benefited from downloading from teenagers, who are between 15 and 24 years old, losing interest in Facebook and switching to Pheed, a new social network.

copyright features

Pheed can attract star users, thanks to its business model, can protect the copyright of art works well. It allows users to watermark their uploaded video and photos to mark the version

Pheed’s iOS client launched at the end of the year and attracted a number of star users, such as American artist Pris, ·, Hilton Paris Hilton and Miley ·, Cyrus Miley Cyrus, etc.. According to the ABC news, Pheed co-founder and CEO O.D. Kobo said that the Expo attracted Pheed to some of the stars, but also to get some music agent support, but did not pay them.


The point is keyword advertising, it is often said that the text ads, according to the website content capture relevant keywords, the mouse can be placed on display advertising keywords, it does not take the position of advertisement, as long as a code embedded in the page you can easily make money. The way of advertising is divided into two kinds: one is the vertical advertising 1000ip=100 yuan two non vertical advertising 1000ip=80 yuan, suitable for vertical advertising website includes tourist map traffic logistics gift toys apparel textile and leather building materials investment banking financial securities business electronic agriculture auto parts instrument mechanical hardware metallurgical mineral chemical energy lottery betting recruitment immigration education training examination and enrollment university campus health care medicine service life diet English blog in domestic website, suitable for non vertical advertising websites including game animation, entertainment, film and television information, local information port.

on the surface, Pheed is based on Facebook like buddy system, users can publish text, pictures, audio, video and many other content. This is no different from other social networks. But it’s innovation is the way to make money: Facebook and Twitter website mainly rely on advertising and value-added services to profit, but Pheed "against the world", directly to the user fees.

below is the main content of the article:

‘s approach is: if users feel that someone’s content is very high, then you can pay attention to each other, and pay a small amount of monthly or monthly pay to see what the other side of the release. In other words, Facebook is a content sharing platform, and Pheed goes a step further and becomes a quality content distribution platform.

in the social networking field, Facebook is well deserved king, Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites are the main competitors. However, a social networking service called Pheed is quietly emerging, and its unique business model has attracted the attention of many people.

offbeat social network Pheed: high-quality content users earn money lead: YAHOO wrote this week, in the field of social networking, Facebook "ads + value-added services model seems to be inconfutable truth. But Pheed, a new social network, has proved a unique subscription model, not just one way to make money in social networks.

A junior high school language teacher site experience

as a webmaster in the second grade college contact pages, that is, in the free space, only FP produced a few pages. Later, to the 51 tiger wings free space, do or HTML page. Later the PowerEasy then became popular in the XX net to buy hundreds of M space, by moving to station.

, however, as a result of the 2 upgrade failed, more than 6 thousand of the accumulated members were returned to 0, and another data was re entered. Through the efforts, it was the site of a more than 2 thousand member, I myself in order to give the students reading learning collected nearly more than 6 thousand articles writing and reading, while the daily traffic reached 1000, after a few days to several flow quickly, this just know originally a lot of traffic from Baidu, Baidu now closed station. As a result of this blow, I gave up the mobile update, and did the forum, first made BBSXP, a month later changed to the ASP popular mobile network forum. After more than 1 years of BBS development, Baidu or not included. BBS do not know that day there is a fault, that is, can not login, try many methods are not good.

this time began to pop flat-share space, I bought 1000 yuan 8G flat-share space, this space not only support ASP also supports PHP SQL, began to delete the original data (PowerEasy), after a month, Baidu is not included, I decided to try again to do, put the contents of all delete considering the future development, decided to change the php+sql program. And then in the station to see an article about what Baidu is releasing, learn to know to write. I’ll write to Baidu.

letter I uploaded a station built in the Dede program, a number of teaching materials, Baidu soon saw 10 a few pages, there are some pages of the forum, and finally out of the construction of the first page of Dede, but some of the features of Dede have not realized place in my space look, PHP168 is the provincial V6 what, I think the good luo. Go and wait every day. Come out, upload the new program to cover the original website, built now I love your Chinese website, the original Dede content to new program, and use another domain name point it to do another website. After hard work, the computer’s teaching materials are uploaded, because a person to do the station, limited time, sometimes more updates, sometimes less. In this way, Google obviously included more, and now about 4000 of it. Baidu has only 1 pages, and now Baidu snapshot in 8.7.

