Writing and optimization of 6 site title note


Optimization Website Title Title don’t repeat, the station outside the station are the same, because the search engines crawl the page is the first look at the title, and then look at the content, the title is mainly based on the search engine to determine whether the original content of the website. If the station or station outside the site title page will be repeated, it may be included in a small chance.

optimization note: when writing the title, the title must pay attention to key content and web site, otherwise, there may be a search engine that is cheating.

5, title four site title but three, but three four two, but five "

4, title site title words control

6, title site title and website content related to

for website optimization in terms of staff is different, generally speaking, writing and the optimization described below 6 points "title" is composed of the target keywords website notes.

Optimization Website Title Title Control in 30 Chinese characters, or 60 characters. If Chinese characters and character more than words, search results will show the love of Shanghai is not complete, which is on the search engine is not friendly. Note that the title title weight distribution is decreasing from left to right the.

Note: the number of Shanghai dragon Keywords

optimization personnel in the work, in order to improve the relevance and density, are used on the site title, page title or website content keyword, such a phenomenon is very good, do you want to know the love of Shanghai in the latest update, the search engine is more and more pay attention to the user experience.

2, the target site title titleNote: if your website

3, Title Site Title don’t repeat

Note: the general Note:

optimization target keywords have been chosen and suggestion is that the site title keywords wrote title, this keyword ranking is very friendly. Key words more difficult, in the front. For example I have chosen is the target keywords "site optimization", the title should write "website optimization Website – enterprise".

optimization often encounter some new Shanghai dragon does not understand the meaning of this sentence, the interpretation of the four but three, three more than four, two but five "refers to the appearance of not more than three times the 4 Chinese characters keywords in the title, the 3 words are Chinese characters not more than four times in the title 2, the key words in the title Chinese characters do not appear more than five times. If more than words, there may be a search engine that is keyword stuffing, which leads to keywords ranking drop or the website is down right.

1, title site title is simple, do not stack keywords.

Personal summary keywords Shanghai dragon optimization basic skills


today to talk about the basic skills of keyword optimization.

said resolution, do Shanghai dragon friends are not unfamiliar, with the "Wuhan website", can be split into "the site of the company of Wuhan where home is best", "Wuhan network company website is the best one that forms", so different, in article, can be applied to the link line this paper, in order to increase the keyword density and not frequently caused by the illusion of target keywords to stack keywords. Keywords split recommendation should follow the following points:

reasonable tail echo

3, intermediate band

1-2, the middle resolution minimize the amount of text keywords to keep resolution keyword proximity.

changes can be a form of the whole article, may be a paragraph of text, or even a word, if the key is to increase the resolution mechanism of the keyword density, then the form of keywords is to increase the degree of change of related articles, the article makes a better search engine to determine to become excellent original articles.

1-1, the middle resolution keywords try not to sign.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords The change of

rumors, the search engine spiders are beginning to crawl from the beginning of the end, so the original article must appear key words, I think this is right, if neglected in the middle of the content, focus on the end effect is not responsible for the performance of the article. So, I >

change form style a lot, as I’ve written an article, a word is to be soft, is mainly talked about, if a sentence that extended into a paragraph, and doesn’t seem cumbersome, and can add soft paper elements to achieve the purpose of advertising.

changes form, like writing students, as long as the center of thought as the core, and then start to talk about, it is easy to be extended into more than 1000 articles, the premise is the author need to read a lot of thought and similar articles, and for each article can have their own judgment, then the output of this kind of thought that nature can become a good article.

1, split mechanism.

2, in the form of keywordsKeywords

wrote a few days about love Shanghai SEO Tucao Wen, recorded this time by optimizing means, love Shanghai for total performance of the site, K has been repeatedly repeated right down, is of no interest to the right direction, but there are a lot of buddy is also strongly support I put this station to do so, to exchange a lot of superior quality and is related to the domain of Links, and brother and even the related domain high weight website background directly to me, you are going to toss, you do it, do the webmaster I tears ah, an important juncture or have a buddy support, otherwise much hurt ah.

