Xining provincial population and Family Planning Commission supervision free pre pregnancy health ex

In August 20th, the provincial population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, director of the Department of science and technology Jin Peide, the implementation of national free pre pregnancy health checks in Xining city to carry out supervision, to the county health examination program of free pre pregnancy reports on the situation, to further improve the project work requirements

8 20, provincial population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, director of the Department of science and technology Jin Peide, the implementation of national free pre pregnancy health checks in Xining city to carry out supervision, to the county health examination program of free pre pregnancy condition report, the proposed requirements further improve the project. Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission to do a good job of free pre pregnancy health examination program to do a re arrangement. read more

Small children like mother assured choice

the healthy growth of children, always the choice of children’s clothing. How small children? In the children’s clothing market, has been very popular. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the United States children project, is a very good choice!

small children good? My mother assured choice. Choose children’s clothing for children, is now a big fun for young mothers. There are a lot of children’s clothing brands on the market, the United States is good for children? The United States children launched variety children’s products with colorful childhood for the children, four continued hot, spring spring summer a pleasant, enthusiastic, sincere love of autumn, winter, flying and meet the various needs in. read more

Today, the west is strong cool hit

October 15th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Xining region affected by the strong cold air for 16 to 17 days will be blowing cool weather, the morning minimum temperature will drop 4 DEG -5 DEG, 4 level -6 of the westerly, the municipal meteorological station to remind the general public to add warm clothing.

it is understood that the next three days, the minimum temperature in Xining will break through the official entry into the temperature of 0 degrees C. 16, 2009, the city and the county have showers weather, the minimum temperature of 0 degrees C (). The 17 day, the weather improved, but there is a northwest wind weather grade 5 -6, the minimum temperature will continue to decline, the city will break the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C to minus 3 degrees, the minimum temperature of Huangyuan, Huangzhong and Datong three counties will fall to minus 4 degrees celsius. 18, the lowest temperature in the urban area of 2 degrees, Huangyuan, Huangzhong and Datong County, the minimum temperature will rise in three. read more

The congratulatory letter of fellow Muslim Eid

Muslim compatriots in the province:

in the annual Islamic traditional festival – Eid al Fitr Festival approaching, I would like to express my warm congratulations to the majority of Muslims in the province, and extend my sincere greetings!

for a long time, the province’s Muslim compatriots to respond positively to the party and the government call, hard work, innovation, diligence and self-improvement, cherish the unity, and the people of all ethnic groups in the province together, Qinghai jointly promote the sustained and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability. read more

Xining Railway Station 11 days to complete the transition from the train station will be temporarily

Xining Railway Station yard transition plan completed in September 11th, the railway transportation line will pass from the high-speed field just completed, to ensure the normal operation of passenger and freight, and demolition of existing platform and track the yard, the implementation of the underground passage, general speed alterations and station shelter and general speed field above the elevated station building construction.

reporter yesterday learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway, Xining Railway Station building consists of three layers, divided into elevated waiting layer, platform layer, station hall layer three aspects and three auxiliary dissection, the highest number of 12000 people gathered. Xining Railway Station station consists of 9 platforms 21 lines (line 4), of which 8 yard Lanqing hair line (line), 6 stations table 13; Lanzhou station to the hair line (line), 11 stations table. read more

Western traveler Chen Yiqing exhibition held in Xining

In August 10th, the Western Travel – Chen Yiqing exhibition in Xining International Summer Summer Village street family circle red Gallery held, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja and the Provincial Federation of relevant leaders, Provincial Association of painters exhibition.

Chen Yiqing, born in 1963 in Qinghai, graduated from Minzu University of China, Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a member of the Chinese artists association. At the age of 26, his works "out of Qinghai" which won the silver medal in the national art exhibition held in 1985; the "Untitled Exhibition" was included in "China contemporary art history". The exhibition exhibited his paintings, prints more than and 20. The works on display, with a solid and unique realistic artistic language, showed painter enthusiasm for Tibetan Plateau mountains praise, its fresh and ethereal beauty, showing the theme of nature pure, broad and profound, but also reflects the painters to creative attitude and diligent exploration spirit and the unique language of the cable show. (author: Ma Jun) read more

Qinghai province held a celebration of May Day and may day labor medal commendation ceremony

West this year, 2 million 100 thousand tourists

The west area in accordance with the "three estate rich area", "tourism live zone" strategy, efforts to create a famous tourism brand, promote tourism reception capacity this year, the district received 2 million 109 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 18.8%. Tourism investment 60 million yuan to complete the annual target of 150%. Up to now, tourism revenue reached 2 billion 375 million yuan, an increase of 30%.

