Instead of just thinking about CEO, the entrepreneur should be a good seller twoPeople in the end ho

Hoffman is not only an excellent CEO, but also served as management in many famous enterprises and institutions around the world. He is also a senior consultant who provides valuable training services to many entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies. He said: "if you are going to invest a lot of manpower and resources in a brilliant project and related legal matters, you should invest equal effort to improve your sales skills.". After all, other than you, people don’t know if your product is really worth buying."

besides Wangzhuan is the core of the network marketing, advertising is just as product promotion means, we all know that CCTV advertising is very expensive, a few seconds to display on the millions, but we think advertisers sell products is much higher than the advertising fees, so that sell products became Wangzhuan classic article the website should choose Wangzhuan after a long road.

Doug Baldasare opened a company in Philadelphia — ChargeItSpot, the flagship product for mobile phone charging piles for retailers. He meets the problem that almost every novice entrepreneur will encounter: how can he reflect the product charm when he can not make a specific presentation to the customer?

Wangzhuan classic article after the road network will choose to sell products, the modern economic society, buying and selling is the best way to make money, this is common sense, big boss cars, are sold in the sales, are selling their own products, this is the highest realm of money.

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don’t worry, we’ll do it step by step.

entrepreneurs tend to see themselves as a guest rather than a salesman, in this regard, marketing theory and practical operation of expert Jeff Hoffman reminds us to face the problem, to develop their own sales enthusiasm.

how to win customer attention

trust business school know professor introduced him to wfmi Whole Foods a local branch of management personnel. After some explanation, he said to each other, "simply put the equipment in the shop and try it on."." With that, he moved the charging pile to the supermarket recreation area. The other party hasn’t responded yet. He has driven off. Six hours later, the supermarket statistics, a total of 50 people here charged electricity – clinch a deal.

, but that doesn’t mean you can use the fatigue tactics to challenge the patience of consumers. Well, sales aren’t that annoying. It is like a dance, you will need the exquisite beyond compare, then surgery, psychological tactics and interpersonal to grasp the rhythm of your. What you can rely on is prior planning, contingency, and innovation that entrepreneurs love most.

I think Wangzhuan there are three modes: sell advertising, selling services, selling products. Most of the people who engage in Wangzhuan are selling advertising, and many are limited to sell advertising, I said advertising refers to advertising alliance in their own Wangzhuan advertising on the site to remuneration and sell some advertising on the station. This model make the most tired, although able to earn money to feed themselves, but will not actually do Wangzhuan long-term goals, we should advocate easy to do wangzhuan.

He previously attended Walton

from then on, Baldasare became bolder. In meeting with a client company’s CEO, he made a 1 – 10 charging pile model directly with the 3D printer, and left it on the other’s desktop. "The most powerful person in the company will see it," Baldasare said. "They think that it is already CEO approved products." He gave a few sets of charging pile past, so that the company knows who it is family. Eventually, the company was successfully persuaded and increased orders. On another occasion, he is buying company shares worth $35465, and a copy will be sent to the company holding the certificate of CEO, and a message: "I know that you and I both are in the pursuit of commercial value, the company stock will.

Behind the scenes story of Papi sauce and Luo Ji ThinkingCar home Qin to the founder needs CEO

quicker than words can tell. Soon we got an opportunity to invest in Papi sauce, with a total of 10%. Although we say in the ratio of 3/7 to vote, but in view of Ronaldo in the project’s major contribution — I don’t think Ronaldo’s grand plan, Papi sauce and her CEO Yang Ming may not be seen on it real fund, not to fund other bid 1/3 give us investment – in order to express the Ronaldo thanks I, for Ronaldo said: our two 5/5


Li Xiang is the founder, Qin is airborne executives;

, he said, "the car’s home is not my product, it’s my company.".

