Let the search engine update algorithm to go to hell.

pay more attention to the content of the website, website update, user experience, to increase user stickiness, enhance brand awareness, encourage visitors to interact, improve the conversion rate, which is the real site assets. One with little or no ranking, actually only a small part of the success. One is this, one is the end, what is more important, I believe most English website promotion has clear people. The ranking is a KPI, but is not the most important KPI. Because there are many ways to get traffic to the site, and even keyword advertising can bring a lot of high-quality click, not just rely on search engine rankings, ranking is only a good side.

should we be thinking about a problem: if the foreign trade enterprises rely solely on search engine rankings, so each update arrival will be injured. This day of life is always on tenterhooks, weight is not a member of English website promotion can not afford

: the truth is, you don’t need such a passive. Do not have a line with the search engine algorithm to update the reel right and left on the fence. You only need to do a little — ignore search engine update. It sounds strange, isn’t it? In fact, the essence of the problem is that the search engine is not equal to the internet.


English website promotion need to constantly update self knowledge system, to continue to create value, it has become a tradition. Before the love of Shanghai announced the spark program, Google update, Scindapsus panda and Penguin update update, a lot of friends watched their website ranking fell, but can not do anything. This time if you want to pass some optimization methods, all of a sudden turn things around, it is clearly impossible. Over the years, overseas promotion way including directory submission, article marketing, blog and social media publicity, are each one has his good points in a very long period, and the time will continue to play a role. But the new situation also needs a new change, since it is a search engine and Internet hunfanchi will have to adapt to the changes, the old promotion strategy to correct outdated, especially to gradually give up some of the previous seems to be the truth. This is very painful, but it is a must.

as English website promotion, we constantly strive to keep up with the search engine algorithm and update.

I just mentioned, ignore the update algorithm, not to say that you have been away from the search engine. You know, things are always ahead of the negation of negation in the twists and turns, sooner or later, the pendulum will shake to you on this side, the search engine will be back in favour of your site, because you provide valuable content, good rankings will slowly come back to you. We imagine a search engine in the world, we do not do business? Why don’t we go to the promotion of business? Overseas network promotion expert Jennifer · ryco g said: "I think, if there is no Google this crutch, you may be more focused on improving your business model find more powerful methods of marketing. This means that the search engine is used to help improve your business, and should not be your business risk."

The medical website SEM website visitors out of the bounce rate forced six sins

Figure 1 is a

[two sins: my business and floating]

through a week, asked many designers of real users, in order to ensure that these six aspects is that most users do not like and have a very high probability exists in many medical websites. Before then, we assume that a user is potential patients can indeed be transformed into effective consultation or referral.

no matter what type of website, page refresh and access speed is the most important factor must be considered. Even your website layout and then carefully, then fill in the content, unless the user can only in the huge Internet to find information, on your website, once you access web pages faster than the user to wait, how many users love browsing your website

test speed of the medical station, the site is placed in the independent nets of IP host. The contents of a download test is not ideal, the test time in many areas are close to or even more than 1s, of course, as a medical site, our main target audience or local visitors. So I suggest that the best choice in our website IDC service providers can ensure local, local and surrounding areas (that is our target area) visitors to the fastest and shortest time to open and refresh the page, if conditions permit, the best can increase the CDN speed, at the same time for different users the same area network connection speed, as the last choice.

[figure 1]

is not to make you feel very familiar? Yes, the current medical SEM site, whether home page, list page, or the page, six business and floating the position of the picture is nothing less than 2, after a period of time the author >

I was in the "SEM medical Shanghai dragon sights on search engine users," SEM "behind the medical network editor hand" and "SEM medical website technology hand code standard behind the needs of humanity" of the three articles in how many have mentioned about how to enhance the user experience. Attract and retain visitors at our website which led to the conversion of the content. But obviously this is a not a uniform standard, since on the positive side we cannot fully know the user’s joy, then we say the six elements from the opposite side generally after the user enters medical websites, forcing them to leave the site.

[figure 2]


medical site is an essential characteristic, it is directly related to our users into a hook. Since we have no better way to replace it, you can take a more gentle way to allow users to accept them, at least, is not to let them become one of the reasons to leave the site users.