Xining Social Security Bureau appealed to the insured public good money

Lee hospital discharge settlement medical time-consuming, not only let her pay, even hospitalization paid two thousand yuan deposit or full refund, it is wrong to hospital account? Xining City Social Security Bureau reply, no hospital is incorrect, Medicare card "jiumingqian" played a role.

originally, Ms. Lee is the medical insurance of the insured, she the hospital, funds paid three thousand yuan, the individual part of the burden from her personal account (Medicare card money) paid. Because of her personal account accumulation, so Qifubiaozhun, self-care and individuals should take part at their own expense and will not have to pay. read more

Strengthen cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao to promote the development of open and green Hao

7 31, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng, chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee met in Xining by the Hubei Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference executive vice chairman of the Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs to go to the delegation.

members of the delegation have Sibao Group Chairman Liang Liangsheng, chairman Xie Junming, New Asia Industrial industries chairman Han Sheng, Xiong Brilliant International Group chairman of the board of directors Lin Fuqiang, Hong Kong International Group Executive Director Yang Huayong, the Yangtze River Investment Group Chairman Tang Weimin, chairman of the east side of what industrial Chen Wanfen and other 21 well-known entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and macao. read more

The seventh Qinghai literary week opened the curtain

seventh Qinghai literary week in January 12th kicked off, more than more than 80 writers, critics, ethnic literary translators from the provincial yuan participated in the opening ceremony.

the opening ceremony, held the second session of the "· China dream; Qinghai story Essay award ceremony, Qinghai province from 2015 to 2017 focused on literature support funds issued ceremony, and" wild yak "Tibetan Literature Translation Series fifth series premiere. Then will be Fang Wenyong, Zhao Zongfu, the three writers of the poetry collection will be shared; the 2017 Chinese poetry Spring Festival evening Recital (Qinghai branch) and other activities. The Qinghai literature week, which is designed to cultivate the brand of Qinghai literature, is one of the literary works of Qinghai writers association. read more

Yan Jinhai in Xining research food basket project construction

July 2nd, vice governor Yan Jinhai in the investigation of "food basket" project in Xining stressed that all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial twelve session of the four plenary session of the spirit, "steadily improve the supply capacity of basket of production standards and the protection of urban and rural residents, continue to meet the growing consumer demand.

research, Yan Jinhai line depth North District and Huangzhong County of Xining City, laying hens, pig breeding base, vegetable base and greenhouse vegetable planting base, the old and new greenhouses greenhouse renovation construction site, a detailed understanding of the "vegetable basket" product production, processing, circulation and management etc., and look carefully the function is complete, scientific management, advanced technology, service facilities, reasonable cost of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center. read more

Starting next year, the province launched 300 million yuan of special funds to guide tourism develop

In order to promote tourism province construction in our province, from 2016 onwards, the provincial financial arrangements for the annual 300 million yuan of special funds to guide the development of tourism, increase the focus on the scenic spot, "The Belt and Road, poverty alleviation of rural tourism village tourism infrastructure, public service facilities and tourism commodity development support. This is the reporter from the provincial government office issued on November 1st to further promote tourism investment and consumption of the implementation of the views of the.

in increasing government support at the same time, our province will also in the implementation of differentiated land use policy, expand financing channels for tourism enterprises to increase the intensity of reform and innovation. As to encourage social capital and personal use of wasteland, barren beach, landfills and abandoned mines such as the development of tourism projects, government subsidies or loans support; encourage rural collective economic organizations in accordance with the collective management of construction land use rights shares, joint venture and other forms of business tourism enterprises; encourage various financial institutions to innovative personalized financial products carry out, charging rights, management rights against (quality) and other financing, increase support for the construction of tourism projects credit; support qualified tourism enterprises through listing, issuance and direct financing; to encourage investment in social capital, through the PPP mode of construction and operation of tourism projects.  
read more

Study and practice of housing projects such as Scientific Outlook on Development

March 20th, the Xining real estate group limited held an in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development mobilization meeting, the mobilization of all Party members and cadres and workers with enthusiasm to actively join the practice of learning activities, to fully mobilize the affordable housing, affordable housing and shantytowns, city landscape project, property management and other work actively initiative, make the study and practice to promote work, strong power to promote the development of. read more

Tibetan Plateau to become the Spring Festival travel

Take a motor car, 10 hours can go to Urumqi, so convenient, do not go out to play a circle, is simply a waste." In the 2th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Qinghai province Xining City Nanchuan industrial park a business Han Wenxuan to work out early, set foot on his high speed rail travel.


