Shanghai dragon Er analysis site of the disappearance of YAHOO data decide on what path to follow

Yahoo now! Site Explorer shut down, resulting in a lot of chain analysis tools are not used, such as Chinaz, Cao Shangfei, the webmaster tools are not able to check, because they are called YAHOO, and now replaced by the tools there are many, such as the tools of Shanghai dragon Moz Majestic Site, Explorer, opensiteexplorer, English these tools can be used to query the chain data:

As a webmaster



recently love Shanghai has updated the site keywords have not changed much, but the one thing that might make many webmaster have been depressed for a long time, that is the YAHOO link disappeared, many webmaster analysis of a website is good or bad, YAHOO link is the main reference data, because YAHOO link chain is to anchor the main text outside the chain, directly affect the keywords ranking, on the other hand, when we analyze the competitor’s website, it can be analyzed from the YAHOO link, to see if they are where the hair of the chain, it also links according to the weight of the arrangement, it is convenient to the people.


but English tool for many of my friends use it less convenient, can only be translated to understand, those tools with restrictions, in addition to the free query number has some limits the number of queries is limited, the use of these tools must be used to facilitate the use of point charges. Of course, in addition to these tools, there are some free, people think it is good, the chain that is love station analysis tools, he is also with the previous YAHOO chain analysis tools, list only the first 1000 links:

chain data disappear for the webmaster is a not small "loss", also produced a lot of mistakes to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends, such as some novice will ask: "YAHOO outside the chain of tools has been cancelled, the station link is not lost?", actually YAHOO chain data only to provide a reference to our values, to do.

Although YAHOO


Majestic Site Explorer:

on the Internet rapidly changing times, and I think we should continue to accumulate and collect data, when there is no way to find someone else to analysis the data, whether you can deal with an easy job to do? If there are a lot of resources we have, so we certainly do not have to worry about this; we do the game industry station. There are a large number of the chain resources in our hands, we can easily do outside the chain, and the relationship between the people, others will also share a lot of resources to you, it can easily cope with.

To avoid the black hat optimization risk black hat optimization stability strategy

second was a station. A station building is actually content, it takes the webmaster most of the time, but also the key to the site to obtain initial weight. Usually in the first page of the website can appear 30 to 40 articles. Reprint volume also need to add content, in addition to the need to increase the site chain, is to exchange or to enhance the site included, of course, if your time is limited, so this work can do a little, try to do the content, this is the key to keep standing.

The black hat The number of calls

we know love Shanghai more and more high-level intelligence, in this context, most people think that want to make black hat optimization that is. But as long as the black hat optimization can make the website ranking made great progress in a short time, so there are still many webmaster want to find the thrill of success rush into danger, in a black hat in the world.

to update the number of articles and you need to configure the page, as you call 30, >


first, prepare the website. That is the first thing to do 30 sites, but also use the old domain name, and then cultured for 3 months. The use of 30 sites, most are used to spare, because in the use of black hat optimization, believe it will be a K, you need to reserve time, so the 30 website is more appropriate. The reason to have 3 months, mainly personal energy is limited, the website must have a basic weight, so take some time. These 30 sites after about 3 months, to use the site command to find sites, that is to say the site is included. To love for the Shanghai logo site can. Sites included in the day can reach 40%. But the chain can increase. This is the basic material.

file is also in the list, and the list of the articles is called and you do not close to the relevant keywords, and in this industry, but can be reflected in the title, but the list is not able to reflect the content can be related to the content industry. For example, do you want to lose weight of the word, then the article page will not be able to relate to what a good diet pills, the problem is how to lose weight, how to lose weight, and the content of these articles must be original.

third is a black hat optimization. This is the most crucial step, is to determine whether the key to the success of the black hat website. When it reaches the first mention requirements of web standards, then you can design what you need to do business pages, now need the root directory on the website of the create a new folder, and then make a black hat files in the HTML file format is.

method can effectively enhance the stability of the optimization of the black hat, of course, this method if there is no good psychological quality of the webmaster or caution, this method is suitable for those who want to make quick money webmaster, also need to take greater risks of the owners, the following analysis of specific ideas.

