This is our Youth

first_imgTransported from New York to London, this play depicts the troubled lives of three youths of the 1980s: Warren (Ferdie Addis) and Dennis (Angus Cameron), who are trying to get out of debt by various means including selling cocaine, and Warren’s love interest Jessica (Laura Palmer). The plot revolves around the pasts and personalities of these three characters. Information is hinted at throughout the play to explain the characters’ motivations. While every life does not include drug-selling and parental abuse, there are many aspects with which the audience can empathise. The production involves the audience by maintaining a high level of realism. The movements of the actors display a lack of inhibition allowing the audience to believe that they are observing a moment between people they know. This shifts in the scene between Warren and Jessica where the audience is made to feel less like an observer and more like a participant. Jez Hogan’s direction, by paying great attention to detail, has created the effect of a slice of real life. The set is strewn with realistic signs of life such as an unmade bed and empty bottles. Descriptions of events are cleverly used by writer Kenneth Lonergan to convey an understanding of chilling experiences without witnessing the events themselves, and the actors’ delivery gives a sense of feeling and dimension. The acting is acutely polished, and the scenes between Addis and Cameron are particularly emotive and absorbing. This gripping play, looking into the lives of a few, is worth a look by many.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2004last_img read more