Optimization of truth journey to the west in Shanghai Dragon

4, saseng: Shanghai dragon to do

need to rest

3, eight: Shanghai dragon


Sun Wukong’s value mainly manifests in the west by the escort, to eradicate all obstacles on the road of demons and ghosts and to complete the ability, the role of escort from the magic, but the key is to have a strong execution. In Shanghai Longfeng work will often hear to have a strong executive power, the fact is that, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, it is just empty talk, no use.

said no, maybe a lot of people for his impression is not very deep, he is not.

from the road and the Shanghai dragon is a very long and boring way, if not the role of a pig, then the road ahead on the lack of life, no life. For the website optimization is the same, we also have proper rest, don’t put the optimization as a boring job, even if it is desperate to do, no result is no good. If you are staring at a computer screen, a mechanical type with the content and the chain, then I think you optimize the road certainly not far away. In our work we also need proper rest, to rest, to do the work of Shanghai dragon.



"journey to the west" as one of four masterpiece to the society is very far-reaching, especially Liuxiaolingtong’s version of "journey to the west" more is better. Which is mainly around the monk mentoring to start four. As a Shanghai dragon webmaster, I understand that the station do know through four monk mentoring, in this article, I will share my own understanding from the station of the road, we hope to help.

2, Wukong: Shanghai dragon need strong execution


in the journey to the West in the group, the monk is unwavering faith, since the emperor’s life after no retreat, so we also need to work in the Shanghai dragon has such a firm belief. To know what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, only faith is we do website optimization, website optimization goal, decisive factors of website optimization by it.

1, Tang Seng: Shanghai dragon to have firm faith

On my three point method of Shanghai Dragon

has done more than 2 years of Shanghai dragon, there is no law to begin to do, think of what you do, is free to do, of course, that time is not related to the Shanghai dragon experience, many do not know where to start, do a good job this forgot to do that a lot of the time, though it is very basic things, but also the details of the very things, but sometimes, the details determine success or failure, now the competition is so fierce, if the details not to beat each other’s words, keywords ranking than the other and from any talk about? So, details are very important. Later, more and more Shanghai Longfeng do, also began to pick some single, from every site of Shanghai Long Fengzhong slowly realized that their own methods and steps of Shanghai dragon, this process should be with steps of most of the methods should be the same, but I believe many of Shanghai dragon is still in confusion people should have some help, because this is my own and I now take the wise remark of an experienced person, most of them are single use the following steps to optimize the.

got a website, I first from the analysis of the structure of the website, if the website structure is TABLE layout, I changed the DIV layout, sometimes if there is too much trouble and I want to be lazy if it simplifies the TABLE layout, do not need TABLE or TR, TD deleted, do not need to delete the JS space, all the code in a file, and then include these structure layout and so on, must be done, a good website structure is very important for Shanghai dragon, if the website structure confused, very messy code, it is not very friendly, for for a spider code, the spider is difficult to grab it to the content, so the website structure this step should first do a good job, only good website structure, the rest can be assured to optimize, of course, Here is the site map to do.


, a web site optimization structure

site structure is done, to love the Shanghai entrance to submit, now began to send the original, the original is essential, you can start a 2 day, 3, number 400 words or so, for some time to write original articles of words is too difficult. Where there are so many ways to write original articles? Of course, pseudo original will not forget, I generally are pure original, and are their own handwriting, not by software, so that the search engine is very friendly, in fact, love Shanghai is a assessment period, in the examination love may not be included in Shanghai period, and after the evaluation period included will be relatively fast. So sometimes if you send a few articles to see the love in Shanghai has not included words must not worry over the assessment period, many things will be much easier and more, this time of the original.

two, the original article released

said so much, so I do Shanghai Longfeng what? Here is about three points, details not form.

Noble baby reminds link PR transfer behavior

Following the

via: Lu Songsong

at the same time, the noble baby official also provides advice:

comment: noble baby in two aspects do better than the love of Shanghai, the 1 will notify the webmaster; 2 is to allow paid links. Now the search engine in the fight against the sale of links, please note.


2), as soon as possible to delete paid links, also can give a paid link rel=" nofollow".

1), do not have any paid links transfer behavior of PR.

algorithm on the line after the Shanghai green love, noble baby also warned again on its official blog: link in violation of the quality policy of noble baby. Google will regularly reiterated this policy guidance. If you sell a link to PR, or advertorial, reduce its nobility baby PR ranking, other consequences may also include a lower ranking web search results in the noble baby.

but the good news is, if you have a link behavior, the webmaster can see a warning message "may think it is natural or on your web site links to other sites in the noble baby webmaster tools, both in the manipulation of PageRank", if the owners received this message, is that you the site has lost faith in the noble baby.

