Union-Endicott CSD looks ahead to upcoming school year

first_imgWith school districts now awaiting guidance from New York State, U-E officials say all they can do is prepare for every possible situation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are faced with an uncertain future as the upcoming school year approaches. U-E officials are starting discussions about what the year could look like. “There are three possible models that we are going to have to think about,” said Union-Endicott CSD Superintendent Nicole Wolfe. However, for each situation, there’s a long list of concerns officials have to plan for, from nutrition, to social needs, athletics, and more. (WBNG) — Union-Endicott Central School District is working with other local districts to plan for all types of situations in the upcoming school year. The first of those models would have all students back in the classroom for the entire year. Another model would do the opposite, having students and staff conduct remote learning throughout the year. The last of the models, a hybrid model, would combine both situations. “It could look like students going to school on days one, three, five, and on two, four, and six, they’re remote. On two, four, and six, another group is in school, and one, three, and five is remote,” said Wolfe. “New York doesn’t have a plan, we’re all kind of at a disadvantage right now because we don’t even know what we’re planning for,” said Wolfe. A hybrid model would allow students to split time between the classroom and remote learning. “If school was going to start tomorrow, I would say we need a hybrid model. I think it’s the most complicated because it could take so many different forms,” said Wolfe. Wolfe says U-E officials will be meeting this week to further discuss options. She says she is also looking at reopening plans in other states, as well as working with local school districts to create a more unified plan.last_img read more