How to write a business website in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme

Hello, I am a rock. In yesterday’s article: enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of several key problems in the stone summarized several customers the most concern. So how to write business website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme? Today the stone according to an example, make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon. The stone fell in love with the sea casually looking for a corporate website, in fact, is nothing more than the optimization and diagnosis on the outside of the station website, and targeted keywords in the rankings of the first page of love Shanghai. Look at the following:

1, URL is not standard: common enterprise website ULR there are three main forms, dynamic pages too much, too much, too long, with the parameters of URL URL products or news page without directory in the form of a single page URL. For example: the domain name or domain name /news.php /product.html, this URL is not standard.

3, Links chaos: Enterprise Station for Links is a troublesome problem, want to find the website simple counterparts. But there are many industry peers websites are rare, but the site of the Links are "screens" and related web sites.

included, outside the chain of information is not the ink stone, do Shanghai dragon friends all know how to see. The station is mainly analyzes the situation of website, as for the chain domain you can find lots of resources, resources outside the chain of the most simple way is to follow the competition website to do outside the chain. But resources are similar, it is difficult to exceed the opponent in the chain of resources. The stone look under the site of the station. We found three problems:

the above analysis a competitor’s site, mainly analyzes several problems of the station. Maybe something is not comprehensive enough. The following for these problems make a diagnosis scheme of Shanghai dragon, before writing the program, the stone to a word of advice: "don’t empty talk."


2, the station for a long time without updates: enterprise web content is small, if the product. Basically rely on the news pages included in the site. This website latest news information is added last year, the majority of enterprises are not many products website. The product page is mainly pictures (some great pictures), but the site of the optimization of the picture is good, open pages quickly.


stone is the "screen", search the keywords screen love Shanghai index is 379, and the first is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia. Stone love Shanghai the keywords the first page of the four is the real competition site, the other six locations are Shanghai encyclopedia, know love love Shanghai. And in the pages of a web site keywords ranking, this is not very difficult. The stone just from the first page of a website to simple analysis:



How Shanghai Longfeng work arrangements in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day Golden Week

before and after the holiday

outside the chain of this question is very difficult, seemingly not what automatic release of the chain, mass software except, so here suggest in the holiday before and after multiple points the chain, during the holidays can also only then, can not be delayed a few days, for the stability of the station, station, a few days do not the chain is small.

content updates usually artificial daily content editing and publishing, and to the holiday, nor our editors continue to engage in, but also to the holiday, so how to solve the problem? You can use the automatic release function to solve, if your site can not let technology the development of a gadget on the line, some websites are automatic release function, before the holiday holiday to let the editor is good, then every time the automatic release.

Shanghai Longfeng work is ongoing, if you stop long time will affect the site ranking. Is going to come a long holiday, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day golden week, how to arrange the reasonable Shanghai dragon during the holiday, ensure the website ranking stable, Suzhou Shanghai dragon has the following suggestions.

3, the chain can be released in

some Shanghai dragon friends very careless, even the server and domain name expired do not know, then just hit the left behind the holiday more, wait until the holidays came back, suddenly found that the site has more than one week can not access, see in the rankings, no, this is a tragedy! Due out besides, it is best to use the server monitoring SMS notification, super monitor this function, recommend the use of.

1, ensure that the web server and the domain name to maintain stable operation of

2, holiday website content to be updated daily as usual

during the holiday

if the company license, can arrange duty to site, if there is estimated to Shanghai Longfeng supervisors to work hard, after all, he is in charge of the site, if the accident, or to find your boss.

is the best of these preparations, the site should be safe through the holiday, I hope everyone’s website after the holiday still has good rankings.

4, arrange duty

Wangzhuan jungle how the summit in Pyramid in the systemTo adhere to the practical network marketing


sends a lot of messages online every day and uses software to publish messages. Also, work with other organizations websites that promote each other and go to the portal to create a corporate blog for publicity. Mail marketing is also very important, search data is the most important link, and then is to tidy up the e-mail address, you can send it by mail * * * software. But now NetEase mailbox verification is too cumbersome, it is difficult to send in, that is, each time he sent 20 such a manual to send, it is difficult to send, not much can not be sent, or NetEase was closed. In addition, I use the * * * fax, as long as you collect customer data, and then open the computer, the software can be sent, so that you can not salesman, let the machine to work for you. If the boss is not here, he can be comfortable and not afraid of poor performance.

