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The first meeting between

that investment logic is very simple, I really out of optimistic about the founder and curiosity in this field, made an investment decision. I wasn’t entirely aware of the technology at that time, though I had a technical background. It is this curiosity about the future and innovation that allows us to begin learning in this field. I felt a new era of technological innovation that was part of science and engineering.

and Wei Feng communication, listening to him talk about his thoughts on Application of UAVs, from 2B to 2C product line expansion, was the most profound feeling is that he can do, and open-minded, strong learning ability of new knowledge, very good. With the meal finished, I decided to throw it.

formerly "search network", and now known as the Chinese third generation search engine "search" is not what relation. At that time, sh419 started not long, in 2004, sh419 listed on the eve of Sogou only operated in a subsidiary way. The next few years, sh419 automatics, while Sogou search started several faces the sale situation until 2010 Wang Xiaochuan borrows the Alibaba, was able to operate independently, to avoid becoming a sacrifice. During this period, Sogou and 360 liangzi.

2017, for Sogou and 360 for the enemy, it is a very important year: Sogou IPO rumors finally settled, Wang Xiaochuan has publicly announced Sogou IPO listing this year. Under this, he can feel relieved to find a girlfriend; from the NYSE delisting nearly 360 of the year to complete the shareholding system transformation, and with the securities company signed an initial public offering and listing guidance agreement, indicating 360 determined to IPO queuing listed. The same thing, the two friends meet in the capital market, will spark a new collision.

, my first artificial intelligence robot related project, is the smart robotic company, Di Di intelligence, the current product UAVs and underwater robots. Now, Zhen Di technology has been listed in the new three board, to achieve large-scale production and marketing.


is a Tencent’s support, Sogou was to stabilize the pace of the listing of the road, also played a few good counterattack: on sh419 "Wei Zexi" event triggered medical search commercialization of moral questions, Sogou act in a diametrically opposite way, launched the "Ming Medical" function for complex industry a breeze blew into the environment; integration of intelligent voice input method and artificial intelligence technology, the depth has prompted the Sogou signature products better; taking advantage of entertainment marketing, Sogou artificial intelligence products wannyan Robot Challenge "a station in the end", behind the artificial intelligence technology made known surfaced Sogou QA system based on the mass of precipitation, Sogou artificial intelligence technology have a more intuitive cognition. Just the past April Fool’s day, Sogou planning an appointment "Sogou Wang Zi robot 1 home edition" farce, but who can deny that the real positive turn for a A>?

itself with the technique of gene Li Zhu, wanted to create a Tsinghua inno Angel Fund "". For example, technological innovation, innovation has been strive to walk in front of the wave of venture capital. And artificial intelligence, is aimed at the new trend of inno angel fund.

and Zheng Weifeng, the founder of Modi, was in 2014, when he was working on unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs, providing applications to the power industry. I was interested in this direction, so I made an appointment to have a meal.


is the United States listed a lot of Internet technology company’s glory, Sogou also chase years on this road, but is always bumps, walk quite bumpy.

learning from entrepreneurs

Wang Xiaochuan first proposed the famous "three stage" strategy, and this model will be applied to the extreme is 360: the desktop client to flow into the browser, and then into the search engine, for realization of triode. It is hard to say 360 plagiarism Sogou, but Zhou Hongyi really with the strong security guards drainage, quickly browser and search business to achieve market second position. Sogou ranking, you have to look at 360 of the face. In the negotiations to sell Sogou, 360 is the most likely home. Once the deal is reached, Sogou browser, search business is basically replaced by 360 existing products, Wang Xiaochuan refused to accept the results, only later, Tencent entered the Bureau, Sogou continued life situation.

When I Despite its 60 year history, artificial intelligence began to attract public attention last year,


capital investment rate is relatively fast. The image recognition of intelligent medical items such as we cast the supposition of science and technology, in 2016 before the Spring Festival, the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, see the founding.