Move through the site optimization and Shanghai dragon Er staff level and extent


other simple basic operation basic can be seen at a glance, how how to check the normal operation, is not listed here.

check the basic operation, an important operation in the construction of basic

A. included

light included and can not explain what the problem is, we want to see how much the total effective website page, how many pages are included, the amount collected about 60% qualified, as for how to see included accounting, I think you must have the way, Jane Shanghai Longfeng here is introduced in detail.

of Shanghai Longfeng this summed up the following suggestions for reference, hope to help.

this is probably a very simple operation, whether a site of Shanghai Longfeng OK certainly has a lot of methods, you may know a lot of methods. But really truthfully fully reflect the progress and the website of Shanghai Longfeng Er level, maybe not so much real..

why? I think you may have experienced self-evident, understand people do not understand, do not understand people who will appreciate a mood here.

based on the operation, such as domain name 301 centralized settings, URL rules, the content of basic operation, H label, robots and so on the basic setup, the basic construction of most of our sampling can be from a few of the most important samples, there is no need to check, of course you can also carefully check all also. We can fully understand the overall situation, may find and learn new things.

is the last ranking, see the operating frequency, the degree of comprehensive operation, this is a comprehensive index, look at the rankings and can not see what there is of course, ranking can explain some strength, but the site in Shanghai has inherited the ER dragon ranking is clearly nonsense. So in understanding whether OK to understand and optimize the three fundamentals, a project took over the operation time, the existing ranking, content and frequency of operation, so that a comprehensive index will be more consistent with a site optimization personnel level, of course, may not fully reflect Shanghai dragon Er levels, but the relative than the single index to a reliable, in truth for Jane >


is an important basis for judging the comprehensive index of

is a website with a very important part of the core, it is one of the focus of Shanghai dragon Er, when looking at the content to see the contents of the page, the writing level, the original quality, keyword density, within the chain, user experience, this is an important optimization target, of course the details of things very much, you can see the inside of the true level of a Shanghai dragon, is a part of the most difficult, this is a website optimization whether good or bad and a Shanghai dragon Er level quality of important reference, but also the inherent strength, of course not all express website ranking effect. But its role can not be at.

Vertical electricity providers are seen how to survive the United States down

Where is the way out of

vertical electric

Original title:

vertical electric way out where

?There are two forces

electricity supplier on the battlefield, while the partial upper side, focus on sub areas, pay attention to "professional and category vertical drilling", the other side is the tentacles spread of infinite field, linger staggered, "mercenary" comprehensive electricity supplier, two kinds of concept of fighting continued, but the results are presented in a one-sided the way. The sale of red child Su Ning, Mcglaughlin gradually withered, every guest is undergoing transformation of the storm, once more a large number of stars such as cotton, poly mesh products, carved out of people’s vision. In the face of comprehensive electricity supplier step by step, vertical whether there are way out


model of war industry look bad vertical electric

day Cat ten brilliant advertised data, when the media are looking forward to the Jingdong, Suning, Amazon announced the sales data, we have long been vertical aside. Le Amoy net CEO Bi Sheng pointed out sharply that "the vertical purchase and sale of e-commerce is a scam", this view has been affirmed by many people in the industry.

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said, vertical electricity supplier, only vertical brands can survive, not its electronic business platform valuable, but brand valuable. Vertical retail platforms must die, and of course they can be sold." Happy to buy CEO, Li Shubin think, from the user’s point of view, users expect good service, so they do not need so many shopping sites, they need a category level Web site. Yi Kai capital CEO Wang Ran although given a different answer, but its core significance is to look at the development of vertical vertical electricity supplier. He believes that the vertical retail platform must die, but only for the mass market vertical platform, for a specific population, distinctive features, and services in place of the vertical platform is still likely to survive. However, the current mainstream vertical electricity supplier should not meet the specific population, distinctive features of the positioning.

traffic is the vertical class electricity providers are almost in the face of problems, and its common solution is to enter the major integrated electricity supplier giant open platform. In Li Shubin’s eyes, cooperation with the open platform can bring traffic and orders, but also lower costs. So, from now on, it’s good for both sides to choose cooperation. According to media reports, wine vertical electricity supplier brewmaster network and Tmall platform cooperation, the distribution platform for its revenue has accounted for 1/4 of the annual sales target. For the vertical electricity supplier, with comprehensive electricity supplier platform to promote their own brand, although the last ditch, but the model has merits of self-evident.

vertical electricity supplier why fighting but comprehensive electricity supplier?

first, for retail, to complete the transaction needs to have enough traffic, whether this is online or offline things are the same, the line is about "lots" is essentially a stream of people, selected the location will be doomed to a lot of natural flow. In addition to relying on the brand effect on the line, you also need to search engines >

What do you do in 2016

New Year Spring Festival just yet, now is the time for each unit year-end summary and new year planning. Those who are willing to start thinking about the future. So what do you do in 2016?