, this is the Qin Dynasty in 2006, and I would never have thought of it. At that time, the returnees elite is still 265 of Cai Wensheng do COO. One day, he noticed that the 265 appeared in the "cool" bar called the car home site, do not how to do promotion, traffic is still very low, although it and 265 have a common investor, Xue manzi.


who bought Papi shares of mind,

yesterday, she starred in the "2016 China net red strongest voice" ushered in a turning point: Papi sauce and Luo thinking broke up. Although Luo Ji thought provided and organized the first round of Papi sauce amount of 12 million yuan financing, but today Papi sauce partner formally said:

exactly. Why did the mind quit the shares of Papi sauce?

said I regret, because I really want to get a little fatter! But, no kind of meaning, he said: Xu you say as many as 5% of us no problem! I refrain from tears and pretending to be happy said: Yeah, but he began to hate Cheers.

| xiahong

everyone is Founder, but the most missing is CEO. Qin Cheng, car home No. thirty-eighth employees, is now CEO.

time to sign a contract, I was slow and don’t take off to say: if you think the share too much, feel the risk is big, really can.

at that time, no one could have imagined Li Xiang and his car home, even if he had never been changed. At that time, the car home only 20 people, until the first half of 2007, but its revenue is only about 1000000 yuan. At that time, the industry humble website, in addition to the face of the three major portals to the influence of the brand resources have obvious advantages of the auto channel eroded, in vertical portals and competition on the hands of the Pacific, BITAUTO, etc. love card is horizontal in front of it can not be overlooked forces.

this is reminiscent of the beginning of this year the "intimate", why just 7 months later, the two suddenly reversed script staged "break off"? Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping, the author tells the story of the logic of thinking out the details of the story Papi sauce. The following is the Xu Xiaoping article:

if no accident, car home will be within a year may be listed as a real "one billion dollar company": it has become the world’s most visited automotive website; nearly 1 billion yuan in revenue last year. An industry source told venture capital that its profits have surpassed any China Internet Corporation that landed in Wall Street in the past two years.

Why did ?What are the status and prospects of

in the era of everyone is Founder, from the car home of two men more than 10 years of age, interpretation of an incredible "base years."".


early in 2016, I went to Luo thinking headquarters to visit Luo fat, talk about real fund and Luo Ji Thinking cooperation idea. Talked about one or two times, we have a decision: two joint search for outstanding entrepreneurial projects, according to the proportion of 3/7 to vote. Real fund is a professional investment institution, of course, take 7.

motor home is the second web site Li Xiang launched in 2005. Prior to this, his bubble network has been doing 5 years, barely ranked into the industry’s top three. Li Xiang started talking to Zhou Hongyi when he started his car home. Zhou Hongyi poured a cold water on Li Xiang: "bubble net has done so many years, you are ranked only third in the profession.". So, you have to put the car home made China first in the short term, it is the lack of sufficient compelling drama.


Papi sauce?

at the same time, after the formation of logical thinking, the vacancy will be made by Xu Xiaoping’s real fund.

Li Xiang used to be "boss", and Qin is now "boss"".

Qin Cheng said, "the car home, this site is not my product,

has been unconscious for more than 1 years, and she is still the woman who combines beauty with talent".


wants to know the behind the scenes story of Ronaldo, Xu Pang and Papi sauce, and allow me to start over.

grassroots, youth, interest >


Luo thinking officially quit Papi sauce this project, the amount of investment before all, the original refund.

founder needs CEO

Li Xiang is a grassroots, Qin Dynasty is an elite of returnees;

‘s mind give up Papi sauce

but the car’s home, this company is my product."


Chinese online invested 500 million capital increase, A station and morning division into the two di

we may wish to analyse by K 50 station are similar:

7, many website promotion information is too single, basically that a few sites in that hair ah, hair ah, desperately hair chain. That page has so many spam links, how much more effective do you have,


5 and 80% website title is too long, pile up keywords. You don’t tell me that your competitors are not doing this by K. I tell you, people website weight must be higher than you, and even may have done sh419 products, so don’t go to compare, should be in accordance with optimization standards to rely on qi. My point of view, page keywords no more than 3. No more.


online acquisition of Chinese, A station profitability was disclosed. Announcement shows, A station in January to September this year the total assets of 36 million 250 thousand yuan, 147 million yuan debt, operating income was 713 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit loss of 146 million yuan; in 2015, A total assets of 21 million 220 thousand yuan, 116 million yuan debt, operating income was 3 million 637 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit of 113 million yuan loss.

