e-vangelist: HR should make sure intranets work for you

first_img Despite its worldwide tag, many of the Web’s greatest benefits can be harnessed from within an organisation through an intranet, and it is HR leaders who are best placed to implement one and maximise its benefits. Companies can easily and cost-effectively place their intranets at the heart of their company, its activities and its people. It can be used to reflect an awareness of information, culture and openness.Open access to informationMost information in a company is neither sensitive nor confidential. And everyone in a company should know how to obtain any piece of information – and this can be requested on-line. Clearly, if the answer is company-sensitive or confidential, it will not be available, but most information should be available to all. A truly open company can provide such access via the intranet.Why stop at advertising jobs?Many intranets are used for advertising jobs within a company, but how many are being used to record people’s skills – updated by employees themselves? A company I visited recently is about to take it one stage further – it is encouraging everyone to keep their CVs on-line. Access will be restricted, but when applying for a position in the company, the CV would be automatically available to HR.Answers to most common questionsHR departments receive many repeated enquiries, so it would make sense for anyone in the company to be able to find answers via the intranet. This would free up the HR manager to focus on more proactive areas of leadership and motivation.Beyond the manualI would encourage everyone to go beyond the health and safety/human resources manual on-line and encourage access to additional information. This could include how to train in first aid or answer tough interview questions.All HR leaders talk about business alignment, and intranets deliver in spades. Work with your business and IT peers, ask everyone in the workforce what would add value to their lives. The Internet started off with information, then moved to communication. Combine these two and add some of the ideas your people have, and you will move to the third and fourth wave and to a truly connected company.By David Taylor, president of the association of IT directors, Certus. [email protected] Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. e-vangelist: HR should make sure intranets work for youOn 5 Sep 2000 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

EMC World Monday Keynote – Live Blog

first_img9:58 am PTOne thing that everyone at the show is excited to learn is how EMC is “Redefining” itself. Wordplay aside, the old slogan about EMC as “where information lives,” may be soon be about “where innovation lives… and breathes.”10:10 am PTThe news from EMC World has just been released! Take a look at the EMC releases on ViPR software-defined storage and hybrid cloud innovations:New ViPR Software-Defined Storage Brings Cloud-Scale Capabilities and Economics to the MassesEMC Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance Up To 28% Lower TCO Than Public Cloud; Brings Hyperscale Cloud Ease-of-Use, Agility and Cost Benefits to EveryoneEMC Rolls Out Breakthrough Hybrid Cloud Innovations at EMC World 2014 11:15 am PTWith ViPR 2.0, EMC is also announcing the geographic replication and distribution – which can automatically serve as a truly global cloud solution. This will be part of the larger software-define storage story from EMC.11:22 am PTGoulden also announces the Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) appliance, stating three things to remember:CompleteCloud scale – exabyte scaleAny data center – enterprise or service providersThis is important because EMC is taking the appliance motif and extending it to a variety of storage configurations. 10:20 am PTJonathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer of EMC, just walked on stage with a guitar and pumped up the crowd! What a great start to the show! 10:26 am PT Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC, takes the stage with some traditional mariachi band.Tucci starts off his presentation discussing how the industry is changing, how companies are changing to meet the new industry needs.He states that IDC’s recent study discusses that there will be a need for 8 million more IT professionals in he industry, but they’re going to need to do more with less. In fact 5x times more.10:42 am PTEMC is redefining themselves to be more relevant to customers and more relevant for the third platform of IT – mobile, cloud, social, and big data. In fact, EMC just announced its acquisition of DSSD. Andy Bechtolsheim is welcomed on stage to discuss the new technology, which is meant to accelerate deployments with Hadoop and SAP HANA.10:49 am PT 11:02 am PTEMC puts a million dollars in an EMC XtremIO machine!11:12 am PTGoulden announces that ViPR 2.0 has been announced and will ship this quarter. He also notes that Scale IO is showing that EMC is committed to support for VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft. 10:50 am PTThe third platform is redefining business in every sector and every industry – its the applications you can build that is redefining what is happening – David GouldenGoulden says we’re seeing applications redefining many industries. You can see it in Uber, Tesla and Nest. But the new application wave will also redefine storage. However, customers shouldn’t ignore the second platform. They need to invest in the third platform through these new applications, but they also need to support their second platform.10:55 am PTGoulden states that EMC has close to half of the entire market for reference architectures and converged infrastructures – thanks to VCE Vblock Systems!center_img  11:25 am PTGoulden concludes by stating that most IT spending in 2014 is on prem, in fact EMC cites $2 trillion, but 25% of spending is off-prem. So EMC thinks that the cloud will be hybrid. EMC is dedicated to standing up a hybrid cloud in days vs month or weeks. In fact, two days. EMC is announcing a hybrid cloud solution with EMC and VMware technologies. For example, this can accelerate the natural extension of any private cloud infrastructure built on a Vblock System to become a hybrid cloud environment in just two days.Stay tuned for a later blog on our participation in Build a Hybrid Cloud Live! Today marks the beginning of EMC World in Las Vegas. With the booth complete, speaking sessions prepped and meetings lined up, VCE is ready for an exciting event. I’ll be live blogging the general session keynote today, providing news, pictures and analysis on the presentations and tweets throughout the web. 9:48 am PT 10:58 am PTNow Goulden is reviewing the strength of EMC’s flash array – EMC’s dominance in flash is evident and it’s clear from the keynote that the lead will only extend.  9:52 am PTJust caught a VCE featured quote! Less than 10 minutes to go until the keynote starts.last_img read more

