B2B website optimization first to solve these problems.

B2B the main navigation website looks simple, is nothing more than supply, purchase, product, enterprise information, etc. the main columns, but in these different column corresponds to a large number of information and classification, which leads to a lot of B2B site classification is complex, layout confusion, walked into the palace because of many, or direct users to leave, or resistance find a means to meet the needs of the information may not be so, maybe next time will not come again, and to search engine optimization, this also caused obstacles to crawl, reduce the search engine spiders in the site’s working efficiency, the amount of information in the very large B2B website, is tantamount to refusing to hinder spider flow. No matter for the user or for the search engine, a large well-known B2B website is OK, because the authority has the brand, this is the capital, and a small B2B site do not have the capital, if the structure didn’t take what features than

1, website structure

B2B website optimization has become one of the most important strategy for B2B website network marketing strategy, search engine traffic can not be ignored, but the B2B website is different from the station, this kind of website general level, structure is relatively complex, and the content of information is very large, while many of the B2B sites corresponds to generate a lot of the user level two or two level domain name directory, is because of these factors, many B2B sites have many problems, especially some small B2B website, there is no professional team or manager is not optimized, which leads to until now those common problems still exist. The wood of Shanghai dragon talk about those problems, especially small B2B website.


said, B2B website classification is more complicated, so let the user and search engine can "Browse" website, breadcrumb navigation is unavoidable, but many B2B there is no direct breadcrumb navigation >

3, breadcrumb navigation problem

is a small B2B site, this is a very big problem, because many small B2B website is to rely on advertising, better advertising businesses, and most are relying on the flow of advertising, this is understandable, because the station long need to make money. But advertising is to have a degree, there must be a reasonable arrangement, the following is a screenshot of the B2B website home page, you can see the location of the 1/2 is the first screen advertising, and also in the above, it can be said that this is the home of the most important position, but all advertising, a quick look also that is a huge website. There are many sites such as B2B, because there are a lot of ads on the click charges, but also some of the mom, which requires the user to click or buy, so owners will put it in a prominent position, but your site is B2B site, don’t forget the user here. This is the cart before. Consumption of your users, and also is the excessive consumption.


2, advertising

Stationmaster, please don’t be a onlooker

now webmasters know that A5 has many good articles, so sometimes the purpose of A5 is to learn and communicate.

this is good for novice webmaster, because in A5 can really learn a lot of things, I am one of the beneficiaries. But growing up here in the old webmaster will often make such a mistake, take a look at this article is well written, see the article writing is good, but it is just not thinking to do, finally put themselves into a spectator webmaster.

everyone in the webmaster circle mixed for a long time, will find the webmaster is not easy. A lot of work to do. Today, see a website nine steps, according to nine steps, tomorrow see a web site five rules, according to the rules. All day, in accordance with other people’s thinking, the effect is not good, I am still very tired. To the webmaster compatriots a word, others may not be suitable for yourself. Look at the degree, choose the right one, and stick to it. It is good to be good for yourself, do not follow blindly.

since others can write good articles according to their own experience or find out, let others watch. Then you as a webmaster, you can also write good articles according to your experience, for reference. Do not be afraid of right or wrong, everyone’s view is different, experience is not the same, written out of course, will not be the same.

writing articles can both exercise their writing ability, and lay the foundation for soft marketing. At the same time, you can get a certain amount of browsing, increase popularity, and also add fresh blood to A5. One, Lirenliji, Why not?.

well, move to say these, I hope to help the webmaster. Reprinted please note: move original.

Confused life, confused, I chose the network

2002 I began to play computer! First I only play games! CS a strange game! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I have always wanted to do my own personal website! So I chose to study website! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I went to a school learning network station occupation


began my father bought a computer for me to learn! But I used to play the game every day! And they seldom go to school! After one semester I do not learn! My father also told me very disappointed! Put me into the field to work! I came to a 16 year old strange city! I didn’t earn 10 Fen has spent thousands of pieces of my parents 3 months after I got back home!! at that time I returned home after continuously looking for several jobs! But always do a few days away! Most of the more than 1 months to do a


(the most difficult day to forget)

one day when I was on the Internet, I accidentally found a website. It was specially provided for someone else’s personal website. It’s free!


looks so simple! So I’ll start my own research! It just started! Nothing! Just hit some words and put some pictures on it!


later discovered that he could use some special effects to make web pages very beautiful, and he began to be curious. How do you sleep every day,


at that time, because the home computer can not access the Internet, can only go to the Internet bar every day!


that time every day at noon to eat lunch on the bike went to a cafe, slowly began to study every day from noon to play 6-7 in the afternoon to go home, for a week after the dozens of pieces of nothing! At that time only to ask my mother, my mother and I said: " mother to me 5 dollars I go to the Internet, I now learn to do in their web page, I can be used to make money, I am very serious in " my mother every day I have to run in the Internet bar, I saw a very serious look will give me $5 every day to the Internet, because we are here in a the Internet is a dollar an hour, so one afternoon also 5! This life lasted for a month, I began to network how to make money to curiosity, I am looking for a long time to find an advertising alliance (mainland advertising) I also began to try to advertise a after the end of month advertising In the total to 100 yuan, you can send money, I waited, and so on for another month, the money still did not send, and since then I began to network disappointed,


once found a website recommending an ad League, and I put it up again and tried….