"Lanxin high speed railway, from Xining to Urumqi, to nearly 30 hours of light car, the middle also change." Han Wenxuan said, now has a high-speed rail, at least to save more than half of the time, you can experience the pleasure of a more leisurely travel."

read more

Provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law

7 14, the provincial government to promote the construction of the rule of law to convene the meeting. The meeting conveyed the important instructions of the Governor Peng Hao, informed the province’s rule of law government construction work, the next step for the deployment of the work. Vice governor Gao Hua speech.


meeting that, in recent years, the attention and the strong leadership of the provincial government, all localities and departments to fully implement the two "implementation of the opinions" of the provincial government, the positive transformation of government functions, efforts to enhance the decision-making level, focus on strengthening the system construction, and vigorously promote the open, strictly regulate the administrative law enforcement, and achieved new progress in accordance with the law and administrative government by law construction work new achievements. read more

Qinghai Belt and Road nitiative striding into the world

March 28th, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued to promote the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century vision and action. Since then, "The Belt and Road" is a programmatic document. How to take the "The Belt and Road express, will be in Qinghai" The Belt and Road construction advantage into power? Improve cooperation mechanism, implement cooperation projects, accelerate the construction of international marketing network……" In March 30th, the reporter learned from the commerce department, this year, our province will accelerate the business sector "The Belt and Road construction from six aspects, to allow Qinghai to stride towards the world.

Belt and Road Initiative this year has taken new steps

[] improve the cooperation mechanism of economic and trade cooperation framework signed Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and other countries government departments, to carry out regular exchanges, exchange information, and jointly promote the economic and trade cooperation agreement. Continue to hold a roundtable on economic and trade cooperation along the Silk Road, deepen cooperation mechanism, expand cooperation areas.

[] to speed up international marketing in Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Bishkek City, South Nepal Kathmandu, West Iran Tehran city completed China (Qinghai) International Exhibition and special commodity marketing center; Islamabad China expand South Pakistan silk and Qinghai Muslim products international marketing center scale; increase and expand the Muslim Middle East and Southeast asia;

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Sanjiang this year, the source of ecological protection and construction of a total investment of 1

reporter from the March 28th Sanjiang ecological protection and construction projects to promote the meeting was informed that: this year, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the total investment in construction projects will reach 1 billion 130 million yuan.

it is understood that the project by the state issued a new central budget for investment projects, the provincial financial loaning project and year carryover projects etc., among them, the new projects of the state issued the central budget for investment 700 million yuan, involving sealed sand grass, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, reforestation, wetland protection, soil management and so on. read more

Xining standing at a new historical starting point

January 18th, the thirteen session of the Municipal Committee of the twelve plenary session. The meeting examined and approved the Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on the development of Xining’s national economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan proposal, depicting the next 5 years, a new blueprint for the development of.

"12th Five-Year" is the development of our city is an extraordinary five years, in the face of perplexing international environment and the arduous task of reform development and stability, the strong leadership of the provincial government, the municipal Party committee to unite and lead people of all ethnic groups in the city of innovation, pragmatic and hard work, to promote economic and social development to achieve a new leap forward. "The main objectives and tasks to achieve victory in 12th Five-Year" plan, to lay a solid foundation for the planning and implementation of the "13th Five-Year".

"13th Five-Year", the key is to resolutely implement the central spirit, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, in accordance with the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, the development of the concept of the five" Moupian layout, with new ideas to lead the new development, open up a new realm.

"12315" clear "in 13th Five-Year and the coming period of strategic goal and value orientation, the close relationship between the five, form an organic whole,

"a first" is to grasp the central and provincial Party committee put forward the standards and requirements, to ensure that in 2020 in the province to build a well-off society. This is the core goal, not only the responsibility of the central mission, but also the city’s people’s wishes, we must resolutely implement;

"two upgrade" is to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry and city, which is represent the general trend of development, it is an urgent requirement of development; an important requirement is the central work conference of the city, also is the proper meaning to create a better life in the title, this is the two pillars of Xining to achieve the goal of comprehensive well-off we must speed up the pace;

"three demonstration base" is the development of circular economy construction of the province’s first district ecological civilization, the first area and create national unity and progress advanced area demonstration base. This is the orientation and path, not only based on comparative advantage to determine the strategic task, but also to promote the building of a moderately prosperous society in the inevitable choice, we must adhere to long-term;

"a city window" is to build the Qinghai spirit show the connotation of city high window, for building a well-off society with spiritual power, is the embodiment of Xining city soft power". This is the driving force and security, is not only the formation of the characteristics of the Xining outstanding spirit of the concentrated show, but also the overall strict party, strengthen the inherent requirements of style building, we must vigorously build;

"five vanguard" is striving to promote green development, promote innovation, deepen reform and opening up and improve public services, strengthen the vanguard of the construction of the rule of law, this is the Xining to promote the status and function of "the four overall strategic layout in the province, have the courage to bear when.

"determine the total goal 12315", grasp the trend, to respond to the people expect, highlighting the comparative advantage, will greatly inspire the; read more