Love Shanghai promotion do – the choice of keywords heavy traffic or heavy quality


then, we will find that although the money spent, but the daily consultation and transactions are scanty. The money burned is more and more quickly, and the effect is not good. The boss saw you, hate not to beat you, because every day you burn his money, but he did not bring into effect. And you slowly into confusion, anxiety, frustration in negative emotions. The final boss either fired you, either you fried squid boss……

at this time, we usually have two reactions:


my opinion, summed up in one sentence is not more hot words better, but.

actually I also very understanding enterprise bidding difficulty. If we run a business, we are trying to take all the products and services are sold? So in the bidding environment, there is a large number of keywords you can choose? If we happened to be a novice just contact the auction, in time to see a number of keywords. We have estimated knocked out.

, if ROI is specific to each word, hot words ROI can do a few? If you go back and do some statistics of the most simple, will be surprised to find a hot word ROI may not even 1:1! What does it mean? It means we do bid is a loss the

Do you believe that the

in fact, whether a keyword is good, not to see if he can bring much traffic, more important is to see he can bring much effective consultation, the number of transactions. For example: a hot word can bring 10000 visitors, but only 10 consultation, 1 transactions; and a precise long tail word can bring 100 visitors, but it can bring 5 consulting, 2 turnover. Then, the two word ROI which is higher or lower is self-evident.

in Shanghai promotion, I also found that there are many companies love staring at the hot words big auction. To my "villain of the heart of their" gentleman’s belly ", perhaps they think that since these words are so hot so expensive, we are willing to invest, which must be a reason. In a nutshell, is "I follow you will not go wrong too outrageous" mentality that drives them to throw money one after another hot word.

However, but the result?How can you

no matter, the relevant key words all to do! How can I do the analysis so many words!

of the word!

look at the competition is how to vote, I copy as it is a word, what I use what hot words! I was too TM wit

so what should we do to promote the love of Shanghai


of the Internet, all of the word "herding" is not strange. "Herding" in Taobao Tmall, is the most incisive. Monthly sales break million data for potential buyers, has a very strong persuasion. It can be said that the data itself is the reason.


sh419 alliance lifting the banDrops and excellent step China merger, exposed the Internet start-ups

August 1st was a magical day, and rumors of a long and wonderful combination of bits and pieces have finally come true. As the two major domestic travel giants, the merger is a little more fun, or bitter little more. For the vast number of Internet entrepreneurs, it is really worth thinking about. Summarize why can Chinese yuho and drops with? There are many online comments, Mr. head here to sort out, and add their own thinking inside.

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pictures from the Internet

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      where the restoration has become effective user members to participate in the awarding points during the event, as long as you during this period the cumulative dollar prizes over 100 points, you can get 10 points reward; full 200 points, you can get 20 points reward. And so on, the exchange of every 100 points, that is, back to 10 points, multi – Multi – delivery. The exchange of points for different commodities can be accumulated. The sh419 alliance will announce its membership list, points and bonus points by June 25, 2007.

      surprise 1: 188 points award


although the Internet world is very painful, but there are still a lot of people have to go forward! When understand the real node, we will choose deep thinking, and for each point to find feasible solutions. Vote by

third, in fact, the reasonable synergy of the market is the most sensible choice

      surprise two: full 100 back 10

      distinguished League member; Hello:

for Internet products constantly shuffling process, why some companies will be why some people are always with vigour and vitality, intense darkness without light. Not all of the disappearing products are bad. In fact, many products have a very good experience. However, because the market competition is too cruel, if we can not move forward toward benign interaction, this is not only the loss of resources, but also the lack of social innovation motivation.

reported that China had lost $1 billion in 2015, and since it entered China, it has been fighting hand to hand for a long time. Each has used its own subsidy trick, spent a huge amount of money investors. But we still don’t realize the profit. We all know that the ultimate goal of any product is profit. This problem is not only in the "excellent step", and even for many entrepreneurial Internet Co are the same. Most products are started by throwing money, for the funds of the company certainly is not a problem, but for many rely on financing to maintain the entrepreneurial company, if not into the second or third round of financing, entrepreneurial companies will fall in the darkness before the dawn, bitter and sad is inside.

second, market capacity, regional saturation, market growth slowed

      all of the above activities are explained by the sh419 federation.
      note: what you want to do can log on to see, I dare not do it, afraid of being blocked, ha ha.