snapshot in August dozen, or only one page?. Now I think I will never go to the data acquisition, data collection is not much, but to the essence, we must face the teacher station, not Baidu, otherwise the flow did not keep up the teacher, website development. As a result, after doing so, the flow of 100ip every day or so, I did not do any publicity, I feel very tired propaganda, and may be related to character. An average of 1 new members per day, not long ago

Simply let Baidu included your new station

this morning found that Baidu included my new sites (www.qqxiazai.info), which is in recent months, Baidu included third meters, maybe my method has certain coincidence, but the three continuous domain name included, still can be seen from some of the conditions included in the new Baidu p> < /

personally think, the new domain meters must do three basic skills, in order to get Baidu favor, in order to achieve the purpose of collection, these three points are: title, content, the chain

, a title, the most important is the title for the new m, m new title must be novel, www.qqxiazai.info Title: stack buzz slightly, the reason is very simple, in the Baidu search stack buzz slightly, a record are not, now the search out of the blog and the chain I, a Baidu database rare title can certainly lead to Baidu’s interest, if the new meters you named Sina, Baidu estimates absolutely ignore you

In fact,

two content, content and title guarantee is rare Baidu database on the line, as long as the search results are less than 20, that is quite good, content free to write on the line, it is best not to reprint

three, outside the chain, personally think that many sites do not need to send the chain, I usually use the laggards signature, as posted on the line, the role of the chain is to let Baidu along the link to find your website, so long as more post, Baidu will naturally come to find

summary, let Baidu included new sites, is to let Baidu feel you stand from the title and content are very novel, so in the "path, also can make the appropriate improvements, this time I used Z-blog, the default path of the Z-blog contains post, so I replace post 14fdsf7fd4fw, actually 14fdsf7fd4fw is it at random, but in the Baidu search results are 14fdsf7fd4fw, my blog, http://www.baidu.com/s wd=14fdsf7fd4fw


above is my personal a little experience, may not experience it, but I think it is a suitable method for Baidu, the first to write articles, hoping to enter the discernment of the administrator.

What attract customers during the opening of the dumpling shop

New Year approaching, I believe that many families will be busy making dumplings during the Spring Festival, in fact people for liking dumplings general stores to open a dumpling business is actually very simple, the market profit space is also great, this is a good business projects. So how do you join your customers in the opening of the dumpling store?

. The attractive features of food

is featured on the basis of quality assurance. For example, Huimei dumplings dumplings are crescent shaped dumplings with exquisite appearance, and the market of ordinary dumplings are not the same, can be the first time to catch people’s attention, but left a deep impression. Dumplings and rich varieties, in addition to the common varieties of dumplings, corn and pork, pickled pork, Boiled dumplings cabbage in Boiled dumplings, Boiled dumplings boutique boutique fish Boiled dumplings and other characteristics of Boiled dumplings, can continue to attract customers into the store.

Quality of service

* positive publicity

on the market a variety of restaurants are too many to count, "wine is also afraid of deep alley, so you can publicize their store is an important step to attract customers in the opening period. Dumplings to join the owner, you can use a variety of promotional methods for publicity, rather than just limited to hair promotional materials.

* to attract customers preferential


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How to do brand clothing franchise

only accurate market positioning, in order to bring the majority of investors more wealth business opportunities. The environment is a brand street, the street is all the world’s well-known brand stores, people coming and going on the street, but few people can enter these stores, many people are stop and go, or browse through the window. A French leisure brand stores

, the decoration is very tasteful, things are good for twenty to forty men and women, very casual, the price per piece is one thousand or two thousand to three thousand or four thousand or so, that is the case, the total sales do not go on, every month is tens of thousands, but every month to four hundred thousand only slightly profitable, how to do?


