Phylogenetic position of Antarctic scalpelliformes (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Thoracica)

first_imgThe phylogenetic relationships of seven Antarctic barnacle species, one verrucomorph and six scalpelliforms from the Scotia, Weddell and Ross seas were investigated using DNA sequences from two nuclear genes (18 S and 28 S) and one mitochondrial gene (COI), with a combined total length of 3,151 base pairs. Analyses of these new sequences, together with those of previously published ibliform, lepadiform, scalpelliform, balanomorph and verrucomorph species, confirm that the Scalpelliformes are not monophyletic. Bayesian and maximum likelihood analyses consistently recovered a monophyletic group which comprised Ornatoscalpellum stroemii (Sars) and the Southern Ocean scalpellomorphs; Arcoscalpellum sp. from the Weddell Sea, Arcoscalpellum africanum from Elephant Island, A. bouveti from Bouvet Island, the circum-Antarctic Litoscalpellum discoveryi, Litoscalpellum sp. from Shag Rocks and Scalpellum sp. from the Falkland Trough. We also used multiple fossil constraints in a relaxed clock Bayesian framework to estimate divergence times for the 18 S+28 S phylogeny. Our results indicate a mid Cretaceous divergence for the Weddell Sea Arcoscalpellum sp, followed by a late Cretaceous divergence from the North Atlantic O. stroemii. Subsequent to this, the Antarctic scalpellomorphs began to radiate at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary. Monophyly within the scalpellid genera Arcoscalpellum, Litoscalpellum and Scalpellum was strongly rejected by all loci. Our results show incongruence between taxonomy and molecular systematics and highlight the need for more species to be sequenced as well as taxonomic revisions to resolve uncertainties in the phylogenetic relationships of the stalked barnacles.last_img read more

Eagles Fall Short Against Cubs In Soccer

first_imgThe Jac-Cen-Del Eagles traveled to Madison to play The Cubs in a Jr. High Soccer. The Eagles lost 2-0 to The Cubs. The extra half was 1-0.Shots on goals: Trent Linville 5 shots, Blake Simon 3, Dillon Swinney 2, Jordan Meyer 4, Morgan Sutton 1, Dillon Hughes 4, Trevor Brison 1, Cameron Grable 1. Shot stops Conner Toops 7, Spenser Johnson 4.Courtesy of Eagles Coach Larry Hammond.last_img

Several newcomers in CMRA team to Jamaica

first_imgSEVERAL newcomers have indicated their interest to represent team Guyana for the first leg of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA) 2017 championship, billed for Jamwest Jamaica.Group two drivers Daniel Deokie, Azad Hassan and Nasrudeen Mohammed are some of the new faces expected to take the Caribbean by storm when the first leg gets going May 18-21.They are expected to provide a stiff challenge against their Trinidadian counterparts as well as defending champion, Barbadian Mark Thompson.The hosts, on the other hand, will depend on Sebastian Rae to defend home turf.On the Group three front, Danny Persaud is expected to lead the charge of the Guyanese, with one of the stronger showings in recent year expected this time around.He will be supported by Nazim Gafoor, Rameez Mohammed and Motilall Deodass. Dowalu Harper is the lone newcomer in this division.Persaud, Mohammed and Gafoor are also expected in Group four division to take on the likes of Peter ‘Zoom Zoom’ Rae among others.On the Superstock front, Stephen Vieira leads the charge with Kevin Persaud expected to make the journey as well, while team Mohammed’s Enterprise and John Bennett are the two newcomers on the train.The vehicles are expected to load for Jamaica on May 4.Trinidad are the defending Country Champions.last_img read more