Floating pictures and Shangwutong

[a sin: deceive the page access speed]

Figure 2

The love of Shanghai is used to find the search advertising marketing Mo small ads

is used to find the love of Shanghai advertising, Wang said

I do not envy the love of Shanghai revenue, but do not oppose the search engine marketing, but to remind love Shanghai, Google and other mainstream search engine and the search engine marketing is "long-term greedy, not short-term greed" continued revenue mainstream search engines and search engine marketing to "blossom of sesame", the former we must rely on technological progress, more accurate quickly recommend authoritative useful content, the latter must be created through the trusted content system of the brand, persevere, not that.


maybe "king two" answer too much emphasis on personal subjective experience is too extreme, but it is generally more accurately grasp the current mainstream search engine development trend along with the people to continue to rely on the network, network marketing has attracted more and more attention, in which, for the entrance to the content of the search engine the commercial value continues to improve, all advertisers are eyeing this fat search engine.

as everyone knows, the function of search engine is to help users quickly and accurately find the desired content, more cases, the search engine does not directly produce content, but pretreatment collection of existing network content, according to the needs of users to search, users preferred the most consistent with its willingness to search content.

two users

remember two years ago ZAC an interview, talked about his blog content optimization said, "the basic Shanghai dragon Q >

is facing the great money, love Shanghai and other mainstream search engines continue to strengthen efforts to create the search engine advertising operation, non advertising position has shrunk dramatically at the same time, the general recommendation; search engine marketing also in diligently efforts, will "make" strategy to play around the keywords point reach the peak of perfection, content is meaningless with keywords (Google said "the farm") "information geometric increase — so many users search produced" why love Shanghai forever can not find the information I want in the confusion, even the love of Shanghai is used to find the final conclusion of advertising ".

Authoritative statistical data of

in answer to users "why love Shanghai forever can not find the information I want to ask questions, know the user" Wang Er "give an irrelevant answer to say:" love Shanghai is used to find the ads do not believe you try. Do not find advertising".

search engine marketing money scene look after

related industries also reflect the "search engine is accelerating advertising gold" speculation – "online marketing 2012 love Shanghai (i.e. advertising) income is 22 billion 246 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 53.5%, and even insiders concluded that" the optimistic forecast 2013 love Shanghai advertising revenue or super CCTV "the.



Anyang Shanghai Longfeng Xiangjie website optimization workflow table sharing

three, the construction of the chain

1: every Links website address and friendship time.

7: whether the relevant industry (mainly clear chain with their own industry or not)

2: Contact: including QQ, mobile phone number, etc..


4, the small Zhai Jiulai to share, how to establish a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon.

2: what linkbait loved Shanghai included, which weight is higher.

1: the actual total number of every link bait, where all the hair, how much each place specific hair.

2:IIS log data: love the Shanghai times, Google spider crawling robot crawling and crawling times of charity.

The effectiveness of

1: included quantity update daily on the site and loved Shanghai and Google in the day, and fell in love with the reverse link closed domain, Google marine and so on, the specific data available tools to query, webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools commonly used.

4: the site was the parameters including the PR value, included, snapshots and so on.


a reasonable flow chart of Shanghai dragon, will make your work more clear, make your work more targeted, in order to find their own deficiencies and improvement, this is also a Shanghai dragon er must.

as a novice when Shanghai dragon Er I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, such as a web site keywords ranking on the site is down right not to go, do not know what caused the Shanghai love, update your site included page is greatly reduced and so on. What should we do in order to such a problem when take time for? This is what we need to do a detailed flow chart of Shanghai dragon, let website no matter right down, or when the rank changes are dealt with.

2, the first, can clear their work plan and purpose, with

1, then Shanghai Longfeng flow chart of what are the benefits of


3, second, to make their own work auditable monitoring and analysis, to the.

6: whether the crossover (we have A and B two sites, we use the A chain to the other station C station, C station link to each other with our A station, this is the interchange)

3: which keyword anchor text (if I do today three friendship, with which the keywords anchor text links.)

, a detailed record of the Links

data update site every day

5: is the station link or link to the home page.