Henan’s new economic development initiatives to integrate the development of the Internet and the de

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, all aspects of our lives have begun to change, but no matter how the development of the times, our manufacturing sector is still the foundation of our economy. China is now building the world’s largest database of roadheader, and built the service industry "TBM leasing network"; Chinese Yituo, large and medium-sized tractor leader, to create a "Internet plus agricultural + agricultural platform constitute the whole supply chain service model, through information technology to develop new industrial chain implantation and business model.

emerging converged companies continue to emerge. In September 24th, Henan held a "double" fresh & easy controlling the outcome of the conference, this day last year, Premier Li Keqiang to visit the company, people praise fresh & easy "Internet plus" "hit" the four". One year old fresh easy energy transfer from a tall tree, a forest of wisdom, to create a fresh supply chain ecosystem, the integration of online and offline platform, fresh and easy daily fresh cold chain mall, vest, temperature control of supply chain, driven by more than 3200 employees to participate in Entrepreneurship and innovation, new more than and 800 Small and micro businesses to join the ecological circle. Transformation and upgrading of enterprises from processing and manufacturing to service industries, platform enterprises and ecological enterprises.

fresh achievements of the province is actively promoting the development of manufacturing and Internet integration microcosm. As an emerging industry in Henan Province, has on behalf of the provincial government to accelerate the introduction of Chinese manufacturing 2025 Henan platform for action information to promote the "four modernizations" synchronous development ideas, and implement special action plan, integration of informationization and industrialization depth (2014 – 2018), the use of special funds, special funds for the development of information technology, the development of advanced manufacturing, give support for the integration of the two key technology development and industrialization, public service platform, pilot demonstration projects, the cumulative support project 189, the total amount of more than 170 million yuan, has played an important role of guidance and support.

industry level of integration of two continue to improve. Focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, food, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection and other 14 key industries, with the integration of the two provincial demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing pilot for the lead, promote information technology in the application of traditional industrial enterprises, the province’s Industrial Enterprises above the scale of the enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution, product life cycle management, supply chain management and other key information system coverage reached 47%, 26%, 20%, 20%, CNC equipment production rate reached 42%. 2014 – 2016 a total of 52 companies were identified as the national integration management system of the two pilot enterprises.

regional integration of two deepening. Zhengzhou in April 2011 was included in the national two integration test area, high standards to complete the task of building a pilot. In the industrial agglomeration level identified 25 provinces of the integration of the two pilot areas, the focus of public information gathering area

To make money – Top Kyrgyzstan pie

in the fast food market, the choice of delicious food to join the project, is a very wise choice. How about a top pie? Successful venture worthy of trust. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurial choice!

top Kyrgyzstan pie carey developed a special recipe with Chinese fast food, by first cooking, the nutrition reasonable collocation, raw material concentrate supply all kinds of food, to ensure food safety, the top Kyrgyzstan catering unique taste, rich species diversity, better reflect the Chinese eating habits. The overall design and decoration of the restaurant is different from the traditional Chinese fast food restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant is reasonable, the tableware of the table and chair has its own characteristics. The top of the pie Kyrgyzstan appearance, unique appearance, good to see an appetite. Products using traditional and modern combination of the production process, the outside crisp tender, delicious taste. Pie with high protein refined wheat flour and fresh mutton with pollution-free green vegetables, health and safety, nutrition.


top Kyrgyzstan Hotel Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a set of product processing, catering services, comprehensive catering chain management company, relying on the brand management team, services and other advantages, is committed to catering investment, catering management, catering, franchise business for the company’s development goals, to provide more professional brand operation catering partners, investment scheme of multiple services. The development and innovation of the top Kyrgyzstan is committed to catering to Chinese fast food, the company strictly in accordance with the China traditional eating habits, comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced management mode, and strive to create a high quality Chinese fast food services. The company advocates a green and healthy diet, nutrition and reasonable mix of food and beverage business standards, determined to flourish in the Chinese fast food industry.

top Kyrgyzstan pie restaurant in the food technology development and catering innovation have a proud achievement, organization of technology development, combined with the brand and market, can provide more professional catering investment project assured and reliable, but also better for the vast number of investors in the catering operations to provide more professional. Perfect service. Top Kat pie restaurant chain mainly engaged in Chinese fast food specialty dishes, traditional recipe pie, nutrition and health porridge category, Chinese and Western characteristics of snacks and other products, Chinese fast food distinctive characteristics of the independent meal mode. Top Kat pie Chinese fast food using a specially crafted secret recipe, through the first cooking, all aspects of reasonable nutrition.

has always been healthy and delicious food, is a very good market opportunities. Top Kat pie to join, open their own top pie pie shop, shop is earned! Hot joined the project, the hot market! What are you hesitating about?