The traditional enterprise network promotion effect how to test these basic skills to do

Han Li cabinet

China is very small and medium-sized enterprises, similar to the "Hongyuan Machinery" phenomenon of enterprise name coincidence is also very common, it actually increases the tax burden for small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion but the brand keywords represent a field of authority, although this area is very small, but the Internet is the field of infinite zoom, as long as enterprise network optimization and promotion of good, so, not just to get a few orders, may establish a certain industry segments of the authority.


and the key is the product of keywords, such as the elevator industry high speed elevator, the key words do actually is quite difficult, because the elevator is almost the pursuit of the goal, each elevator industry obviously, want to take this as keywords to do, need to practice the nine party can skill.

found himself?

here, the point, what is the promotion of enterprise network basic skills? I want to say is three points: one is to have an independent website, two is the brand keywords optimization to the home page, the three is famous in Shanghai on the list of products of love.

traditional enterprise, has always been a hot topic in a lot of people, some enterprises are also trying to do, usually the effect is not very good, some companies also said the Internet promotion is so hard! We spent a lot of money, but did not see any effect. In the development of the Internet today, the enterprise website promotion is rule-based, if the network promotion is regarded as a "martial arts cheats, so it is the basic skills, if these basic skills are not reached, then, on the other is the basic of


said network promotion, a lot of people will say that search engine optimization, talks to Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization is the core of Shanghai Longfeng do keyword search engine first, these words include industry Keywords: for example, the construction site, so the local website construction company Shanghai website construction company, Beijing website construction company is the target keywords. But we all know, so the key competition, is not good to do.

if you still can’t understand the words, we take a look at the search of some well-known enterprises in Shanghai Shanghai is love, love if the display of search results:


there is a brand brand key words: in the case of Haier, Haier said, we all know that this is a do what business, then I give you an example, Hongyuan Machinery is doing what you love? "Shanghai Hongyuan Machinery", will find a lot of enterprises this name, Dongying Hongyuan Machinery, Henan Changge Hongyuan Machinery Factory, Wuxi Hongyuan, Yangzhou city Jiangdu District Hongyuan Electrical machinery factory…… Encountered such a situation how to do? If let myself be through the network users to find their own goals,


How to do network promotion crap!

Analytical matters need to pay attention to the construction site within the chain

content and the chain as a key site for the construction, and put a lot of effort on it. In fact, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience today, the chain construction site also can not be ignored. Do the station anchor text, and add some small buttons can greatly enhance the user experience degree, strengthen the construction of websites from the side years. However, the construction of the chain and the chain, there are steps and matters needing attention, the author will own experience for the construction in the chain that needs the attention of.

3 secondary page chain set

2 home chain set


Now many webmaster to

1 site navigation

should say is "back to the top" and "subscribe button". Many readers when reading the page, often have to drag the mouse to the top, then "embedded" back on top "is a very human setting, can improve the user experience of the website. Then if your web site is useful to other readers, we also need to set the RSS subscription to bind their loyal fans.

a web page is always have light weight, for some of the more important pages we must be to strengthen construction of the link, but the registration page, landing page, site description of the secondary page write we don’t have to spend too much energy. But in order to create a whole chain set, we still have to give more than these types of page a link on the home page, other pages on the website and the channel page do not need to go to another set, avoid weight dispersion. If the owners need to more than a few kinds >

The first

not only that, we also set the site map, let users have a clear understanding of our website structure, to increase the depth of their visit, make their point of view throughout the site, reduce the rate of jump out. This shows a successful website must have a good navigation system. To make your own website home page, the inside pages to have links, also can accumulate in site navigation settings, a page has a link is enough, this will also make your site structure clear, avoid the complex, because the chain repeat settings will lower your site weight.

website homepage is generally had a relatively high weight, so in the corresponding position on the home page to set the page links in the us. Because of the general site, spiders crawl depth is limited, generally only grab 3-4 links on the home page, so we give some links to pages, so users can not only direct access to our main page, the spider is difficult in the short time we need to crawl to crawl content, thus increase the weight of the website. However, some owners will set the corresponding topics in their website, important content will be presented directly on the inside pages of the website home page, this method is feasible.

