Do 500 of the average monthly amount of consulting by using the third party platform

classified information platform to do the most is 58 and go to the market, the two website information will have a contact telephone number, and then do a lot of practice when the effect is very good, that time is now basically can not be used as the title, keywords accumulation, the home repeat title and so on, the time to do it very easy, basically the next release of information about can love Shanghai home.

actually work every day is boring, I do believe that most of the friends are doing, is nothing more than a Q & a platform for classified information platform, and forum. Because do not have their own website, so when the release of analysis, I don’t need to consider the link problem, because I don’t need. The Nanjing Shanghai dragon advisor Gu Xuxu details about the three platform is how to operate.

Q & a platform The specific content of the work of

3, platform maintenance

2, classified information platform

today I have to share is in a dance training company working experience, although I am only here for two months, but as the network engaged in the first job since the promotion, also very memorable, here I come into contact with the network promotion, learned how to use third party platform for effective for the promotion of the company.

just entered the company, Gu Xuxu and most of the white, what all don’t understand, what is not, thankfully, met a good leader, from her, I learned a lot. I remember the beginning, she taught me how to write the title, how to find the article, how to false original, I have to say, here is the place of entry. Similarly, the work has a certain influence on my future work, because I am no longer superstitious Shanghai dragon.

friends should not do the promotion of people do not know the West Temple in Nanjing, we play at this forum is also the most, also set up a discussion group, popularity is not very high, because of limited staff (promotion I alone), basically do not spend great efforts to maintain the effect the discussion group more is a window company of old members, like what are the company’s notice will be released on the inside, just update the article, some dance Related videos, photos etc..

At the beginning of

into the company



was doing Q & a platform is love Shanghai and soso, mainly to love Shanghai, the daily workload of about 15 or so, only the keywords of Nanjing regional key species, and dance for example, "Nanjing ballet training" issues like this, plus some auxiliary words, "which so good. At that time, the effect is basically the type of dance in Nanjing all the training, quiz can find my release. Similar regional keywords such as it is not difficult to complete, easy to form, to the home page.

Zuo Mingyan Yes, CN intends to allow individual registration to talk about individual opinions

through an Internet storm blowing up the vast majority of small owners, so that some people have to buy foreign or international domain name domain name and the website transferred abroad to escape the storm, it can be said in this regulation, a huge impact on the Internet Chinese, launched some column policies, regulate the Internet market although, in this process, some measures are improper, but I think if the government has the determination, confidence and Chinese webmaster users have to obey the overall situation, I think the Internet will be more and more China specification. In the "white list system pioneered by the Ministry of industry, did not record the domain name cannot access" I introduced the development of the Internet Storm, CNNIC launched a domain name for the record, then the "CN fate has been unclear, allowing individuals to hold the old domain" describes the CNNIC CN CN allows individuals to hold the old domain name, but the need to provide detailed personal information, it also shows that CNNIC does not ignore China Internet webmaster, just beginning to implement the policy across the board, so affected countless innocent little webmaster. But as the remediation draws to a close, CNNIC is beginning to reposition the future of CN. According to the latest news, according to the requirements of the competent authorities, CNNIC is drafting and drafting registration management programs that allow individuals to register domain names. CNNIC said that the current individual has been able to hold domain names, and the formal registration of individuals has a domain name policy timetable for the introduction has not yet been determined.

in fact, the policy is becoming increasingly clear.

CN promotion has secured countless webmaster


is still CN, promotional advertising to see the most conspicuous in some Adsense station or on the IDC website, then CN is really very tempting, 1 yuan 1 CN, compared with the COM domain name registration and use cost is low, there are a lot of has a certain value of the domain name registration, the a lot of growers and users of personal choice. According to relevant information, as of the end of 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 13 million 570 thousand, ranking first in the world’s largest national top-level domain name. At the same time, the number of sites under the CN domain name accounted for 77% of the total number of domestic websites. Because CN uses cost less than other domain name, also once used by some criminals. Has brought about the disadvantageous development to the entire internet.