2016 venture to do what good? Selling time (running company)

2016 venture to do what good? Send food door

Two years ago,

, "home delivery" hot, you still remember it,   send food home is still a new line of business, this attractive business opportunities, there are always people to fill the gaps. Don’t think it sounds like LOW. We have to admit that fresh vegetables is a rigid demand for everyone, the modern people have this mentality: feel that they do not eat more safe and nutritious food, but it is very troublesome to buy food.   if you can provide a full range of fresh vegetables and on-site service, it will be favored by consumers and praise.

2016 venture to do what good?

toy shop

stage are in the physical development of children, with a strong thirst for knowledge and hands-on desire. The technical process of materials such as model, small machinery, electric toys, veins bookmarks and insect specimens, which can meet their needs in this area. In the developed western countries, as long as there are middle and primary school places, there will be a shop selling technical materials.

opened this shop, the best place is in the vicinity of large and medium-sized stationery shopping malls and campus, followed by students frequented by children’s palace, cultural center and youth activity center. Students go to school, the school must pass through the streets, roads and other places can also be opened process materials store. Another way is to compare insurance with toy vendors, stationery vendors to share the store, so you can receive complementary effects, mutual complementarity of goods, but also easier to attract students.

2016 venture to do what good? Handicraft flower shop

Hongkong will further strengthen cooperation with the mainland innovation and Entrepreneurship

Although Hongkong is a part of

Chinese, however, because for a long time the culture is different, leading to the entrepreneurial environment will have a great difference, so, under the environment of national entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Hongkong and the mainland is natural in greater development. In August 16th, the eleventh meeting of the mainland and Hongkong science and Technology Cooperation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "cooperation committee") was held in Guizhou, Guiyang.

cooperation committee chairman, Vice Minister of science and technology, the mainland Yin Chun said in his speech, science and technology innovation is the core and key of innovation, both scientific and technological cooperation is represent the general trend, future should be through a variety of ways to enhance mutual understanding, especially to strengthen the innovation cooperation, emphasis on policy research, get rid of the presence of problems and difficulties in the process of cooperation.

Yin Jun said that the development of science and technology between different characteristics and advantages, not only a good basis for cooperation and fruitful, but the relative requirements of the central and the two hope there is still much room for improvement, we should do our best to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation more pragmatic, comprehensive and thorough.

, chairman of Hong Kong SAR government cooperation committee secretary of Hongkong innovation and Technology Bureau Yang Weixiong said that the Hongkong SAR government attaches great importance to the development of innovation and technology, at the beginning of this year, "address" and "budget", invested more than HK $18 billion to promote the relevant measures, expecting to play "needs, the national director of Hongkong" the role of "super contacts" advantage, enhance the competitiveness of Hongkong, contribute to national development.


meeting in cooperation committee member units were to report about the progress of the work, the two sides discussed on the 2015 – and 2016 – 2016 annual report 2017 annual work plan, and listen to the views of all parties, the formation of a number of useful suggestions.

‘s current business background, no doubt to both sides to provide better business development, and further cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the strong support of the government, will let the venture capital can usher in rapid development further, will allow more entrepreneurs to meet their own dreams, it is of great help to the local the economic development.

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How to open a small hotel can make money

a lot of people start their own business from the beginning of the small, the vast majority of people are from the food and beverage industry started, if the operation of a small restaurant how to operate it? If you decided to open a restaurant, immediately come up with new question: what kind of restaurant? What size and grade? How much investment? How to return? There will be much risk? Or to learn about the experience of success.

correct and visionary location

Zhu family lives in Xhenzhuang, there are 4 kilometers away from the subway station, had wanted to open a small restaurant, in the subway station and next to the location of the neighborhood hesitant. Ms. Zhu decided to check out the location, the number of hotels in different periods were to take their family to different places to eat on. The results show that: the small hotel next to the subway rents high customer stability, easy to make the characteristics. The most critical thing is that the majority of young people living in Xhenzhuang, often out of the subway is more than 7 in the evening, this time next to the characteristics of the small restaurant is the best choice of these people eat better.

district next to it, a large amount of cheap rent, but tourists in general, the most critical thing is only a few days before the weekend may be a little business. Miss Zhu can be put in place, to the rest of the day, he must be like to buy a little food on the market to eat to the family, rarely patronize the hotel. Look at the existing residential hotel, most of the business is not followed, the price is high, the vicious cycle of quality decline. Want to know after Ms. Zhu saw an opportunity in the subway set off a small restaurant features, less than a year, the business is on track, to recover the investment and start making money.

open a house to make money can really be a small restaurant is a real thing, not only in their own shop can not mind the food package, to go after the cost of the plane can also create a stable value. How to open a restaurant with financial resources, the success of the experience is: choose the potential of the lot.

realistic creative selling point

eyeball economy era, a good hotel to attract popularity is the key point is to have a good idea and selling points. It is said that one year Kissinger visited Saudi Arabia, went to a restaurant to eat, and later the restaurant hype, the restaurant had received U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kissinger, fame. Later, Kissinger once again came to Saudi Arabia, want to go to another restaurant, because it is the feast day, the restaurant refused Kissinger requirements. The restaurant is also hyped, "the restaurant refused Kissinger’s dining requirements". People think that the restaurant is really cattle, even the Americans dare to offend, the results are also famous.