(grow in experience.)

when I was very confused on the network, my dad suddenly asked me to go to Hangzhou to work, then what I have no work, no money, I can only go to the feeling is in a complete mess, to a strange city to start.

I came to Hangzhou >

Photo say a few major literary sites, those domain names, things

‘s tea tea recently novel network fantasy novel network changed its name into Huanxia novels, and enable the Viewtiful Larry domain huanxia.com, tea main phonetic domain strategy, and make the attention vision transfer to literary website, the domestic online novel reading mode is very popular nowadays, especially in the young in the three stages is online reading model of "main force", following the easy to understand the domestic literature website.


starting point Chinese qidian.com sit tight in the first chair


last week from the literature website ranking was informed that the user clicks the highest starting point is the starting point Chinese network qidian.com, founded in 2001, is an earlier in the domestic literature website, its status can not be ignored, however interesting, as early as in the original starting point at the beginning of the site does not use the qidain.com domain name, the domain name is the abbreviation used earlier the domain name cmfu.com, there are some bottlenecks in the website more operation and promotion, in 2007, Chinese network starting point for the development needs to the 58 city Yao Jinbo bought qidian.com domain name, the domain name change power site, also strengthen the domestic literature network ranked first place.

vertical and horizontal zongheng.com later showed positive


and Chinese network was established in September 2008, this period basically literary websites have become the development trend of the perfect website, on the occasion of the launch will be used the local Pinyin Pinyin domain name, domain name in the domestic more memory and recognition, and Chinese net win little achievement in the aspects of the domain name, based in the literature website at present, the latest data show that this week, the number of users covered for 430, ranking fourth.

English domain name readnovel.com unique


read the novel network was founded in May 2004, its inception will enable the pure English domain name readnovel.com, to today website daily daily visits nearly 50 million of global traffic ranking history up to 171, the development of brilliant, however, since the site is still in the domain name English flagship, with the wind does not move the firm faith, but it is in the position in reading is very high, at present this week ranked fifth.

Jinjiang original web jjwxc.net is also a year


Jinjiang original net is the largest female literature base in China. It was founded in August 2003. The website has nearly 900 thousand registered users, and the daily visit is over

Talking about how to make marriage website

with the increase of 80 and 90 marriageable age groups, marriage industry has become extremely popular, coupled with the improvement of people’s living standard, the new demands for marriage is no longer a simple form, it is to see the business opportunities, all kinds of wedding photography wedding, wedding Hotel, want to share. More businesses launched a "one-stop" service. So, no line resources, how can these wedding photography agencies, companies, hotels and other resources, two times the development of effective? Now, the best way is to establish a marriage website, through the network, take the minimum cost, maximum resource integration.

how to do a wedding website, after all, is one of the few truly successful? This will be considered in the beginning of the website, actually will make what kind of website; by what attract people to visit your web site, after all, a website is not to see, there will be no profit. What people will have to browse our website? In general, browse our website can be divided into three categories: one is the married couple, they have consumer demand; one is that businesses; the last category is irrelevant personnel, not what the development value. We mainly aim at the first two groups, of which the business is the most important. If the website is doing well, the business will advertise on our website, which is the main part of the profit, and will directly determine whether your website can survive.

specifically how to do it? Maybe we are not very clear, take the Wed114 marriage network below for example. This station is different from the general local and single site, it has its own master station, and there are sub stations in each city, which can attract consumers and businessmen from all cities of the country. The content of the website covers the whole marriage industry and meets the needs of different consumers. In addition, you can also find some information about the wedding industry, such as clothing, hair styles, make-up skills, etc., consumers find the information you want, you can directly find the merchant, and finally led to an order.

as a whole, an excellent marriage website should be like the example given above.