University is prepared for earthquakes, experts say

first_imgA recent spate of earthquakes has raised some concerns among students about the university’s preparedness as well as if a bigger quake might be on its way. Even with experts predicting a big earthquake to hit Southern California soon, the university is prepared, according to Steve Goldfarb, USC’s fire safety and emergency planning specialist.Earlier this month, a tremor was felt across Los Angeles County after an earthquake rattled Beverly Hills at 12:03 a.m. The relatively minor magnitude-3.5 earthquake was the area’s second of that week, following one of magnitude 3.2 at the start of the week.In accordance with USC protocol, the Dept. of Public Safety was quick to survey the campus and immediately identify any damage and injuries, Goldfarb said. Goldfarb said DPS reported no injuries or damages as a result of the earthquakes.Some students, like Sara Worth, a sophomore majoring in political sciences, said they were  not fazed by the earthquakes.“I was sitting at my desk when I felt a small tremor. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was even an earthquake,” Worth said.Though some students said they did not feel the earthquakes, others, like Rachel Weber, a sophomore majoring in theater, said the quake was worrying.“Being originally from the East Coast, even small earthquakes do seem pretty scary,” Weber said. “It’s important that every student know how to best deal with emergencies.”Earthquakes are commonplace in Southern California since the region lies upon the San Andreas Fault, which separates the area from the rest of the continental United States. The last major rupture on the San Andreas dealt a devastating blow to the city of San Francisco in 1906. For decades, experts have anticipated a volatile earthquake hitting California, which many have dubbed the “big one.”Though some experts said the Beverly Hills tremors are not predictive of the “big one,” they said an earthquake is likely to rattle the state soon.“California is very overdue for a Southern San Andreas earthquake,” said Mark Benthien, director for communication, education and outreach at the Southern California Earthquake Center, based at USC. “If you consider that earthquakes in the past happen every 150-200 years, and it’s been now over 320 years since the last big earthquake … scientists are concerned.”Worth said that in light of recent tremors, it would be worthwhile for the university to promote its safety protocol.“It would be helpful for [USC] to provide information on how to stay safe during emergencies, especially with the prediction of a large earthquake,” Worth said.Goldfarb said USC has an award-winning Emergency Response Plan, which includes a comprehensive system of steps to follow in the event of a large quake. In the case of an earthquake, Goldfarb suggests that students find cover under a table or desk or drop and cover by an interior wall.“Don’t run,” Goldfarb said. “Most injuries occur from falling debris, so take cover wherever you are.”Benthien said Los Angeles is one of the most prepared areas in the world for earthquakes. Still, he said he believes there can always be room for improvement.“There are always aspects that we are not prepared for, because we can’t have every building perfectly earthquake resistant, and we don’t have the resources to respond instantly to every situation involving injuries,” Benthien said. “We can always do more to be better prepared.”SCampus, USC’s student handbook, recommends that all students familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures of their residences and prepare an emergency kit. Guidelines as to what an emergency kit should contain can be accessed at the SCampus website. Additionally, at the start of the school year, the university posted a video on YouTube outlining its emergency procedures.Goldfarb also said USC’s annual involvement with the Great California Shakeout is an important part of its preparations. This year’s shakeout, which simulates a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, will be held on Oct. 18 at 10:18 a.m. Students, staff and faculty will be asked to “drop, cover and hold” to simulate the tremor. USC has participated in the drill every October since the Shakeout began in 2008, Goldfarb said.Students can register to participate in the drill on the Great California Shakeout’s website.last_img read more