when you join any kind of Wangzhuan when it is needed from the most basic level the lowest level to start, which is destined to be divided into at least grade the lowest income level. In order to quickly structure in Pyramid summit, need is a change of attitude and thought, to actively their transformation from "migrant workers" to the role of a "manager" and "organizer" role, not only to work for others, depending on the physical labor to earn meager income role. After all, the only way to get more share into the system is to manage and operate, and to rely on referrals


behind each Wangzhuan form, in fact, are hidden in its own profit chain. As a newcomer, to join after a period of time, we should gradually try to feel out what you do Wangzhuan form behind the profit model, it is this chain operation characteristics and principle, to clear each level of play in the role of the link, at the same time considering how to do the primary of this layer to a higher level of development, the only way to the operation system to earn a greater share of. For example, for the code for entry of the higher, the code is often the most basic primary into this level, can only earn the lowest share of, to make a breakthrough, we need to try to find the organizer can become possible, let oneself become in the middle of the operation of the system, to earn more income through the organization the other primary Wangzhuan person.

have learning network marketing friends, you can add my :1024992072 to discuss, thank you

Wangzhuan ways of making money online with Internet has gone through a long time, the form and content are constantly changing, development today has formed a diversified, new and old Wangzhuan interwoven pattern, in many Wangzhuan form, offline marketing mode has been so far experienced Wangzhuan can rely on the line to create Everfount royalty income, and many new friends but not touch the doorway while hovering in the double position, which can be seen in Wangzhuan their intensity of competition and the difficulty in increasing

has done so long network marketing, I think there is no shortcut to do, do nothing impatient, we must go to the point. Everything comes back to nature.

first, to quickly feel out of their choice in the form of secret Wangzhuan

should change from "working person" to "manager" actively.

! !


now have a feeling, is doing everything to go to work, do not impatient. Network marketing needs to be persistent! Everything must be persisted. Nothing can be done casually. Three days fishing, two days drying nets certainly not. There is no shortcut in the world, and success can only be achieved through hardships and obstacles. I hope everyone can make their first pot of gold through Internet marketing and realize their bright future!

in the fierce competition and the development of the industry is change rapidly, regardless of income or Wangzhuan between superior and subordinate relations have gradually formed a structure similar to pyramid, in the Pyramid structure, can earn money just at the top part of the Pyramid people, and many of the new station is only at the bottom of the tower look at those become. As the proverb says: "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier!" for Wangzhuan people, if you are willing to work for others a very meager income earned it doomed to have no future, should do is to let oneself in the play ability and cleverness, the Pyramid structure fast the summit, to become a leader.

collecting information is the most important. Software search is almost the same, the search is not necessarily, you will find many customers, it is important that you use the keyword search, how to filter out their customers, this is the most important. And then try to send your data to the customer. As for the customer to say, if you have a high level of business, it did not have to say. Good performance, customer information must be more, or else not at all. Finally, I talk about collecting information on the Internet without any tools. Search a customer information, you can apply divergent thinking, see a message, you can search sh419. For example, you see a related customer online, then you can look at his resume, he went to work in that company, and then in the sh419 to find the company’s information, which is usually very accurate. My experience is that such data collection is the best! Internet marketing needs to adhere to,

As a variety of ways

Website is not just doing traffic

by rights, we don’t do more traffic for ourselves or for our company’s website. But think about it. If you say you have 1WIP traffic every day, the result of PV conversion is 1WIP. Do you think that IP can bring benefits to your company or website? Remind some advertising alliance or direct advertisers are friends, you are likely to buy traffic is through some methods to cheat.

exchange connection brings traffic, not because of a site with a PR4 5 exchange of a link, and give up the IP PV observation. If one day found that more and more traffic from the site, resulting in the overall site of the PV conversion rate dropped, it realized that traffic from the site may be a problem. Such false traffic is also of little use to the web site.

There is a program to

through the brush flow to improve website ranking, although this method can give the website traffic in a short period of time, ALEXA brought up soon, but is likely to be included in the company to abandon, into a LJ website. That’s a real regret. It’s not urgent,

Our website is about

precipitation users, because only the precipitation of users will bring you benefits, will always pay attention to your site, so the site in addition to traffic, we also should pay attention to the precipitation of the user is in the website. Finally, I hope friends can elaborate on their point of view.

article published in Luo Rong network promotion (reprint please retain)



Ning zhe network Zhou Ning local community property channel profitability approach

PHPWind, Xiamen fish nets, home owners (Chinaz) jointly organized the 2010 Chinese website of local and Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen in May 14th, including more than 200 local community owners, and industry veteran Internet scene, related to the development of the theme of a in-depth discussion on the community website, to promote the community to the broader space put forward suggestions, have an important role in promoting the development of the industry.

Ning zhe founder of the network, well-known community e-commerce expert Zhou Ning made about local communities, new houses, second-hand housing profits keynote speech.

