Pope Francis names new cardinals

first_imgPope Francis’ recently released list of 19 men who will soon become cardinals included a Notre Dame graduate and bishops from Haiti and Burkina Faso, highlighting the current patriarch’s commitment to pastoral leadership and inclusion of the poor, director of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life John Cavadini said.“[Pope Francis] appointed cardinals from places that have never had a cardinal before … and 
that certainly indicates the desire to reach out,” Cavadini said. TORI ROECK | The Observer Pope Francis’ list of new cardinals included Kelvin Edward Felix, archbishop emeritus of Castries, according to the National Catholic Reporter. Felix received a master of arts degree from Notre Dame in 1969, according to the Notre Dame Alumni Association.“Of course he wasn’t elected because he is a Notre Dame alum, but because of his servant leadership in the Church for many years as bishop,” Cavadini said. “But it certainly shows [Notre Dame] can produce Church leaders.”Lawrence Cunningham, Church historian and theology professor, said the pope’s attention to marginalized countries will allow those regions of the world the possibility of participating in the College of Cardinals’ main responsibility, naming a new pope.“It’s usually around this time of year, the beginning of the year, that the pope typically nominates bishops and archbishops to the College of Cardinals,” Cunningham said. “One of the reasons he does that is to be sure that the Catholic world is represented in the College of Cardinals because the most important thing that the College does is to elect a new pope.“The most interesting thing … was the fact that he named a cardinal from Haiti and a cardinal from Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is one of the poorest, most wretched countries in Africa, and I think that that was done so that those bishops will have in the College of Cardinals a voice for the forgotten part of the world, not the third world but basically the fourth world, or the poorest countries of the world.“The most important thing is that it says something about [Francis’] tremendous concern for the poor of the world.”Cavadini said Pope Francis’ appointments of Archbishop Philippe Ouèdraogo of Burkina Faso and Bishop Chibly Langlois of Haiti reflected his attempt to promote the Church’s core mission.“Pope Francis wants to emphasize that the Church is not really here for its own sake, not here for itself,” Cavadini said. “The Church is here to serve. The Church is here to be a witness to God’s love and that means especially in places where that love seems to be most absent
.“In one sense, [Francis] wants the whole Church to be a church of witness to the belief that God is love and so loved the world that he sent his only
 begotten son.”Cavadini said Pope Francis had continued Pope Benedict’s return to the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, but Francis’ commitment to pastoral ministry signified a different approach.“Pope Benedict 
had a lot of concern for getting back to basics of the faith like God is love; that was his first encyclical,” Cavadini said. “
What Pope Francis is really doing is translating that into a pastoral strategy.“So if you’re going to propose to get back to basics that God is love, then you should have a pastoral strategy that organizes the Church according to those principles more obviously.”Cavadini said the pope had set an example of his own emphasis on pastoral outreach by reaching out more frequently to those in his own archdiocese.“He adds a kind of personal touch to this,” Cavadini said. “I think he kind of expects us to have that touch.“For example, 
he says Mass every morning where he lives in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, in the [Vatican] guesthouse, for just regular people from the Archdiocese of Rome. In other words, he’s 
emphasizing that he’s the Bishop of Rome.”Cunningham said few of the bishops or archbishops on Francis’ list surprised those who follow Vatican decisions closely since the bishops and archbishops of certain major cities or regions almost always become cardinals.“He named a Canadian, but no one from the United States, and that’s because the places where you traditionally find cardinals named are already cardinals,” Cunningham said. “For example, if you become the Archbishop of New York, unless you do something egregiously stupid or egregiously immoral, you’re going to be named a cardinal.”Tags: cardinals, Catholic church, Notre Dame, Pope Francislast_img read more