With the

a small station remediation activities

after an Internet Storm, woke up most of the small webmaster, so these people have to buy international domain names or foreign domain names, and the site transferred to foreign countries to escape the storm. In fact, this is a question, Chinese Internet not only at the peak of the development, but also the growth of the Internet, the Internet China system is not perfect, no effective supervision measures, many criminals using the Internet and legal loopholes to earn money. China’s Internet will be full of uncertainty in the future for a long time to come, the confusion of management and the urgent needs of Internet laws and regulations.

The day before the release of the CNNIC

. "

Whether new webmaster or old webmaster, you qualified

maybe you’ve been in the Internet business for years, maybe you’re just a newcomer to this industry, but why do you always share your own experience when you share your experience?

I want to

as a IT staff, we must first learn to respect others, others take their experience to share, should not get a little praise, if you think you can write a good article, why don’t you write? Do not want to share their experience? Perhaps because there is no share the spirit, so also led to many owners behind closed doors, without a single success.

maybe others are writing some soft text, but the soft has quality, because they write their own experience, to introduce their valuable experience to you, can’t you get some returns?

comment on others, can put forward some deficiencies, rather than the poor, without reference to learning something, is really like this? Maybe not what to you, but to others? It is not understood. Then I’ll talk to you about the video chat industry I’m working on. Can you listen to me? No contact is definitely not clear. Only people who have been in touch with each other will have some experience.

did not want to deny the comments of the rights, but everyone is standing, share the experience has been very easy, the others how to say is not good, I think it is not too much, if everyone shared in attacking the experience of others, I think there are a few webmaster willing to share their experience at the same time, but also by others against


copyright, the Fox network ( wave of original, welcome to reprint, please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

would like all webmaster friends to share more of their experience, even if you do not want to share their experience, please do not easily attack other people’s share.

What are we left from the user

as the stationmaster of a lot of the time we are anxious to update the website content, because the plan is no more original content, for the release of external links can not get puzzled, because the high weight of the chain. But all day and night wondering how to improve the ranking of keywords. Sometimes we think too much about what kind of search engine content and the chain, and blindly consider the original, original, and then original. The results of the original a lot of content, but the search engine may not appreciate our content, not only the weight is not increased, but also a waste of their efforts in vain. Instead, calm down to think about it, and blindly care about the website SEO, too much importance to search engines, we finally got what, or lost what,




strong network marketing, in fact we have reversed a work order, or network marketing, website planning, website promotion, we really have to serve the users, is our consumers, but not every day around the search engine. We are very concerned about each of the articles have been written their own search engines, but had not considered this article users do not love; we care about search engines in our website the number of users, and never consider or not love our products and services; we are very concerned about the website in search of high and low weight the engine, without considering the user experience of our website; we are changing every day pondering the latest search engine strategies, but few of US consumers find psychological demands. Too much attention to the search engine, not only distributed in our time and energy, but also makes us consumers and users distance more and more far, if we leave aside consumers, users of our website, what is left?

, a product without a user’s favorite, a site without consumer attention, how can you get the attention and attraction of search engines?

Manufacturing website of

every day webmasters like mechanical manufacturing sites behind closed doors, like the chain, work very hard, the content is very hard, the results did not even draw further apart. It’s not that we’re not smart enough, but that we focus on the wrong things. Every day we should spend a lot of time and energy to consider and research is the psychological behavior of our users consumers, our attention and exploration is that they love what kind of products they need? What services? They are not satisfied with what and so on?.

a product and service only have a full user choice basis, our site will get more users search and access. Similarly, only a very popular user and consumer products website, will get the attention of search engines and good user recommendations. In the same way, only popular products and services continue to gain more user attention and attention.

for the webmaster or the website marketing personnel, the service object is the website user, the webmaster only can stand in the user’s angle to ponder, fully >

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join the support

as long as there is enough charm to come to the consumption of the people will not be less natural food to join the United States choose to enjoy the chicken wings grilled rice. This is a classic table food, so that you can not be able to eat the authentic local cuisine. Join more advantages waiting for you, entrepreneurial success is only in the twinkling of an eye.