Ning Zhe, Zhou Ning, delivered a keynote speech,

Zhou Ning has carried on the analysis to the real estate profit module, he believes that media is the main manifestation of new business profit, the way the factors including different clients, different background, different industry background, the development of different industries, different website development stage. He cited three or four lines of urban real estate sites generally use membership fees, and developers have also invested their own returns.

Zhou Ning believes that the professional real estate website should be in the land at auction should obtain relevant information, will gain the initiative before the opening, so as to obtain first-hand profits, which is why many local websites in the organization of the showings and other activities, and achieved good effect, but there is no reason to get high income. And the adoption of media new premises business approach, you can get more initiative, profitability.

in a keynote speech, Zhou Ning to Sina Real estate, live off real estate website as a case of real estate information specific classification are described, including real estate news, the local property market information, the local property market trend, interactive information, project information, building database etc..

at the same time, made a analysis of the information reported by Ren Zhiqiang Zhou Ning speech was throwing shoes real estate news, including instant news reports, pictures, video, video spoof, Sina reported micro-blog communication etc., in an emergency, the different expression method, interact with the user, finally integrate at the height of the media.

What are the pricing strategies

now open shop, has become the common choice of countless people, walked on the road more and more people, but in the product pricing problem, but not a good way, do not know how to, not only to attract customers, and to maximize the profit, in this small series to introduce you online pricing strategy!

1, fast skimming strategy: that is, relative to the cost, to determine a higher price, and then to a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to quickly obtain higher sales profit. General C2C platform promotion methods are: Subscription window display, a variety of recommendation, participate in the classification activities; "yiyuanqipai no reserve" can also be regarded as a method of promotion; and put a small ad posted in the forum, posting to the old customers, mail and so on, is the individual’s energy input.

2, slow skimming strategy: that is to determine a relatively high price, lower promotional investment, easy access to sales profits. If you have the advantage of resources, the East is more unique, less competitive…… This strategy may be considered. For example: you in the emerald distribution center, has its own design and processing team, jade jewelry popular.

3, rapid penetration strategy: that is to determine a lower price, and then a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to compete for buyers, access to the leading position in the classification. If you have a lot of similar sellers, fierce competition, buyers are sensitive to the price of this kind of stuff, then consider using this strategy. For example: many big sellers with silver purchase price sales, to occupy the market share and compete for the agency, while the formation of other sellers into the threshold.

4, slow penetration strategy: that is to determine the lower price, lower promotional investment, and gradually win the buyers group, squeeze competitors living space. If your stuff belongs to the daily consumer, there is a great demand, and price sensitive buyers (for example, you can consider postal cartons) using this strategy, you competing sellers, may withdraw due to failure or lack of patience.

of course, these are just written words, perhaps the specific situation and specific treatment, but can be used as a reference to many shop operators, they hope to be able to open a shop to help, to help them achieve the maximization of profit!

Focus on pre opening shop

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business plan is ambitious, but it is easy to cause a blindness, this time should calm down to analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages. Only in this way can we guarantee the stability of the road.

to join the venture, the investigation is very important. Prior to joining must be sufficient to conduct a preliminary investigation, the credibility of the business, product sources, market development potential, such as to have a full understanding, otherwise, will suffer a blow.

for independent entrepreneurs, will choose some low risk and high profit business, it should be said that risk and return are relatively stable path to open stores. Franchise mature business model, a good market reputation and a unified channel of purchase, allowing entrepreneurs to minimize operational risks.

Third, the signing of the contract, the main issues of concern, such as intellectual property, proprietary technology and other key issues must be written very clearly, if there is ambiguity, you must let them explain. At the same time, on how to distribute the interests, whether to allow the franchisee to delegate, if sued by others, the key problems in the future who will bear the responsibility, also should be clear before signing the contract. Otherwise, once a dispute, the franchisee will be in a passive position.

Fourth, if there is a dispute between the franchisee and the company, how to solve by an institution or arbitration, mediation or litigation, are recommended

Jin Rui award has entered the stage of expert evaluation ceremony held in December 18th

at present, sponsored by the channel network channel of the world · 2014 Jin Rui Award activities have been successfully carried out online voting, today officially opened the closed expert review stage, recently, the channel network will be held at the awards ceremony in Beijing Kerry center.

According to the

it is reported that Jin Rui award by "Jin Rui meaning" to convey new value concept of channel construction industry, excellent collection of innovative brand and channel construction case of the whole industry, to provide the most cutting-edge reference for enterprise transformation and development, leading the development trend of channel construction industry, highlighting the economic value of channel construction. "Jin Rui Award" sponsored by the channel network research institute, aims to select the best investment chain brand, set up the industry, leading the healthy development of the channel construction industry, channel construction field is the most gold awards. Since the first successful held in 2013, it will be known as the Oscar prize for channel construction, media and brand companies have become a hot spot.