How does SNS translate user flow into cash flow


SNS website as a commercial product, its historical mission is to gather user, and the user flow "into the" cash flow "; therefore, how to improve the site’s" user flow "? And how to solve the" user flow "into the" cash flow "? Has become the two core problems of the SNS website facing, to solve the two key problems need to solve the following five questions one by one:

first, how to attract potential users to register? For the traditional website, enterprises "marketing" is the best choice for websites to attract users to register; but for websites such as SNS, enterprises "marketing" and the best choice may not attract users, partly because of its high cost, on the other hand because the effect is not ideal; for these two reasons, one might suspect, but if you are a people in the industry know get million level investment site did not do it (here is not named), and contrary to some did not get your investment but at a very good pace of development.

the best way should be user station broadcast. How to do a good job standing outside broadcast has become the key to solve the problem of attracting users to register. The so-called stand outside broadcast: on the one hand need to spread the people, on the one hand need to spread the channel, on the other hand, also need to have the content of the dissemination. The site has the communicator user base is very good, but whether to participate in the communication, depends on the content of the website and the rules of the game whether it can promote the communication and communication channels? I think from a mobile phone to QQ/MSN, then EMAIL, BLOG and so on are all good choices, for which one of the most needed according to the characteristics of the user base site to set; the core is the dissemination of the contents, the final results will determine the forms of content dissemination, because it directly affects the recipient whether to accept the content to the website registered, it may not be the most product manager can do, but also one of the many SNS managers a headache.

second, how to improve the rate of registered users leave the station? In fact a bit level SNS website (except the pseudo SNS website, conceptual SNS website) never lack to registered users (many SNS sites are registered every day, but tens of thousands of) lack of ability to retain users, registered users can stay the poor (like a street beautiful girl with you is numerous, few); on this issue, I have proposed a "don’t let me lonely" plan to solve, so, how to solve the user will not feel lonely? Based on SNS for more than 3 years of learning study, I personally feel that the "user data" is the key, the SNS website is actually a user behavior study of the demand of the "social action research" place, and user information is "individual" into "society The key area of groups ", each user of the" data "is not only a resume, its value is the more numerous" individual "is formed between a network of" social groups "structure, that is to say the user information.

Looking for a project to earn a start in the rural areas

many friends are optimistic about the rural market, indeed, there are many business opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurship is also very money. If you intend to start a business in the countryside, you must find the right project. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good projects.

has just appeared on the market of newspaper news and personality wedding wedding wedding magazine. To get married "as an example, this is a copy of their wedding by the editor of DIY newspaper: double-sided coated paper printing news headline is the news of their marriage, not only have the wedding, declaration of love, love story, there are parents, relatives and friends entrusted with blessing, wedding, life, really the bride or friends surprise.

printed in addition to a marriage ", has now become a fashion magazine hero is no longer a dream. See fashion magazines dressed in bright, very star style models, many people will envy, which also led the online fashion magazine DIY market.

according to operating experience of the person, the first is the location. Slippers stores, selected in the vicinity of the residential area is more appropriate, of course, in the flow of people crowded downtown better. Stores generally do not need a lot of about ten or twenty square meters can be, but in the decoration to have a certain personality and style, to the store customers a new sense of. Operating slippers, less investment, profitable, but to choose the goods. The purchase, various professional shoes near the city of Hangzhou, far outside the province shoe city, can become a Taohuo destination. For the first time, it is best to run a few places, touch the bottom, and then according to the needs of consumers, to determine the direction of purchase. Market vision slippers operators can engage in some of the characteristics of varieties, especially their own design slippers samples, and then contact processing production.

in rural entrepreneurship, the first step is to analyze the market, according to the market situation, to find a suitable for their own projects, so you can better manage. In rural entrepreneurship is very promising, looking for a project to earn a!


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The shoes sold out of stock wealth opportunities waiting for you to grab

The word "

" is born from the Internet, in recent years, the network culture has become an indispensable part of people’s lives! Because more and more businesses began to dig the value of its business, read its business through. This word is "?".

"?": the network who doesn’t know me. "? (Jiong)", this was many netizens as "one word" twenty-first Century best recently from the virtual world to jump out into the real life?? a sports brand to seize the influx of people chasing fashion psychology, launched the "shoes?". According to reports, "shoes" from July this year after the listing, consumers have praised this shoe interesting, sales staff also said that the shoes sell well. Experts said that the brand is now the main consumer groups aimed at users, which is the embodiment of the big brand network marketing awareness. Also shows that the internationalization of large brands on the network of public opinion, and users are increasingly becoming the audience of brand products.

in addition to "?" as a selling point of the forum? "," big village? "Network forum has also been sought after network trendsetter. Baidu Post Bar even set up specifically for this word? Now, as of now, Post Bar on "?" the thread has 10600, the network can open the forum? "There are more than 500. In real life, there are people opened a "milk tea" shop, business is very good.


