Crysis is heading to PS3 Xbox 360 in remastered form

first_imgWhen Crysis 2 saw a release in March this year it was a big launch for developer Crytek. Not only did the game use the new CryEngine 3, but it was the first time the series had made it on to consoles. That decision was rewarded with high review scores across all three versions (PC, PS3, Xbox 360).If playing that game on Xbox 360 or PS3 made you a fan of the series, Crytek has some good news for you. Next month, the original 2007 PC-only Crysis is set to be released for both consoles as a digital download.The good news is, Crytek isn’t just re-releasing the game. They have taken the time to remaster it with all new lighting and the Nanosuit effects and controls have had a major update. There’s also thought to be support for 3D. It is even being suggested that the release of Crysis 2 may have actually made the release of the original possible on consoles.CryEngine 3 already works with the PS3 and 360, so moving the Crysis game assets over may have been a relatively simple task. Then add in the fact the new engine would have better lighting and effects available, and you can see how a remastered version made a lot of sense.If you want to play the game you’ll have to find 1600 Microsoft points or $19.99 next month. In return you’ll get a very solid FPS experience that any fan of the genre should add to their collection.If you want to see the remastered game in action, check out the video below:via Shacknewslast_img read more