1, pay attention to content and user experience, not simply API, through the article information to bring traffic

yesterday November 21st evening, Chinese online digital publishing group Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese online" board of directors released two consecutive announcement, intends to cash invested 250 million yuan to subscribe Guangzhou barrage network technology company A station 13.51% of the shares; at the same time, intends to cash invested 250 million yuan capital of the morning, morning, get a 20% stake.

2, there are certain characteristics, there is a certain level of standing, not completely copied, try to do not duplicate,

in addition, the announcement shows that the morning section is rooted in the two dimensional cultural field, with the Internet community, cultural and creative research and development, mobile game publishing and live performances of the two dimensional industrial chain business segments. And, the morning division plans to accelerate the integration of two dimensional areas, IP, games, comics, performances, KOL reds and other industrial sectors, covering the entire industry, strengthen the strengthening of the two dimensional industry leader enterprises, industry status.

currently, A station main business is to obtain advertising and marketing revenue through its own flow, while guiding the user’s fans effect generated online and offline features consumption.

Abstract: Chinese online invested 250 million yuan to subscribe for 13.51% stake in A station, becoming the second largest shareholder of A station. At present, the A station’s largest shareholder is still Austrian entertainment founder and chairman Cai Dongqing 54.77%.

3, there is a better way to promote, write the soft text of high quality, garbage outside the chain less.

4, more than 95% of the station entirely rely on API calls, with pseudo static way to increase included, sh419 is not stupid, but the action is slower! K is sooner or later.

Chinese online community believes that the two dimension is the core audience 80, 90, and after 00 people, this part of the core users accounted for nearly 30% of the population, the population proportion is large, and is a severe dependence network, respected network community, as the important platform of daily individuality and making friends.

6, most of the site information is relatively comprehensive". Basically put the Forum on your website. I said, you can not control the site, there is time to take care of the forum ah. How do you deal with it? Manual copying or direct collection? If so, what is the smell of smelly things and East and West,

titanium media after a lot of chaos, A station finally came the latest news.

of these stations have guest house, mini taobao etc..

of course, in the form of a blog station also can survive, such as a beautiful, 8090 beauty www.8090meili etc.. I think these websites have gone through this baptism and are bound to go better. As a warning for the future.

in the product line, A station is divided into two parts: online and offline. The main line is the WEB side, H5 page side and mobile terminal APP three platforms, which is the main business of the A station; under the line, barrage theater, offline entertainment, show and campus activities are the main body.

3 and 90% website content is plagiarism, or pseudo original. Articles with little real value.

2 and 90% website home page content is huge, make like industry website. I am most disgusted with this. Page code conference seriously affects the efficiency of search engines and users.

early in the morning of June 5, 2010, a large number of Taobao customer sites included by K, an uproar after Taobao SITE. Passenger station by this disaster, is accidental or inevitable? Is the competition, or means? Amoy webmaster, and grad


Chinese online, A station is the two dimension video barrage culture in the field of the first company and head company, have a higher visibility and user traffic, the subject of investment companies is conducive to the implementation of literary education, + + "development strategy, to create two dimensional ecological culture.

1 and 90% are severely K stations, and the registration period will not exceed 2 years;

station of this disaster is global, but we also see some of the content is king of the site the loss is relatively small, it is not difficult to see that these sites relative to other simple API call station, has its own value:

?Although the On behalf of the

‘s Chinese online business covers all media publishing, wireless reading services, mobile reading terminal services

The United States beat 9 months, breaking 100 million users, phenomenon grade products is how to mak


why does the U. S. shoot grow so fast? Chen Jie shared 3 insights:

on January 23rd, I came to Xiamen, a place with a strong atmosphere of literature and art, to attend the opening day of mito. At the conference site, Chen Jie, vice president of the company, revealed a key piece of data:

in May 8, 2014, the United States on the line, in January 21, 2015, the amount of users reached 100 million, spent 9 months. In contrast, Instagram took 2 years and 5 months from 0 to 100 million users, micro channel from 0 to 100 million users in 1 years and 2 months.