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How can we manage the inventory of cigarettes

since it is kind of business, if you want to keep the shop has been hot business, naturally also need to have a certain amount of inventory, which involves the issue of stocking. Scientific management of cigarette inventory is an important part of the retail business of cigarettes. Reasonable inventory structure can win the consumers at different levels, the number of scientific inventory can meet the demand of different smokers, but also help the turnover of operating funds. Therefore, the level of cigarette inventory is directly related to the level of profitability, so, how to manage the stock of cigarettes?

a, inventory management to have degree

inventory management can not be careless, especially small and medium business households, not much money and liquidity is poor, so it is more important to arrange reasonable inventory. Only do a good job in the management of cigarette inventory, in order to avoid the backlog of cigarettes, in order to enable the smooth flow of funds, does not affect the purchase of other goods. Only in this way, in order to achieve a virtuous cycle of capital, in order to maximize the efficiency of capital, in order to limit the use of funds in the most needed.

two, arrange inventory to rational

due to the existence of a fixed supply and demand contradiction, resulting in a number of retail households blind order. As a result, it caused some of the cigarette inventory backlog, resulting in a vicious circle, so that some of the original selling cigarettes, sales slowed. Therefore, in the case of a reasonable amount of retail households in the case of tobacco companies, the arrangement of cigarette stocks, can not see a brand of cigarettes sold well, on the order. In the stock, it is necessary to properly control some rational some, but also to predict the actual needs of the market, with the scientific management of their armed forces, the eyes of the long-term.

three, self inventory to understand

is now a lot of cigarette retail households are relatively blind when purchasing, coupled with the usual busy business, usually very few of their own inventory of cigarette inventory. This often leads to repeated ordering of certain cigarettes, and some cigarettes are ordered, so that the retailer should have a full understanding of their inventory. Only to fully understand their own inventory, and then according to the supply and demand of tobacco companies, combined with their actual needs to purchase, scientific and reasonable.

four, inventory structure to be reasonable

if a certain kind of cigarette supply is sufficient for the retail customers, it will be more appropriate to use them as stock. However, the purchase can not only stare at a certain or several tight cigarettes do not put, should also be appropriate to seek the same grade alternatives. If the same level of rich variety of cigarettes, you can make a more reasonable inventory structure of cigarettes, the operating efficiency also has a role in promoting.

inventory if less, physical operation may not be enough, no doubt will be reduced

Cosmetics sales tips shop must see

to There are plenty of people who cosmetics store, but it can really put the cosmetics store is not much bigger and stronger. Cosmetics store in order to develop, sales of products is very critical. So for the cosmetics store owner, need to know what cosmetics sales skills? Let’s take a look.

often see such a scene in the chain of cosmetics stores, customers have darker skin spots, to Cleansing Cream. Shop assistants are often said to sell their own products whitening effect is very good. Obviously this Sales unreasonable, even if the customer is to buy a facial cleanser with a few days later will be far from their expectations and complaints, leaving the customer is the feeling of being cheated.

when purchase Cleansing Cream, will first determine the condition of the skin is oily, dry or mixed type, and for your skin Cleansing Cream you recommend, the focus will be introduced Cleansing Cream cleaning effect and feeling, but when you pay the bill after they will tell you the Cleansing Cream very suitable for your skin, but this series of water emulsion or collocation effect will be better. This will produce two results: you will then buy this bottle of water or lotion; you will not consume only buy facial cleanser;


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2012 to master the 5 golden stage of entrepreneurship

2012 has just arrived, in the new year, many people want to make their own career, but the entrepreneurial process is also very important. 2012 to master the 5 golden stage of entrepreneurship. There are some things that can be done again, but the choice of every stage of life, only once. Once you have decided the direction, do not regret it!


I do poineering work in accordance with the

(1): the first is twenty-four to twenty-nine years old, I called "the probation period.

During this

(two): Twenty-nine to thirty-four years old, I called "the foundation period.

Confucius stressed that "sanshierli" / >