: left over the daughter-in-law Aocheng woman in the United States, difficult exam way

. In the latest wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, domestic start-ups are heading for the same position as Silicon Valley. Li Zhu to the black Chi statistics, ener Angel Fund and Zhen cloud venture investment institutions black note: Zhen Di Chi Group jointly launched jiaxunfeihong, ener Angel Fund in the past year, has invested 35 of artificial intelligence, robotic company. Including intelligent robot rookie, Di Di technology, and has just acquired Sequoia A round of investment assumptions, technology and so on.

is still just emerging for artificial intelligence startups. But Li Zhu was full of confidence in the field. In his view, a big wave of innovation that allows angels to last five years of investment is coming, and the field of artificial intelligence will have hundreds of billions of dollars of companies born out of it.

is in the circle, and Li Zhu is called "bamboo handsome"". Out from the Tsinghua Yuan, after the start, All in turned angel investment, after more than three years, the direct management of ener angel fund is now nearly 2 billion yuan, and in the country to build the capital innovation space.

Declassified Ali’s operations in the end where cattle

, if it’s a question for running dogs now: what’s the difference between operations, marketing, and planning? I believe that 90% of people can not answer a single, the brain after a few minutes of rapid transfer, to say a few marketing partial resources, operating partial content, planning partial creativity, and so on the difference.

Internet Tencent, Alibaba, 3, Baidu, represented the highest level of industry;

there are words: technology to see Baidu, products, see Tencent, operation see Ali;

I have the honor to join Ali do operation, recent work is not busy, actually from the dogs into overtime work on time, so I want to record the feeling here, let yourself summarize what is the operation of different operations, Ali where


of course, the main purpose is to force yourself into your ideas, do a qualified operating dog, wang!

think, what is operation?

has jumped several times over the past few years, and the industry is from the advertising creative platform – media retail platform – Interactive TV channel retail platform, the nature of the post is the same, with creative nature of the planning.

to sum up, what I do is actually one thing: to create fun, to create, buy, and leave users.


question comes, and in my understanding, what is operation? Is the work I do here in the scope of operation?

The essence of

operation is to operate, find the right people, save costs and create value.

operation is the source of the user, who is he? What would you like? I’ll give you what to stay for love.


operation cannot use grand heroic words to describe this, have a ready pen, with a silent, subtle, and even more appropriate.

so, in my mind, has been operating a pinch the details of the work, to grasp the hot sensitive, fast and industrious creative girls do operation is the most suitable of the (like their own black?)

then I came to ali. Here, I have a new understanding of operation.

what do I do in Ali,


, A, big environment, what


my department, is a breakthrough from the restaurant business vertical Ali in the O2O layout, the intention of starting from the food and beverage industry, to "eat" the comprehensive Internet business; from the restaurant is good starting is difficult, because food is a good user just need and high industry the difficulty is; because this is a very complicated, it is difficult to Internet based traditional industries, a restaurant location rent, chef coolie, procurement of raw materials, the taste of dishes are very difficult to be standardized, as well as strong competition for (x group, X rating);

so where do we get into this industry? The essence of a restaurant is the quality of the diet and the quality of the service, and the merchant cares most about the quality

Micro-blog or will enter the era of big business

when micro-blog started in China begin to display talents have been identified, it is a platform with a high commercial value now, with micro-blog as more and more enterprises marketing platform, the business value of micro-blog is increasingly mining, nowadays micro-blog, have large commercial times like.

, for example, Sina micro-blog (in fact, Sina, micro-blog has been far behind the Tencent, it almost become synonymous with micro-blog), we can see a lot of signs:

users are starting to get used to micro-blog’s commercial

with many enterprises micro-blog marketing, the habits of micro-blog users have undergone tremendous changes, constantly accept the business information at the same time, micro-blog also started the habit as an understanding of business information platform, and even began to take the initiative through the micro-blog platform to understand the business information, the latest activity etc..

when users are ready to accept micro-blog’s business, micro-blog has the conditions to make it more commercial.

third party service enterprises to join micro-blog market

any supply and demand market, will be derived from the surrounding third party service enterprises, micro-blog is the same. Now we can see a lot of companies and businesses interspersed with micro-blog before they collect information and many micro-blog, micro-blog will be the main information show by micro-blog as a marketing platform for the enterprise, profit from.