How to improve website traffic

how to improve the site traffic, this is the webmaster’s most concerned topic. I am also concerned about, ha ha, recently found a good way. That’s the hard stack key. Master can not see, ha ha, some people say, Baidu k you ha ha, K it, I’m not afraid, without Baidu, still can flow.

the fastest way to improve website traffic is to pile up keywords. In fact, there are many other ways, but those are more tired. In fact, we are too afraid of Baidu you want, even if it does not K you, you do not get traffic from it, and K what two? If you want to get traffic, and do not want to risk, you may feel? Baidu is just a tool, we should make good use of. K let it go K, wait for your station on the content of the rich, who K who is not sure miles. Perhaps I am a rookie, do not know the specific rules of the Internet, but I think the truth is interlinked: the courage to die, starve to death, timid.

is not afraid to tell you, I made a garbage station, Baidu has not been included, I think Baidu is very cheap, and so I use the means, I will directly use the keyword pile up a few articles. Only two days, and received more than 5000, you say, is it cheap?. Later, the flow for a while high, a little low, I would like to, anyway, at the beginning is also a IP, K, K on it. I used a lot of high flow words on the billboard. Ha ha, the flow has been rising, really cool. In fact, figured out that you can do it, I know little of the network, I may not have the means to master the inferior, but if you don’t have much traffic, also want to make a station, the station to see who? I think nobody wants their station every day a IP or browse. Don’t worry. Take it seriously. There’s nothing wrong with it.

I believe, as long as it is to use the station to make money friends, with my this method, there must be no mistake, you think about how many websites, I do not believe that Baidu’s program is so powerful, you can accurately correct. Of course, the large, high traffic, can not. Some people will say, you are not afraid of being K? Ha ha, by K count what? You just get a station, are standing, you are also webmaster, ha ha, and they are the same level. And between people is equal, ha ha, but it is temporarily a little richer than us.

Oh, not because of the fear of it, afraid of what K K? Are you afraid of it, it will give you a little more traffic, you see I’m not afraid, not just a day from Baidu to IP more than 3000, ha ha, look have a sense of achievement, I had a chance to get the QQ space Related words, the whole a page, all black, bold, ha ha, the two week I was in traffic smile: this way can, ha ha.


, the key point is not tell you: I used to do this principle comes from real life, playing basketball friends all know, master moves are not only good, good physical quality, the key is fake is better, I just use this trick for Baidu and GG to action: it is not false I am just a K? >

A grass-roots webmaster on the network recruitment self-examination record, high-end is a pseudo pro


with the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more important role in our public life. The Internet has been recognized by the public as a more service oriented attitude and has become an integral part of public life. A lot of people in the job search process will choose through the network channels, and this also makes many want to start a business friend saw "business opportunity"". Many friends choose to enter the online recruitment market as the first stop of their own business. But is the online recruitment industry really as good as you think


why are so many grassroots obsessed with recruiting


network recruitment has a very strong convenience, why do you say so? It breaks the shackles of time and space, in a more efficient way to make the whole information match. For example, an enterprise needs to find a staff recruitment, it can release a message on the website in the network, say it’s clear requirements and its treatment, and to find the work of friends can also filter their interested information above, and then to match the information, as long as reasonable, as the two party find the object as a person find the suitable. While the network for time and space constraints greatly reduced. With this advantage, more and more enterprises regard Internet recruitment as a big channel for their recruitment, and many job seekers regard it as a big channel. Market prospects are good, you can say that this is a major reason for entrepreneurs to choose this industry, but also a more important reason. At the same time, the establishment of such a network of recruitment company, compared to other start-ups, this is a relatively low cost of entrepreneurship. Why do you say so? In this process, what entrepreneurs want to do is to set up such a network information platform, at the same time to collect information and perfect information. It has less input for other inputs and thus can control costs. For start-up friends, this is clearly an attractive entrepreneurial choice.

