Moroccan US Armies Simulate Raid in African Lion Joint Exercises

Rabat – Units of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the US army, and the British army conducted a joint exercise on Tuesday in Tifnit, a coastal city south of Agadir, to strengthen their capabilities in the fight against violent extremist organizations. The training is part of the combined Moroccan-American “African Lion” joint exercises. The annual exercise began on March 16 and will continue until April 7 in southwest Morocco, in areas around Agadir, TanTan, and Tata, and in Ben Guerir, a city between Casablanca and Marrakech. Thousands of military personnel took part.Captain Thomas Jelly, commander of the British specialized infantry, said that the three nations’ armies simulated a raid against violent extremists planning terrorist attacks. Read also: Morocco Retrieves Upgraded F-16 Fighter Jets from US Military BaseHe added that several teams from the three countries participated in the exercise, including teams for observation, air assault, main assault, and security cordon.The operation tested the skills the different teams learned during African Lion 2019, particularly demonstrating their ability to work together.African Lion 2019 is jointly organized by the United States Command for Africa (AFRICOM) and FAR to consolidate cooperation and training and exchange experience between the various military components. The exercises saw the first usage of invisible laser-guided bombs, the GBU-24 Paveway III and GBU-12 Paveway II. Moroccan and US F-16s also conducted surface attacks and large-scale operations.As well as the US and Morocco, the military exercise is attended by military units and observers from five countries: Canada, Spain, the UK, Senegal, and Tunisia.

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