whether travel or eat well, all Internet products are geared to the needs of the public. Take drops and excellent steps, it is to solve the problem of mass travel. Demand is only demand; it is always saturated. When a product in the market growth is declining, it also indicates that the product market pattern in stereotypes. When the growth rate of users in the recession, if you burn money, it may be unwise choice. The same is true for many start-up companies, and if the investor’s money does not keep orders growing, then the fate is likely to be consolidation or bankruptcy. So hard to get the results, reconciled to it,

first, China is too expensive, but still no profit,

In fact, China’s Internet is very innovative

see a lot of people criticize our country Internet without the spirit of innovation, from the search engine to the video site to social networking sites, the whole is a copy! Not so! But they lack eyes. The creative spirit of the Chinese people is no inferior to any foreigner!


imitation is a necessary process of innovation. No solid precipitation, where the sublimation of innovation, just as Einstein can come up with the theory of relativity without exception, that is a very deep foundation of physics. Let me give you a few examples of how the Chinese people are innovating,



The innovation of

concept has not copied the existing model. Let people know: the original music website can do so! Completely different – and other music websites allow users to create content, everyone can become a musician! A little innovation concept, attractive pursuit of individuality, fashion of the user, also can attract venture capital.


drop out network – user object innovation. Throw aside the inertia of garbage websites and turn your attention to marginalized groups, you should have thought very few people should drop out of school. Who have been successful, but China lamented the success of the education, also caused the reflection on site planning: with the development of network, subdivision has become a trend, China population, just to find a crack to do, can be as big! It also reminded me of the two years of popular industry, not that has a successful case will have to follow the trend of large-scale behavior, like trash industry, patio cover industries have achieved great success.


Innovation of

profit model. Tencent Inc may be the world the most perfect company profit model, the fees can get in by every opening, is as the acme of perfection! I admire the most is QQ and QQ show the charging elephant custom. I rely on, this can collect money! This must be the world’s first! Why Tencent even this simple low-level applications dare to charge, is also very simple, it knows the young people in order to " personality " very willing to spend money. Look at the QQ show consumption list, the horse would be happy: young people are very silly very naive!


The innovation of

promotion mode. The first placed in the download file documentation, each download a file to do an advertisement! Now this approach has been followed by almost all download station.

in conclusion, the innovation is actually very simple, China’s Internet is very innovative! As long as more than one mind, it may be very different!


How to determine whether entrepreneurial projects in the early stages of entrepreneurship

now more and more entrepreneurial team, many people have chosen to be their own boss. In the early days, there is a very important issue, must not be ignored, that is whether the entrepreneurial project to make money. Money is the result of the majority of entrepreneurs want to get the results, otherwise the venture will lose its meaning, then you have not thought about how to determine whether the entrepreneurial project to make money in the early stages of entrepreneurship




A, will sell



two, the market big enough market is not big enough, no imagination, no toss for the beginning of the project did not emboldened! Not simply do not go.

three. To a large profit space.

four. The trend of obvious characteristics.


five. Revenue continued security.

Short frequency


six business model is better.

money depends on the system, make money to have to rely on personal routines! Toss brute force to work hard and random, is difficult to success! Business model is directly related to how much money can.

What is a good way to run a restaurant

food and beverage industry has been in our life occupies an important position in this industry, relations with the development of our life, a lot of friends want to engage in catering industry investment, open their own restaurants, you need to pay attention to what? Since the restaurant has been operating a lot of skills, Xiao Bian summed up some of the successful operation of the restaurant method.

1, restaurant features. Specific to the restaurant, including several aspects: brand characteristics, dishes characteristics, service characteristics, etc.. Here is the specific characteristics of dishes and service features. We have eight cuisine dishes, Chinese, in accordance with the cooking skills have barbecue lo and so on, and surface, powder, and Western-style food etc.. There are so many, but what is your restaurant is mainly based on large dishes, and what is the characteristics of this aspect you want to determine. But also to consider the current "food".

on the terms of service, you open the restaurant mainly serves what kind of crowd, the crowd’s eating habits, consumption levels, as much as you want to collect information. Oh, on the above two aspects, I think it is the initial location of your restaurant problems. With this preliminary information can be collected in the restaurant store confidence.