Haitian American politician Rodneyse Bichotte welcomes passage of DREAM Act in…

first_imgNEW YORK, CMC – A Haitian-American legislator in New York City joined her Caribbean American colleagues in welcoming the New York Legislature’s passage of a bill that for the first time provides undocumented Caribbean and other immigrant students access to New York State financial aid and scholarships for higher education.New York State Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, who represents the 42nd Assembly District in Brooklyn, has applauded the passage of the New York State DREAM Act, sponsored by Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa and Senator Luis Sepulveda.Creates easier pathways“After six long years of lingering the Senate, this bill is finally off to the Governor’s office for signing,” said Bichotte, stating that the New York State DREAM Act, seeks to create a DREAM fund commission and a DREAM fund in order to advance the educational opportunities for undocumented Caribbean and other children by providing scholarships to college-bound students.The bill will also create easier pathways for undocumented families to obtain college tuition savings assistance and financial aid.“I’m proud to support the right of children to pursue higher education, regardless of their immigration status,” Bichotte told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). “These DREAMers should be able to do so without the many obstacles laid out for them, such as ineligibility for scholarships, financial assistance and college tuition savings programs.DREAMERS contribute to the economy“It is a known fact that Dreamers have been contributing to our economy and society, and that it would only make sense for us to extend opportunities that will better themselves and the world around them,” added Bichotte, whose Brooklyn district encompasses the predominantly Caribbean of Ditmas Park, Flatbush, East Flatbush and Midwood.Bichotte – currently the chair of the State Assembly’s Subcommittee on Oversight of Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) – said undocumented students have been a boon for the US economy, citing a report by the Center for American Progress, which states that immigrant children protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) would contribute an estimated US$400 billion to the US gross domestic product over the next decade.If the Federal Dream Act were passed, it would illicit US$22.7 billion annually over the next decade, the report says.In a clear rebuke to US President Donald J. Trump’s draconian immigration policies, the New York Senate Majority Conference on Wednesday passed the José Peralta New York State DREAM Act.The measure passed the New York State Senate 40-20 and the New York State Assembly 90-37.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will sign it into law.last_img read more

Magic coach Steve Clifford: Markelle Fultz likely is done for season

first_img Magic G Markelle Fultz: It excites me to have a coach that will push me to be better “I don’t think so,” Clifford said when asked if Markelle Fultz will play this season. “He’s still rehabbing his shoulder and he’s not even able to really do much on the floor yet. It’s a pretty significant shoulder injury.”I would say he’s starting to do a little bit, but it would be very difficult for him to get back this year.” Related News The Markelle Fultz experiment in Orlando likely will have to wait until next season.Magic coach Steve Clifford told SiriusXM NBA Radio Monday that Fultz probably won’t suit up for the team this season due to his injured shoulder. Fultz has been dealing with shoulder issues since the beginning of the season when he still was with the 76ers. He’s only played in 19 games this season and has averaged 8.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists in that time.He was traded to the Magic on Feb. 7 in return for guard Jonathon Simmons, a protected first-round pick and a second-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. 🔊 @OrlandoMagic HC Steve Clifford joined @JaredSGreenberg & @bwood_33 and gave an update on Markelle Fultz pic.twitter.com/fGMIwI5OC8— SiriusXM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) March 4, 2019When asked what exactly was going on with Fultz, Clifford said he wasn’t 100-percent sure, but said it was tissue build-up and that he needed a lot of physical therapy.last_img read more