Shanghai has a lot of theme restaurants make people cannot read: a dish of boiled Flammulina also sold 80 yuan, which is a person to eat, screaming at each other play features and selling points; on the contrary some high quality and inexpensive home cooking is also common. Now more and more people eat just to eat, but eat taste, eat the recommended grade

A little bit of tea with what conditions to join

is now more prevalent in the food and beverage industry casual fashion, of course, which produced a lot of brand projects, for example, the rise of leisure tea shop. Among them, a little milk tea is a very popular brand items. A little milk tea (WeChat public number: yddnaicha) from the image, service, quality are in the dissemination of health, fashion, low carbon consumption concept. A little milk tea – low carbon food advocates. 2017 a little milk tea to join it now a little milk tea to join the market, investment prospects unlimited, is a good money to make good projects. In order to protect a little milk tea brand reputation and the interests of consumers, a little milk tea to the partners have strict requirements. So, a little bit of tea to join it? Join the conditions which?

a little tea to join the conditions?

a little bit of tea can join? Join the conditions which? A little tea join condition:

1, first of all must be highly agree with a little milk tea corporate culture, business philosophy and vision of the target;

2, a little tea to join the conditions which must have a good business reputation and business quality;

3, must have certain cultural literacy, good health, good at management;

4, a little tea to join the conditions which must have the appropriate ability to meet the franchise investment;

5, must have a strong sense of brand management and good spirit of cooperation;

6, a little tea to join the conditions which must have a strong brand management and marketing capabilities;

7, must be willing to accept a little milk tea headquarters education and training to maintain consistent with the company’s headquarters.

a little bit has the exclusive ability to innovate, each time for the market will bring the most innovative, the most fashionable drinks, competitive strength can not be underestimated. Invest a little milk tea this brand, it will become a selling point of competition in the market competitive weapon, is the best hope for the future wealth of business.

a little tea can join? What are the join conditions seen above? I believe that "a little bit of tea" this problem, have a preliminary understanding, if you still have what problem do not forget message advice.

Huangzhong County, Xining, relying on the development of Xining food basket

this year, Huangzhong county vegetable planting area of 131 thousand acres, is expected to total 320 thousand tons, of which 16 thousand and 300 greenhouses in the total production of 85 thousand and 500 tons of vegetables, the effective supply of the capital market in Xining.

three ring Xining city Huangzhong County in accordance with the "relying on Xining, Xining, security of supply and service providing leisure" ideas, optimize the layout, improve the level of standardization, accelerate the implementation of a rural one, one village one product base construction, increase the basket construction efforts, at present, more than the county, acres of vegetable greenhouses the vegetable production base of more than one hundred large-scale vegetable production base 84, the overall formation of the West and valley water area chuanny Nachuan as the core of the agricultural areas and facilities of town, new town as the focal point of the vegetable industry zone, which is the county town of the Chinese cabbage planting industry town. An area of 16 thousand acres. Republic of Suhl Kyrgyzstan village Party Secretary Su Shengcheng introduction, 303 villagers in the village of 70% of the villagers engaged in cabbage, baby vegetables, radish planting, planting area of up to 1685 acres, mainly sold to Xining.

at present, the county has been identified as pollution-free and green area of 118 thousand acres, certification of pollution-free vegetable varieties of 22, green vegetable varieties of 6. Promotion of standardized production of bio pesticides and other key technologies 12, an area of 60 thousand acres. The establishment of the Swiss green vegetable production, Surgy pollution-free production of Chinese cabbage, Shenbei Anfu agricultural facilities, agricultural facilities such as Ji Jia Gaoling vegetable standardization and vegetable standardization demonstration base 5. Has built a green plateau, DOPA cool vegetables base 5 years, fresh turnover amounted to 150 thousand tons, built Sujier, ban Zhong camps of origin market 4, registered trademark of 9 vegetable products. The Swiss green vegetables standardized production base of people Dou Hu told reporters that the responsible government, in steel, plastic, plastic film, vegetable seed, fertilizer and other aspects of his business building 100 nursery greenhouse base provides help, now, every day to the city of Xining transportation base of Chinese cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables and baby food, nearly 5 tons. (author: Zhang Duojun Su Feng)