Binay blasts DOH for late COVID-19 announcements

first_img“Yesterday sa social media o sa mga Viber groups, nagkalat na ‘yung umiikot na mayroong isang eskwelahan sa BGC na mayroong confirmed (case) na isang parent so kailangan mag-disinfect ng school,” she said. “Sabi ko baka fake news lahat kasi wala pa akong naririnig from DOH na may ganoong case but pagdating noong gabi around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., there’s four confirmed cases pero hindi naman kayo nagbigay ng detalye so hindi alam ngayon kung saan ba galing itong mga ito at kung kasama ba sa apat na ito ‘yung kumakalat sa Viber group,” she added. (GMA News) Binay, sharing her personal fears forher children amid the COVID-19 situation, said that she also got confused aboutthe confirmed cases on Sunday night. advertisement “Angnangyayari kasi nauuna ‘yung mgaViber groups kaysa doon saannouncement ng DOH and then ang masama pa, parang ‘yung isangcompany na nag-announce, parang nagagalit pa kayo because they’reinforming the public,” Binay told DOH representatives at a Senate hearing.center_img “I think you also have to… dapat bilisan ninyo ‘yung pag-announce, pag-disseminate ng information kasi parangnawawalan ng kumpyansa ‘yung public with the way you handle thedissemination of information about the patients,” she added. MANILA – Sen. Nancy Binay hit theDepartment of Health (DOH) for what she claimed were apparently lateannouncements of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in thePhilippines. “Dapat bilisan ninyo ‘yung pag-announce, pag-disseminate ng information kasi parang nawawalan ng kumpyansa ‘yung public,” says Sen. Nancy Binay. ABS-CBN NEWSlast_img read more

Ghana Rugby congratulates World Rugby EXCO members after election

first_imgMr Herbert Mensah, President and Board Chairperson of Ghana Rugby, has issued letters congratulating the re-elected Chairperson of World Rugby, Sir Bill Beaumont, as well as the African EXCO Members Mr Khaled Babbou (President of Rugby Africa) and Mr Mark Alexander (President of South African Rugby Union).World Rugby unexpectedly announced the result of the just-ended election of a new World Rugby Executive Committee.The new Executive Committee will comprise Sir Bill Beaumont (Chairman), Bernard Laporte (Vice-Chairman), Brett Gosper (Chief Executive), Angela Ruggiero (Independent), Lord Mervyn Davies (Independent); Mark Alexander (South African Rugby Union), Khaled Babbou (Rugby Africa), Bart Campbell (New Zealand Rugby), Gareth Davies (Welsh Rugby Union), John Jeffrey (Scottish Rugby), Bob Latham (USA Rugby) and Brett Robinson (Rugby Australia).In his message, Mensah stated that times have changed and greater equity was required for all. He noted the positivity of having President Khaled Babbou elected to the New Executive Committee (a first for Africa Rugby).“The President of Rugby Africa’s ascendence to the Executive Committee is an indication of changing times. The elections are often seen as simply a stay or changing of the guard and not a time to change,” Mensah said.But Mensah hoped that the gap between the haves and the have-nots would be tackled proactively. Rugby has major challenges to tackle and overcome and he expressed the hope and believe that the newly elected EXCO will indeed tackle and overcome all the challenges ahead to ensure the continued growth and well-being of Rugby, also in Africa.Mensah also extended his appreciation to Mr Agustín Picho who unsuccessfully contested for the top position in World Rugby and thanked him for his selfless service to Rugby as Vice-Chairperson over the past four years.Africa is well-represented on the new World Rugby Executive Committee with both Mr Mark Alexander (President: South African Rugby Union) and Mr Khaled Babbou (President: Rugby Africa) occupying a seat. All Members of the Executive Committee were ‘elected’ unopposed.Mensah congratulated both Babbou and Alexander with their positions on the World Rugby EXCO and expressed the hope that they will do all they can to improve the support to Africa from the world governing body.“We fully realise that the World Rugby EXCO is there to execute the will of the World Rugby Council for the greater good of rugby. The plight of developing rugby in the world, however, is huge and I believe that the position of a region such as Africa as one of the fastest-growing areas of the Game should be reviewed as a matter of urgency,” Mensah said.About Ghana RugbyGhana Rugby is the official full member of both World Rugby (2017) and Rugby Africa in Ghana-West Africa and is responsible for the management and development of the Game Rugby Union in the country. The Union is governed by a Constitution and administers five KPAs (Key Performance Areas) namely: (1) Youth Development & Growth through the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” Programme, (2) Women in Ghana Rugby, (3) Training & Education, (4) Domestic Competitions and (5) International Performance. Tags: Ghana RugbyHerbert Mensahlast_img read more