Follow Santa’s Tour of Atlantic Highlands on Twitter

first_imgSanta cuddles a puppy during last year’s tour of Atlantic Highlands. Photo courtesy the AH First Aid and Safety Squad ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Santa Claus, the famed jolly fellow in a red suit, will be making his annual rounds through the streets of Atlantic Highlands with special support by a gaggle of elves from the Atlantic Highlands First Aid and Safety Squad the week of Dec. 5.Each night, Santa and the Atlantic Highlands First Aid Squad will slowly travel block by block to visit with families, hand out candy canes and celebrate the holiday season throughout the borough. And this year, Santas elves will be using digital tools to let folks know exactly where he’s at during the tours.“We live for this week,” said Richard Huff, chief of the AHFAS. “For one week, we’re all kids, enjoying the season with our friends and neighbors.“Last season, Captain Tom Hayden completely redesigned our website to include nightly maps of where we were going,” Huff added. “This year, he’ll do that again and take it a step further by adding real time Twitter updates. It now will be even easier for residents to track Santa for the week.Monday through Thursday, Santa and the squad will head out to a specific part of town at 6 p.m. and move until 9 p.m. They’ll have holiday music playing, flashing emergency lights and occasionally the sirens. Residents can log onto www.ahfirstaid.org to see where Santa is going each night and follow on twitter (www.twitter.com/ahfirstaid) as Santa’s helpers update the location.Adding Twitter to the mix will help residents pinpoint our location during the night, Huff said. Likewise, using Twitter will also let residents and their children communicate with Santas helpers as they make their way through town.As they have in the past, members of the AHFAS will be collecting canned goods and nonperishable food items to donate to the Atlantic Highlands Food Pantry.The AHFAS is an all-volunteer emergency medical and rescue services organization serving the Borough of Atlantic Highlands and occasionally the surrounding areas.  The squad operates on donations from the borough and the community. For information call the AHFAS non-emergency number (732) 291-8118 or log onto www.ahfirstaid.org.“This really is a special event,” Huff said. “We get to see our neighbors at a great time of year and seeing how the kids experience the interaction is a wonderful experience. And if everyone can donate even one can of food it will go a long way to make the holiday season a better folast_img read more

Memorial Day Parades and Events

first_imgBy Allison M. PerrineUpdated SundayCOLTS NECK – Canceled for MondayFrom the town website: “This year’s Memorial Day Parade, Bicycle Decorating Contest and Hot Dog barbecue at Fire House 2 scheduled for Monday, May 30, 2016 have been cancelled due to the anticipated arrival of heavy rains to our area.” Information: colts-neck.nj.usFAIR HAVENMemorial Day Parade 9 a.m. Monday in Memorial Park, directly across from Fair Haven Borough Hall. The parade will include patriotic anthems, a Benediction, reading of names, presentation of wreaths and more. Information: fairhavennj.org. Location: corner of River and Fair Haven Roads, Fair Haven.HIGHLANDSMemorial Day Parade 1 p.m. Saturday at Huddy Park. With a tribute to 13 men from the town whose lives were lost in WWII. At Veterans Park. Information: highlandsnj.us. Location: 301 Shore Dr.HOLMDELHolmdel Memorial Day ceremony will be held 10:30 a.m. – noon Monday at Holmdel Town Hall. Information: holmdeltownship.com. Location: 4 Crawfords Corner Rd.New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Day ceremony will be held 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday. Information: njvvmf.org Location: 1 Memorial Ln.KEYPORTKeyport’s Memorial Day Parade will be held 1-3 p.m. Sunday. Parade starts on West Front Street and American Legion Drive at Fireman’s Park and will end at Keyport Borough Hall. Information: visitkeyport.org Location: 70 West Front St.LITTLE SILVERMemorial Day Parade will be held Monday at Memorial Park. Begins 8:30 a.m.; ceremony is at 9 a.m. Information: littlesilver.org Location: Corner of Parker Avenue and Willow DriveMIDDLETOWN|Annual Memorial Day Parade begins 10 a.m. and is hosted by American Legion Post #338 with Middletown Township. The Parade will take place at Bayshore Middle School. The Parade route follows: Leonardville Road to Appleton Ave. to Center Ave. to Brevent Ave., then takes a right onto Highland Ave., a left on Leonard Ave., and right on Viola Ave. to Post Home on Route 36. The parade will end around 11:30 a.m with ceremony to follow. Information: middletownnj.org. Location: 834 Leonardville Rd, Leonardo.OCEANPORTMemorial Day Parade at Blackberry Bay Park at 9:30 a.m. Monday. Ends at Old Borough Hall, where there will be a ceremony. Information: oceanportboro.com. Location: 430 Port Au Peck Ave.RED BANKThe Red Bank Elks Lodge will host a Memorial Day service at 11 a.m. Monday. Refreshments after the service. Information: www.redbankelks.org. Location: 40 West Front St. RUMSONMemorial Day Parade and service 10 a.m. Monday. Parade will march down East River Road and end in Victory Park, where there will be a ceremony at 10:30 at the Victory Park Gazebo. Information: rumsonnj.gov. Location: Blackpoint RoadSEA BRIGHTMemorial Day service at the Sea Bright Police Station 11 a.m. Monday with patriotic songs by Shore Regional Marching Band and organist George Murphy. Information: seabrightnj.org Location: 1099 Ocean Ave.SHREWSBURYMemorial Day Observation is 10 a.m. Monday at Patriot Isle. Refreshments will be served afterwards at the Shrewsbury Hose Company #1. Information: shrewsburyboro.com. Location: Corner of Sycamore Avenue and Route 35.last_img read more