is on the stage, "Chen Jie said confidently." beauty is probably the fastest growing short video community." Currently, the number of video uploads to the United States, 200 million, upload 950 thousand, about 30000000 monthly active users, 5 million active users, the average length of stay for 15 minutes.


early personal website to flow for profit, understand, for this also wrote a "flow is king" book, it can be said that when the webmaster almost one hand. Personal websites are now profitable in a variety of ways, such as personal blogs, personal forums, and Taobao. Marketing is full of tricks, such as Forum promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog promotion, classification information promotion, e-mail, , SEO, mass information and news promotion, SEM, all the webmaster is already known, Wurenbuxiao, he more or less used inside some promotion way. However, according to authoritative statistics, the average income of China’s webmaster is less than 500 yuan. You and I may be among them, so it is very likely to be eliminated by internet.

in the future, enter this threshold requirements and costs are also getting lower and lower, and competition is also increasing. No matter how many years later, to survive and develop, must be those who can create valuable information to the Internet after personal adsense.

go to utilitarian heart. Chen Jie said, from the beginning of the regulation, the United States can not be in the social media consumption star, that is afraid of stars have the burden of promotion." Therefore, the star can beat the United States in the community, "can let the stars play happily in the community, such as Faye Wong, very love film in the United States took their own private life video community; such as Huang Zitao, micro-blog fans is 4 million 890 thousand, but the United States took fans amount to 18 million.

enables user self propagation. Short video effects by 1. MV like, meet the sense of achievement, to stimulate sharing mechanism; sharing 2. built-in, allowing users to take the first step to share; 3. topics initiated activities, improve the user’s sense of participation, to the point, there are 21 micro-blog read broken billion activities;

"webmaster", I believe many years ago, this name has been sought after by many people. Now the Internet hype has become quarrel, the Internet bigwigs are participants in the homely food, the war has become the major network media headlines, various media have broadcast the reprint, the result of speculation is a win-win situation. And in front of the Internet hot news, grassroots Adsense are only spectators, lively stage, can not find the grassroots webmaster figure. A series of accidents and policy reasons, the network enclosure movement has been the major Internet bigwigs, let hundreds of thousands of personal websites disappeared, the ideal is good, but the reality is cruel, income is the hard truth, no ideal income are empty. Under severe pressure, so that many did not make money grassroots Adsense from line to line, leave grassroots Adsense industry, into the industrial force.

plus Internet training is becoming more and more common, the network is increasingly becoming a part of people’s life, just a novice can use some open source program to build a powerful web site, even a lot of famous enterprises, the team also with open source website, such as long net station A5, is built by the famous discuz. At the beginning of the open source program, a large number of young millionaires have been created, but few have made much money on personal websites now.

Wu Xinhong after the FAQ link to supplement, video source is divided into UGC ordinary users contribute content and PGC expert contribution content. From the video quality point of view, PGC out of the video will be more sophisticated, but the content from the UGC, although not so sophisticated, but more vitality, communication force. He said, "between PGC and UGC, I will focus more on the latter."

gives users the lead. Do the same with a short video, Sina micro second shot, compared to the micro film and other products, the United States took more users to express themselves, let users from the audience to become the protagonist;

can survive and sustainable and stable development of personal website exactly is what person? The next few years? Can I venture to predict that the rich webmaster, must have an area of expertise, especially familiar with a field, the field to understand the user needs in this field and provide valuable and help the information of the individual owners, or cooperation in various fields find personal webmaster. For example, in A5, is known as the webmaster needs to establish a complete network marketing training system, to help owners to solve all kinds of knowledge, such as website promotion, website SEO cooperation and other needs, is a good model.

I used to play video, and the final effects of the short video were impressive.

Beauty Club

from the speed of development, the United States is undoubtedly a pat phenomenon class products.