The emergence of a third – party platform like

means that micro-blog and businesses are beginning to become transparent before the commercial market, which has already formed a big market. Some people sell, some people buy, and some people help shout, the business environment has been fully presented.

micro-blog’s small adjustment shows its commercial intent,

, Sina, micro-blog recently made a restructuring, enterprise micro-blog can have more privileges, you can better decorate their own platform, you can also use some specific sections. A small adjustment that has exposed micro-blog attitude to business, it is pleased to provide a business marketing platform for the enterprise, of course, this adjustment is only micro-blog will own platform into a precursor to the business, it will be more to measure their performance commercial value.

when we see micro-blog and Facebook provides advertising services, provide more business area, please do not feel any surprise, because this is any social networking platform to represent the general trend, finally will get rid of this point. And micro-blog has reached such a period.

now micro-blog has sufficient user base, users of its business has been accepted, and the environment of developing the market, micro-blog can begin to consider to increase their commercial layout pace, micro-blog’s big business era really is not far away. The full text is written by>

The 12 law allows startups to live

entrepreneurship is a process of continuous struggle, constantly running, constantly insist on, I believe that many entrepreneurs will be "difficult" this sentence deep S. how to make startups good to survive certain skills.

finished failures so many start-ups, it’s time for us to summarize, summed up the following 12 laws. Hope that every entrepreneur can bear in mind.

1. two venture partners is the best combination of

2. died for two reasons: either to give up, or capital depletion

in fact, if you stand on the outcome of Lookback failure in the past, when you began urging partner action, things are bad. Many employees will own situation, every month to assess their development status of the company, in the end whether the founder himself is confident, ambitious? In the end, is not to the point of run out of ammunition and food supplies, the end of hills and rivers? If the two have a negative answer, employees will choose to leave the company automatically, you can not expect employees to follow you unconditionally. So please pay more attention to the above two points.

3. do not be too blind to quickly build team


Xu Qing Sanya marathon marathon beauty legs out of a new height

Xu Qing’s girl heart so that many users can not stand, but also a lot of suction powder. Recently, Xu Qing Sanya run marathon, legs slender chest fullness is sucking the eye, 47 years old, her style is not reduced, but also to make people think of her in the old gun son in the wonderful performances.

claiming to always maintain a "maiden heart of the goddess Xu Qing, wearing a pink sweater recently in the Sanya marathon, causing passers-by onlookers taking pictures, the film" old gun ", Xu Qing and Feng Xiaogang starred bold passion melee, was also Feng Xiaogang lick chest touch hip scale amazing.

claiming to always maintain a "maiden heart of the goddess Xu Qing, wearing a pink sweater recently in the Sanya marathon, causing passers-by onlookers taking pictures, the film" old gun ", Xu Qing and Feng Xiaogang starred bold passion melee, was also Feng Xiaogang lick chest touch hip scale amazing.

in the movie "old gun", Wu Yifan Li Yifeng, the two size meat franchise is undoubtedly one of the highlights in the film. But the 46 year old Xu Qing and a group of passion for the exposure of the group of 57 year old drama, but also to bring a lot of highlights for the drama of the play, but also a lot of fun, but also a lot of fun. It is understood that, in this passion drama, Feng Xiaogang also boldly revealed the buttocks, and Xu Qing is due to the fullness of the surrounding bring a lot of things.

once netizens ridicule wanjiebubao, but a lot of news from Reuters, the interpretation of Xu Qing is very loved by the audience, "hero twilight, but the beauty did not fade, Randy Xu Qing".

but the "old gun" began to face the passion drama, Xu Qing is hesitant to "feel whether it is necessary to shoot it out, but I have no time to play passion play, but when we really take the scene, in fact, has been shooting the mid, and then I Pingdao early have a tacit understanding."



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During the world cup night economy hot

summer, barbecue shops, food stalls and other night economy has been very hot, these days the world cup is to increase the popularity of such shops. Over the past more than and 10 days, many businesses along the world cup schedule has been extended to the next morning business hours, the night economy is deeper and deeper.

however, reporter survey found that, like bar, KTV night economy leading performance in the world cup is not expected, but convenience stores, food stalls without a fire. Why? Brazil world cup is too late, many people still choose to go home to see the ball, that night economy "night economy" business ideas also changed.

