March 13 2017This is the fourth year that FORM AR

first_imgMarch 13, 2017This is the fourth year that FORM ARCOSANTI will take place here at the Arcosanti site. Last week FORM organizers came out for an overnight visit to meet with the Arcosanti staff and work out some of the details for this years event.“Hundred Waters” drummer Zach Tetrault [far right] conceived the initial idea for FORM and continues to be the driving force behind this private event / festival.[photo by Sue Kirsch]last_img

May 21 2018 Congratulations the April 15 2018 wo

first_imgMay 21, 2018Congratulations the April 15. 2018 workshop participants upon their graduation.from leftMadeline Visser completed her scholarship and workshop and continues on working part-time with Randall Schultz in the wood-working department and part-time in the gallery.Jade Kindt continues on as a volunteer.Seth Winslow continues on dividing his time between the landscaping department and part of the Arcosanti archives crew.last_img