Stoichkov relates how and why he came to Barça 30 years ago

first_imgThe Bulgarian thus related the difficulty of his beginnings and how Johan Cruyff helped him: “To whom I also owe a lot, or everything, it is to Johan Cruyff. Just landed in Barcelona, ​​I remember he said to me” Listen to me, I will work with you until you win the Golden Ball. “ I was practically an unknown boy at the time, and that Cruyff told me that motivated me a lot. Johan was a great motivator and did a lot of things for me and my family that I will be forever grateful to him for. (…) Socceristically speaking, the beginnings were not entirely easy. I had to adapt to the position of the ball and I had a hard time not running after it. “The former striker He also had words of thanks for his colleagues and club employees., who, according to him, helped him succeed at Barça. Special mention made to Josep Lluís Núñez and his wife, who were key “for me to return to Barça after my transfer to Parma. Surely, leaving Barça in 1996 is the worst decision I have made in my career. If I had a magic wand and I could change one thing about my trajectory, it would be that. Fortunately, I was able to return a year later. ” Finally, he thanked all the fans. 30 years have passed since Hristo Stoichkov, a figure well loved by the Barcelona fans, signed for the Barcelona team. The 1990/91 season was the Bulgarian’s first in Can Barça, the first of the seven in which, based on goals, he forever won a place in the hearts of Barça fans. Three decades after his transfer, he has written an epistle explaining how his transfer was for the whole of Barcelona and some memories of its past at Camp Nou.“On May 3, 1990, I officially signed for FC Barcelona and I became the happiest human being on the planet”This is how Stoichkov wanted to start the letter. “My arrival in Barcelona began to take shape a year earlier. It was April 1989 when my then team, CSKA Sofía, faced Barça in the semifinal of the European Cup Winners’ Cup. (…) The smartest of all was Josep María Minguella, the Barça representative and intermediary who ended up leading my signing with the late Paco Ventura, vice president of the Club at that time. After those games and see my evolution, Both recommended my incorporation to Johan Cruyff, who gave his OK to the signing. (…) At the end of 1989 I already had a pre-contract signed with Barça … but I hadn’t told my wife or my parents! I didn’t want anything to go wrongso I was quiet until it became official in May 1990. “Stoichkov also pointed out the ease with which he adapted to Barcelona: “I quickly adapted to its people. (…) During my first stage in Barcelona I dedicated the days I had free to tour Catalonia. I would take the car and go to typical villages. Everyone treated me great, it was wonderful! I felt integrated from the first moment. “last_img read more