2014 Jin Rui award aims to build corporate brand, expand business channels. Since the turn of the golden award award, the event has been widely recognized in the field of channel construction, the industry has become the only public solicitation awards. Jin Rui award more than 20 thousands of domestic small and medium-sized enterprise brand investment enthusiasm to support millions of Internet users vote; public participation; more than 3 thousand mainstream media to report more than 200 experts and consultants strong jury selection, thus, its influence and authority undoubtedly.


Open the window shop to make money Curtain shop profits come from

although it is said that many people now have a great interest in opening a curtain shop, however, such entrepreneurial ideas in the end should not become a real action, naturally also need to consider the market. So, open the window shop to make money? If the curtain shop to make money, then the curtain shop profits come from? Let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed analysis.

curtain industry to make money?

for the whole building materials industry, compared with other industries, the development of relatively stable. Other industries such as paint, is severely affected by the impact of the real estate, is experiencing depression and the reform period, and on the other hand, curtain turbulent; development of the industry for decades, technology and products are quite mature, this is one; second, there is no domestic brand "invasion" China, the impact of domestic brands. So the concept of all walks of life, the curtain industry is relatively easy to make money.

Where is the profit of

curtain shop?


curtain shop profits are derived from the fabrics and accessories to make money, there are different prices of different fabrics, low ten blocks up to thousands of dollars, the difference is really loaded mesh tongue. Generally open to the vicinity of the store is a lower price is opened in downtown downtown prices from fifty to hundreds of. Generally, the curtains are usually not very high or even close to the price, some even lose money.

curtain shop to make money or in the main accessories. For example, lace, curtain cloth, curtain hooks with accessories are in accordance with the calculation of profit is relatively high in rice. Even the curtain with accessories brand, if in accordance with 100 square meters of the house to install a curtain brand, at least to spend more than five thousand to more than ten thousand. Curtain shop can earn about 200% profit.

now there is a chance to shop?

a little bit of concern to the industry who have found that in the county, the city may be filled with a window or near the residential market, it is no wonder that in recent years, the curtain industry has a good opportunity for development. For investors will feel the market is saturated, there is no opportunity to shop. In fact, the market is very large curtain shop, the consumer groups faced by each shop are different, as long as there is confidence, focus on the same store to run, beyond other competitors.

said that although from the analysis of the current market, but to open a curtain shop to make money, the probability is quite large, and no one can guarantee that if you want to open the curtain on a store, we will be able to achieve this goal. But compared to other entrepreneurial projects, the curtain shop is undoubtedly a good choice.

The same bed with a mobile phone good night how modern people communicate

modern people are bow family, a lot of dependence on the phone. Recently, a report has aroused public concern, the couple slept in the same bed every day with a cell phone goodnight, "modern communication disease" people think.

this phenomenon is called "modern communication disorder", "modern communication disorder" to "the circle of friends in real life but all lingering sentiments, rarely meet".

Couples in the same bed with

mobile phone to say goodnight

From the beginning of 2014

for Apple mobile phone, Mr. Xue and his wife had the habit of mobile phone before playing. After turning off the lights at night, two people in the back of the bed to play mobile phone.

"piece, see the public number, then brush circle of friends, micro-blog brush. All the updates are over. The last one is my wife, such as good night, good dreams, with a few beautiful pictures, this is her habit. I’ll leave a message, good night, good dream." Of course, sometimes his wife will leave a message.

Many people point like

1986 was born in the area of high-tech enterprises in the high-tech enterprises. Nearly 30 years, has not been the object, the family urged tight. Miss Kim said that every day units, single apartment two points line, social circle is too narrow. Don’t say to find a man appointment, candlelight dinner, in reality, want to find a person to eat dinner is very difficult, no friends in Ningbo, colleagues after work, everyone rushed home, there is not much intersection. Most of the time, a person is eating dinner at home, while the brush circle of friends."

Compared to

and the reality of life in the "lonely", Miss Kim’s circle of friends is very lively. She spent a lot of time in the mobile phone on the way to work every day, dinner, before going to bed, the toilet is busy chatting, hair hair self portrait, Jack, living state.

Statistics show WeChat

"seems to be used and people in the online chat. Online their own chicken soup, hair shopping booty, travel photos, carefree. PS photos, looking at it very white Formica, many people praise. In reality, few friends." Miss Kim said. Recommended