Taiwan United States grilled chicken wings to join

store location: free of charge for the United States and the United States and the United States to roast chicken wings to join the food and beverage industry to assess the location of the service;

store design: free store design to support the franchisee to enjoy regional protection;

decoration subsidies: given the United States and the United States to sip chicken wings to join a certain number of subsidies for food subsidies;

business support: free of charge to open the promotion package;

training support: free regular professional trainers to provide professional training for franchisees;

promotion program: the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States grilled chicken meal snacks merchants headquarters free of charge to a variety of promotional programs;

member activities: free of charge for the franchisee to provide small gifts and part of the activities of the members of the expense reimbursement support;

product support: product R & D center, for the different tastes of the population, different seasons regularly launched new products;

stock awards: Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice snack franchisees enjoy a certain proportion of the purchase rebate support;

promotion support: headquarters for many years to promote the major advertising media to ensure that the franchisee brand awareness

Taiwan United States sipping chicken wings grilled hot meal is in progress, I am looking forward to your joining!

What equipment should be prepared to open an optical shop

glasses of profit, many people want to open an optical shop, but do not know what to prepare for work. What do you need to open an optical shop? Is it expensive? Different shop area, different business operations, the need to open an optical shop, of course, the instrument is not the same, today to introduce you to the situation!




Dadian (not capped a total investment of more than 500 thousand) configuration: computer optometry instrument (import), computer integrated refractometer, cast, lens box, keratometer (also comes with computer optometry instrument), tonometer, slit lamp, computer power meter, computer milling machine / semi automatic or intelligent, multifunctional vision light box, plastic assembly (detection of small tools equipment in 200 thousand yuan of above is not capped)

note: in store with large Xiangleyixia is difficult to determine the total investment, with the difference of area, city size, different sections of store rents too big relations. Some places may be 220 thousand of the rent is not enough.

by the above description we can see, different size glasses shop, cost is different, if you want to open shop, we must first understand their own strength, to determine the size of the store according to their own situation, so that you can successfully open shop.


Make special pasta long stew efficient admirals

long braised beef noodles to private prefect products suitable for mass consumption, praised by the market, the headquarter shares continue to build the product advantages, to create wealth to support the work of protection of franchisee’s profit, if you want to seize the opportunity to quickly take action to create wealth.

how to operate the characteristics of a beef noodle? Face cooperation with long stew beef. Admiral private headquarters, a full set of policies to support the hand and teach you how to profit most quickly, and without cook, without foundation, standard ratio of production process, simple operation! All managed the entire shop output, site evaluation to all in one service shop opened with


also Xiaobian to introduce long Braised Beef Noodle House admirals named upgrade, in the protection of private law cushions, delicious at the same time, the depth of excavation noodles nutritional value and nutrition collocation, provide a series of pasta for the masses, together with rice noodles, vegetables, Rice noodles, pepper dish, about global oil drum botargo, both north and south, both coastal and inland, private law will face goo shine in the restaurant in the world! Well, don’t tangle how operating characteristics of a beef noodle shop this, hurry up with long stew on admiral cooperation.

long stew beef noodle and prefect private cooperation, the headquarters will fully support, to teach you the correct style braised beef noodle long admirals formula, make the most delicious beef noodles, braised beef noodle house now long admirals are facing the Hotline for Business Promotion, identify opportunities to just do it.

long braised beef noodles to join private admirals in the market very popular with businesses concerned, if you want to make pasta business, choose such a powerful brand more popular. We hope to work together with you to tap the wealth market, do a good job in investment business, and quickly join it.

Clever lady casserole grasp the opportunities to make easy money

said that what you want to succeed, personal efforts accounted for half of the factors, the opportunity to grasp the factors accounted for half. This is indeed the case, take the food and beverage business, on the one hand, the need to operate the food and beverage business, on the other hand, we must know how to seize the opportunity. Clever lady casserole, delicious diners let each be not of the common sort, thumbs up to praise in the catering market ahead of peers, conquered the hearts of diners. Clever lady casserole investment, leading the market "money King unlimited, for you to create a rich gold color. Casserole stores, how to seize the business opportunities from lady wealth.

with the Kentucky tonyred incident to the Hamburg based western fast food has been sealed with junk food, " " authoritative data show: 33.69% people often eat Western fast food, while 61.73% people are still in favor of Chinese fast food, compared with the huge market demand for Chinese fast food market share accounted for only 26.9%. Many consumers choose to eat very little, forced to choose KFC, McDonald’s and other single taste of Western fast food. The domestic food and beverage market is in urgent need of a better understanding of the Chinese people’s dietary requirements of Chinese food brands to fill gaps. Thus, the rapid development of Chinese fast food will prospect casserole lady! How investment prospects.