A personal webmaster’s thinking to rational view of Baidu

no matter whether the stationmaster accepts or not, now the Internet is the world of search engines. Especially for those unknown small and medium-sized sites, more than eighty percent of its natural flow from Baidu, Google and other search traffic. As China’s Internet boss, Baidu is the most controversial. Some people hate Baidu, some people favor Baidu, but it is undeniable that every webmaster, and even those portals, are relying on Baidu. For Baidu, I personally think that we should be rational, and not happy, momentary anger temporarily.

1, Baidu always put their products in the front, you said Baidu injustice, put their own site in front of the row, very rubbish. That Google how often also Baidu stick it and know, encyclopedia content row in front, this shows that Baidu know, stick it, Wikipedia weight is deserved, should be in front of

2, bidding was K? Who is this rumor made? Would you please tell me what is inside Baidu bidding website? You can find my own fan a slap in the face of Baidu! You lack the money? Advertisers results came in a prominent position of the other engine that no ground for blame, do. But they are less, because they are weak! They look strong they will be just


3, Baidu’s presence is good for the webmaster. What if Baidu is finished? Google controls the search market in China? Maybe. It is not a monopoly? Do we Chinese haven’t tasted enough of the lack of competition brings us suffer? Baidu is "China company" or "company" or not, how to say he is Chinese – control in the hands of Mr. Robin Li, he funded us, can bring benefits to us is good information! Spring breeze of reform and opening up are blowing for thirty years, this bend also turn to


4, Baidu included too harsh, not so, it only included some strict standards, before Baidu included new sites need one or two days, now normal is half a month, not afraid of you again how to search engine to people, is of no significance, the key is to look at how to adapt to the tide, some say they were not "stationmaster" abandon Baidu, but Baidu abandoned them, hey, this is not cheap? Baidu give you collected is your father, you have not included is the enemy! Why Baidu included strictly? Because it knows that decides its fate is the Internet, not like some "stationmaster" say "webmaster to Baidu K Baidu will shut down, your combined shielding Baidu, I’m serious support! But please don’t take all the webmaster definition.

5, rational analysis of K station, many "stationmaster" claimed that Baidu chaos K station, and come up with a lot of examples, I just brought a few look, I think K is not wrong, the K, the reason is very simple: it is the crazy crazy keyword collection, accumulation, or is connected by the K website, either the content is dirty and disgusting, rub unbearable, so the station, or do the original, no cheat "


above is what I do

Talking about the page loading method of mobile terminal App

a lot of people in the development of the mobile terminal App will often pay great attention to the page pattern is exquisite, meticulous icon and background color is attractive enough, then the connection and transition loaded directly to the page is loading mobile terminal and App page window is often easy to overlook. We can often see a lot of App after the installation of the open page appears on the tall, but the boot process such as the turtles general speed, finally often do not want to wait, many users use the 2G network to the Internet is plus, load the page App and switching is often not available, most of these reasons the problem often can change the App page load to solve or alleviate the problem caused by impact. Then, for the mobile terminal App, how to design the corresponding page loading way to reduce the page load time, reduce the waiting time of the user, thereby enhancing the user experience of App.

first, use the page full load mode. The full load of the App page is to wait until all the data on the page is read before it is loaded, and the page will be blank until all data is loaded. This page loading in WeChat we often can see, often outside the circle of friends if some links open after will become a blank page, but the most prominent advantages of all loading pages is to ensure the integrity of the page content, the waiting time is obviously disadvantages tend to be too long, waiting for a long time the user will irritability, especially in the bus or the indoor network where the signal is not good is almost unable to open a complete page. As shown below, the page is loaded entirely.

second, page content priority loading method. We often encounter such a situation, when using mobile phone App’s main purpose is to see a few words, such as the Alipay open only to the amount of revenue at the balance of treasure yesterday, so this time there is a App page content difference. When most of the content of a page is the text content of the case, we can start loading the text, picture content flow consumption can be put in the back loading, if App is used here is embedded in a web page is the Ajax asynchronous request load, many sites at PC in order to improve the user experience is also often used Ajax loading mode. This is the way the page content first loaded, its advantage is to let the user as soon as possible to get to read the content, rather than wait for too long time. The disadvantage is that some users still have no way to get the complete content of the page. As shown below, the method is to load the picture before loading the text.