therefore, we can see more and more grassroots webmaster think he has certain connections, he hastily began his recruitment, entrepreneurial journey. But is it as simple as we think? I guess not.

market saturation difficult for new sites to survive

and do not say that the more well-known Zhaopin, 51job and other large network of recruitment company, is a relatively small number of similar types of companies are also many, you can say that this is a relatively saturated market. Vector buying that if you want to get a slice of it, be sure to make your own features. And the characteristics of such a more standardized market is a more difficult point. At the same time, according to the characteristics of China’s labor market and the characteristics of Chinese workers to optimize, this is not a junior entrepreneur can do, but need an industry to optimize and perfect.

new site difficult to find marketing point

Actual combat experience from the website is K talk about the importance of the original content

I do graduates website for a period of time, in November 11th last year when setting up, because the feeling is not good, plus the domain name is 5D6D of free space, some users reflect open slowly, another point is that the development of their own ideas is not very clear, the website made out of order. So, on the 04 or 15 day of the year, I set up a new graduate website. Corn is a few letters of BYSCN.

new sites rely on the old station resources, whether in search engines included, or in the PR value promotion, have great advantages. Three days or so, each search has included, half a month’s time, just to catch up with the PR update, and then to 3. I’m so excited about that.

in the early stage, I really original and pseudo original, a lot of articles, Baidu included in the rising steadily. Later because of busy graduation thesis, I will increase the strength of the Ctrl+C/V, the beginning is not much feeling, see their website Baidu included from 200 to 700, is also excited about a few days, however, good times don’t last long, just over three days, I collected station to more than 100. With the decrease included in the website weight reduction, previously ranked in the first page of keywords, now ranked fifth pages.

although we have been shouting a slogan, do not rely too much on search engines. But we all know, less Baidu traffic is tantamount to the loss of the whole country. Things have happened, and after a while they’ll have to find some solutions.

write soft Wen, weighted weight. Write soft text, with links, weighted weight. This is one of the important ways to lure Baidu spider to the web site. Write soft Wen, A5.

original. In the near future, don’t collect first, first improve Baidu’s impression of the website. Baidu is a website and intimacy, intimacy put up, small errors in other retention later made steady.

I have not collected

miscellaneous, pure original. And I came in to find, pure original article, or after the integration of pseudo original, excellent article can bring a lot of traffic. In the long-term development of vision, you webmaster friends, let us original together,


recently I intend to engage in the station send Q coins activities to increase popularity, what advice can you make up on my web site, the web site is, if your advice is good, I will send to you to Oh!!! (hope the editor can keep this link, I always give a person is in the middle of the night think, really hope webmaster friends can give their own opinions.


How to invest more in the development of leisure snacks

need to consider the full investment leisure snacks, need to correctly understand the situation, now the market prospects for the development of leisure snacks is very bright in the business, operating a casual snack shop is a lot of entrepreneurs choose. In the increasingly competitive environment of the industry competition, open snack snack shop, how to win more space for development?

right of the decoration is very important for investors. Casual snack shop, in particular the distinctive snack snack shop. Pay attention to decoration, in order to create a more comfortable, clean atmosphere to provide customers with consumption. Casual snack shop reflects the culture.

the actual business process, employers should continue to explore, choice of methods, choose good skills, grasp the opportunities, needs the combination of theory and practice of opening, by reading this article, I believe we should know more clearly a more comprehensive understanding.


Living Buddha inquiry system online can be found in the future living Buddha

China’s latest Tibetan living Buddha inquiry system recently launched the first batch of 870 living Buddha information, the future can be found in the online living Buddha true and false identity, to avoid someone posing as living Buddha to deceive the masses.