Chinese restaurant has a long history, is famous the world, but few few fast-food restaurants can with minimal investment, rooted in every community China, why Chinese fast food can not be standardized? Is there a better idea to change all this? Provides a good answer to how popular the casserole lady.

clever lady casserole hire senior chef to the Casserole Dishes on top of the upgrade! Color, super multi variety, update more fit market demand, to attract all kinds of various flavors of diners always on the move, a shop close! Smart dining lady, unique form, taste good, small investment, quick business, security, easy to do business, it is a good shop based, small investment, easy to learn and easy to operate, easy to open a shop, the annual sales, selling seasons, choose smart lady casserole investment, let you unlimited profit.

market, restaurants are everywhere, but we look forward to the characteristics of the restaurant is rare. Today’s clever casserole to break through the traditional situation, bring the tongue cannot refuse the temptation for many of the shop in the market, chowhound, every day is attracted by the consumers, back rate high, rich is an easy job to do.

Join the good day snack car unique taste

how about a good day snack bar? With a culture of choice, the best choice for small business. Join the good day snack car project, delicious food business opportunities. If you join the good day snack car project, is also very interested, hurry to leave a message!

good day snack snack car series of raw materials can be purchased at the local investors, so that good day snack car franchisee is not affected by the product of the procurement of raw materials is not easy or because the designated procurement and improve product cost, and lower profits. Allow investors to ensure the quality of food production cost savings. In all kinds of snacks all over the world today, good day snack car rich variety of products and attractive taste is a good day, the secret of success.

good day snack car looks beautiful, simple operation, health and environmental protection, particularly welcomed by consumers. Good day snack car snacks to join headquarters in the brand, service, technology, three aspects firmly grasp the consumer psychology, good day snack car developed a number of product mix as one of the smokeless barbecue snacks. Good day snack car to make products, simple materials, reasonable collocation, solves the shortcomings of a single taste, not only highlights the product also has a unique flavor, taste, taste in all praise delicious diners, eloquence that generates perfume, have come to enjoy.

entrepreneurial choice to join the good day snack car project, is certainly earned. Good day snack car to join the project, do not worry about no source. Real good business projects, entrepreneurship good choice. So, join a good day snack car project, you are still hesitant what?

What are the marketing methods of nail shop

bright fingernails, always able to quickly catch people’s eyes, but also in everyday life, many friends are very much more interested in the dress themselves. When most of the stores are still Manicure in workshop management, the report showed that truly more than 3 years, and there is a certain scale in the local brand, well-known Manicure stores, are doing a lot of marketing lessons, the store will have a very systematic marketing management measures.

1, learning from the experience of others in the era of knowledge economy, in order to develop the business, the most important thing is to attract more foreign things, learn from the experience of their own nail shop franchise. Not Moshouchengui, not do frogs.

2, consider the high efficiency of the operation, more than 80% of the nail shop there is such a problem, that turnover increased, but the number of customers has decreased. Due to the reduction in the number of customers, so nail shop dead, not a little angry. Because of rising prices, the staff want to raise wages, and operators in order to improve the enthusiasm of employees, just think of ways to meet the requirements of staff pay, it will be difficult to operate. If the social situation is not stable, resulting in price increases, customers will reduce the number of nail shops. For now, the customer’s consumption frequency and consumption will be reduced.

3, benefit to serve as the premise to attract customers, in addition to the low price strategy, the most important thing is to pay attention to quality of service and health, so that customers feel that Manicure stores consumption is a kind of enjoyment. Service quality is the basic skill to attract customers.

4, confidence in the future with the opportunity to come to the force, is success. To break through the bottleneck of the nail shop franchise, you must have confidence in their past technology, and future technology, and encourage all staff to work together.

we take the entrepreneurial path, select the beauty market, of course, hope to get more consumer support. Consumers praise, in order to bring a good reputation in the market, in order to make business easier, more simple operation. Therefore, we attach importance to the publicity for nail stores is not enough, depending on whether it is an effective marketing, only by their own subjective judgment is not good.

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