Red Bank Parking Plan Hits Snarl

first_imgHorgan, Zipprich and Burnham had all expressed objections about the process of classifying these properties, especially in the case of the West Front Street location – fearing it was an attempted end run around the planning and zoning process.The planned CME study discussion also hit another snag – concerning the payment.The study’s cost is estimated at about $80,000. But the issue at hand concerns the contribution by RiverCenter. According to Menna, RiverCenter is expected to contribute half the cost, $40,000, based upon a memorandum of understanding between the two. On the other hand, James Scavone, RiverCenter’s executive director, countered that it hasn’t been settled to RiverCenter’s expectation as of yet.Even without RiverCenter’s support at this point, the study is moving forward with the resolution’s approval.Apparently there was some back and forth between Scavone and Menna on the topic but without RiverCenter signing off on the memorandum.RiverCenter is seeking an assurance the memorandum would contain language that the business group would get a refund if a garage doesn’t move forward within a two-year period. “In all due respect,” Scavone told the borough council, “We’ve been down this road many times in the last 25 years,” as conversations had been started and stalled on remedying the decades-long chronic parking shortfall in the downtown shopping district.Scavone said both Menna and Borough Councilman Michael Whelan indicated there wouldn’t be a problem including that language in the memorandum. “And that’s what we’re waiting for,” Scavone said.There is more of a rift between RiverCenter and the mayor than that debate, Menna said. In an interview with The Two River Times on Aug. 4 Menna said, “I’m getting pushback,” from some RiverCenter members over some of the possible plans for a White Street redevelopment.That “pushback,” according to Menna has some RiverCenter members now “saying there’s not a problem,” with the parking situation. Menna added there are objections over a possible public/private partnership, to allow a private developer to possibly construct a mixed use parking garage that may also include a residential or retail component, with RiverCenter advocating for the borough government to pay entirely to construct a garage. Menna scoffed off that idea, noting, “Trying to convince the taxpayers of that is going to be the hard part.”“I wish RiverCenter would get its act together,” Menna added.True, Scavone answered, “Our preference, and we have certainly expressed this, is for a fully public garage.” By John BurtonRED BANK – When it comes to whether a parking garage should be built in the borough downtown, progress seems impeded by differing opinions – and who should pay for what.At the August 10 Red Bank Borough Council meeting, Mayor Pasquale seemed to be at odds with three council members – two from his own Democratic party – and with Red Bank RiverCenter, the management and advocacy group for the borough’s commercial Special Improvement District over how to proceed in regards to the long, torturously debated possible parking garage.In regards to one of the resolutions the council was addressing at its bi-monthly meeting, Menna was forced to cast the deciding vote when the council tied 3-3 over a vote to whether to authorize the professional planning firm CME Associates. All three Republican councilmembers approved the plan, siding with Menna, but Democrats Edward Zipprich and Kathy Horgan, joined by independent Cindy Burnham, voted to put the brakes on the plan. “Let’s move this along,” Menna offered with his vote.The resolution will allow CME, a consulting and engineering firm, to move forward with a study to redevelop the White Street municipal parking lot for the possible use of some of sort of multitiered parking deck for the downtown in the near future.The borough Planning Board and borough council had previously accepted and endorsed a preliminary study by CME that classified the parking lot as a property in need of redevelopment under a state statute that in some way would be for the borough’s benefit. The report also labeled the privately owned 55 West Front St. vacant lot also in need of redevelopment under the same state statute – a much more controversial decision.last_img read more