third uses page automatic stretching to load. There are a lot of mobile terminal App is content to do the service, then the App page naturally can not show all content, then you need to App the contents of the list page paging operation, only display in front of a few pieces of content, then we can use the automatic loading. Users of sina micro-blog often find this feature, as shown below. Use page >

Year three drama group purchase ills businesses are holding cattle impact

2010, the "orphan", "If You Are The One II" and "let the bullets fly" three big drama is unusually hot. And in 2011, the group buying industry also staged the same name big drama. But the cinema film won a reputation, director of the three group purchase industry has ruined his act drama of the same name. Group purchase website, the next line of business, network scalpers become the three drama starring, let the group purchase "self overconsumption" year drama very hurt.

the first act of the "orphan"

businesses were blocked by websites to buy

this 2010 group purchase market in order to catch a ride, many businesses at all costs in cooperation with the network group purchase group purchase, as long as we can make money by small profits, however, group purchase is not imagination in so simple.

internal sources, group purchase process, group purchase website not only charge the goods Commission, but also to participate in the group of goods prices; but in most cases, businesses can’t determine the final group purchase price.

in other words, a commodity can become a group or a group of products, the price is determined by the group buying website. Unconsciously, the group buying website became the leader of the rules, and the merchants were in a passive situation.

group purchase websites in order to attract consumers at a low price, not only in price pressure businesses, often make unreasonable demands, many businesses also began to group purchase only.

veteran catering enterprises gold told reporters, in order to boost consumption, the city launched a multi million + suburban branch stores collocation to participate in group purchase activities, but in the negotiation process, a group purchase website by their position in the industry put forward very harsh conditions, that can only accept the city branch, suburban branch refused to participate in group purchase. Finally, part cooperation. However, the walk event is just the tip of the iceberg, with the business group purchase website will become increasingly prominent contradictions in the future, it will be a protracted war.

second act, "you’re the one",

group buying face scalpers impact reputation nuisance

in fact, not only businesses in the play group purchase idea, group purchase website in the business idea, even "scalpers" also took a fancy to this new business model, trying to take the goods.

it is understood that they registered vest, first online bulk purchase of goods, and then through the shop, offline transactions and other ways to sell, profit is very impressive. However, cattle wanton reselling profit group purchase coupons, caused many consumer dissatisfaction, even suspected that the network group purchase group covert operations, the purpose is to improve the degree of two group purchase another identity out of profits. From this point of view, cattle rampant, not only disrupted the normal trading order, but also a serious impact on the credibility of the purchase site.

in order to curb scalpers and meet the needs of more consumers to buy, buy site has to reduce restrictions

Open shop to make money what skills

good lighting products can make our indoor environment more colorful, so everyone is very careful to buy Lighting, lighting stores in order to attract customers to visit, it is necessary to understand certain skills. Investors in the opening of the lighting shop, how to operate in the peer to win it?

indoor lighting design is also very important. In order to provide a series of effective business ideas and methods of operation, the practice. These hard won experience to fully serve the sales channel. If the market does not need the product, it is clear that there is no market. These are lighting franchise operators need to master.


Six women’s franchise marketing skills

compared with men, women enjoy shopping more shoppers in the process, so the modiste stores need to pay attention to the characteristics of female shopping more deals with an antidote against the disease, the correct marketing skills.

A, the woman is delicate animal, to grasp every detail of


two, men with women more purchasing power

in the analysis of a large number of women’s case, we found a very interesting phenomenon: when a man to accompany together when shopping in the store, women stay longer and more willing to try on clothes, were more likely to spend more money, the customer will be female; try some different styles and listen, peer evaluation, which is very different from men’s clothing sales. The guide should do is how to arrange the men in the companion, a lady to try on at the same time, let the men sat down to pour him a cup of coffee or Green Tea, finally after the customer to try, by the way to ask another: "your friends wear this dress well?" on peer language, the transaction will become relatively easy for many.

Female customer