"sorry rooms full, then look is not scattered taiwan." 23 evening, Xiao Li in Beijing street a barbecue shop workers on the phone reservation guests answer. Since the beginning of the world cup, more than 11 people every night to eat barbecue on the special, are waiting to see the ball, almost every day full." Li told reporters. In the vicinity of Taiyuan street, a lot of barbecue shop is so hot.

This grill

bar as expected is hot, a reporter visited the city a number of bars and lounges, generally reflect the business volume increased by about 20% than usual, popularity is just passable.

Qianxi investment Beibei maternal and child supplies good market prospects

now, maternal and child market development space is very large, entrepreneurial choice to enter the maternal and child market, no doubt, is a very good choice. How about Qianxi babe baby? Good market development space, good business opportunities, rich good choice!

Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies dedicated to fashion, prospective, independent, pay attention to the quality of life of consumers membership groups, to provide a convenient way of shopping and high quality and inexpensive products. Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies has become the mother brand appeal maternal and child market, the market ranked among the forefront of the industry, products are sold in the city of nearly 200, and has entered the international market, to provide convenient shopping service, whenever and wherever possible, safe for millions of consumer members.


Qianxi babe baby products?


Qianxi babe baby? In the market ranking is very good, rest assured to join. Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies companies adhering to foreign enterprises strict and pragmatic style, uphold professional, meticulous, large-scale production, follow the market oriented, quality of survival, to the brand for the purpose of service, excellence, continuous innovation, to create a large children’s clothing production base. The operation mode of Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies multi brand, allowing companies to grow rapidly for the good brand children’s clothing industry.

High quality

venture project, Qianxi Beibei energy-saving. If you are to join the Millennium baby baby products project, very interested in. So, don’t hesitate, go ahead! In fact, open their own Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies stores, is also a very good choice. So, don’t hesitate!

Provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law

7 14, the provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law to convene the meeting. The meeting conveyed the important instructions of the Governor Peng Hao, informed the province’s rule of law government construction work, the next step for the deployment of the work. Vice governor Gao Hua speech.


meeting that, in recent years, the attention and the strong leadership of the provincial government, all localities and departments to fully implement the two "implementation of the opinions" of the provincial government, the positive transformation of government functions, efforts to enhance the decision-making level, focus on strengthening the system construction, and vigorously promote the open, strictly regulate the administrative law enforcement, and achieved new progress in accordance with the law and administrative government by law construction work new achievements.

the meeting stressed that all localities and departments should earnestly implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council "Implementation Outline" construction of the rule of law government and the provincial government implementation of the "government by law construction in Qinghai province plan", closely around 2020 basically completed the functions of scientific and legal rights and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, open and fair, honest and efficient, the integrity of the government under the rule of law, further enhance the administrative capacity of the government staff, improve the use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking the way to deepen reform, promote development, resolve conflicts and maintain a stable level; further combing Ren Wuju measures, strengthen supervision and assessment, strengthening the legal institutions and cadres at all levels, to ensure that the objectives and tasks; further strengthen the legal government construction demonstration to create work, in-depth to carry out legal publicity and education in the whole society, according to the law, in case of Find a way to solve the problem, resolve conflicts by law, a good environment.


145 road interface hardened

In December 9th, the reporter learned from the municipal inspection chamber, effective curb dust, I constantly increase road hardening efforts, as of now, in the urban area a total of 145 implementation of hardening of the road connecting junctions, an area of nearly 30 thousand square meters. It is reported that the city through the control of muck vehicles and urban roads sweeping water cleaning, some of the key road dust pollution situation has been improved in the short term. And combined with the winter climate characteristics, from November 11th to stop the road cleaning operations, according to the temperature of the district on the key sections of the appropriate water spray operation. Acquisition of spray dust suppression vehicles and sanitation equipment, the first batch of 8 spray dust suppression vehicles were allocated in November 30th, the 18 sanitation cleaning vehicle bidding work has ended, is expected to be put into use in December 15th. Up to now, the city has implemented a total of 145 road junctions, with an area of nearly 30 thousand square meters. Cumulative hardening of large parking lot 41, closing 4.