18, the Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha query system formally launched. This set of online query system, the first batch of 870 published in the territory of the living Buddha information, is the first time the identity of the domestic religious staff to achieve Internet information inquiry. At present, the system has been in the Chinese Buddhist Association website, the State Bureau of religious affairs website and China Tibet network synchronization.

"as a living Buddha, I feel very happy." In the query system for on-line conference, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Tibet, China Xiao Deng si the seventh Zhukang Buddha Zhukang · Tu Deng said the on-line query system of diclazuril, is an important measure to promote the Buddhist Association of China religious educational public, to further standardize the reincarnation affairs. In recent years, some people in the mainland and the Tibetan living Buddha posing as a trickster, damage the interests of the masses of believers, destruction of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group’s reputation. Now the Buddha inquiry system, true Buddha out know, helps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Tibetan Buddhism, also helps to enhance the community understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddha group.

according to the Buddhist Association of China, Tibetan Buddhism Buddha query system can be used in computer and mobile phone system, announced the 8 information within the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government, are the photos, name, name and name, date of birth, Buddha sects, card number and location the photos are marked by the temple, the Buddhist Association of China watermark to prevent theft. At present, Sichuan Ganzi, ABA and Muli County Living Buddha information is checked, will also be released in the system in the near future. Reincarnation of living Buddha information will also be timely income database, to achieve every living Buddha can query.

the reincarnation of living Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism is a unique heritage system, produced in thirteenth Century, has formed a set of strict religious ritual and historical custom. In 2010, the Chinese Buddhist Association began to produce Tibetan Buddhist living Buddha card. At present, most of the living Buddha according to religious rituals and historical custom identification, approved by the government have received certificates.

related recommendations

How to achieve long run tea franchise

although tea has always been a very important kind of drink in China, however, with the development of the times, the traditional tea franchise business if you do not break, I am afraid it is difficult to get better development. So, if you want to open a tea shop, you also need to master more business strategy, so as to achieve long-term operation of the store. However, the tea shop how to achieve long-term operation?

tea industry known as Lvjinzi reputation, has also attracted many investors and entrepreneurs in the eyes. With the improvement of people’s economic level and the strengthening of health awareness, the choice of tea brand management has become a hot investment projects. Join the myth of mid stage, some ending, but most of it is a tragedy, tea franchisees also retreat. So, the operator in the choice of tea brand in the process should pay attention to what? How to ensure the successful operation of tea shops, lasting profit?

1, abandon a variety of business models

is perhaps the only selling tea has been difficult to make money, or to expand the facade, a lot of tea to join the store not only Hawking tea, put more tea, pearl and jade, alcohol and tobacco, which is a kind of consumption mode, but to give consumers a bad impression, not professional.

tea in the store, the specification of tea products directly affect the quality of the consumer’s perception of the tea store. Different types of tea and tea related products must be reasonable display. The first is to do a good job classification, such as tea, green tea, black tea, tea area. Followed by the grade, in order to allow consumers to see at a glance, it is best to put the tea in the various areas of the introduction, highlighting the main characteristics of tea.

if you can extend to the overall layout of the better. If you are allowed to join the tea area, the economic strength to keep up with the best tea, tea, tea as one. A few paintings hanging on the wall, indoor top Jipen bonsai, the original wooden table, wooden chair, table a elegant tea set. The timing of a few art performances, but also long-term performance, or the establishment of Zheng, guqin playing classical music. The tea, tea and so on with your shop outside the structure, so that the display of goods consistent. Constitute a pleasant, relaxed and three-dimensional picture, give the customer a kind of feeling, but at the same time reflect the order, and not chaos.

2, can not only sell tea does not sell services

hot summer, hot weather always makes people unable to lift the spirit of the crowd come and go, always make people feel tired. At this time some tea shop staff will inevitably be lazy phenomenon, to mention disinclination, leader of the manager or supervisor is a store manager, as a leader to lead to employees, establish the work model in the clerk, and positive publicity, let the staff together.