, first of all, to design the architecture of the website, distinguish the website column. It is best to include several wedding blocks, namely wedding photography, wedding company and wedding Hotel, so that consumers can not leave the website because they cannot find the information they need.

secondly, the content of the website is very important. Although we are the main business profit, but businesses rely on consumers to survive, even if we can not directly profit from consumers, but also to serve consumers. So, the content of the website must have readability, it is better to be original, this also is helpful for the rank of the website and included. Of course, for the website content is not monotonous, we can add some "leisure" to the website, such as entertainment, news, etc., we can browse some interesting things on the website, but also increase

Wuhu restaurant explosion 17 people were killed in Anhui

is now in some city in the community life can be seen everywhere some small restaurants, and many safety production in some densely populated small restaurant is also a cause for concern, recently, have exploded a snack street in Anhui, Wuhu.

it is reported that the 17 victims were mainly due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The identity of the deceased is confirmed.

is located in the restaurant opposite the explosion of a breakfast shop owner Lee told reporters, after the incident he received notice of the government departments to stop business. "I heard that we have to rectify this street, this can be understood, the occurrence of such things we are very sad."

shortly after the explosion, Wuhu City Bureau of education official micro-blog issued a safety warning requirements, the County Education Bureau (Social Development Bureau), directly under the school, school, school, school to carry out fire safety inspection, to strengthen the safety education of kindergarten, primary and secondary school students; to guide parents, education students not to exist security risks of restaurants, stalls dining, emphasize fire safety, food safety and traffic safety.

10 recommendation

Seven years to join the venture to do business on the one hundred day braised chicken rice hot

is now home of the fast food industry can be said to be a great market in the industry, at the same time in the market which have also appeared a lot of fast food brands, including braised chicken Steamed Rice is a good brand.

The person in charge shall be

through the field to understand, Mr. Qi of the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice has a more profound understanding of, the original, this is a 68 year history of the traditional delicacy in Shandong, Mr. Ceng Qingxiang left the mainland to Taiwan, because miss home braised chicken flavor, a yellow chicken stew with Steamed Rice peculiar combination. This is Zeng braised chicken Steamed Rice. It is not only bright color, aroma overflowing, rich soup, but also has the effect of replenishing qi and harmonizing the five internal organs, set food and health functions as a whole, the market outlook is very impressive.


business within one hundred days, Mr. Qi not only to recover the entire investment.

Join the leisure and catering business booming money

food culture is the most profound cultural heritage of our country is the most concerned about the investment market, with the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, people’s diet and culture are constantly enriched. Now the streets are not only the traditional dining room of the world, those with a casual style cafes, restaurants, drink bar can also be seen everywhere, these restaurants and other restaurants to join the leisure market is booming.

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What are the main forms of brand promotion

business is not a simple investment, need to have a lot of skills in the business, also need to learn how to do the promotion, as long as there is a business in the current market, it must be applied to a variety of promotional methods, different brands, different products, promotion way for naturally different, the brand promotion as a method of promotion market, has been widely used.

brand promotion is based on the original brand market, to further increase the consumer’s favor of the product itself, affinity, attention, with a strong emotional appeal and rendering to attract consumers. To do a good job of brand promotion innovation, mainly from the following aspects:

1, show more fully some

mainly refers to the combination of skills such as the brand image display showcase, backplane, prototype, demonstration platform, leaflets etc. display products, on the one hand to be more likely to complete, but also highlight the key, but also to show dynamic and static display to combine, on the other hand, but also with the consumer participation habits, more convenient consumer acceptance. Echoes of various aspects, the formation of strong visual stimulation of consumers.

2, some of the more popular activities

In order to improve the

brand exhibition activities and how the activities planned more popularity, on the one hand refers to the activities of the theme of planning more attractive, such as brand promotion, road show, exhibition or roadshow community to choose more favorable theme and form, on the other hand also will be a variety of different scale activities are combined to show more popular.

3, live more interactive

at the same time display and activities, the construction of a brand culture and product characteristics of the experience of the scene experience platform, fully mobilize the customer a variety of sensory stimulation, in order to promote sales warming and warm up.

4, spread more effective

in planning promotional activities at the same time, through the power of the media to promotion information to get a wide range of communication, you can make some news planning around this promotional activities, to render the promotion process; also can use a large social event or hot activities as a starting point, make more effective promotion in social communication activity driven.

The effect of different

different promotion mode, if you want to succeed in the promotion of entrepreneurship, hope you can consider a small series of suggestions, using promotion mode, this is to let the public better operation, make the sales of products can reach higher, let managers who earn more, but only choice on the promotion mode, can achieve this effect. Therefore, in the face of brand promotion

Analysis of the selection of children’s paradise

a lot of businesses are investing in children’s paradise, in the face of this huge wealth market, people choose to invest in business methods are very different, but as long as it can help people make money quickly is good. If you want to tap more advantages, you can do a lot of trouble in the site selection, a look at how to choose the right location!


in the shop, you have to consider your business is to meet the needs of people in related areas. The investigation of the consumer group should be clear as the primary consideration, so as to make the correct location decision, and must grasp a set of scientific and practical analysis method. To rapidly expand the scale and improve competitiveness.

We must find people more open indoor children’s playground


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