Snag Classic Doctor Who The Pescatons Vinyl on Record Store Day

first_imgLike Doctor Who, vinyl records made a major comeback in the noughties.Now, after the success of last year’s Record Store Day exclusive, Genesis of The Daleks, Demon Records returns for a limited 2017 run of Doctor Who and The Pescatons.The Sunday exclusive, available on 180g heavyweight vinyl, was originally released on LP and cassette (remember those?) in 1976.Written by Victor Pemberton, author of Second Doctor adventure Fury from the Deep (the episode that introduced the sonic screwdriver), The Pescatons features the voices of Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and Sarah Jane Smith, played by the late Elisabeth Sladen.The two-part play is the first audio drama based on Doctor Who, and remained the last until the late 1990s, when Big Finish revived the concept. To celebrate the return of @bbcdoctorwho today’s countdown to #RSD17 is Doctor Who & The Pescatons. @doctorwhosite #DoctorWho @WhovianNet— Demon Music Group (@DemonMusicGroup) April 15, 2017The Doctor and Sarah Jane investigate a meteorite the Time Lord believes to be a Pescaton ship, belonging to the race of deep-water sharks. When one emerges from the Thames and makes its way to the London Zoo in search of salt water, the Doctor confronts it and the Pescaton dies. But that night, more “meteorites” land in the river.Surprise: London is invaded. The Doctor distracts the Pescaton with a “Hello, Dolly!” song-and-dance (not the best plot twist for an audio play), and the creatures retreat. The Time Lord, meanwhile, builds a high-frequency sound trap inside a sewer, lures Pescaton leader Zore to be destroyed, and the planet Pesca disintegrates, ending the city-wide assault.Doctor Who and The Pescatons was re-released on CD in 1991, and again in 2005; the latter, available via Amazon for $84.99, comes with an exclusive 45-minute bonus interview. A novelisation by Pemberton was published in 1991 by Target Books.Classic fans and hipsters, however, can visit a local participating record store on Sunday for a chance to snag the two-LP reissue on Pescaton-green colored vinyl. As an added perk, the gatefold release comes backed with sound effects on orange vinyl.“With the original artwork for each release back-to-back, this is a must for any Doctor Who fan,” Demon Records said in an announcement.The albums are limited to just 3,000 copies worldwide. Check out the full track listing below.Side A: Doctor Who and The Pescatons Part 1Side B: Doctor Who and The Pescatons Part 2Side C: Sound effects1. The Central Control Room In Exillon City2. The Dalek Control Room3. Metebelis III Atmosphere4. Styre’s Scouting Machine5. Dalek Hatching Tanks On Skaros6. Zygon Spaceship Control Center7. Sutekh Time Tunnel8. The Interior of XoanonSide D: Sound effects1. The Shrine of the Sisterhood of Karn2. Kraal Disorientation Chamber3. The ManDoctoragora Helix4. Atomic Reactor Runs Wild5. Wind-Mine Machine6. Distillation Chamber7. Cloning and Miniaturization Process8. Inside Doctor Who’s Mind9. TARDIS Interior (in flight)10. TARDIS Interior (stationary)11. Observation Screen Operates12. TARDIS Door Opens13. Sonic ScrewDoctoriver14. Fission Gun15. Tech Gun16. Gallifreyan Staser Gun17. Vardan Gunlast_img read more