Emergency Crews Busy with Weekend Flooding

first_imgBy Jay Cook |MONMOUTH BEACH – Extensive flooding isn’t a new phenomenon for Monmouth Beach residents. Trekking through inches of deluge and piggybacking a stranded motorist to safety, on the other hand, seemingly was a first for one first responder.As a wet and blustery nor’easter slammed New Jersey last week with high winds and significant flooding along the Jersey Shore, Sgt. Aaron Rock of the Monmouth Beach Police Department, also the deputy office of emergency management (OEM) coordinator, was busy in his own right.High tides on March 3 brought several inches of floodwater in from the Shrewsbury River. It was also the reason one motorist trying to navigate through the flooded roadway along Sailors Way became stranded inside her car when it could no longer move.Rock said a resident flagged him down a few streets over and alerted him of the stranded car. In a police issue Humvee, he arrived to assist the driver who got stuck while making her way to work. Rock helped push her car out of deeper waters and then carried her out of the vehicle to safety on his back.“She didn’t really want to get out of the car,” Rock said. “We had a long conversation and I finally told her to get on my back, and I helped her over to the grass area. Our patrols gave her a ride to work in town here.”Although resolved without incident, situations like this are avoidable if motorists and residents follow rules and issues provided by their local police departments and OEM crews.“Trying to tell them about flooded roadways – some people really don’t understand it,” Rock said. “We meet up with the fire department and first aid and brief them on different scenarios, and they’re a big part of the collaboration in town.”Monmouth Beach was just one of the many towns in the Two River area that was affected by the gusty nor’easter that rolled into New Jersey on March 1, with side effects lasting days later due to flooding and intense tide cycles.Rock said there were no power outages reported to the Monmouth Beach Police Department during or after the storm and only one tree had fallen down, on Mann Court. “Several cars” were stuck in the floodwaters he said, including a 2017 Mercedes Benz on River Avenue and Channel Drive on March 2, Rock said.“These tide cycles have been crazy for us,” he said. “Usually it doesn’t take this long – three to four days in a row – where the tides are always coming up. This is a little different.”Just north along Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, the same flooding effects were felt. Det. Daniel Chernovsky of the Sea Bright Police Department said moderate flooding covered Ocean Avenue near Driftwood Beach Club and the Navesink Marina, in the downtown business district around River and Center streets, and even up to the 400 block of Ocean Avenue, one of the narrowest points in Sea Bright.“It’s probably consistent with the areas of flooding we’re used to experiencing,” said Chernovsky, also the borough OEM coordinator, “but the magnitude was a little higher than what we would have seen in an event like this.”He added that, just like Monmouth Beach, there were no reported power outages in town. Chernovsky also said no property damage from the flooding was reported to the police, most likely thanks to many houses being lifted after Super Storm Sandy in 2012.Damages and personal injuries were also avoided, he believed, in part to the numerous notification services offered to residents. Sea Bright has a free Nixle alert system and a Code Red reverse 911 system. Both are meant to make everyone aware of an oncoming storm.After the nor’easter hit New Jersey on March 1, moderate flooding broke across the Shrewsbury River and covered many roadways in Monmouth Beach. The same eventually hap- pened after the most recent nor’easter storm on March 7. Photo courtesy MBPD“The old-time residents just kind of knew. They watched the weather and adapted to it,” he added, saying notification services weren’t usually needed in the past. “But the new people coming in really don’t have too much of an idea yet.”More flooding also affected low-lying areas in Middletown and Highlands, where Bay Avenue and many other side streets were inundated with flood waters.Fallen tree damage wasn’t a factor along the shore, but further inland it became an issue. Social media accounts for the Colts Neck and Holmdel police departments noted fallen trees and snarled powerlines shut down traffic in many areas around town. By the afternoon of March 2, the Colts Neck Police Department reported at least a half-dozen accidents on Route 18.At one point on March 3, six total roadways in Colts Neck were impassable: Dutch Lane Road between Cedar Drive and Heulitt Road; Laird Road between Cross Road and Muhlenbrink Road; Clover Hill Lane; Phalanx Road between Rimwood Lane and Brookdale Community College; Bray Street; and Heyers Mill Road with one lane shut down at Prothero Road.All roadways didn’t fully open until March 5 when the Phalanx Road Bridge was reopened after a downed tree was removed.Two River residents needed a short memory, though, as another nor’easter rolled through New Jersey on Wednesday, dropping inches of snow and bringing in more flooding and windy conditions.This article was first published in the March 8-15, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

Saints remain in BCIHL hunt after weekend split with SFU Clan

first_imgThe British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) standings may not have changed much after a weekend series between the Selkirk College Saints and Simon Fraser University Clan, but more seeds were planted for what is shaping up to be a great second half of the season. The first-place Clan escaped a feisty Friday night contest with a 5-3 win, but the Saints responded Saturday night with a 4-2 victory as the two clubs opened the 2017 half of the season with a two-game series before a pair of supportive crowds at the Castlegar & District Recreation Complex.last_img read more