2, open restaurants to succeed in addition to the site or location. With the information collected above you can find the location of the initial location in line with your restaurant, and collect these places, such as rental shops. Different geographical location of the main crowd is different, determine their eating habits, specific to the store has a certain difference. For example, the main street of the crowd seems to be more people, but the reality is to eat near the office staff or nearby residents, and some walking street but more easy to feature snacks.

3, funding issues. The above two decided to give you a slightly more clear positioning, but this is not enough, because the location of the catering shops under the capital requirements you must not reach, so you should according to their own funds to specific considerations, will head to consider.

4. other issues. Through the above three points you can finally determine what kind of restaurant to open. But this is not enough, then you have to consider the problems of the restaurant business. For example, when you cook or chef, but this time can be considered from scratch or to join a project to open restaurants, because your partner is someone with experience, he may be more clear of the advantages and disadvantages.

but we often see new grafting stores in the restaurant at the base of the original catering shop, the shop he joined the franchise advantage, while their original features, this shop is very good. So what do you want to do, I think you can communicate with your partner on all aspects of the problem and begin to collect information for you

Standard of chain store location

chain stores and other ordinary shops, like the location is very particular about, if there is anything different, that is, the chain needs to pay more attention to the location of the problem. There is a word called "chain supermarket 3 key success, location, location, or location". Importance of location!

> analysis for the flow of the results of the survey course, the flow of people is an important factor in stores, but understand the passenger consumption target, is the more important work. To study the effective customer traffic is how much? For example, the Shanghai Yu Garden mall is a set of gardens, temples, as one of the commercial market, the daily traffic of more than hundreds of thousands, but most of the passenger travel, not a customer, tourism and catering consumption target. If you choose to open nearly 10000 square meters of large department stores, it is certainly not, should be expected to predict the effective amount of passenger traffic after the decision to buy.

What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop How to operate

no matter what stores can not guarantee 100% of the money, invest in the dry cleaning industry is also so, many businesses in the shop before, will invest a relatively large energy brand in the choice of this link, this is a method to reduce the investment risk, to the dry cleaners to set up a competitive, businesses can do is the following aspects. What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop? How to operate?

first, strive to innovate

now this society pay attention to innovation, if you are a dry cleaning shop in accordance with previous methods or legalistic blindly imitate others, to the end that must fail, any shops, only show their own characteristics that will attract customers, and do business will encounter difficulties and setbacks, it depends on the dry cleaning shop operator to breakthrough and innovation, only in this way, you only have to dry cleaners to survive.

two, the pursuit of growth

a businessman if only stay in place to do it, that his business is certainly not long, now this society is developing very quickly, the information in the changing times, if not as a dry cleaning shop operator to a higher goal to challenge, or do not take into Chengdu no psychology that want to expand sales it is a very difficult thing, and even sometimes do not go.

three, customer first

how to successfully open the dry cleaners? Where open dry cleaners to profit, is the source, source surface is money, so when we do business must take the customer needs as the starting point, of course, sometimes customer values is not certain and we are the same, so we try to listen to the customer the demand, so our business will do better.

four, the characteristics of

how to successfully open the dry cleaners? Now if your store does not feature it is difficult to attract customers, now outside every kind of eye-catching things too much, if you do not dry cleaners, what their own characteristics, the customer can completely dry cleaners to look elsewhere, you can in the decoration. Kung Fu or something special open washing method and so on, in order to attract customers.

five, the development of ancillary services

would like to open a good dry cleaning shop, if you only rely on the light wash clothes to make money, it is not earn much, you can use this as the main business, the development of a little other related ancillary services, such as leather maintenance.

open dry cleaning shop profit? How to operate? In order to improve the profit of the dry cleaners, businesses have to do is to continue to innovate in the service to be upgraded, recommended from a number of parties

How to enhance the popularity of tea brand

for most consumers, the choice of tea products, the brand’s reputation is becoming more and more important. They want to buy well-known and cost-effective tea products. In China, many people love to drink tea very much, have the habit of drinking tea, so the development of tea industry is a market, a lot of people through the tea business franchise success, want to do a good job in the tea business to know the operation method of operation, what method can you join the brand tea shop to enhance the popularity of